Missy Arrives

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Missy Arrives (sequel to Amy’s Appetite)

I hear a strange gasp or was it a moan. There in the bedroom doorway is a stunning redhead. Her blouse and bra are hanging open and her skirt and panties are one the floor. Her fingers are strumming her treasure. Her passions are obviously on the rise. Her voyeurism and her rubbing have done their work. Her treasure glistens in the morning light.

I have just finished ravishing Amy, a woman of great sexual appetite. In barbaric fashion I had tied her to the bed frame and ravished her with two vibrators and my cock. Her fourth or fifth orgasm came with my cock firmly planted in her ass as I shot my load. Her passions had inspired me well beyond my normal appetite. At almost 50, I am a bit slower than in my younger days.

Lying there on my back, with Amy cuddled to my side, melting her passionate body against my chest, I can see Amy’s almost naked roommate, Missy. At 5’3″, she is just a little shorter than Amy. Her red hair is shoulder length, not quite a long as Amy’s. Missy is another vision of loveliness. Missy’s pussy is shaved just like Amy’s.

My mind races ahead doing the math; two pussies, two asses, and one tired cock. It does not look good for the XY team. I am greatly outnumbered by the XX team. I can see that Missy has a hunger in her eyes but I am not through with Amy. I was just beginning to enjoy the after glow and cuddling. I was looking forward to a long slow gentle coupling where Amy would cum several times until the dam finally breaks and I would squeeze out one more orgasm; a loving to remember when either of us felt lonely.

Fortunately, Amy breaks the ice. Amy introduces me as Eric her Viking lover, the one who writes those yummy stories. Missy raises an eyebrow in surprise. I am sure she is wondering how I found them. In their line of work, they are pretty careful. There are some real sick men out there. I need to remember to tell them how to be more careful, but for now, I am just enjoying the sights and feelings. Amy is rubbing her breasts against my hairy chest and sliding one leg over my crotch rubbing my slowly softening cock. Obviously Missy’s arrival is not cause to change her plans.

Sifting closer to her side of the bed, Amy pulls me close and beckons Missy to join us. Missy sheds her blouse and bra and slips on to the bed next to my other side. I get the impression that I am about to get tag teamed by two women with experience. I figure I might have a heart attack but I cannot think of a way I would rather go.

With Amy on my right and Missy on my left, I am sandwiched between four breasts and have two wet treasures rubbing against my hips. With an arm around each, I wait to see how they want to share me. I am thinking about how I want to plumb the depths of Missy’s pussy but I am feeling guilty about wanting another woman with Amy still so close and available.

Then I realize that Missy like Amy likes men who take action. kurtköy escort They will wait me out if I do not do something. Their purring has my hormones on fire. I lean forward and kiss Amy on the forehead while reaching for the big vibrator that I had previously set aside. Amy’s forehead is a little salty from our exertions but feels so soft and smooth. Running the vibrator along Amy’s spine, I can feel her body tremble. Switching it back on, I run it around on her ass cheeks. Without a word, Amy turn’s around and gets to all fours presenting her ass to me. The vibrator hums as I run it along the soft curves of Amy’s ass.

When Amy pull’s Missy’s hips towards her, I realize that I have won. I made a good move by focusing first on Amy. Amy still feels loved and unthreatened but is willing to share. Amy applies her mouth to Missy’s treasure and begins to tongue lash her clit. Missy purrs her approval and rocks back against Amy’s tongue. I do not think that Amy’s tongue is a strange invader.

Recognizing the invitation, the vibrator in my hand runs along Amy’s crack and towards her slit. Slipping it into her pussy, I begin fucking her with the large vibrator. I can hear Amy moan as she licks Missy’s pussy. Missy and Amy are rocking as one. Amy is still very hot and Missy is rapidly catching up. Amy’s pussy is sloppy with our loving and her continued flow of passion. I find their rhythm and slip the vibrator in and out to match.

After a moment, Missy closes the loop and begins to lick and suck my cock. I had expected my cock to simply soften and deflate after the wonderful anal sex I had shared with Amy but I am pleasantly surprised to see that the anticipation has kept me semi-rigid with the prospect of another babe willing to share her passions with me.

In this triangle of passion, we feed off each other’s emotions. Amy is the first to demand more. Amy tells me not to forget her ass. I am sure this is just to get me hot faster but I love her the more for it. Leaving the big vibrator hanging in her pussy, I run the little one into Amy’s ass as a new wave of passion flows over her. It spills into Missy who is rocked with an orgasm as well. I do not know if this is Missy’s first of the day but I know it is only a small one, the kind that demands more loving, the kind that is never enough.

Leaving the little vibrator in Amy’s ass, I move the big vibrator in and out and focus on Amy’s clit. Missy’s tongue has me fully erect now. I am beyond paradise. Missy’s purring over my cock is almost unbearable. I want to fill her pussy. I want to sheath my sword in her body. I want to soar with her. The redhead and her roommate have pushed to levels of passion I had forgotten. My cock longs for her pussy. I want to pump it in and out of Missy’s pussy.

