Love Letter Ch. 04

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LL 4 – No time for chitchat

Two weeks is a long time when you’re head over heels in lust. Their last meeting had left both of them weak in the knees and wondering when the next time would happen. Life, work, plans, complications, altered plans and more made it impossible to find a time that worked with both of their hectic schedules.

The email between them had been light and flirty during that time but the frustration they both felt was beginning to show near the end of it.

“How does late this morning work,” he sent her when he got into work?

His thoughts were fully on how excited she made him even after just one encounter. It was a combination of long ago forgotten fantasies and the sexuality she had shown him that first afternoon. She was more than a great fuck he knew but damn, she was a great fuck!

She smiled when she saw his e-mail and checked quickly to see if indeed today would be the day.

“Nice,” she thought, “I’ve got two hours mid day for a change.”

“No time for chitchat, noon, same place, time to fuck,” she sent back wondering how long it would be before he replied.

She missed the glow that followed the first meeting and her thoughts went back to how hard she had cum when he was between her legs and his mouth was devouring her.

“God that man knows how to eat pussy,” she thought and stayed lost in that scene for a few minutes more.

It wasn’t long before she got his reply.

“Foreplay is overrated anyway 😉 noon it is, hope you’re ready cause I sure as hell am!” “Okay, maybe not overrated so I’m willing to skip it this time but only because you asked so nice.”

She had to hold back a laugh when she read it. The man definitely had a way with words on screen.

He left his work before she did so he arrived with enough time left to take a quick shower, light a couple of candles, turn down the bed and turn on the fan. He was hanging his towel in the bathroom when he heard the lock on the front door turn and then her heels clicking down the hallway to the bedroom.

“Nice of you to get everything ready,” she said and noticed that he had remembered about the room heating up the last time so the fan was already running.

“I thought you were in a hurry,” he replied smiling.

“Your clothes are still on and the clock is ticking my dear,” he continued.

Her response was to shed the jacket of her suit and throw it at him.

“He was right,” she thought as she watched him slide into the bed naked and looking ever so delectable.

“I would love to tease him for a while and undress slowly but it would be time out of the bed and I want to fuck this man so much,” she thought and started unbuttoning her blouse.

He loved this part, even rushed as it was today. She had such marvelous lines and curves to her body. Every button bursa escort undone on her silk blouse revealed more of her golden color and the swell of her breast under it. When she removed the half bra her nipples immediately swelled in contact with the cool air and he watched as she toyed with them for a few seconds before continuing to undress. She stepped out of the skirt and did a quick turn in front of the bed.

“You like,” she asked looking into his eyes?

“Garter belt, thigh highs and nothing else on,” he replied?

“Get that beautiful ass and the rest of you up here,” he said.

And now she did tease him as she slowly moved onto the bed and then lay back and pulled one knee up, never taking her eyes off of his. She reached for the back of his head and slowly drew his mouth to hers and though the kiss started softly it was only a few seconds before their tongues were busy in each other’s mouths. His hand reached down to find her pussy already wet and her hand found his cock already swollen with excitement.

He lifted his head and before he could even open his mouth her finger was there on his lips, silencing him.

“I brought you lunch,” she said and spread her legs further to emphasize the point.

“And I’m hungry,” he said and lowered his mouth to her breast and began teasing the nipple with his tongue.

She jumped a little every time he caught the nipple in between his teeth and applied pressure. Her pussy was soaked by now and she moved her hand from stroking his cock to start rubbing her clit. His mouth felt so good moving from one nipple to the other and her pussy was already clenching each time he sucked a nipple, pulling at it while between his lips.

He reached down with his left hand and slid under her leg to raise it so that by the time he had moved down between them she was spread wide in front of him. He used his right hand to pull back on the skin at the top of her pussy and with her swollen clit totally exposed now he lowered his mouth.

Her hips lifted off the bed when his tongue stroked over her clit. She was so ready and he wasn’t going to make her wait. Not today. He drove his tongue deep inside of her and then quickly up between her lips to her clit where he started running the tip in small circles around it, flicking back and forth over it, surrounding it with his lips and sucking on it and then back to teasing it with the tip of his tongue, drawing out the climax she had been thinking about all morning.

He slid a finger inside of her, finding her spot and when he took her clit in his lips again she came hard, holding his head to her and driving her hips up against his mouth. He felt the spasms inside of her, 3 quick squeezes around his finger, a couple seconds of the muscles inside relaxing and then when he pinched his lips together she exploded. Her heels came bursa escort bayan down on the bed and her hips lifted both of them up as the energy was released from deep inside. Her hips continued to buck and he did his best to let her finish until he read in her movement that she was ready come down from her peak.

