Lunchtime Distraction

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The wife hadn’t given up any sex in several days, and I was feeling kind of horny. But it wasn’t anything unusual, and I wasn’t out looking for sex from another source. I’d gotten used to the fact that sex just wasn’t a high priority with my wife. Twice a month seemed to be all she was interested in. So I read stories & looked at pictures on the Internet, to stimulate me as I took care of my own sexual needs.

I’m the boss of a decent sized office, and I usually take my lunch. But occasionally I eat out, and when I do I try to avoid anyone from the office. It’s kind of a mental health break for me. The Monday after Easter was a beautiful day, weather wise. It was sunny, and about 70 degrees, with very little wind. For some reason I turned South on Broadway looking for a fast, cheap, place to grab some lunch, and decided on this little franchise taco place. I’d gotten away late, as usual, and it was nearly 12:30 by the time I got there.

I got in line behind some idiots who didn’t know what they wanted and couldn’t make a decision. I just ordered the special and looked for a spot to sit where I could read my paperback book I brought with me. I find pulp novels to be a nice escape, to help me get my mind off of the day’s events.

They gave me a number & I sat at a table and started to read. After a few minutes they called my number & I went up to get the food. I had returned to the table and was just sitting back down when I caught the flash of skin in my vision. I looked up, and at a table two rows away a woman was just sitting herself. She was scooting behind the small fixed table, and her skirt was riding up her leg, exposing quite a lot of thigh.

Once she settled, and sat with her left leg crossed over her right, I looked up to take in the rest of her. She was not a pretty woman. She had short, dirty blonde hair, which was styled rather haphazardly. She wore glasses, and she had a face that bordered on masculine. She was in her forties, possibly even 50’s by her face. But those legs would have looked nice on any 30 year old. She was wearing a simple gold band on her ring finger, and a rather simple black dress. She had on fairly light hose, and I thought they must be pantyhose because otherwise I would have seen the top of her stockings, as high up a the dress rose on the one side as she moved.

She was also reading a book, a big hardback, as she ate her combo meal. I started to eat, but felt compelled to keep looking up at her legs. I could see up her dress, as her legs were crossed, nearly up as high as I envisioned her panties might be. I thought that the dress was awfully short for a woman of her age, but I wasn’t sure how much of that was due to the fact she’d had to scoot her way into the chair.

I ate, and read, and looked at her legs. I estimated her to be about 5′ 5″, probably 135 pounds. I really couldn’t see much of what her breasts might be, but the skin on her face and arms, looked old and weathered. She was dressed nice, but simply. I tried to think what she’d look like if she smiled, and I thought she’d look much better that way. I tried my best to will her to uncross bahis firmaları those legs, so I could get a better look at her, but she just read & ate, totally oblivious to me.

By the time I was done, the place was practically empty, as it was near the end of the lunch hour. I just couldn’t seem to stop looking at her legs. I thought, as beautiful as it is outside, I can’t think of a thing I’d rather look at than her legs. So I sat, sort of reading my book, but really looking at her. She never looked up once while I was watching her. Finally I decided I needed to go, even though I really didn’t have to get right back to work. There are certain advantages to being the boss.

All the sudden I was overwhelmed with a urge to speak to her. I didn’t know her. I’d probably never see her again. What did I have to lose? But what would I say? The butterflies swelled up in my and I was almost dizzy with the excitement. It was like asking a girl out for the first time.

I took my tray to the trash can and deposited it. I took a circular route back to my table so that I was approaching her for as long as possible. I picked up my book and started for the door. Then I thought “What the hell! Do it!” I walked by her table and stopped. I thought that she would look up, and saying something about her book seemed like a good idea. But she ignored me. I didn’t want to be a chickenshit, so I decided to initiate some conversation. But for some reason my mouth just blurted out what I’d been thinking.

“Excuse me. I’ve been unable to stop admiring your legs. They are incredibly beautiful”. This was very out of character for me, but the words were out before I had a chance to think about them.

They worked though. The woman slowly closed her book and looked up at me. “I wondered if you were going to get up the nerve to say something. I saw you staring at me earlier.”

“I apologize for being so forward,” I said. “May I sit down?” She nodded towards the chair opposite her, so I sat. “This is definitely not like me, but I felt like I just had to say something to you.”

“It’s been a long time since a man has paid me that type of compliment. I’m very flattered.” She was looking into my eyes as she said this, and I got the strong impression that I could take this further if I wanted. I’ve gotten this look from women in the past, but I’d never followed up on it for fear that I was reading them wrong. Then I would learn later that I had been right, but the moment passed. I determined not to pass it up this time. She didn’t know me. If she said no, I’d have no worries about the future of our relations, like is always a problem at work.

“If you would give me the opportunity I’d like to give you more than just a compliment.” I couldn’t believe I’d actually said that. I waited for her to slap me, or yell at me, or get angry. But she just kept looking at me, with that same soft look in her eyes. “Do you have to get right back to work?” I asked.

“No. I don’t work. I was just in this part of town to visit my girlfriend. I don’t have any plans for the next hour or so.” She was looking right into me as she said kaçak iddaa this. I swear I could almost feel the heat radiating off of her. My cock started to harden rapidly, my fear turning to excitement.

