My BFF is a Lesbian Ep. 07

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The girls were about to set off for the party and Mrs Quinn was anxious to know more of the details of their plan. But this just made Mary cross that she had to answer the same questions again.

“Mother I told you this already, it’s at McCann’s Farm and it’s a festival themed party.”

“And you’re staying in tents?”

“Jesus Mother, for the last time YES!” the last word was emphasised haughtily.

Emily Quinn wasn’t really annoyed or even scolding her daughter. This was just their normal banter. Since Mary had been a child, she had pushed the boundaries and Emily had learned to let her feel that she was in control, up to a point of course. To add to the teasing she brought Gabby into the conversation, “Gabrielle, Love, do you speak to your mother like that?”

“Of course not. I have too much respect for my wonderful parents,” Gabby teased her friend.

“Shut up. Your mother pisses you off just as much as mine does, the nosey old bag,” Mary tried to sound frustrated but couldn’t suppress the giggles when she saw the mischievous grins on the faces of her mother and friend.

Mary relented and hugged her mother, “Are you ever going to let me just have fun?” her tone had softened, “Or are you determined to ruin my life forever?”

“I’m going to ruin your life forever, my love, that’s what a mother does,” Emily played out the gag.

“Jesus, come on then give us a lift to the farm.”

The outing had of course been planned ever since the trip to Cork. Molly had invited the girls along with many other friends to the party at her parent’s farm. It was to be lavish to celebrate the 21st birthday of their son and Molly’s brother, Finn. The party was organised like a mini-festival with live music and a DJ. Gabby and Mary were very excited about it because they had never been to a real festival; plus, lots of Finn’s older friends would be there so it was going to be their first real grown-up party. They had already been to the farm to set-up their tent, and they had had a quick kiss with Molly inside it, reliving the excitement of their weekend in Cork.

Afterwards Mary had teased Gabby, “Maybe you will want to shag Molly.”

“Hmm, or a threesome,” Gabby had joked. But really, she loved Mary and was still smitten by her and her alone.

Mrs Quinn hadn’t been surprised or annoyed to receive the letter from Sister Clara, informing her of her daughter’s ‘shameless’ behaviour in Cork. Although Emily had discussed it with Mary and warned her about being responsible, she had smiled to herself at the thought that Sister Clara couldn’t have known the half of how shameless Mary had no doubt been with Gabby. Nor did she know for sure, of course, but she could imagine.

Today she drove them to the farm and observed as the girls unloaded their food and drink supplies and excitedly greeted Molly and their other friends. She watched as they walked up the lane to the remote field where the party was being held. She shook her head in dismay at the clinking of bottles and wondered if maybe she should have pressed the point harder to limit just how much booze they had brought. But Mary had been insistent and Emily had relented with cautions about being sensible. But she knew that you are only young once so let them go. Also, she was reassured that, given that the girls were lovers, there was no risk of accidental pregnancy.

As Emily drove home she thought about her daughter and Gabby. Then she thought about her new relationship with Eimear (watch out for Emily’s Story soon). She did feel a little guilty that she was, in a way, cheating on Damian. But she consoled herself with two thoughts: she knew he would probably approve of her exploring her curiosity; plus, the encounters with Eimear only seemed to inflame her libido, so Damian was getting much more and raunchier sex that he had in a long time. He was enjoying the renewed passion and seemed only too happy to meet his wife’s demands. She then thought how they would have the house to themselves that night and decided to invite Damian to ravish her. ‘He can do what he wants, she thought,’ her free hand straying to the crotch of her jeans and gently pressing against her already aroused pussy.

Party Girls

All afternoon the girls organised their tent then sat around on the grass and chatted with their friends, anticipating the evening. The weather had been kind and it was a hot day with a clear-blue sky. They had made cocktail drinks and sat around drinking and gossiping with Molly and other friends, watching the other guests arrive. In particular, they keenly observed Finn and his friends while Molly provided a running commentary on who they were. The sexiest guys and the most beautiful women. Of course they had a private joke with Molly about which of the women they might fancy. This was strictly between the three of them and this topic was shelved whenever anyone else was near.

Later they were eating, drinking and walking around talking to the other guests. It had been hot casino siteleri all afternoon, so Molly took them to her house to freshen-up and change for the evening.

Molly invited them to use her bathroom to shower and then they gathered again in her room to dress and reapply their make-up.

