Marissa; the Mob Boss’s Daughter

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Big Dicks

INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – It’s time for another trip in RetroFan’s time machine, and this time we travel back over 40 years, to an Italian-American neighborhood in Queens, New York in 1972.

Danny, an 18-year-old auto-mechanic, has a problem. He likes a beautiful 18-year-old girl named Marissa, and she likes him. What’s the problem you might ask? Marissa is his boss’s daughter, and her father just happens to be a powerful mobster in the local area.

Will Danny take an opportunity to screw mafia minx Marissa, or will he be too afraid of her father Sam, aka, his boss?

All characters and events in this story are fictional with any similarity to persons living or dead coincidental. Only characters aged 18 and over engage in sexual activity. This story contains frequent coarse language.

Please enjoy your trip back to New York in the early 1970s, and please rate and comment.


WHEN Danny Rossi arrived into the world in 1954, he was put on this Earth to work on cars. He loved automobiles and as a boy could name the make, model and year of every car on the street of the Italian-American neighborhood in Queens where he lived. When he grew older, he would maintain his father’s car, and cycle over to his grandparents’ house to do the same with their old Studebaker. At school, Danny would count down the minutes to workshop class.

Danny’s parents insisted that their two sons and two daughters including Danny finished high school, but when Danny finally graduated at the age of 18 in 1972, he immediately started an apprenticeship at a local auto repair shop in the area. He worked with three fully qualified auto mechanics, Tony and Frankie, who were aged in their 20s and both married with young families, and Carlo, a man aged 50 who was married with adult children and two grandchildren.

The other mechanics liked Danny because of his good work ethic and the way he would always listen when they trained him, but being the new guy, would also play practical jokes on him, such as asking for a left-handed screwdriver, or sending him to the spare parts supplier to pick up a top radiator hose for a Volkswagen. Danny took all this in his stride; it was just fun, and he had secured his dream job.

The local girls in the neighborhood seemed to take an interest in the goings-on in the workshop, often stopping by to talk with Tony and Frankie on their way past. They had paid especial attention to Danny since he commenced working there, with his tall, fit physique and handsome face with brown eyes and dark hair attracting their interest.

Danny’s boss was a man by the name of Sam Lupino, a Queens businessman who in addition to the workshop owned several commercial and residential properties, and a plant hire shop. Sam, a tall, physically imposing Italian-American man aged in his 50s with a full head of white hair, was in Danny’s opinion a firm and formidable, but fair employer who provided good working conditions for his employees.

Sam maintained an office at the workshop, but was frequently away engaged in other business activities. Danny was streetwise enough not to enquire what these activities were. It was said that Sam was a go-to man in the local community, who for a price could make things happen, or not happen. Nobody, however, ever said the word ‘Mob’; it simply wasn’t done. Sam’s associates would often call by during the day for meetings behind closed doors. These included a portly man who always wore a Panama hat and large sunglasses no matter what the weather, and was referred to as “The Frog”. There was Luigi, a small-statured, graying man with a perpetual scowl on his face; a younger man Silvio who had slicked-back, jet black hair; and a tall, muscular, silver-haired man called Roberto with a stern face like stone, never speaking nor showing any emotion.

Although Sam was an even-tempered man not prone to rage or shouting, he always had an air of menace about his persona, something Danny had witnessed the previous week when three punks walked by the garage, throwing trash on the ground, swearing and spitting. Sam had gone out to confront them, reminding them to watch their manners and hygiene and asking them to pick up the trash they had thrown on the ground.

“What you going to do about it old man?” the first punk had asked aggressively, to which Sam had smiled and shaken hands with the punks, introducing himself as Sam Lupino. The punks’ faces fell when they recognized the name. Sam then asked the trouble-makers how they would like it if he came to their houses, spitting, swearing and throwing trash around, suggesting that him visiting them where they lived might not be something they wanted. With that, the punks apologized, collected their trash, and ran off at great speed.

Danny had met Sam’s wife Francesca, a slim, blonde woman in her 50s several times when she met her husband at the office, and they had three daughters. The eldest was Connie, an attractive young woman who like her mother had blonde hair, unusual but not completely unknown bahis firmaları for Italians. Connie was aged in her 20s, married with a young son and daughter, and would visit the auto shop several times a week to do the books. She had an especially broad New York accent, chewed gum most of the time and would jokingly ask Tony and Frankie, “Which receipts and invoices have you two clowns screwed up for me this week?”

