Loveland Pt. 04

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Day 8 The Cloud’s Silver Lining

The following morning, I was having an unusually realistic erotic dream in which Kate was sucking my cock. As I left dreamland, I suddenly realized that the physical sensation was far too vivid to be a dream. I opened my eyes. To my enormous astonishment, Kate really was sucking on my cock.

I propped myself up on my elbows, watched her for moment. The movement of the bed must have alerted her to my wakefulness.

She looked up toward me, and said mischievously. “It’s time to wake up. It’s better than an alarm clock, don’t you think?”

“We haven’t been using an alarm clock,” I pointed out, “but it sure is a nice way to be woken up.”

It would be an understatement if I were to say that the day was looking promising.

While I was taking care of business in the bathroom, I became increasingly optimistic that I was going to have a really good day.

When I rejoined Kate, she said, “You’re right, Peter. Running off at our age is not practical and potentially very disruptive. Lucy doesn’t deserve to be hurt. It’s true I’ve been hard on Hal. Maybe I should give him another chance. There is no guarantee of course that we’ll work things out. In any case, we won’t find out until we talk face-to-face. And that’s not going to happen until I get back to my regular life. I still intend to stay with my daughter in Boston for at least a few days before I take my flight back to Seattle. Hal made me wait a long time before finally contacting me. So, he can wait until I’m back home.”

I nodded in agreement. What else could I do?

Then she added, “But there was one thing we still have to address.”

“What?” I asked.

“We started an affair. Nothing can wipe out what has happened between us or what we’ve done. It cannot be undone now. So, there is nothing to lose by continuing what we’ve been doing until we reach Philadelphia.”

‘Oh joy! Oh joy! I chortled mentally. What I heard next was music to my ears. It was like having Christmas in May, knowing what my gift would be.

Then I thought of a Christmas son, ‘Jingle Bells’.

‘Jingle bells, Jingle Bells!

Jingle all the way.

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a widely open lay.’

Kate must have noticed a smirk on my face. “What are you thinking about?” she asked, her brows furrowed in suspicion.

‘Oh shit,’ I thought, ‘think fast man.’

“I was thinking,” I said after a slight hesitation, “that you just gave me a Christmas gift even though it’s May.”

It was not a complete lie because she was, as far as I was concerned, a gift to me. But it was not a complete truth either, because I withheld the fact that the gift that I was hoping to receive was renewed access to her delectable little body.

She seemed to take what I said as a compliment, which it was in a male sort of way. She must have bought into my partial explanation because she changed the subject.

“Hal was the one who left me. As far as I’m concerned,” she continued, “Hal and I are still separated until such time as we reach an agreement to reconcile,” and then added, “if we reconcile.”

My libido was beginning to surge. I suddenly wanted to make love to her right then and there.

I was about to make my move when, suddenly, we heard a loud crashing noise coming from outside. We looked out the window and saw that the noise came from a nearby road construction project, which was starting up the day’s operations.

‘Damn, another thing is getting in my way,’ I thought, ‘this time, a road obstruction project.’

I was in the mood for a round of hot sex, but, when I checked my watch, I realized that we really did have to get back on the road.

“Let’s get out of here,” I suggested.

‘Damn,’ I thought again.

I went to the front office to pay our bill while Kate performed her morning ablutions.

When I returned, she was about to put on a sundress, which she was pulling over her head.

As the dress fell into place around her body, I had a wicked idea. “Take off your panty.”


“Take off your panty,” I repeated.

“But it would feel funny going without a panty,” she protested, obviously embarrassed.

“I want you to take them off because it will remind you that I’m hot for you.”

She hesitated.

“Nobody is going to see anything,” I pointed out, “at least nothing I haven’t already seen,” I added teasingly. Then I appealed to her sense of being second to no man. “But if you’re too chicken…”

“Okay, I’ll’ do it, she huffed.” She lifted her dress, took off her panty, and then let the dress drop back down again.

She picked up her bag. Facing the door, she was about open the door when I told her to stop.

She turned her head back toward me and looked at me questioningly.

I stepped toward her. As she had her back to me, I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear. I took a deep breath through my nose, inhaling her female scent. I reached down for the hem of her dress and lifted it.

