Neuro Submission Transmitter Ch. 06

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“Hey, have you got a minute?” my sister asks, leaning against the doorframe of Tracy’s apartment.

God knows what the mailman is thinking when his head turns in the direction of the sound. Susan is wearing one of Tracy’s sexy kimonos. The lavender satin material hangs open across her breasts, displaying her ample cleavage and barely hiding her nipples. Tied with a pink ribbon around her waist it overlaps at her stomach and stops just below her bald pussy.

His mouth hangs open as his eyes travel the length of her body until they finally rest on her face where she’s wearing the sexiest come hither smile he’s ever seen.

“Can I as you a question?” Susan flirts.

“Uh… yeah… sure,” he stutters, stumbling as he turns around to walk back towards her. “Anything,” he adds, steadying his stride, as his eyes never leave the exposed portion of her breasts. He appears to be in his mid-twenties and his blue uniform tailor fits his slim physique.

“I was just wondering…” Susan says slowly as her hand absently caresses the inner curve of her right breast. The mailman is a foot from her, licking his lips and trying to calm his rapid heartbeat. “If a letter was mailed yesterday from that drop box, when would it arrive at its destination?”

“What?” His eyes jerk to her face as the work related question disrupts his inner fantasy. “That would depend on where it’s going,” he says authoritatively. He shuffles from one foot to the other as his eyes bounce from her tits to her face. The bulge in his pants isn’t lost on Susan.

“Here,” Susan answers, stepping closer to him. “It’s coming here,” she says, emphasizing the word ‘coming’ in a throaty whisper that makes it sound like the most erotic word in the world. As she steps through the door, her kimono gapes slightly exposing her left nipple. It’s obvious by the gleam in her eye Susan’s having fun with this. I doubt she’s actually aroused so she must have consciously made her nipple hard before she let her kimono slip open.

“Coming? Here?” He can’t seem to form whole sentences. His eyes are glued to her erect nipple as it juts out from her luscious breast and pushes the satin material nearly a half-inch away. I can’t imagine what his reaction would be if he saw her smooth pussy mound.

“Yes, coming,” Susan says, moving her hand from her breast and resting it on his shoulder. “You know what coming means, don’t you?” she asks as her hand slides down his body and rests firmly against the bulge in his uniform pants.

“Yeh… yeh… yes,” he pants as Susan strokes and squeezes his hard cock. She unties her kimono and lets it fall open while she glides her other hand over her hairless pussy mound.

“Good, because I need to know when I can expect a letter that was mailed from that mailbox yesterday,” Susan smiles, her naked body captivating him as she rapidly jerks him off through his pants.

“Tomorrow… or… Wednesday,” he blurts out while bucking his hips against my sister’s machinations of his hidden hard-on. He must be in shock to just be standing there and not reaching for Susan’s perfect tits or porcelain smooth pussy.

“Oh God!” he cries as he literally creams in his pants. Susan keeps stroking and squeezing until his hips stop jerking and then pulls her hand away.

“Will you be bringing it?” Susan asks as she swipes a finger between her pussy lips and brings it up to his mouth.

“Uh huh,” henods his head as he sucks pussy juice from my sister’s finger.

“Good. See you then.” Susan turns and walks back into the apartment.

“What the fuck was that?” I ask, shaking my head and laughing.

“What?” she asks coyly. “The package should be here tomorrow or Wednesday,” she says, sashaying into the living room but not bothering to tie her kimono.

“What do you want to do until then?” I ask, wrapping my arms around her from behind and gently caressing her succulent breasts. She doesn’t answer right away but catches me off guard when she does.

“Can we call Carl?” she whispers.

Carl and Carolyn are a black couple I’ve gotten together with for some pretty outrageous sex parties whenever I’ve been near Uncle Harry’s house. I made the mistake of telling my sister how Nicole and her mom enjoyed Carl’s well-hung black cock and now she’s obsessed with it. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind seeing Carolyn again.

“Sure, I’ll call Carolyn and see if we can get together,” I tell my sister as I pull out my cell phone. Susan raises her eyebrows as she strokes my stiff cock through my shorts.

