My Stairs

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I roll over in the bed to avoid the morning light that’s making its way in the window and across my face. I can feel the empty space she occupied next to me not more than an hour before. It’s too bad she had to go to work so early since my roommate wouldn’t be home for another few hours. I can still smell her hair on the pillow, and our sex in the air, reminding me of the evening before. My dick got hard thinking about it again.

I’d gotten in from the airport around 4pm and been greeted by an empty house—the message on the machine said my roommate wouldn’t be home until the following afternoon. I had just enough time to shower, shave, and throw on some clothes before I hear the knock on the door. As I get to the bottom of the steps, I can smell her perfume. I can always tell when it’s her on the other side of the door. For a moment I realize I’ve forgotten what she looks like, it’s been a few months, but the smell is familiar enough.

I open the door and she’s standing there, smiling, in a little khaki skirt and white dress shirt. It takes me a second to notice the two pig-tails and I guess that she’s playing with the “naughty school girl” outfit she’d worn on our second date. I start to ask her in but she cuts me off with a quick and forceful kiss, pulling me down the last few stairs. It takes me a moment to stop talking and start kissing her back, but before long I’m kissing her back just as hungrily.

I can feel her body pressing into me with each second we kiss, and I wrap my arms around her, my hands resting just bellow her backpack. Run my hands from her back to rest on her hips and pull away from the kiss. She leans into me and I teasingly pull back again each time it seems like she’s going to get close enough to kiss me again. I like teasing her like this, making her ask me to kiss her. Finally she stops and flashes me a little smile to stop from looking pouty.

“So my little slut,” I say, “have you been doing your homework?”

“Well,” she responds with a devious grin on her face, “I just might have.”

“Oh really?”

“Actually, I brought it with me. I didn’t think you’d mind, especially since you’re my teacher.” She holds up her backpack for a moment before throwing it onto the stairs behind me. “You’re gonna have to wait for it though.” With that she hops up a step so she’s looking me directly in the eyes, grabs the edge of my shirt, and runs her hand up my chest. She stops for a moment to gingerly touch the recently healed nipple ring—the same one she injured just before I left a few months prior.

My arms go back around her as she starts kissing my neck. I can feel her hands running down my ribs and stopping at my waist to run along the edge of my jeans. Before she can start unbuckling my pants, my hands are running down her shapely ass and up her skirt. It takes me a second to realize the usual strip of thong is absent from between her cheeks.

“Well someone’s not wearing panties, you dirty little slut,” I say smiling. “Let’s see how wet you are for me.”

I roll over again in bed so that I’m on my back. Looking down I see the outline of my cock pressing against the sheets. I’m fully hard now, and even though I’ve already come three times within the last 12 hours, I can barely restrain myself from rubbing my cock through my boxers. I lie my head back and close my eyes again, thinking about how wet she was.

I slowly run my fingers down the crack of her ass until they’re resting between her legs. I can feel the warmth radiating out from her shaven pussy. I slowly press my index finer between her smooth lips, releasing her wetness. I’m surprised at how wet she already is, and the more I wiggle my finger, the more her juices start flowing out until she’s so wet, it’s starting to run down not just my hand but her inner thigh as well.

“God Adam, I love the way you touch me. I really want to feel your cock moving deep inside me. Can’t you see how wet I am? Please, I can’t wait anymore.”

She grabs the front of my belt and yanks me all the way inside before reaching behind me to close and lock the door behind me. As she leads me up the stairs by the belt, she signals me to take my shirt off. Before it’s even over my head I can feel her lips caressing my chest and by the time I’m throwing my shirt on the landing behind her, she’s got her tongue skimming the edge of my boxers.

In record time she’s undone my belt and has my pants unbuttoned. With a quick tug she pulls my pants, boxers and all, to my ankles, causing my hard cock to pop free and sway before her face. Before she gets a chance to take me in her mouth, my hands are back under her skirt. She lets out a little moan as my fingers graze her clit.

With one hand I tease her clit, alternating between light caresses and firm, bordering on rough, grinds. Her body shakes ever time I brush her clit, and shudder each time I rub it hard. With my other hand, I run my index and middle finger up and down the length of her slit until they’re pendik escort well coated with her juices. When they’re lubricated, I gently but firmly begin pushing them between the lips of her pussy until they’re buried all the way to the knuckles. I begin to slowly move my fingers in and out like I’m fucking her. After a moment of this I also begin scissoring my fingers, stretching the walls of her vagina.

