Neil Ch. 01

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Neil awoke early, still in bed thinking about all that had gone on for the past year. And then part of that time he had no memory of as he was unconscious. He had decided some time ago that he was glad he was, or he would have been in a lot of pain. He was a military man in the sand box and had no memory of the explosion under his hummer that killed the other 2 men and 1 female that were with him. He smiled to himself not at all unhappy with what had happened to him though. His right leg and pelvis, (a hemipelvectomy), right kidney and a lot of other stuff in that area were gone. His left leg, the hip socket and spleen were also gone. He had other injuries to his torso that were now healed. He was now out of the hospital and into his new apartment for one month today. He had finally been fitted a couple of days ago, with his new “bucket” that fit over the bottom part of what was left of his body to be able to sit comfortably in his wheelchair. He only had a little bone left to sit on.

Neil finally decided to get up and get the day started. He really had not been out of the house since he got his bucket and decided to venture out and maybe even have dinner out tonight. He got into his wheelchair and into the bathroom to get his shower and then get dressed. It took him a little over an hour to do so as he was still learning how to take care of himself. He had a care giver provided by the VA, but it was time for him to do things by himself. Sitting on the john, for instance, was quite a problem, even with the special seat that had been made. He managed to get into the bucket and then in his wheelchair. It was beginning to get a little easier.

Neil got some things done around the apartment, went to the store and then decided to go out to eat for dinner. He knew of a family restaurant near the VA that usually had people in wheelchairs so he would not seem out of place. He managed to go to the bathroom and then changed into a multi colored t-shirt. It was all he had on as it was long enough to cover his bucket. He strapped himself in his wheelchair by fastening a belt over his right shoulder, down across his chest to the left side back support connector. This way he had both hands free and not have to hold himself up. He called an Uber friend that the VA used because he drove a wheelchair accessible van. He was close and knew just the place Neil was talking about. He helped him in the door when they got there and Neil was shown to a table quickly.

The lady that seated him gave him a menu and they chatted for a couple of minutes. Neil looked at the menu and happened to look up as two women came in. They were both small, about 5’4″, and one was using one underarm crutch on her left side, as her right leg and arm were totally gone. She had short shorts and a t-shirt on and there was no stump protruding from the leg of the shorts. It looked like the shoulder joint was gone the way the t-shirt sloped, and the sleeve was folded inside the opening. The other woman appeared to be normal and had her hand on the waist of the amputee woman. Neil was only sitting a short distance away and they had a side view of him and his wheelchair. The amputee met Neil’s eyes and he smiled and made a gesture asking if they wanted to join him. The amputee said something to the other woman and she eagerly nodded her head yes. The amputee walked very smoothly to the table and Neil now noticed she even had a hi-heel on.

Neil moved his chair back from the table and they could now see he had no legs at all. He introduced himself and apologized for not standing. The one girl put her hand on the chair and pulled the chair out from the table and sat down. The amputee moved to the other side of Neil and sat also. This put her amputations right next to him. Neil noticed the strength she had in her leg as she slowly let herself down on to the chair and did not just plop down. The amputee said her name was Lil and that was Penny. Penny gave a big smile and stuck her hand out. It finally hit Neil she was blind as she held her hand in front of her and was looking straight ahead. He immediately reached over and took it and she now turned towards him. She did not have dark glasses or a red and white staff and her eyes looked mostly normal. A big smile lit up her face.

Lil said you must be new around here, I don’t think I have seen you before. Neil said he was, had just been out of the hospital a month. She said congratulations and glad you are doing OK now. Penny spoke up and asked where he was when he got hurt. He told her and she said oh wow, that was the same area where Lil was. Lil nodded her head in agreement. She asked how long ago and he said almost a year ago and Lil said hers was over 3 years ago. He now noticed that both girls had nipples poking their t-shirts out. He thought they might both be 38 b’s and seemed to be braless.

He asked Penny if she was in the military also and she said no, they would not take her because she could not see and she and Lil laughed. I work at the VA and that’s where we met a couple of years ago. Lil said they now lived together and Penny helped her bursa escort do some things she needed help with.