“Could you take a short ride with me? I do have to get back to work, but not immediately”. I was almost holding my breath. And wondering “What do I do if she says yes?”

“I’ll follow you” She answered. Then she scooted out of the chair and headed for the door. I saw her get into one of those big SUV’s that are so popular these days. The thing sat way up high, and had darkly tinted windows.

I went to my little compact car and started for the park. I drove to this dead end area where people park to hike some trails. There were several other cars there, but there were no people in sight. I parked and she pulled in beside me. I was in the next to last stall, and she pulled in between me and the fence, that way no one was going to be on her passenger side.

I re-arranged my raging hard-on and started for her passenger door. My heart was thumping like crazy, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. I got to her door and opened it. She was sitting in the middle of the seat, and she’d kicked off her shoes, and put her glasses on the dash.. Either her dress had ridden up her thigh again, or she’d pulled it up. It didn’t matter to me. When I saw that her light tan legs were exposed nearly up to her crotch I was overwhelmed.

“Turn towards me.” I said, and she did. She turned sideways in the seat and brought her legs up on the bench seat of her SUV. Her crotch was nearly level with my chest, and the sun was shining in her door allowing me to see up her skirt. She knew it would. “God, you’re beautiful” I blurted out. I couldn’t resist and reached out to caress her hosed calves. She just kind of moaned and I stepped forward and slid my hands up her legs. Up past her knees, to her thighs, where I caressed and squeezed her legs. But I didn’t stop, I slid my hands up as far as I could reach, under her skirt. I felt her panties, and slid my hands around her hips to cup the outsides of her ass.

“That feels so good!” she said, and I was encouraged. I knew her legs would be white. The hose gave them the illusion of being tanned. But I had to see her naked flesh, to touch her, not the nylon. I lifted her ass, and she raised it out of the seat to assist me. When it was up I grabbed her pantyhose and peeled them down off of her. While her ass was up, I pushed her dress up further, over her hips, which exposed her pussy to me. She laid back in the seat, I was starting to appreciate the size of the SUV.

I ran my hands down her legs, loving them, caressing them. I told her how great they looked, and felt. I took her feet in my hands, and kissed them, sucking on the toes. I kissed my way up her legs. I was crawling into the SUV, moving up her legs, kissing, licking, sucking. She had her right leg up now, bent at the knee and pressed against the seat back. As I moved up I felt her throw her left leg over my back, and I was face to face with her wide open pussy. It looked like most the pussies I’d seen, kaçak bahis maybe a little less hair. But I could smell her excitement, and I was like a shark on a feeding frenzy. Her juices were blood in the water to me, and without a second thought I moved my mouth up to her pussy and began eating her as if my life depended on it.

I licked, I sucked, I stuck my tongue inside her. I rubbed my face in her wetness and soaked my face. I felt her hands on the back of my head, urging me on, but that was the last thing I needed. Soon I could feel her start to come, and I just kept after her. She pulled my face into her as she came, and her thighs squeezed my head. I loved the feel of being trapped in that velvet vise-lock.

She had come, but I was nearly frantic. I looked up at her, she was looking down at me too. Her face, lined though it was, was flushed with her sexual excitement, and she was smiling. “I was right” I thought :”She is much better looking when she’s smiling.” And I smiled broadly in return thinking that the reason she was smiling was because I’d made her. “I want to fuck you. Can I?” I asked.

“You’d better” she answered, still smiling. I dropped back out of the SUV, not caring at all if anyone might be watching. I dropped my pants, and then gently lifted the edge of my underwear over the head of my cock. I’d leaked a lot of pre-come, and boy was I ready! I climbed back up in the SUV seat, and grabbed her by the outer thighs. I pulled her towards me, further from the steering wheel.

My cock was sticking straight out, and I scooted in toward her where I was right up against her open cunt. She was looking at me, still with that smile on her face. I was looking down, and I grabbed the head of my cock and rubbed it around the opening to her pussy. Her clit was red and swollen, and when I rubbed my cock over it, she shuddered.

“You feel so good!” she said. “Put it in, I can’t wait any longer!” She reached down and took my dick from me. I nearly came right there. It’d been so long since somebody else’s hand was around my cock. But she wasted no time with me, putting the head inside her right off. She was tight, a lot tighter than my wife. It felt so good to be fucking her, and I told her so. I knew I was close, and I wanted it to last. I tried going slow, I was pulling it out as far as I could, just bumping her clit, then sliding it back in. But then she started getting off again, really thrusting herself up into me. It was wild, the wife never gets into it at all like that.

She started moaning that she was coming again, and I gave up trying to extend and started really pounding her. We were slapping together like wild animals, and I could feel her pelvic bone grinding her clit into me. Then I started shooting, and she started yelling, and damn, it was great!

It took awhile for me to come back to my senses. But I did. I pulled my dick out of her, and used my underwear to wipe it off. I looked at her, and she had the most relaxed, peaceful feeling on her face. I handed her my underwear to wipe herself off with. Then I pulled my clothes back on, and picked up her pantyhose from the floorboard. I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply. “Can I keep these?” I asked.

“Sure.” She answered.

Then I got in my car, and pulled away. But not before I made note of her license plate.

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