“Oohhhh. . . baby that feels so good.”

She’s shaking so much that her hands go from my hips to my shoulders as she tries to maintain her balance. She lifts her right leg up and wraps it around my back, pulling me closer to her as she also stretches open her pussy. My fingers slip even further into her until I can feel the bump of her cervix with my fingertips.

“Ohhhh. . . yeah. . . right there. . . Keep going baby. . . Ohhh. . . ohhh. . . yeah, Adam. . . I’m going to cum. . . Oohhh.”

“That’s right you little slut, cum for me.”

“Ohhh, I’m cumming”

With a final clipped moan her body begins to shake more violently and I can feel her pussy squeeze my fingers. Her body sags into me as she brings her leg down. I slowly slide my fingers out of her after the last spasms have subsided and bring my fingers to my mouth. She tastes good, kind of salty and kind of sweet. It’s an indescribable taste, but one that always makes me smile. I pull my fingers from my mouth with a little pop.

“Mmmm, Baby, you taste good.”

I kick the sheet off of me and pull my boxers down, exposing my hard cock to the morning air. With my left hand I slowly begin massaging my balls and with the right I start to stroke the shaft of my cock. I smile as I think about what happened next.

She steps back and begins to unbutton her shirt, turning away from me right before she gets the last one. Looking back at me, she slowly exposes one shoulder at a time, lowering the shirt down her back and shaking her ass in time with the music that can be faintly heard coming from the living room stereo above. She lets the shirt fall off her back and turns back towards me.

The black lacey bra contrasts nicely with the khaki skirt, making her already delicious honey skin all the more enticing. As she reaches back to undo the bra, I notice her hard nipples poking through the lace. She lets the bra fall, covering her breasts with one arm and reaching down to unzip her skirt with the other. As the skirt hits the floor, she covers her bare pussy with her hand. She’s still swaying her body to the music and slowly teasing me by flashing a nipple here, some pink there.

Finally she snakes her hand up her stomach, exposing her pussy, still glistening with her own juices, and bringing the hand up to her breasts. She begins to play with her breasts, squeezing them together and pinching her nipples to make them even harder.

“So do you think I’m any dirtier than the last time you saw me?”

“I don’t know. You did a good job of working those pussy muscles, the homework helped, but I’m not completely convinced.”

“Well guess what? My tight pussy wasn’t my surprise.”

“Oh really?

“Maybe you’d think I was dirtier if I let you put it anywhere you wanted?”

Slowly she turns around and reaches for her backpack, bending over so I can get a full view of her ass. She digs around in the pack for a moment and comes out with a condom and some silicone lubricant.

“Remember that homework assignment you gave me a while back? You told me to put a finger or two in my ass while I showered? Well, I was being serious about the whole homework thing. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

I can’t help the smile that spreads across my face. For a moment I’m speechless.

“Well, tell me. Tell me. . . you want. . . to fuck. . . your dirty. . . little. . . slut. . . in the ass. . . right her on the stairs.”

I look at her for a moment longer before making up my mind.

“My dirty little slut, I’m going to give you the best damn ass fucking of your entire dirty little life right here on these stairs.” I cut her off as she begins to hand me the lubricant. “But first, I have a little surprise for you too.” Her head cocks to the side for a second. “I want you to take this lubricant and start getting that pretty ass of yours ready., I’ll be back in a second.”

I walk by her as she begins to squirt the lubricant on her fingers and go up the stairs and into my room. I unzip the large duffle and pull out a brown paper bag. This is going even better than I could have hoped. Her little surprise is working perfectly with my own. I walk back down the stairs and on to the landing. She’s on her knees, her left hand planted on the ground to stead herself while the two fingers on her right hand are slowly massaging the lube into her crack of her ass. She looks up at me and then the bag.

“I don’t know if you’re quite dirty enough for me to fuck you in the ass yet, my little slut,” I say reaching into the bag. “Don’t worry though, we can fix that tuzla escort pretty easily.”

With that I pull out a small black rubber object. Her brown eyes widen as she realizes what it is. “I didn’t know you were doing your homework, so I went ahead and bought you this little butt plug. It’s a little bigger than your fingers and I think it’ll help stretch that little ass of yours so that I can get my dick in there.”

