Loving Daniel Ch. 09

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Alison Tyler

Loving Daniel Ch.09 – Sunday Morning

It was early on Sunday morning and I was slow to wake up. I became aware of the sun streaming through my bedroom window before I even opened my eyes. I squeezed them shut, wanting to hold off the day for just few precious moments longer. In my mind’s eye I conjured images of the previous night’s lovemaking with Daniel — he had been like a demon, possessing my body again and again; our lovemaking was always feverish, but I couldn’t remember the last time he had been so driven, so wild, so passionate. The top sheet had been kicked aside. I stretched on the cool bottom sheet, cat-like as I remembered his kisses, his stroking, his thrusts, smiling and feeling well satiated but more than a little exhausted.

I was lying on my back, my head against the soft pillow. My hips were twisted to the right and my left leg was crooked and draped over to touch the bed. I felt comfortable like that, the air flowing freely around my swollen sex, now in repose and freed from Daniel’s demanding cock which had occupied it over and over just hours ago in the darkness. I stretched out my right arm, searching for Daniel’s form in the bed, and slowly opened my eyes when I discovered his pillow was cold and he was gone. I scraped my tangled hair away from my face and raised my head a little, looked around the room, then relaxed when I saw Daniel seated in izmir escort bayan the armchair at the end of my bed.

“Good morning,” I said to him, smiling.

“A very good morning from this angle,” Daniel replied, and his eyes drifted from my face down to the exposed area between my legs. Immediately I felt the embers rekindled between my thighs, and wondered if Daniel could tell that my nether lips were moist in anticipation of his attention, his tender touch.

“Ahhhh. You’re enjoying the view then?” I inquired smugly.

“Just appreciating what is mine,” Daniel replied, raising himself from the chair. He was wearing the black satin robe I had bought for him and kept at my apartment specifically for the occasions when he visited. It fell open at the front to reveal Daniel’s cock, stiff, swollen, standing to attention and ready for action. “God you turn me on, ” he said affectionately. “Do you know how fine you are to me?” he questioned as he mounted the bed and crawled on his hands and knees over to where I where I was lying. I didn’t move. I never took my eyes off his; I just smiled in response, my heart filled with adoration for the man who satisfied me more than any other lover ever had. Daniel leaned over, placed a hand either side of me on the bed and kissed me gently on the lips. But his kiss was quick; he wanted to possess me again. Despite this escort izmir knowledge, I looked up at him from my pillow and said, “It’s time for breakfast,” deliberately toying with him.

Daniel shrugged the robe from his shoulders and rested his left hand on my upturned thigh. He moved between my crossed legs, dragging my right leg straight under the bent left one, pushing the back of my left knee to reveal my sex to him further, leaving it utterly exposed and flooded with nectar in welcome. Daniel moved closer, grasped the shaft of his hot hard cock, wiped it up and down the length of my twisted trench several times, then searched for my socket. Placing the purple head of his penis against the opening, he plunged himself within, and I groaned at the sensation, a mixture of pain from our exertions last night, and pleasure because I always like to receive Daniel no matter what. I lifted my left leg a little under his slow and gentle thrusts, so he cupped my knee with his left hand. I allowed him to take the weight of my leg; I knew his grip would tighten on it shortly.

There was not a lot for me to do in that position, so I turned my left shoulder back towards the pillow and pressed it flat against the bed, wanting to provide Daniel with a full view of my breasts as they jiggled rhythmically each time he drove forward and pulled back. I raised my hands to my nipples and izmir escort began to twist and pinch them with my fingertips, even though they remained overly sensitive from the biting Daniel had given them last night.

Daniel’s hips began to move faster then, so I surrendered myself to the delicious sensation of his cock delving deep within my cunt, my muscles clamping tight as his glans rubbed the sensitive spot at the front of my pelvic wall. A shiver of pleasure began to over take me, and my shoulders shuddered uncontrollably in response.

“I’m going to come soon, ” I murmured breathlessly, and Daniel immediately increased his thrusts to keep pace with my approaching climax. My clitoris began to throb from being grazed relentlessly against the shaft of Daniel’s cock, and as I gazed up at him, I noticed a fine layer of sweat had broken out all over his body. His eyes were closed, his mouth was open and his head was tilted back, his hair had tumbled forward and was partially stuck in the sweat that covered his forehead. His thighs slapped against my left buttock furiously and suddenly I was overcome with a shuddering orgasm that had me cry out at the top of my lungs. Daniel delivered a series of quick little shots and one final thrust then ejaculated, collapsing on top of me and becoming entangled amongst my legs.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his damp brow.

“Thank you,” I said, my chest still heaving for breath under the weight of his torso.

“No. Thank you,” he replied gazing into my eyes then turning his head resting his cheek in the soft valley between my breasts.

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