His mouth never left her lips but the movement of his tongue was slower now, his finger inside of her staying still instead of probing.

“Fuck, how do you do that to me,” she asked him?

“What, I get to talk now,” he said?

“Only to tell me what you want,” she said.

“In that case, I brought lunch too,” he said smiling.

“Get your head up on the pillows then and put your hands behind you head,” she directed.

He did as he was told and shivered as her lips started at a nipple and quickly worked their way down his stomach until she lay there on her side with her head on his stomach licking at the head of his cock. None too soon she raised her head and engulfed him, loving the fact that she too could make him jump.

Her mouth and tongue were everywhere. There was no subtlety as she licked around the head or the length of the shaft, sucking one ball then the other into her mouth. And the whole time her mouth was fucking him her hand was where her mouth wasn’t, stroking, squeezing, pulling, and nails dragging. She didn’t want him to cum. She wanted to take him right to the edge so that he would take her.

He wanted the same thing so when he said to her “enough chit chat already, you ready to fuck?” she new she had succeeded.

“How?” she asked.

“On your back, pull your legs up,” he answered.

She moved to lie back on the bead and he sat back on his heels, knees spread wide to lower himself in front of her. He reached down to his cock, maneuvered the head to her opening, and then rocked forward to begin sliding into her. She was dripping wet but still a bit tight from before so they had to work a little before he was fully inside of her.

“Lower your legs,” he told her and once she did he grabbed them with both hands and began stoking back and forth into her. Each time he sunk in he lifted her hips and it caused her clit to rub against him. It wasn’t the pounding that she wanted but the pleasure was intense and she gave up trying to hold back when he shortened his strokes and moved faster.

She was cumming again in no time and she let go to it, eyes squeezed shut, mouth open and gasping, hands clawing at the sheets by the time that the third and fourth orgasms hit her.

He held still for a few seconds still buried inside and told her “God you’re so tight right now.”

She opened her eyes to look at him and smiled and said “this is bad, why?”

“Not bad hon. Just need to change positions a bit,” he replied.

Never leaving her pussy he escort bursa stretched his legs out behind him, lowered his chest so that his arms were supporting him, and then slowly started stroking again, finally having the leverage he needed to give her what she really wanted today.

“Fuck me,” she said.

“I want more like those last couple,” she added.

And fuck they did. Slapping hard against each other at times, changing tempos, her hands tugging at her nipples or reaching down to tease her clit. Each time she came he would slow but not stop, moving his hips to maintain the contact against her clit until her breathing told him to start again.

Winded and dripping sweat, he finally stopped and lay on top of her for a minute listening to their racing heartbeats. She rolled him over and slowly slid off of him so that she could slide down between his legs.

“Thanks for saving desert for me,” she said and then once again took him into her mouth.

He was ready and told her “no games, no teasing, you know what I need.”

And she did know because he had waited to be sure that she was satisfied and now it was his turn to see stars and lights flashing.

She concentrated her mouth and tongue on the head of his cock while her hand stroked quickly up and down the shaft. She could taste his precum, she could taste her own juices. She could feel his shaft thickening as she kept up the stroking and he shifted his hips to spread his legs wider for her.

“Fuck, don’t stop,” he said.

She reached down to his balls and stroked them as they pulled in close to his body.

“Soon,” she thought.

“He’s so close.”

The first jolt of his orgasm drove his hips up and she took his cock in all the way to its base. Her fingers kept stroking and kneading his balls while her mouth kept sucking. She backed her head off a couple of inches and kept at it as spasm after spasm ripped through him. Now he was the one clutching the sheets in his hands.

She knew how sensitive his cock was right now so she held her head still for a few seconds and then much lighter then before slowly sucked and stroked his cock until he finally spoke again.

“Whew, unfucking believable that I could cum that hard.”

“Not bad for a quickie,” she said and then moved up to lay her head on his chest.

Much too soon for either of them she looked at the clock and realized that there was little time left. It would have been nice to shower together but they knew that they would have been in there for too long and got started all over again. Besides, maybe the next time the whole time would be in the shower.

She kissed him on the cheek as he was starting to dress and his last image of her was her amazing body in the perfect business suit sashaying down the hall to the door.

“Nice suit,” he said.

“I can’t wait two more weeks for the next time,” she said and turned to blow him a kiss before walking out the door.

“I wonder if I’d survive a whole weekend with her,” he thought.

Time will tell.

DB 8/10/04

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