Sam kept a frame with pictures of his three daughters on his desk, and it was only because of this that Danny knew what Sam’s middle daughter Gina, and his youngest daughter, Marissa, looked like, as he had never met either of them before.

Gina, a redhead whom Danny guessed must be aged about 21, seemed to be something of the troubled middle daughter, with her photograph several years out of date due to having limited contact with her family in recent times. Sam almost never spoke negatively of anyone; however Danny had heard him talking about Gina to his friends when he was showing them over a car in the workshop one day. He despaired at how his bright daughter had thrown away a promising college education by getting involved with a no-good, draft-dodging hippie named Luke, participating in anti-war demonstrations and eventually running off with him to live with other hippies in a commune in Vermont. To Sam, who along with his brothers was a Second World War veteran and had a nephew currently serving in Vietnam, this was completely unacceptable.

Another time, Sam had returned to the office with The Frog, talking about his daughter’s hippie boyfriend. The Frog had suggested that maybe they should take the hippie out for a fishing excursion and see how well he could swim, to which Sam had laughed sardonically and said that Luke was not a great fan of bathing or deodorant and that he and The Frog would probably get the worst of it sharing a car and boat with him for any length of time. In addition, the hippie was a strict vegan and would not eat any animal products at all, so this would be a problem convincing him to go fishing. The Frog had shaken his head and laughed, and said that when he was a kid, he and his siblings had a choice of food – eat it or go to bed hungry.

Sam’s youngest daughter, Marissa, was an exceptionally pretty girl, with long dark hair, big brown eyes and fair skin with a perfect complexion. Danny had not had a chance to meet her yet as she had worked the summer as a counsellor at the Catholic Church summer camp in rural New Jersey. Now it was September, and she had returned to the city for her final year of high school, Sam mentioning that she had had her 18th birthday on the Saturday after school started again.

The summer weather was holding up well into September, and this Thursday afternoon was fine, sunny and warm. Danny was alone in the workshop. Carlo had a couple of days off on vacation, Tony had taken a car back to Brooklyn with Frankie following so he could return him to Queens, Connie had finished for the day and gone home, and Sam had gone out to The Bronx with his associates, for what he described as a ‘business meeting’. Danny was certainly not going to query him on the details of what this meeting entailed.

Danny had just finished changing an oil filter to complete a service when he heard the bell to signal that somebody had entered the front reception area, followed by a female voice, young and with a noticeable New York accent, although not as strong as Connie’s accent. “Hello, is anybody there?”

“Just a minute,” called Danny, putting down the automobile’s hood and walking through the workshop to the front reception to find Marissa standing there waiting. The girl was even prettier in person than in her picture, Danny thought. Marissa was wearing her parochial school summer uniform; a white short-sleeved blouse with a dark green tartan skirt and a matching tie, and on her feet black leather shoes with white socks. Her long, silky dark hair tied back with a green ribbon flowed down past her shoulders, the light of the late afternoon sun reflecting upon it through the window. Marissa carried a clarinet case under her left arm and fixed Danny with a smile when he entered, making her even prettier, if this was possible.

“Hi, can I help you?” asked Danny.

“Hi, I’m Marissa, Sam Lupino’s daughter,” said Marissa. “I was wondering if my father is here?”

Danny shook his head. “Sorry, he went out for a business meeting. I don’t think he should be very long, if you’d like to wait for him?”

“Well, I’d rather wait here than on a street corner,” joked Marissa. “Dad’s probably forgotten that he was going to drive me home tonight. I don’t believe we’ve met before. As I said earlier, I’m Marissa. It’s nice to meet you.”

The girl extended her hand, Danny returning the handshake. “I’m Danny Rossi, I started working here a few months ago. It’s nice to meet you too Marissa.”