Mary kept asking about Finn and while Molly answered her questions patiently, Gabby was getting annoyed. She decided to reassert herself and asked Molly about Cork.

“So have you thought about our session in Cork Mol?”

Molly was a little shy and glanced at Mary before answering, then, “Yes it was amazing . You two are really sexy. I loved it.”

“Fuck are you a lesbo now too?” Mary chided.

“Shut-up, she can be if she wants, “Gabby defended their friend.

Mary decided not to push the point and made a joke, hugging Molly she asked, “So who do you think was the best kisser?”

Molly giggled, “You both are,” then added more shyly, “I liked kissing you both.”

“I know, let’s play a game,” Mary announced. Looking around the room she grabbed one of a bunch of silky scarves hanging by Molly’s mirror. Returning to Molly she turned her around and made a blindfold with the scarf. Molly protested slightly but Mary took charge and soon the blindfold was on. For final effect she spun Molly around a few times. “Right, now we will kiss you and you have to guess who it is and tell us who is the best, OK?”

Molly’s only reply was an eager grin as Mary backed her up to the bed and gently lowered her down to sit on the bed.

“No peeking,” she ordered as she moved to Gabby. “Come on this will be fun.”

Gabby acted reluctant but secretly she was excited at the idea. She had liked kissing Molly and was happy to be ‘coerced’ to do it again. Mary put her finger to her mouth to signal to be quiet as she sent Gabby to one side and she moved to the other.

They shuffled onto the bed and edged closer to Molly. Mary leaned in first and kissed Molly’s lips. It was only brief. Molly just giggled as their lips separated. Gabby then leaned in a gave her a longer kiss. Their lips pressed together and parted slightly. This kiss was more lingering and Molly responded by kissing back. Mary tapped Gabby on the shoulder and moved in for another turn. This time she decided to try to make Gabby jealous so she gently licked Molly’s lips with her tongue before sliding her tongue between her lips and kissing Molly deeply for a longer time.

Gabby didn’t feel jealous, but instead thought the situation was exciting. She took another turn and followed Mary’s lead and played her tongue over Molly’s parted lips. Molly returned this action and lapped at Gabby’s succulent lips before they kissed deeply, drawing one another into their mouths by turn. As Gabby drew back Molly spoke for the first time.

“That was Gabby,” she announced triumphantly.

“Jesus you two are fucking lesbians,” Mary chuckled. “You should give her a smelly finger for a prize,” she ordered Gabby. Before waiting for a response Mary roughly pushed Molly onto her back and started to unbutton her cut off jean shorts.

“Hey,” Molly protested in a fit of giggles.

“Shut-up. We’ve already seen your bush anyway in Cork,” Mary ordered as she tugged Molly’s cut-off jeans down over her curvy bum and thighs. Leaving Molly’s shorts halfway down her thighs she turned her attention to her knickers. Almost at once these were pulled down exposing Molly’s sandy brown bush. Molly tried to sit up but Mary cupped her chin with one hand and pushed her down and then grabbed her pubes with the other hand and gently tugged.

“Ow,” Molly exclaimed but it wasn’t really hurting, it just seemed to her she should protest.

Mary was kissing her again and still tugging on her pubes. As she broke off the kiss she hissed at Molly, “You really want to play our game?”

Molly just nodded in ascent. She was thrilled to be the centre of attention with these two.

“Give her a lezzy finger,” Mary ordered Gabby.

Gabby hesitated so Mary grabbed her hand and guided it into Molly’s crotch, then returned to kiss Molly.

Gabby was thrilled to get to touch another girl like this. Molly was definitely cute and Gabby didn’t mind at all getting to touch her body. She could feel that, despite being fresh from the shower, Molly’s pussy was warm and already slippery. She was obviously excited by this attention. She traced her fingers along her labia and Molly responded by spreading her legs as far as the restrictions of her pants and jeans would allow. Gabby was encouraged and slid her middle finger into Molly’s pussy. It felt hot and slick.

Molly moaned in pleasure into Mary’s mouth. Causing Mary to break off the kiss to look. Seeing what Gabby was doing she grinned and moved to kiss Gabby before saying, “This is fucking wild. Make her squirm.”

Mary went back to Molly and gave her teasing kisses while taunting her, “You love it. She is amazing. Can you feel her fingers inside you?” canlı casino between kisses Molly just nodded.

