My Sister Jen

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I’m Nats, by the way. Well, Natalie, actually, but everyone just calls me Nats. So here’s my story. Or at least the first part. If you like it, I’ll write up more.

We used to live in Los Angeles, but then our parents got divorced. Mom took off for who knows where, because she’s kind of a bitch and I think she had a boyfriend that she thought was a secret, and she works on porn site ”” as escort, Dad couldn’t afford the rent out there on just his pay, so he packed up my sister (Jen) and me and we all moved to Iowa. We got an older brother too, but he’s off in college on a scholarship, so he’s already on his own. Anyway, Iowa. I know, gag me, right? Like we’re gonna be farmers now? Ugh. Dad had inherited the family farm from his mom several years ago. We hadn’t been there in years. So we get there and the whole place is all grown over with weeds, and it took a lot of work to finally get it cleaned back up. And we’re miles from any town, so unless you like corn, there’s not a thing to do here. But anyway, that’s all boring history. Here’s my story:

My sister Jen had found this old motorcycle in the barn that was my grandfather’s. She asked dad if she could ride it, and he said it was ok if she could fix it up and get insurance and stuff. But he said that he wasn’t going to spend any money on it, so Jen got herself a part time job as a waitress at the truck stop, which she says is really hard work. Dad calls that a teaching moment, but I think he’s mostly just being cheap. Jen is pretty handy, so she gets on the internet and finds some videos on fixing motorcycles. Turns out all it needed was some fresh gas and a new spark thing and a new battery and she gets it running. She’s so proud of the thing, and just loves to ride it around. I think it’s a stupid rust bucket, but Jen is a year older than me, and doesn’t really care what I think.

So I ask her one day, because I’m mad that she’s always gone. “What’s so fun about your stupid motorcycle?” She gets this kind of funny look on her face and laughs. “You really want to know?” I nod, and she says, “OK, Nats, come on. I’ll take you for a ride and show you.”

I hop on the back and we take off. We live on a gravel road, so the first part of the ride is all bumpy and she has to go slow and boring to be bahis firmaları careful. It makes my teeth rattle and I just don’t get why Jen likes this. And there are no helmet laws here in Iowa, so Jen’s stupid blonde hair is all flying around and hitting me in the face, and I’m thinking this is totally lame. But then she got out onto the highway and the road smoothed out and she gets going really fast. OK, so now this is pretty cool. And Jen seems to be a pretty good rider, but she’s still scaring me with how fast we’re going. There’s like hardly any traffic out here, so Jen is laughing, and weaving all over the road because she’s showing off and I’m screaming and having fun too.

Then I start to get this weird feeling in my tummy, you know like when you’re nervous or excited? And the faster she goes, the more jittery I start feeling, and I start to squirm around on the seat, holding onto her really tight. And I notice that my nipples are getting really hard, but I figure that’s just from the wind because it’s kind of cold going that fast. But I just hugged myself real tight against my sister’s back, and maybe some people will think it’s kind of creepy, but it felt kind of nice.

Then she swerves over to the right so that she’s driving just on the shoulder of the road. You know how some highways have those bumps on the edge of the road? Those ones that make noise if you drive on them with your car? I think they’re called bumple stripes, or something like that. I guess they’re supposed to wake you up if start to drive off the road or something if you aren’t paying attention. Anyway, Jen is just driving over all those little bumps, and the tires are making that buzzing sound on the bumps and motorcycle is just shaking like crazy, really fast, up and down, you know?

So I really start squirming around in the seat because that shaking is feeling really, really good, you know, like “down there”? And if I scoot back really far in the seat and lean forward, then oh my god, then it really hits me because all that shaking is coming up right between my spread legs on the seat. I can feel Jen is all sliding around in the seat too, and she starts to speed up some more, which makes the bike shake even harder.

And then Jen reaches down and takes one of my hands that is kaçak iddaa wrapped around her tummy where I’m hanging on to not fall off and she pushes it down. I let her, and she pushes it right down in between her legs! She’s wearing these tight cut-off jean shorts that are all torn and frayed out, and she pushes my fingers in hard between her legs. I can feel that she’s all slippery and wet down there, and at first I’m kind of freaked out. But she holds her hand over mine and starts rubbing up and down. And I can feel her pussy through her shorts and like her pussy lips too and I start getting excited because I’ve never touched another girl like this and can feel my heart beating like crazy.

She puts her hand back on the handle bars because the bike is starting to swerve all over, but I leave my hand down there and I bring my other one down too between her legs and keep rubbing her pussy. I try to dig in further with my fingers, and that makes her squirm, but her shorts are too tight so I can’t really get a finger in there at all. She starts rocking her hips back and forth and I scoot up really close behind her so that we’re grinding our hips back and forth at the same time. And then all of sudden it hits me and I start to cum right there on the back of her motorcycle without even touching myself or anything. But I keep rubbing Jen’s pussy through her shorts and I hear her squeal and start to really buck her hips. I hope she can keep control of the motorcycle, but I don’t really care because I’m cumming so hard and I’m pretty sure she is cumming too. And then her shorts covering her pussy got really, really wet all of a sudden, and I can feel her panting really hard for breath as I hang on to her as tight as I can.

Finally she slows the bike down and stops. And I’m all out of breath from cumming so hard, but I keep my fingers rubbing on her pussy while she squirms around some more on the seat as we’re parked there on the shoulder. But then we get up off the bike and she looks at me, like really close in my face, looking into my eyes and I can see how pretty my older sister is. “Now you see why I like my stupid motorcycle?” she asks me. And I nod and laugh because now I do, and I wonder if she’ll ever let me borrow it.

Then Jen licks her lips and she leans in closer. kaçak bahis It’s just like in the movies and I know she’s going to kiss me. I’m kind of freaked out because she’s my sister and everything, but then I kiss her back, right there on the highway, but there aren’t any other cars coming by to see us. She sticks her tongue into my mouth, and we’re like french kissing, which is totally hot and I really like how it feels when she pushes her tongue in really deep and wiggles it around with mine. Then Jen pushes herself up against me, and grabs her hands real tight around my butt and pulls us close together. I put my hands on her butt too, and squeeze her, and push my fingers into the crack of her butt and I wish that her tight shorts weren’t in the way. I can feel her nipples are really hard and are poking against mine through our shirts. She’s got bigger boobies than I do, and they feel really good, all firm and soft and warm, if you know what I mean?

Then Jen stops kissing me and she asks if I’m ready to do some more riding. And I’m like totally nodding yes. But this time when she gets back on the bike in front of me, she stops and she unsnaps the button on her shorts and pulls the zipper all the way down, so they’re like real easy to get into when I reach around her to hold on. I’m totally nervous but Jen pushes my hand right down inside her shorts and I can feel that she’s not even wearing any panties underneath or anything!

She breathes really heavy when I push a finger into her pussy, and then I push in another one so that both fingers are all the way in. She’s so tight and soft inside and I can feel her squeezing down on my fingers. She’s like completely dripping wet and slippery and I can feel that my panties are soaking too. I hope she won’t get mad at me if I make a stain on her motorcycle seat, but it’s kind of like partially her fault, you know? She scoots back and pushes her butt up against me really tight, and I bring my other hand up and squeeze her titty and start playing with the nipple through her shirt. She brings her hand up and over mine, making me squeeze her tighter, which she seems to like. Then she takes off on the bike and we spent like most of the afternoon riding around on the bumps on the highway edge and cumming some more. I was worried that someone might see us riding around with my fingers in my sister’s pussy out on the highway, but there was only like a couple of truck drivers out there who honked their horns at us, and I don’t know who they were.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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