Marissa looked down at her right hand in dismay. Danny followed her glance down, and his facial expression also changed to dismay very quickly. kaçak iddaa He had neglected to wash the grease and oil from his hands, and now it was smeared all over Marissa’s hand too. In a panic, Danny snatched his hand back and frantically wiped both hands on his overalls, then without thinking the flustered young man grabbed Marissa’s hand and wiped it on his overalls too, the girl raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Sorry Marissa,” he stammered, blushing and breathless. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“That’s okay,” Marissa assured him. “Warm water and dishwashing detergent works best in getting grease off.” She walked through into the small kitchen, put her jacket ran the taps and applied the dishwashing detergent to her hands, the grease and oil coming away quickly.

“Again, I’m sorry,” said Danny through the doorway.

“It’s fine Danny,” Marissa said. “It was my fault really, I went to shake hands with you. I should have realized that you might have been working on an engine, and it seems rude to refuse somebody’s handshake, right?”

“Yeah, I guess,” said Danny, watching Marissa dry her hands on a towel, the girl’s breasts prominent in her school shirt. Danny, having finished the last job of the day, also washed his hands.

“Did Dad go out with The Frog and the others?” Marissa asked.

Danny nodded. “Yes, a couple of hours ago.”

“That means they will be gone for ages,” said Marissa. “Once Dad and his friends get talking …” She smiled and shook her head. “And my parents say I spend too much time talking to my friends on the phone.”

Marissa walked back to the waiting area, put her clarinet down on the table and sat down in a chair to wait. Danny thought it would be best to be nice and polite to his boss’s daughter, and the first thing was to offer her a drink.

“Do you drink?” was the first thing he blurted out. Marissa looked at him with a surprised expression, and Danny quickly said, “Sorry, would you like to drink …no, I mean, do you like to drink water or soda? Do you like to drink hot drinks?” Danny blushed bright red, and managed to get his tongue under control, before saying, “Would you like something to drink?”

Marissa smiled, and with laughter in her voice, said, “Yes please.”

“We have water,” said Danny, again becoming tongue-tied. “There’s soda coffee, sorry I mean there’s soda and coffee, and we also have tea. Would you like to drink some tea?” He cursed himself under his breath. What was wrong with him?

“I’d like a soda please, Danny,” said Marissa.

“One soda coming right up,” said Danny, trying to get a hold of himself. “Would you like lemonade or cola?”

“Lemonade is good,” said Marissa.

Danny walked back into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to retrieve a bottle of lemonade. He then went to get a glass from the cupboard. “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” he cursed himself under his breath, hitting himself on the forehead three times in a row.

He couldn’t believe that he was getting so flustered around this girl, saying such stupid things and making her think he was an idiot. Given she was very pretty, but this obviously wasn’t the first time he had seen a pretty girl. There had been plenty of nice-looking girls at high school, and in the neighborhood. It wasn’t even as though he was a virgin. Danny’s three friends had set him up with Lisa, a girl from over in Brooklyn as a gift for his 18th birthday, and she had given him the time of his life. Thinking about Lisa sliding down her pink panties and the black pubic hair that covered her pussy caused his cock to stir in his underpants, and Danny quickly thought about sad movies to suppress it. This was the last thing he wanted to have to contend with.

“Vinnie wouldn’t have these problems,” Danny thought to himself. Vinnie was the most confident of Danny and the other two guys they hang out with, Joey and Pauley. Just last weekend they had been at their favorite pizza bar on the Saturday night, and Vinnie had set his sights on a girl whom Danny could only describe in the politest terms as an absolute slut. She sat in a booth eating dinner with her three cheap friends, who seemed like sophisticated Manhattan girls in comparison. Loud, rude and brash this girl, called Brenda by her friends, sat smoking her cigarette, chewing with her mouth open.

Despite warnings from Danny and the other two guys that his efforts would likely result in him getting a black eye or blood nose, Vinnie had swaggered over to the table without invitation, sat next to Brenda, helping himself to food from her plate, drinking her soda from her glass and asking what they were going to do together that night. Brenda’s responses to his advances, delivered in a voice everyone in the diner, and indeed most of Queens could hear included “Go and get fucked, you stupid cunt,”; “Can’t you tell I’m not interested, you fucking spastic retard?”; “Go make out with your faggot friends,” and most charming, “When I’m on the toilet having a shit, I’d rather wipe my ass on sandpaper than kaçak bahis spend any time with you.” Not to be put off, Vinnie had persisted, and less than half an hour later Brenda was naked with her legs wide open in his car parked out the back, her panties on the dashboard as Vinnie pumped her pussy hard.