Neil started to ask Penny about her blindness but noticed that quite a few people had come into the restaurant and several were sitting close to them. He leaned forward a bit and suggested to Lil and Penny that since there were people close by they come to his place after dinner and they could talk in private about their various injuries. He added they could ask him any questions they liked, nothing was too personal. Penny thought that sounded great and added he could ask them anything also. They had a great dinner and had plenty of other things to talk about. He had even cut Penny’s food up for her.

After they got to his apartment and he had shown them around, the girls sat on the couch and he sat in front of them. Lil asked if he was OK sitting for as long as he had and Neil said he was OK for a little while longer. Neil asked Penny how she became blind. Penny said she was in the eye doctor’s office and she could see fine when she went in and was blind when she came out. She laughed a little then said he stuck a needle in her eye, removed a little fluid from it then injected some medicine into the retina then some other medicine into the vitreous fluid and that eye went totally blind about 5 minutes later. He repeated the same procedure on the other eye and she left the office about 2 hours later completely blind. She could not distinguish any light from darkness at all. The second injection made the vitreous fluid completely opaque and the eye ball very firm.

Neil was shocked at what she said and Penny finally grinned saying she had wanted to be that way for a long time. Dr. Jack ran an eye clinic on the west coast and was a bi-lateral hip disarticulation by choice. Most of the people that worked for him were amputees. She had been told his wife was a bi-lateral shoulder amputee also. Lil spoke up and said it was true; she did have her retinas destroyed while she was awake. Neil said if it was what she wanted he was all for it. He asked if they were both devotees and they answered yes. Of what he asked; Penny said amputees in wheelchairs. Lil asked if he was one also and Neil said for sure. I like amputees also but I think blindness will be added to the list and they all laughed.

Penny asked what his injuries were since she really did not know. Neil told her he had been in an explosion and it blew off both of his legs; the right was gone along with the hip and pelvis and some internal organs. The left leg was totally gone along with his hip socket and spleen. His diaphragm had also been punctured. He explained the bucket he sat in and she asked if she could see it through her hands sometime. Absolutely Neil said, you can look at any of me, would not want you to miss out seeing anything.

Neil looked at Lil and said your turn. She said she had been shot with a large caliber machine gun she thought. It had blown her right arm and part of her shoulder totally off and her right leg and part of her pelvis was so badly injured they had to remove it also; it was totally gone apparently like yours. She did have a prosthetic hook arm, but did not like to wear it much and no prosthetic leg as not enough pelvis was left. Looking Neil straight in the eye she said she loved being this way and would not have minded being more injured, like you; maybe both arms or legs Neil, looking at her amputated arm and leg, said I feel the same way. He noticed that both the girls now had very distended nipples showing through their t-shirts.

Lil said she was 5’3″ and weighed only 112 lbs. Penny was 5’1″ and weighed 120. They both had b cups around 36″ though. She said she did not mind anyone seeing that she was an amputee and liked only using one crutch when she could. Most of the time she wore clothing that tended to show off her missing limbs. She did use a wheelchair when she had to do a lot of walking or when shopping. Penny could follow along behind her much easier also. Neither of them liked bras and wore them only when they had too, like at work. After a pause she told him they were lovers and had been for all the time they had known each other. Neil said he had no problem with that.

He then said he needed to get out of the bucket and go to the bathroom. He said Penny, would you like to help me and look at the same time? You don’t mind she asked, and Neil said no, not at all. I am proud of what I am just like Lil is I bet. Lil grinned and said I know she likes how I look and I like to show it off. It is also why she still has her eye balls even though they are sightless. Let’s go into the bedroom Neil said. He watched Lil stand on her one leg with no effort and Penny stood and waited for her to get close and then put her hand on her back. Lil led she and Neil to the bedroom and he rolled up to the bed. Lil described to Penny what has happening as he removed his t-shirt, nothing on under it, and moved over to the bed. He then described how he looked to Penny and told her about the belts that kept the front and rear half of the bucket together. bursa escort bayan He had her put her hand out and took it and placed it on the buckle.