Molly was thrilled. She loved Mary’s kisses and the feel of Gabby fingers. This was the first time anyone had touched her like this. Soon Gabby leaned-in to share in the kisses and she and Mary tag-teamed Molly, taking turns to kiss her.

Just as in Cork it was Mary who now escalated things. “Let’s get her naked,” she announced. Immediately she pulled Molly’s pants and shorts off her legs and tugged her t-shirt up over her head. As Molly’s hair cascaded out from under the t-shirt as it passed over her head, the blindfold was gone now too, swept away with the t-shirt. Mary was already reaching back for Molly’s bra. In seconds it was loose, and Mary tugged it off Molly’s body.

For a second Molly was a little embarrassed. The blindfold had offered a kind of barrier, saving her from blushing, but now she was naked in front of the two girls and felt exposed. Mary was back kissing her and encouraging Gabby to resume playing with Molly’s pussy. Mary was running her hands over Molly’s boobs before dipping her head to kiss and suckle the one nearest her. Gabby wasted no time moving in to kiss Molly again.

Looking up Mary giggled, “Brilliant!”

For the next few minutes, they swapped between kisses and licking Molly’s nipples. Somewhat awkwardly Mary leaned across to unbutton Gabby’s jeans and tried to get her hand into her pants. But the angle made it too difficult. “Take them off,” she urged Gabby.

Gabby sat up and began to wriggle out of her jeans. Both Molly and Mary watched as she deliberately made a little show of it, finally rolling onto her back and kicking the jeans off her feet.

“Knickers too, get it all off,” Mary demanded.

“You too,” Molly was gaining confidence as she ordered Mary to strip.

In moments all three girls were naked on the bed. They crowded together, embracing one another and relishing the soft warm contact of skin on skin. They kissed and ran their hands over one another’s bodies. Molly was particularly excited as she explored their bodies with her hands. She had not had time during their session in Cork to really appreciate the intimacy with these two gorgeous girls. Now she wanted to savour the experience.

Molly manoeuvred herself to kneel between the other two girls who lay on their backs, “Let me see, please,” Molly urged them to allow her to explore their bodies.

Molly relished looking at the two gorgeous naked bodies on her bed. Despite still feeling shy she wanted to make the best of this situation. She ran her hands over each girl in turn. Her left hand traced down from Mary’s neck to swirl around her pert little boobs. She tickled the soft mounds with her fingertips and was delighted to see the nipples harden and goose bumps form on her skin.

“Hmm she has a lovely touch,” Mary sighed.

Molly now did the same with her right hand to Gabby. She enjoyed touching her larger breasts and cupped each in her hand before gently pinching the nipples. They too stood up thick and hard Molly was pleased. She liked Gabby best and wanted to please her even more than Mary.

Molly continued to stroke her fingers up and down the soft bodies of her naked friends. This was amazing. She watched them turn to face each other and kiss. Molly was simply mesmerised. This was the most exciting thing she had ever done.

Mary looked up at her and grinned, “Touch our fannies too.” With that instruction she opened her legs showing her dark bush and a glimpse of her pink, slick pussy lips.

A moment later Gabby opened her legs too and gently encouraged Molly, “It’s OK, you have a nice touch.”

Molly felt her heart pound in her chest as she touched both their pussies. They felt slick and her fingers slipped easily long the labia. She gave each one repeated long, slow strokes.

Mary jerked her hips towards her finger and invited Molly to probe deeper, “Go inside me.” Molly grinned at Mary and obeyed. She slipped her index finger into Mary’s pussy and Mary giggled then added, “Gabby too.”

Molly had to shuffle up towards their hips to reach, but then she could insert a finger into each girl. She gently swirled the fingers around and moved them in and out slightly. She had no real idea what she was doing but decided to touch them as she touched herself. Her now lubricated fingers slipped out and up onto the clit of each girl. They both gave moans of encouragement and Molly made tiny circles with her fingers on each clit. Mary and Gabby were kissing again and Molly watched, enthralled as she did her best to pleasure them.

After a moment, Gabby looked up at Molly and reached out her hand, “C’mere,” she whispered softly.

Taking Gabby’s hand, Molly was pulled over to lie between them. At first she faced Mary who gently kissed her. Then she rolled over to kiss Gabby. Mary and Gabby had taken over playing with their pussies, and they gently swirled their fingers on their kaçak casino clits as they took turns again to kiss Molly.

