Lustful in the Library

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A week ago, I got gutsy…. really gutsy. I am not sure what came over me, perhaps it was reading so much erotic literature as of late. Well whatever it was, it took complete control of me. I have been thinking about writing this down all week, and just now I have gotten the guts to write it down.

It was about 7pm on the first night of finals week. The library was pretty packed in certain areas: the computer lab, the study areas, etc. Where I needed to go however, was very quiet. The sociology research I needed to do involved watching a video, and for that I was entitled to one of the 30 or so private viewing rooms. You wouldn’t think a huge, public university would have such a perk, but … ya take what ya can! To be completely honest, I had always had little fantasies about doing something in one of those rooms. It definitely had a lot to do with either my imagination, or perhaps my insane delight and fascination for reading erotica.

For some odd reason, I was in a particularly shall we say “eager” mood. (I still can’t believe I am actually writing this down!) I haven’t been deprived of sex or any kind of sexual act years and on this particular day I wasn’t even close to lacking it. Despite that though, I somehow developed this overwhelming urge to suck dick. Don’t ask me why b/c I don’t even know myself. All I did know was that it was going to have to be a complete stranger, and he was going to have to look like he could use one. Those were my only criteria.

These things in mind, I began my search. I checked out my video and starting heading down the hallway, key in hand, to the viewing room area. I found my room, unlocked the door and dropped my bag onto one of the old padded chairs inside. The lights were still out and I left them that way. Leaving my bag and the video in the room, I walked out the door in an incognito fashion, as if on my way to the restroom.

Of course, in reality I was plotting out my scheme and scoping out potential victims. I walked slowly and deliberately, puffing out my chest a little and swaying my hips just slightly…… just enough to catch a few stares. I had to walk through the quiet study session to get to the restroom. On my way there I passed several students, noses in their books. The first one that caught my eye appeared to be taking a break from reading b/c he was stretching his arms up and taking a deep breath. He sanctified me with a pretty wry grin as I passed by, and I winked at him. I knew he would have been perfect, but by the way he looked at me, so cocky, confident and smooth… I felt güvenilir bahis sure that he didn’t typically have problems getting it most of the time.

So my search continued. On the return trip from the bathroom, most paths that crossed mine had either downcast eyes, or they were scurrying so quickly by that I hadn’t the chance to even dream of contact. I was starting to dwell in the acceptance of my failure when I spotted him. Oh yes what a victim this guy was. He looked kind of like a skater slash intellectual. I think he was maybe trying to give off the impression that he could care less about school or how he dressed, yet it all mattered a whole hell of a lot.

He was just swaggering along, casually, nonchalantly, a an expression of minding his own business although I could tell he was taking it all in. Wanting to help him take it all in I closed in on him, pretending that my path was going to soon be crossing his. As his eyes connected with mine, I let my plan take hold. I grinned a most evil grin and he gave me a sort of half ass smile back, along with a cute little nod, like an acknowledgement. That was all I needed though. I took the opportunity and directed my eyes at an obvious angle towards his crotch area, widened my grin, and nodded back at him.

My heart began racing. Was I really going to do this? Was this guy thinking I was some sort of freak? Was he going to go and tell all his friends about the chick in the library who nodded at his penis? Although doubts were swirling in my head, there really was no turning back after that last smile. Right before our paths crossed I purposely brushed my body up against his. Reaching down I let my hand slowly lightly graze across the front of his pants. I felt his reaction and my pulse sharply quickened. I was feeling lucky and getting so incredibly hot! I could feel my tempted juices dripping down the insides of my thighs.

With his special tool so ripe and ready his eyes came upwards again to my face. This time I had a different look though. I did my best to tell him what I wanted without saying a single word. I was still in the height of my gutsiness and so I put my hand back to the front of his pants and rubbed a little on the front one more time. Searching his eyes for an answer the whole time I raised an eyebrow at him and nodded my head over to where my video room was.

Not dropping his gaze from mine, his face suddenly widened into a smile much larger than I would have imagined this guy could have accomplished. Yep, he definitely understood. Mr. lucky was about to feel türkçe bahis really lucky!