She was panting. “Please, not bursa escort now, we have to get going.”

I ignored her. I slid my hand up her thigh and the across her torso just above her female delta. I moved my hand down over her vulva, feeling her pubic hairs brush across my palm. I put my index finger at the bottom of her labia and then pulled my finger through the folds of her inner labia. I found her humid hole and slipped my finger into it. She was wet.

“I want you,” I told her. “I want you so bad that I ache for you. I want your pussy naked to remind you that, on this road trip, you are my woman. I want you to make yourself available to me to satisfy my lust, whenever and wherever I want.”

I then turned her around and kissed her passionately, driving my tongue into her mouth. I stuck my finger in her sodden slit and wiggled it. She stood stock-still as I played with her. I was almost talking myself into taking her on the spot, immediately. She would have let me too. But we really had to get going.

‘Later,’ I told myself.

Knowing the strength of her personality, I knew that I was taking a very bold chance in asserting and then playing the role of a dominate male. After all, she had thoroughly pussy-whipped Hal and turned him into an appendage.

In fact, her relationship with him reminded me of anglerfish. The male uses his mouth to attach himself to the much larger female. Over time he becomes physically fused to her body, becoming nothing more than appendage. Basically, he turns into little more than a sperm sack.

But I was not her husband, I was her lover and I had an expiry date. Kate and I were the only ones who would know what took place on our road trip. She could therefore allow herself the luxury of letting herself go, of submitting herself, without humiliation, to my ardor.

She did not say a word.

I slowly withdrew my hand from her pussy, brushing my wet middle finger across her hard, little love nub. Her dress fell back into place. Now that I had her in an excited state, I was wasn’t sure when or how I would take advantage of her. I would have to think on the fly. But I was determined to think of something.

We got back on the I70. Kate was behind the wheel again. That was also a good thing because she enjoyed driving. It seemed to lift up her spirits to be back in control at least of the car.

For a while, we were immersed in our own thought. Kate was probably trying to sort out her relationships with me and her husband. I was recalling the twists and turns our affair, especially in the last 48 hours. Random thoughts, what some would call daydreaming, wandered through my mind.

Then I remembered a saying: ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’ The cloud, of course, was an unhappy Kate, who had just been contacted by her deserting husband, and two nights without sex for me. The silver lining? Two nights without sex gave my balls a chance to recharge for the expected next round of hot sex with Kate. I counted on her being at least as enthusiastic as she was before she got Hal’s email. I selfishly hoped that she would be even more determined than ever to enjoy our short time together.

I returned my attention to Kate and our surroundings. This part of the state was very thinly populated. We shook ourselves out of our daydreams and began to talk to each other again. She was her old self again.

About halfway through the morning, we stopped at a roadside eatery to buy some food and bottled water. We drove a few miles more when we passed a picnic area hidden among the trees. I would have missed it but for the fact that I was staring out the passenger window at precisely the right time and noticed the corner of a picnic table as we passed by.

I had an idea, something the Brits liked to do and even have a word for it: ‘dogging’, having sex in a public place.

“Stop.” I said. “We just passed a picnic area. Let’s park there and take a break and stretch our legs.”

Kate checked to see if there was any oncoming traffic. Then, she backed up until we had the car parked among the bushes and trees next to the picnic table. The almost-complete circle of bushes and trees formed a natural alcove. It was just as difficult to the see the road from the picnic table as it was to see picnic table from a passing car. I pulled the picnic table deeper into the natural alcove, so that no one in a passing car could see it.

I retrieved the bag containing the snacks and water from the car. It was a warm, dry, sunny day. The scent of fresh budding leaves and flowers filled the air. It was almost idyllic.

My horny male mind began to churn. I put the food, paper napkins, a roll of paper towel, and two bottles of water on the picnic table. Nonchalantly, but deliberately, I placed the water just a few inches out of Kate’s short reach and then sat beside her.

We ate. To reach her water bottle, Kate had to stand up and bend over. Just as she put her hand on the water bottle, my hand slid up her thigh under her dress. She froze, looked me as if I were being naughty, bursa escort bayan which of course I was, and grabbed the bottle.