Penny moved her other hand over and she felt around the bucket for several minutes. It was made out of a heat formed type of plastic that was very smooth. She felt from the bottom, literally, to the top which was right at the bottom of his rib cage. When she was done she unfastened the belt and was able to figure out how to open the front of the case. She helped him turn to his side and get out of it. He had a stump sock that covered everything on the lower part of his body and she felt around it for a bit. Neil finally asked her to pull it down off him and Penny was able to do that. Lil was watching closely what was going on. Penny’s hand came in contact with his missing hip area but he asked her to wait a few minutes while he went to the bathroom.

Using his hands, he pushed himself upright and back over to his wheelchair. Lil explained to Penny what he was doing and then Neil went into the bathroom and peed. He used a wash cloth to wash himself off then returned to the bedroom. He was still naked and when he got back, both of the girls were naked also. He pulled up in front of Lil and she looked his torso over and saw all the damage from the explosion. She then turned sideways on the side of the bed and Neil looked at all of her damage. The side of her breast and chest wall was quite scared. Looking down he could see some skin grafts that had been used over the area where her hip had been blown away. All of her buttock was gone on the backside. He saw that her pubic area was shaved. Lil helped him over on to the bed to join Penny.

Neil got on his back with his bottom facing the girls. Lil got a shocked look on her face as she looked his bottom over but Neil put a finger to his lips asking her to not say anything. She nodded her understanding. Neil said to Penny that he was on his back and she could look at him with her hands if she wanted. Her hands could go anywhere he added. Lil helped her move closer and directed her hands to his missing hip area since that was the closest to her. Penny soon found how extensive the damage was and then said I hope I don’t offend you, but feeling this is the most erotic thing ever for me. Neil said no, he was glad she was not grossed out and she could explore the area any time she wanted.

Penny moved her hands around both hip areas and then inward and ran into his penis. She started at the tip and felt the foreskin that covered the large head. She pulled the foreskin back and uncovered the head exploring firsthand how large it was. She soon had a smile on her face and let the skin go. She moved her hand down the shaft. He had firmed up a bit but was not hard. When she reached the base she used both hands to feel around and her smile turned to a frown. She finally said I feel a lot of scaring but I don’t feel your balls. Neil said that’s right, they were blown off along with everything else. My scrotum is gone also. My God Penny said, can you still get hard and fuck? Neil said he did not know, a nurse had gotten him almost hard one night, but she did not get him off because she was called out of his room. The doctor gave him a prescription for Cialis and said for him to also try a cock ring.

Lil added her one hand and they both explored his cock and the area around it. Penny asked if she could try and get him hard and Neil said go for it. Lil added she would help and moved up to let him get a close look at her breasts and missing shoulder. He saw a lot of scars along the side of her breast and chest wall. He was able to turn his head and latch on to her nipple. She was able to direct one of his hands to the area of her missing hip and encouraged him to explore it. Soon he found that both the inner and outer lips of her vagina were missing on the same side as her hip was. He looked up into her face and she slowly nodded her head and then said go ahead and stick them in me. She was wet and his fingers slid into her cunt with no problem.

Lil whispered into his ear that Penny was a virgin and wanted someone very crippled like he was to fuck her for her first time. He nodded his head in understanding. He rubbed his fingers over the area of her missing lips and asked if she could feel it. She said yes but not fully. The area of her missing hip started right in the area of her vagina. Lil whispered again that she would like for him to fuck her after Penny did. Neil said he would like to eat her also. I am sterile you know and she said yes, so am I.

About that time Penny traded her hands for her mouth to work on Neil and he felt himself start to get hard. He was surprised when she took him down her throat and did not gag. Her throat muscles milked him and he warned her he was about to cum. She pulled her mouth off of him and asked if he would fuck her, she wanted him badly to be her first fuck. He said he would be honored to do so. Penny’s hand was very gently masturbating him so he would stay hard. His foreskin was still covering his head. He said there was escort bursa a towel on his wheelchair and would Lil fold it and slide it under his bottom. She was able to reach it and then Lil helped Penny get over his now long, thick cock and Penny used her hand to direct his cock towards her cunt. Lil moved in behind her as there was no place for her to sit on Neil. Lil helped steady Penny and she lowered herself down on to Neil’s now very hard cock.