“Oh really, is that what you think?”

“Yes,” I say, moving behind her and kneeling down, “that is what I think. Now please spread your ass cheeks for me.”

With a squint of the eyes and shake of the head, all meant to hide the little smile I see crawling across her lips, she reaches back and complies. I take a second to look at the little rosebud of her anus all shiny with lubricant before bringing the butt plug up to her ass. Slowly I push the tip of it up against her sphincter. At first there’s a little resistance, but I can see her take a deep breath and it slides in. I stand up and walk in front of her.

Lying in bed I begin to stroke my cock a little faster. I bring my left hand from massaging my balls to caress my nipples.

“Oohh, it feels kind of weird,” she says.

“Does it make you feel dirtier?”

“Mmmm. . . yeah, it does. You like it when I’m dirty don’t you,” she says, looking from my eyes to my cock.

“Fuck yeah I do.”

Since she’s still on her knees, my cock is right at eye level, and she licks her lips. She reaches out to touch my hard cock, moving her hand up and down the length. She begins to kiss the head of my penis as it gets fully hard, and then slowly kisses her way down to the base. She runs her tongue down my shaft, slowly lapping back and forth and swirling her tongue before tracing her way down the veins running the length of my cock.

It’s hard to imagine, but I think she’s gotten better since I last saw her. For a second I wonder how many other cocks she’s had in her mouth to practice with, but as her tongue flicks across the head of my cock again, I let go of the thought. I smile and look down into her eyes. She smiles in response before parting her lips to suck on my shaven balls, alternating between them while her hand is twisting and pulling on my heated cock.

She moves her lips back to my penis to take it further in her mouth as she continues to slide the skin up and down the length of my shaft. She moves her hands to grab my ass and pulls me deeper, something she sometimes does when we’re fucking. I feel my cock reaching the back of her throat her tongue running around the shaft. I notice her bending her back and stretching her neck forward, and I look past her to see the edge of the plug sticking out of her ass.

She slides me out of her mouth and then grabbing my ass again, pulls my cock deeper into her mouth. I can feel the head of my cock hit the back of her mouth again. She pulls on my ass again, and I’m surprised to feel my cock slide deeper. I look down and realize her lips are almost all the way down the shaft of my cock. I watch as she slides back, and the little slurping noises send a little pulse down my cock. With another pull, she swallows the entire length of my cock.

“God damn, Eve, you’re fucking deep throating my cock!”

She looks into my eyes and winks as she slides me back out and then pulls me to her. Up to now my hands have been steadying myself on the banister, but I reach down and take hold of her head, a palm on each side with thumbs and fingers around the pig tails. Before I know it I’m fucking her face, thrusting my hips into her as I pull her head back and forth. I can feel myself losing control, and that animal instinct reaching down from the back of my head and squeezing my balls.

“Oh god, I can’t take it much more Baby.” I let go of her head and she continue to fuck me with her face for a second before stopping and letting my cock pop free of her mouth. She slides her tongue down the length of me as she slowly pulls back and moves her hands to pump my cock again. She slowly moves up my body, continuing to move her hands up and down, and whispers in my ear, “So, you ready to fuck this dirty slut in ass yet?”

I can feel that tightening in my balls like I’m going to cum, so I lessen the pace of masturbating. I want to prolong the feeling as long as possible, so finally I take my hand from my cock and start massaging my balls again. I stretch my legs out along the bed, trying to let that sexual energy course through my entire body instead of letting it pool in my cock.

“Hmmm. . . I don’t know if you’re dirty enough, but I’m certainly ready enough.”

She continues to stroke my cock as she hands me the condom. I open the condom and before I can pull it on, she’s got my cock in her mouth again. She bobs up and down a few times before letting me tug the condom on. She squirts a little lube on the condom.

“Turn around, put your hands up against the wall and bend over,” I tell her.

She kartal escort complies, and I move behind her, stepping down one step so I’m more evenly aligned with her. I reach up and grab a hold of the plug. I gently pull it out and watch as her anus slowly closes.

“You ready?”

“Mmmm, yeah, I want you in me.”

I grab my cock in my right hand and with my left push her ass cheeks apart. I line up my cock and with a quick thrust push inside her pussy.