Instinctively Molly placed her own hand between her legs and started to touch herself. For the next several minutes there was no talk. Each girl lay back eyes closed playing with her pussy. Molly loved feeling the naked bodies either side of her as they jiggled and softly brushed her skin. Her legs each crossed one of the other girl’s has she opened herself. She felt serenely relaxed and gave herself to the moment.

Each girl was soon lost in her own pleasure. Conscious of the private intimacy of the other two, but uninhibited and intent on her own release. The sounds of urgent breathing mixed with the soft rustles and liquid noises of their fingers playing on their increasingly aroused pussies.

Gabby was the first to groan and shudder as a small but satisfying orgasm washed over her. For a moment she lay back breathing heavily, her heart settling back to a normal rhythm. She half rolled to face Molly and watched the side of her face as she teased herself closer and closer to orgasm. Molly’s face wrinkled in a cute grimace as she strove to get to the edge of her climax. Gabby reached across to cup her heaving breast and leaned in the kiss her cheek.

“Cum for us,” she whispered to Molly as her lips played on the girl’s pinkly flushed cheek.

On the other side of Molly Mary was lying back, knees raised, breathing hard as she drove herself to finish. Gabby propped herself on her elbow so that she could see Mary, and also hovered just above Molly’s face. She could see the familiar signs of Mary’s impending climax. But she was just out of comfortable reach. So she focused her attention on Molly and kissed her while stroking her boob.

Molly opened her eyes and smiled at Gabby. She adored this radiant girl and now relished her kisses as she played with herself. Gabby continued to kiss her and consumed Molly’s whimpering lips and tongue. Drawing them between her own full ruby lips.

Suddenly Molly gasped into her mouth and jerked her hips repeatedly as she gave in to her own orgasm. Intense waves washed over her as she curled into Gabby’s soft and welcoming embrace. Her mouth found Gabby’s and she kissed her urgently. Exhaling her groans and gasps of pleasure directly into the open lips.

Gabby kissed her back, relishing the uninhibited gasps and the body writhing to her climax in her arms. Soon Molly settled back and their kiss broke off. Gabby looked up to see Mary sat up hugging her legs and grinning at them over the tops of her knees.

“Jesus, you fuckin’ lesbos were really going for it.” Gabby couldn’t tell if she was annoyed or not. But she seemed to be cheerful as they slowly got up and dressed to return to the party.

Before they left her room, Molly kissed each girl briefly on the lips and said, “Thank you. That was amazing.”

“You are SO a fucking a lesbo now?” Mary emphasised the ‘so’ with what Gabby thought was a slightly unkind tone.

Molly looked shyly from one to the other, then settling her eyes on Gabby’s said, “Yes, I suppose so.”

“Fuck,” was Mary’s final word on the subject.

Party night

When they went back to the party area they stopped by Finn’s tent. A large square, house sized enclosure with beds and sleeping bags for about 20 people, Finn’s closest friends. They were drinking and rowdily anticipating the evening. The girls were intrigued by the fact that the guests in this tent were a mixture of men and women.

“Do you think they will be shagging in front of each other,” Mary asked Molly.

“I don’t know. But that would be weird. It’s not even slightly private.”

“Says the girl who just wanked off for us!” But without waiting for a response Mary then added, “Which is Finn’s girlfriend?”

“I don’t think any. He just doesn’t seem to have a steady girlfriend.”

Mary was fascinated by this as only last week in Cork Molly had said he had a girlfriend. Mary challenged her, “But you said he did.”

“I was only winding you up to get you to talk about Pete,” Molly giggled.

“Shut up, so he’s single?” Mary thought Finn was very handsome and much cooler than any of the others.

“He’s not going to be interested in you,” Gabby was defensive. “Besides, you’re already taken,” Gabby leaned in to kiss her.

Mary kissed her back, partly to impress Molly, but already her mind was racing thinking about Finn.

Over the next couple of hours, the girls enjoyed eating barbeque and drinking. Then they went to the large marquee where the DJ had started and joined the dancing. By mid-evening they were dancing wildly and enjoying the music. Mostly they danced with the large group of theirs and Molly’s friends. But now and then guys would ask them to dance, or usually just dance over to them and try to bump and grind into them. At one stage Pete and Kieran approached them and they danced with them for a while.

Soon Gabby noticed that Mary had walked away from Pete. She thought about following her, but Kieran was being nice and she was enjoying dancing with him. She thought she would just catch-up later with Mary and they would share a joke about why she walked away from Pete.

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