I turned and started walking towards the darkened room, taking in a brief, peripheral view of my surroundings before going inside. No need to let on to onlookers that anything out of the ordinary was going to happen in my particular video room I figured.

Once inside it was only seconds before I could hear the heavier, and slightly shaky breathing behind me as the door clicked shut. I could hardly stand it anymore. I placed my hands onto his chest muscles and roughly pushed him against the wall, as quietly as I could. Not wanting to waste a moment of time I brought my hands quickly to his waistband and fumbled quickly in the darkness at his fly.

Silent, he held his breath as his pants and boxers fell and my prize greeted me directly. Fully at attention already, it didn’t take much to get him breathing again. Being on my knees I had quite a view despite the darkness. He was a little bigger than I had anticipated… bigger than the one I was used to pleasuring. Yes it’s true, I am not single but I just had to do this. Without hesitation I cupped my hands under his balls, supporting their firm weight with my soft grip. I took a slight breath and leaned forward.

Slowly I began licking with my velvety tongue at the tip and slowly then around the sides. The quickening of his breath was my sign to continue; I was doing a good job. Knowing that spurred me onto greater extremes. I began to suck at the tip of the head. He began to release little sounds from his lips. He was loving this and he was about to love it a lot more. Placing my hands onto his ass I pulled his hips towards me, causing him to shove himself right into my waiting mouth. Admittedly I choked a little first, again b/c he was a little bigger than I was used to. But I loved it.

I sucked his slick ripe cock as a hungry infant suckling a bottle. Droplets of his pre-cum began to form and created less friction and more moisture. B/c of this the air around us began to fill with slurping sounds. I loved it and so did he. After a few minutes of this slow suckling, I started to speed up a little while tightening the grip my lips had. My warm wet mouth tightly slid up and down his cock causing him to starting saying things like “Oh god!” and “Oh fuck!”

I was feeling so turned on that I wanted to start pleasuring myself but I just couldn’t work up the courage. (Maybe next time.) I knew I had completely done myself in anyway; my shorts were pretty drenched.

Every time his voice quickened güvenilir bahis siteleri I thought he was nearing his peak but I was having trouble getting him there. I started to worry that perhaps he was a little inhibited so I figured I should help him with it. Placing one of my hands back on his balls again, I started to massage them while still stroking him with my mouth. With my other hand I opened the buttons of my tight shirt, revealing the taught ripe flesh of my bra-less bosom. I used my free hand on one of my small round melons, squishing the fatty skin between my fingertips. I have an awesome chest and I had a feeling flaunting it would help.

I was right, very right actually. Within seconds I could hear the sounds of his hands trying to grip the walls as he neared his climax. My original plan was to swallow the whole load, but admittedly, the closer he got to the finale the more nervous I became. I continued to slurp and suck fast and uninhibited but when the hand holding his ball sack firmed at bit and his thick rod suddenly became a tad harder I panicked. Feeling the small army rushing forward through the white liquids in through his slick staff I gave him two, maybe three more good thick strong strokes with my wet lips and released him.

Noticing the expression of pleasure still on his face and not wanting to disappoint him in this fantasy I quickly remedied the situation. I leaned forward once more and smooshed my breasts around his shiny inflexible cock, less than a second before he shot strong slimy his load into my waiting cleavage. The liquid was so hot and slimy. Within seconds my chest was bathed in his thick white fluid. I held my breasts together firmly for just a little while longer, just to be certain and finally released.

As amazing as it had all been, it was a little awkward afterwards, but he was a sweetie and fixed that. He offered a hand to help me up which I accepted and assisted me in cleaning off my chest by using his shirt.

He cupped my face in one of his hands after we re-assembled ourselves and asked if he could kiss me. I accepted his offer and he gave me the most incredible kiss I have had in years! He did that awesome kiss that only certain guys can do, the one where they explore your mouth with their tongue and make you feel like your body is going to melt into theirs. I actually did feel as if I may pass out; I was pretty spent. When he released me, our eyes locked and we smiled at each other for a few moments.

“Thank you!” he breathed.

Looking back I now realize what a dork I must have sounded like, but I really meant it when I said back to him “No, thank YOU!”

I still can’t believe I said that!

Aw well, I’ll be craftier with my sexy last one-liners next time I promise!

Thanks for reading!

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