She didn’t sit down immediately, though. She clearly enjoyed the feel of my hand stroking the inner side of her silky-smooth thighs. My hand slowly made its way to the sweetest place on the planet. When I probed her wonderful hole, I discovered that it was already becoming slick.

You shouldn’t,” she giggled and protested at the same time. “Someone might see us.” Despite what I had told her, she was still a little nervous that we might be caught in the act of having public sex.

“No one will see,” I assured. “Not many people live around here. There’s hardly any traffic at this time of the year. It’s too early in the season for tourist travel. Why do you think I pulled the picnic table in some more? The shrubbery around here makes it almost impossible for anyone to see us from the road.”

“But someone will see the car,” she argued while panting.”

“So what?” I replied. “The only people who would be interested in stopping here would be picnickers. If they see the car, they’ll know this spot is occupied and keep on driving until they find another spot.”

I started to stroke her pussy. When I poked my finger into her luscious opening again, I could tell that her slit was even wetter than it was before.

“Oh,” she said. I wasn’t sure if her utterance was an acknowledgement of my explanation or the result of the fact that I had insinuated my finger deeper into her hot cavity.

“Do you really want me to stop?” I asked hoarsely.

I didn’t wait for an answer. I thrust my entire finger inside her female passageway, burying it completely inside her. I felt her tremble with excitement when I shoved a second finger into her. She spread her legs to give me easier access. I rotated my fingers inside her looking for her G-spot.

I knew I had found it when she said, “Oh my.”

“Bend over more,” I told her.

She did. I pushed the hem of her dress up to her waist, exposing her pussy to me and the sun. I withdrew my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. Of course, my tongue was far too short to reach her G-spot, but it was more than enough to stimulated her already excited clitoris.

‘What a beautiful pussy!’ I thought. “I just can’t get enough of it.”

Once more, I had the opportunity to savour the wonderful taste of her sexual juices as it seeped from her swelling slit. ‘The nectar of the gods,’ I thought.

I shifted my position so that I was underneath her between her legs from behind. I jammed my fingers into her vagina again and, at the same time, resumed licking her clitoris.”

Despite her initial nervousness, she stayed in place and let me worship the centre of her femaleness. The pleasure that I was giving her seemed to succeed in crowding out her concern about having sex in a public in broad daylight.

After a few minutes, I got out from between her legs and moved to a standing position behind her. She moaned with disappointment when I pulled out my fingers and stopped paying attention to her hard, little nub.

“Bend over some more,” I told her, my voice now raspy with eagerness. “Put your arms on the tabletop.”

I gently shoved the inner sides of her thighs in opposite directions to indicate to her that I wanted her to spread her legs a little wider. She complied. With her legs spread farther apart, and her pussy fully exposed to me, I lifted the hem of her dress again and propped it on her hips. Then I slid my hard, fleshy rod into her hot, wet sleeve of her womanhood until it had completely disappeared inside in her depths.

I was in heaven once more, this time dogging doggy-style. A sense of ecstasy coursed through me as my body seemed to merge with hers. I wished I had the stamina and capacity to spend hours with my cock lodged deep inside her.

Happily, I was not the only one who was in desperate need. After the emotional turmoil she had experienced over the last two days, Kate wanted the kind of comfort only a good friend with a hard cock could provide. It was not impossible that Kate submitted to me as an expression of her anger with her husband, or as act of revenge, against his treatment of her. And I, luckily, was ready, able and eager to provide her with the opportunity and the venue.

After a few minutes of pumping in and out of her, she thrust back into me, inviting me to penetrate deeper into her body, urging me to take her and use her and plant me seed in her.

I wrapped my arms around her hips and pulled her tightly against my body. “You’re mine,” I growled in her ear. “I know you are too old to become pregnant,” I panted, but damn, if you have even one viable egg left in your womb, I will fertilize it.”

I had a primal urge to bite her neck and mark her as my mate. I applied my teeth to her shoulder to let her know how much the animal in me wanted to take total possession of her. I thrust hard and fast into her.

