Mary, Fred and the Gangster Ch. 02

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“I hate to add to your burden honey, but there is something else.” Fred looked at her as she continued, “What happened today wasn’t my fault and I fought it as best I could, but in the end I loved it and I want to do it again and again as often as I can.”

“What?” Fred asked, “Fuck black men?”

“No” Mary replied, “I don’t care about color, but I do want a lot of cocks. I’m sorry baby, but I’m afraid your little Mary is hooked on gangbangs.”


With those words Fred knew that his marriage had changed forever. Whether for better or worse he did not know, but he loved his wife and he was certain she loved him. He had just watched a two hour and twenty minute tape of Mary being fucked by an unknown number of black men and it had turned him on more that he had ever been turned on before in his life. He had almost wished he could have been there and been a part of it and now Mary had informed him that it was going to happen again and he knew he would not let her do it unless he could be there.

“How are you going to arrange it? Its not like you can go to the phone book and find a listing for Studs R Us.”

“Well baby, the tape didn’t show you everything,” Mary said, “In the van on the way back to my car they all fucked me again and I asked them how we could go about doing it again. When they dropped me at my car one of them gave me a name and a phone number and told me if I really wanted to do it again to call that number and someone would get back to me.”

Fred shook his head, “I don’t think that would be a good idea. After all, those men were in the pay of a gangster and what hey did was rape you – even if you did end up loving it.”

Mary thought for a moment and then said, “How about the guys you play poker with? I’ve seen the way they look at me and I’ll bet they would jump at the chance to be able to fuck me.”

“I’m sure they would” said Fred, “but could we trust them to keep quiet about it?”

Mary laughed at that, “Promise them they can bahis firmaları have as much of me as they want if only they will keep quiet and they will.”

Fred made a face and said, “Can we be sure of that?”

Mary chuckled, “Honey, believe me, I know the power that pussy has over a dick.”


But first, Fred had a job to do. He contacted a defense attorney that he knew and asked the man to set up a private meeting with Carlo Mantelli. The meeting took place in the back room of a restaurant in the section of town known as Little Italy. Fred wasted no time in putting his cards on the table.

“I’ve got all I need to put you away for half a dozen different crimes, including the murder of Sam Atkins, and this state has the death penalty for murder. You have a tape that I don’t want to see become public, but I am a sworn officer of the law and I will do my job even if it means the end of my career and forces me and my family to relocate.”

Mantelli started to say something, but Fred held up his hand, “Let me finish. I will bury the murder one charge and take you before the grand jury on the single charge of racketeering. It’s a ten-year beef, but I won’t ask for any particular sentence, I’ll leave it strictly up to the judge. Even if you get the full ten you can still be out in five depending on whether you keep your nose clean while you are inside, but the odds are you’ll get five to seven and be out in three. In exchange you send me all the tapes in existence and see to it that neither my family or I are ever bothered by you again. There is no statute of limitations on murder so if you ever try to get even with me, in anyway whatsoever, I’ll drop it on you and ask for the death penalty.”

He stood up, “I go in front of the grand jury on Friday so I’ll need your answer no later than four o’clock tomorrow afternoon” and he walked out of the room.

He knew that if Mantelli took the deal he had just kissed his headlines goodbye and that would make his run kaçak iddaa for office a little more difficult, but at least his family would be safe. At one thirty the next afternoon he received a FedEx package and he opened it to find three videotapes. As he stuffed them in his brief case he gave a visible sigh of relief.


When Fred got home he made sure that Sally wasn’t around before going into the den and popping the tapes into the VCR. The first two were copies of the one that Mary had brought home with her. The third was of footage he hadn’t seen. It picked up where the first tape had left off, with Mary finger fucking herself and asking who was going to be next. Fred watched for an hour as man after man answered her plea. The scene then switched to the interior of a van and again Fred watched, as his lovely wife was a brazen slut for strange men.

He had his cock in his hand and his was stroking himself when Mary came into the room. She stood at his shoulder and watched for a moment bore saying, “I didn’t know they were still shooting in the van.” She moved in front of Fred and knelt down, “Here, let me take care of that” she said as her mouth swallowed his hardness.

Fred lovingly stroked her hair as she sucked his cock. He was watching her bounce up and down on a large black cock buried in her ass as he erupted in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and then licked him clean before she said, “When can I do it again baby?”

Fred bent forward and took her face in his hands and kissed her, “When ever you want to my love.”


“How are we going to do this baby?” Mary asked on Friday. The bi-weekly poker game was going to be at their house this week and if things went the way Fred thought they might, they would be playing at his house for some time to come, and not necessarily cards. He told her what he had in mind and she turned pale.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she cried.

“Oh yes I would” he replied.

That kaçak bahis night, when all six men were present he took them into the den and had them all sit down in front of the TV.

“Tonight” he said, “we are going to have a special presentation and I expect that you will all be glued to your seats, if not sitting on the edge of them” and with that he hit the play button on the VCR. The screen lit up with the picture of Mary being fucked by three men while jacking off a fourth. The tape ran for another twenty minutes and not one man took his eyes off the screen for an instant. At a pre-selected point Fred got up and quietly left the room, returning moments later with Mary. The picture on the screen was Mary fingering herself and asking “who’s next? Somebody please fuck me. Who’s next?”

A naked Mary stepped in front of the six men and said, “You heard the question gentlemen. Who’s it going to be?”

It was six in the morning when the last of the six staggered out the front door. During the night Mary and the six men had duplicated every scene that was on the two tapes and a few that weren’t.

During a lull in the proceedings Fred had made a speech. “Gentlemen, you have been chosen to join a very exclusive little club. The membership is limited to those who are in this room. In addition, you may each chose one man in whom you have the utmost faith and who you trust completely and invite them to join this group. Mary will be available for your enjoyment every Friday from now on and on certain special occasions that will be announced from time to time. Her availability will depend totally on your discretion. If word gets out about what is going on here, not just the person who blabbed, but all of you will be cut off. Are we in agreement?”

A chorus of “hell yes’s” and “damned rights” followed.

Fred walked up the stairs and stopped in the bedroom door to look at Mary, spread out on the bed covered with sweat and cum. She met his eyes and her fingers went down to her pussy. She began to work them in and out and she said, “Next! Who’s next?”

Fred walked toward the bed with a smile on his face, “I believe that would be me!” he said as his body covered hers and his hard cock slid into her sopping wet, cum filled pussy.

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