Danny took the soda and glass back to Marissa. “Thanks,” she smiled, opening the bottle and pouring some lemonade into the glass. Marissa repositioned herself in the chair, Danny catching for the briefest second, a slight glimpse up her skirt and the white panties she was wearing. He quickly glanced at the ceiling, then at Marissa’s clarinet that sat on the table.

“So, you play the clarinet?” he asked.

With a dead-pan expression, Marissa responded, “No, I just carry it around with me for fun.”

As Danny again looked flustered, Marissa laughed. “Relax Danny, I was just kidding around. I’m in the school band. We were playing for the old folks’ home in the area, and the bus dropped me off here so my Dad could drive me home. You should have seen your face, you fell for it hook, line and sinker and all I had to do was reel you in. It’s like when the guys here prank you. Connie said they asked you to get a left-handed screwdriver, and sent you to buy a radiator hose for a Volkswagen Beetle.”

Danny smiled sheepishly. “Yes, they did. And of course, I fell for it.”

“It’s just because you’re the new guy,” said Marissa. “In a few years’ time, you’ll be the one playing pranks on the new apprentice.”

They continued to talk, Danny finding he enjoyed Marissa’s company. She was funny, smart and easy to talk to. After a short while, Marissa stood up. “I just need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

Marissa stood up and walked down the corridor to where the bathroom was located, Danny noting her beautiful slim figure from behind, her shapely bottom accentuated by her school skirt. He heard Marissa close and lock the bathroom door and put the toilet seat down. Realizing he had forgotten the paperwork from the last car serviced, picked up the clipboard and completed the details. He then picked up the broom, to give the workshop a bit of a sweep-out.

After a couple of minutes Marissa’s voice broke his concentration. “Danny? Danny, could you please come through here a minute? I need your help.”

Danny walked through to where the bathroom door remained closed. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“No, this is really embarrassing, but I’ve run out of toilet paper halfway through. Could you please get me some more?”

Danny was a little taken aback and embarrassed, not being in the habit of talking to girls or assisting girls who were in the bathroom, but knew he had to help her out, being the only other person there. “Just a minute, I’ll get some for you,” he said.

“Thanks,” Marissa called back, as Danny opened a storage closet, retrieved a roll of toilet paper, and went back to the bathroom.

“I’ve got some,” Danny said. “How about I stand with my back to you, you open the door, and I’ll pass it through to you?”

“Well, I don’t want to throw the door wide open so you can see me,” Marissa called. “Are you in position?”

Danny moved so he was just outside the door, and held the toilet roll behind his back so it was near the handle. “Okay, you should be right now.”

Marissa opened the toilet door and her hand emerged to take the toilet paper back inside. Unfortunately, Danny misjudged the timing to hand it to her, the toilet roll slipping out of his grasp and eluding Marissa’s fingers, landing on the floor to the back of Danny’s feet.

“Sorry,” he apologized, instinctively turning around to pick it up, at once realizing his mistake and nearly injuring his back in his haste to turn back around. He faced the direction of the bathroom for less than a second, but it was enough for him to catch a glimpse of Marissa’s legs, her knees together as she sat on the toilet, her white cotton panties down around her ankles. Danny fumbled around, picked up the toilet roll, and this time successfully passed it to Marissa, the girl’s fingers taking a grasp on it and taking it back inside the bathroom.

“Thanks Danny,” said Marissa. She closed the door, and Danny heard her fit the new toilet roll to the holder, and unwind herself some paper.

Danny went back to the waiting area, doing a quick tidy-up before the end of the day. He found it a little hard to concentrate, with the mental images of Marissa’s white panties firmly ingrained in his mind’s eye, both from when she sat down in her chair, and from when she was sitting on the toilet. Also entering his mind were thoughts of what might happen if Sam found out that his daughter’s panties had been seen by Danny not once, but twice in less than half an hour. It was a scary thought, but Danny also reasoned that it was unlikely to come to his boss’s attention. Both were accidents, Marissa didn’t seem to have noticed anything and Sam was nowhere near the office. It wasn’t as though he had used a mirror to look up Marissa’s skirt, or hidden in the bathroom to watch Marissa on the toilet, not that he would ever behave like that. If he did, Danny would have plenty to worry about, should Marissa’s father find out.

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