My promise to make her pregnant, if at all possible, and the escort bursa savagery of my ardor, seemed to ignite something primal in Kate as well. She pressed her pelvis back against me to absorb as much of my man meat as she could, submitting herself to my lust and satisfying hers at the same time

And then we came. As I pumped my semen explosively into her depths, her pelvic muscles convulsed and seemed to grasp and squeeze my cock to make sure that she drained me of every drop of semen. I almost blacked out in ecstasy. From the way she reacted, she had a similar experience.

Kate rested herself on the picnic table with me still on top of her, my slowly deflating cock still within her. We both were panting heavily. As my penis shrank and we caught out breath, our combined cum started to drip out of her vagina.

Then she remembered where we were. Almost panicky, she looked around.

“It’s okay,” I re-assured her, still hugging her securely my arms. “No one saw us.”

She relaxed, once more enjoying the moment.

I reached for the napkins and gave it to her. As I disengaged from her, she used it to soak up the flow of our sexual juices.

“Now I’m a mess,” she complained but there was a smile on her face.

“A woman’s work is never done,” I said in jest.

Kate poked me the rubs with her elbow.

“Just wait for a second,” I said.

I had seen her put the panty in her purse. I reached for it. I rummaged around in it until I found what I was looking for and handed it to her. “Here,” I said, ‘maybe you need this now?”

Kate was busy sopping up the viscous results of our lovemaking. When she l saw her panty in my extended hand, she surprised me when she took her panty and put it back into her purse.

Instead, she took three or four sheets from the roll of towel, walked over to the car, and placed them on the driver’s seat. All the while, she kept her dress hiked up around her waist.

“Really cute ass,” I observed as my eyes followed her and my mouth watered.

She turned her head to look at me, wiggled her ass, and smiled.

She set to sheets of towel in the middle of the driver’s seat, and then, still holding her dress hiked up around her waist, she sat on the paper towel, obviously in anticipation of more cum leaking out of her. I thought it would be more efficient for her to put her panty back on and then stuff some paper towel between her panty and her hot box. But what do I know?

We get back into the car. With her dress still hiked around her waist, I had a full view of her lovely thighs as we drove down the I70 once more. My eyes were riveted on them, reminding me that I had just been in heaven and that heaven was lying, provocatively, just out of sight on the other side of the curvature of her lovely thigh.

I saw her grin. The vixen knew what she was doing. Now I knew why she didn’t do what I thought was the logical thing to do. She was teasing me. She was exacting her own delightful revenge on me for acceding to my desire to remove her panty and allowing Old Sol to shine his light on a little mortal Venus. My cock stirred again when I visualized her sweet womanhood in my mind, so near and yet so far!

We drove like this down the highway for two hours. I could not recall looking out the passenger window. I was focussed on her.

Kate sometimes made quick side-glances. She saw that my eyes seemed to be glued to her thighs. She occasionally shifted her hips as if to make small adjustments, partly to make herself more comfortable, but also no doubt to tantalize me. She was succeeding. I felt my cock stir.

She had the same problem as I had of course. Knowing that I was ogling her was making her horny again. She was adding fresh vaginal juices to the paper towels that she was sitting on. I suspected that they were probably getting soaked.

After a few more minutes, she turned a right onto a dirt road and drove for a mile or two. I had no idea why but decided to wait and see. When she seemed satisfied with where we were, she stopped the car. It looked isolated.

“What’s up?” I finally asked.

“Let’s go,” she said. “We need to take care of business.”

She was taking command but I didn’t mind, not this time.

She opened the trunk and pulled out a blanket. Laying it down on the grass among some bushes, she lay down on her back and pulled up her dress.

Men are not stupid about sex once it is proffered. If anything, sex makes men stupid about everything else.

But I’m a typical male. I took off my pants. As soon as my cock reached its full erect length, I obliged the horny female by feeding her hungry pussy with my spicy sausage. We wasted no time, kissing each other like wild savages.

I thrust very hard into her trying to reach her cervix, once again hoping I might find some fertilizable egg. We melded our bodies together. We rutted. After a few minutes of intense lovemaking, we exploded together, her legs flailing in passion while I grunted like a wild animal, emptying the contents of my balls once more in her hot interior.

And then it was over. Too exhausted to move, we lay in the missionary position on the blanket for several minutes. I made no effort to pull out my slowly shrinking cock from swampy confines of her vagina.

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