Penny got the head started and then Neil and Penny both felt the obstruction of her hymen. Penny worked up her courage and then said she was going for it. By now Neil had reached up and had both of his hands on her breasts. Penny had her hands on her thighs and said NOW and let herself drop down fully on his cock. At the same time she dropped, Neil pinched her nipples hard to help distract her from the pain in her cunt. Penny let out a scream of pain and Lil held her in place with her one arm and hand. Penny’s head was back and she let out a moan. Lil said you did it, you are no longer a virgin, and you have a huge cock in you. Penny laughed and said yeah I sure feel it. A bit later she slowly lifted herself up a ways feeling just a bit of pain. When she felt like his cock was going to slip out she started back down on it feeling another bit of pain. She slowly moved up and down and the pain started to go away.

Neil was watching Penny and the reactions on her face as to what was going on with her as she fucked him. He saw his cock was coated red with blood. He watched a grin appear on her face and he started getting a feeling in his cock like he was going to cum. He told Penny what she was doing to him and she asked him to rub her clit so she could catch up. He put his thumb on it and rubbed it quite hard. Her hands immediately went to her breasts rubbing and pinching them. Within a few seconds she pushed her cunt down hard all the way on his cock and started her cum bringing Neil with her. He was having good orgasms but did not feel like much cum fluid was being ejaculated, probably a result of his castration. He enjoyed what happened very much though, and was overjoyed at being able to get hard and function.

As Penny came around Lil helped her off and on to her side. Neil had blood on him from rupturing her hymen and there was still a little coming from her vagina Lil saw. She was able to pull some of the towel over to put against her vagina. Neil moved a little and took Penny in his arms and asked if she was all right. She smiled and said she was great, never had it so good. They all laughed and Lil asked if they would all fit in his shower. He said they would and moved to his wheelchair. He had Lil join him and Penny followed behind holding on to the hand holds with one hand and the towel between her legs so she would not bleed all over the place.

The girls were not bashful and used the john while Neil dug a hose out from under the sink. He showed it to Lil and asked her if she thought they could use it on Penny to gently flush out the blood and cum from her vagina. She thought it would work great and handed it to her to see what she thought. Penny liked the idea also. They all got in the shower and Penny and Lil washed Neil then Neil and Lil washed Penny. Penny stood before Lil and put one foot up on the bench. She let Lil gently insert the tubing into her vagina while Neil held the other end against the shower head. They got just enough water flow to do the job.

The water cleared and Lil removed the hose from Penny. Lil looked at Neil and said bet you would have nothing to do with us if we were having our periods. He looked back at her and said they would lose the bet; he would fuck them in a heartbeat. Penny spoke up and said she was going to hold him to it for sure. He said sounds like you two want to come back so make a list of feminine supplies you want to keep here and I will get them. Penny piped up and said now that I would like to see!

Neil and Penny started washing Lil and their hands met at her pussy. They both kept working the area over while Penny and Neil “looked” into each other’s eyes. Neil thought they were very sexy knowing that they saw absolutely nothing and were only slightly discolored on the white side from the white med that had been injected into them. For some reason at that same time Penny thought/felt Neil was looking right into her face. Both Neil and Penny had their fingers in Lil’s pussy and Lil started masturbating Neil. Penny found Lil’s G spot first and Neil moved his fingers to her clit. Lil quickly started a cum and grabbed Neil’s cock tightly while she came. He managed to not cum remembering Lil wanted to fuck him.

They finally dried off and Neil had Lil get back on his chair with him. They headed back to the bedroom and Lil watched Neil transfer very closely after she got off his chair. Neil asked her to sit on his face and Penny said she would help her. Lil got into position and lowered her pussy to his mouth. Neil could feel the difference in the side with no vaginal lips and the other as he licked. With no leg in the way, he got his tongue inserted a fair distance into her cunt and Lil was enjoying it very much. She seemed able to stay in place and Penny moved down to Neil’s cock and reinserted it into her throat far enough to lick the area where his balls had been.

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