Sensing my renewed tension, Missy shifts herself straddling my cock. Missy begins to use her legs to slide up and down on my rigid manhood. I am her fuck toy. She is lost malatya escort in her passions. Amy breaks away from me leaving the little vibrator in her ass and presents her pussy to Missy forming a new chain. It is delicious to watch Missy go up and down on my cock whiles she feasts on Amy’s sopping wet hole. I know that these sex kittens will take every erection and load of seed that I can produce. Missy’s pussy feels so good as it milks my cock. Missy starts speeding up rising to another orgasm. Her tempo is incredible. These are truly multi-orgasmic women. They are made for loving.

I hear Missy’s muffled cry and then feel her body as the wave comes. Her orgasm is awesome. This is the type of release that woman live for. It intensity prompts a sympathetic surges from my body and I fill her pussy with my seed. It feels so good. Her pussy tightens on my cock holding me in. Her pussy is not letting me soften. I do not want to stop even if I could.

There is a shift. Amy guides Missy off my still hard cock. I can see fire in her eyes. There is no doubt that I am her Viking. There is no doubt that she is ready for more. Missy’s attention has only brought her the brink. She is ready to cum again. She pulls the little vibrator from her ass and grabs the big one from my hand. When she goes down on her knees with her shoulders on the bed and the big vibrator against her clit, I can tell she wants me to fuck her ass. I took her ass before when I bound her to the bed. Now she wants to be in control and have me fuck her ass again. I am truly amazed by her passions.

I kneel behind her. My cock slips easily into her lubricated back door. She is ready for me. I begin to pump in and out as Amy growls for me to go faster and harder. She wants me to fuck her like a barbarian. Missy watches with the special glow of a woman aroused. The little vibrator has found its way into her hands and is buzzing across her clit.

I am getting up a head of steam now. My cock is not getting soft. Amy is having multiple waves of passion wash over her. Her energy is feeding my cock. In and out I pump. Sensing the special energy involved, Missy has begun slipping the little vibrator in and out of her ass. It is too much. I erupt in Amy’s ass. The passion is so intense. It feels so good. My release sets on Amy orgasm. Amy’s orgasm rocks my whole universe. The whole bed shakes as her body shakes.

Amy and Missy exchange a look. In a flash Amy is on her back with her legs in the air. Missy slips over and begins to lick and suck with abandon. Missy tush is up in the air with the little vibrator in her ass. She squeezes the vibrator out. Amy’s eyes guides me to Missy’s tight ass. Lining up my cock, I push all the way in one stroke as Missy squeals. My mind races, two asses and two pussies in one morning. I am on sensory overload.

Sweat pours down my face as I struggle to get out one more orgasm. I am falling behind the XX team. Their bodies are on kayseri escort overload as they redline through orgasm after orgasm. Missy tongue sends Amy into orbit. Her passion is wonderful to hear. I feel the big vibrator purring against Missy’s clit. Her passions are so high. I feel her pussy flood as her juices run down my legs.

Somehow I manage to get off one more shot in this battle of the sexes before I collapse in a heap on the bed. The last thing I remember is Missy and Amy slipping there bodies up against mine as I nod off to sleep, spent and drained. My dreams are filled with this blond and this redhead.

Waking up, I realized that I must have done well because Amy is still there cuddled up against me. Dry love juices testify of our shared passions. Her body trembles when I caress her breast. She is still not all the way down. I can hear water in the bathroom and guess that Missy is taking a bath.

Rolling Amy to her back, I slip between her legs sliding my bit of a morning cock into her still well lubricated pussy. With long slow gentle strokes I move in and out. This is the long slow gentle loving that I had planned before Missy arrived. This will be the loving that we remember for all time.

Amy’s body quakes with wave after wave of small gentle orgasms. Her legs pull me deep into her treasure. In and out I pump with steady deliberate dedication. I want her to remember me as a gentle lover. I can see her mind counting down the strokes as she remembers me telling her of the 100-stroke lover. In and out I move, content to fill her pussy. Her ass and her mouth have been mine but I want our last loving to be here.

After about 100 strokes, I was too lost to count, Amy begins to urge me to cum. She wants me to fill her pussy one more time. Pulling her knees up and back, Amy opens herself to me. It is the complete surrender of trust and love. Books on sex call it the baby making position. In and out I push. I am lost in her.

My balls tighten in that familiar way. Amy perceives the shift in my body language. She arches her back to take me that last little bit deeper. My body responds by spurting a full load deep into her pussy. There are two small after shocks that rock my body as my balls drain. Amy is finally sated. .

I gather Amy into my arms and carry her towards the bathroom where Missy is still soaking. We both know that I need to head back to home. The girls also need to get ready for work. We are not ready to part company.

I set Amy in Missy’s tub and begin to wash Missy. Gently caressing every bit of her body; washing out her pussy and her ass as she moans with pleasure. Turning my attention back to Amy, I give her the same treatment. Helping them out and drying them one at a time, they each retreat to their bedrooms to dress for work allowing me to clean up.

Amy and Missy went to work that evening with a special glow. I flew home with the contented smile. In one short morning I had cum six times, duplicating a feat of my younger years. However, the XX team far surpassed me. I hope to revisit these ladies again soon but do not believe that even their passion can rekindle the fire of this morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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