“Oooohhhhhh” she moans. ‘That’s not the right hole.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I got confused for a second,” I say, pulling my cock out of her soaking wet pussy. “Let me try again.”

I line my cock up and again thrust quickly into her hot cunt. She lets out another moan.

“Damn,” I say, pulling out, “I just can’t seem to get it right. Third times a charm I hope.”

With that, I push the head of my cock up against her little rosebud and gently but firmly push against her. I can see the head of my cock slowly pushing through now that the plug has loosened her up a little.

“Relax baby.”

She takes a deep breath and almost immediately the head of my cock pops in. She lets out quick gasp.

“You alright Baby?”

“Mmmm, yeah. It kind of hurts a little, your cock is bigger than the plug, but it feels good too. There’s something so sensual about having the head of your cock inside me like this.”

She slowly starts to push back onto my cock, and I watch as her anus stretches to take more and more of me inside. She’s so unbelievably tight, and so much hotter than I’d expected. I close my eyes for a moment; it feels like my cock’s a piece of coal being squeezed into a diamond in the bowels of the earth. I look back down and watch as she swallows the last inch of me. I’m all the way inside of her, and my hips are pushing up against the flesh of her ass.

Thinking about my cock in her ass I don’t even notice that my hand’s returned to stroking the length of my cock, spending a little extra time rubbing the tip each time. I squeeze my cock harder, but I can’t get it to feel as good as in your ass.

She begins slowly rocking back and forth, letting my cock move in and out of her. I can hear her beginning to moan softly, and I know I’m breathing more heavily. As she starts to rock faster, I tighten my grip on her hips and begin to pull her to me.

“Ohh, yeah, Eve, you’re so fucking tight. It feels really good.”

As I thrust my hips forward, I can feel my balls slap against her wet pussy.

“Mmmm. . . , yeah, touch my clit. Ohh,. . Adam, please touch my clit. Oh God, that feels so good.”

I reach around with one hand and start to rub back and forth across her clit. I can feel her legs start to shake, and I use the arm of that same hand to give her some more support.

“Oh. . . Yeah. . . Oh. . . Baby, you feel so good. . . I’m going to cum again.”

“Yeah, I want you to cum with my cock in your ass Eve. I know you like how my cock feels buried deep in your ass.”

“Ohh. . . yeah,” she squeals, “I love it.”

I feel her body tremble hard against me and bring my hands back to her waist to support. I start thrusting harder into her, my balls slapping wetly against her pussy.

“Oh god, your balls are hitting my clit. Fuck, I’m cumming!”

I keep thrusting into her, and with each satisfying smack of my hips against her ass cheeks, I find myself closer to cumming.

My hand is flying across my cock now, and I can feel the build up of cum bubbling in my balls. I’m too far-gone to stop now, so I jerk faster and harder. I try to hold my orgasm in and I can feel it building even more.

“Oh yeah Eve, I’m going to cum soon.”

“Yeah, cum in my ass baby. Fuck my ass, I’m such a dirty slut.”

I can feel myself approaching the edge. I look down and watch my rock hard cock sliding in and out of her anus.

The tingling starts in my toes and works up through body until it’s at the base of my cock.

I start fucking her harder and faster. I can feel my brain fracturing into different pieces and the primitive part of me taking control. Chunks of sanity strobe through me with each wet slap of our bodies. I hope I’m not hurting her, I know I’m fucking her hard.

Like it’s in slow motion, I can feel the cum as it travels each millimeter up my cock, my hand still furiously tugging up and down.

In a flash, I pull my cock out, and the condom off. Right as the first wave of orgasm reaches my cock, I shove the head of my cock back into her tight ass.

With a load moan the first rope of cum flies from the tip of my cock and lands on my stomach.

I can feel the head of my cock twitch as I pump the shaft of my cock, unloading my hot cum into the depths of her ass. Each spasm brings forth a small grunt and a fresh stream of cum.

I grab the edge of my bed with my left hand as my right continues to direct the torrent of cum onto my stomach.

After what seems like minutes, I pull my cock from her ass and milk the last drops of cum from my cock. I look at her ass and watch as her stretched anus slowly closes, and a rivulet of cum begins to slide down the crack of her ass and onto her inner thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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