“Looks like you enjoyed that little show with the mailman,” Susan smiles.

“Not just your show,” I answer, nodding at Tracy who still walking around the house naked, exposing her lightly freckled breasts and her neatly trimmed red pubes as she dusts tables and straightens up some magazines.

“Talk to me,” Carl answers on the second ring, pulling my attention away from my sister and our naked host. Susan steps back and watches me anxiously.

“Carl, it’s Nick. How’s it going?” I ask mecidiyeköy escort into the receiver while I watch Tracy bend over to pick up a subscription card that fell from one of the magazines. Her dimpled ass with its smattering of freckles, looks very inviting and my cock maintains it’s curious arousal.

“Hey Nick, you can only be calling for one reason,” he says. “Nicole must really miss me, huh?” he laughs.

“Well, it’s not Nicole but I have someone even sexier who’d love to meet you.” I answer enthusiastically. Susan almost giggles as she bounces excitedly on the balls of her feet.

“Of course you do, Nick.” Carl laughs. “When shall we come over?”

“Well that’s the thing, Carl. We can’t meet at my place. Is there any chance we can come over there?” I ask. I’ve never been to Carl and Carolyn’s house but with mom and dad at Uncle Harry’s our options are limited.

“Carolyn’s not home right now, buddy, but let me ask her and call you back. Is this a good number to reach you?” he asks.

“Yeah, it’s my cell. Hopefully we can get together later today or sometime tomorrow. You’re going to love Susan,” I assure him.

“No doubt, Nick. You’ve never disappointed me,” he laughs again. “Carolyn should be back shortly. We’ll call you back, Nick.” Carl hangs up and Susan squeezes my stiff cock.

“Well?” she asks as I close my cell phone.

“They’re going to call us back. Carolyn’s not home but Carl sounded pretty excited.” I tell her.

“Thank you, Nick,” Susan flings her arms around me and starts undoing my shorts as she pushes her tongue into my mouth. The good thing about having complete control over your libido is that neither my sister nor I have to worry about saving ourselves for later. I can get and stay hard whenever I want and she can orgasm at will so we can fuck all day and still be ready for Carl and Carolyn.

“Want to include our hostess?” I ask, breaking the kiss while I shed my clothes and Susan drops her kimono on the floor.

“Not unless you want to,” she whispers conspiratorially. After sucking and fucking as a threesome most of last night and with the potential for group sex later, I’m glad this is just going to be my sister and I. We ignore Tracy while we kiss and grope our way to her bedroom.

“Teasing that mailman really made me horny!” Susan exclaims as she pushes me onto the bed and crawls up on top of me. Sprawling across my body with her tits crushed against my chest, she starts rocking her slick pussy along the length of my shaft.

“That was pretty erotic,” I answer, cupping her ass cheeks and trying to sandwich my cockhead between her wet pussy lips.

“You’re okay with me and Carl and all that?” she asks, looking intently into my eyes.

“I’ve never shared you with another guy before,” I answer honestly. “I guess I know how you felt when I went over to Sherrie’s that one time.”

“But you shared Nicole with Carl?” she asks with a puzzled look on her face. Susan pushes herself up into a sitting position and wiggles her slippery pussy along the length of my cock.

“Hey, don’t ask me to explain it. I’m just telling you how I feel,” I answer, as the bell-shaped head of my cock slips between her hot pussy lips. Grabbing her waist, I pull her down while I thrust upward and sink the rest of my cock into her juicy snatch.

“Mmmmm.” Susan moans as I impale her on my rigid shaft and she squeezes her vaginal muscles around me. Just as we start getting a familiar rhythm going Tracy walks in with my cell phone chirping in her hand.

“Your phone is ringing,” she says handing it to me like I was sitting in a chair watching TV.

“Answer it!” Susan says, picking up the pace of her ride. “It might be Carl!”

“Hello,” I blurt as Susan’s rocking rhythm nearly takes my breath.

“Hey Nick, it’s Carolyn,” the sexy voice answers. “Carl says you want to get together over here.”

“Yeah,” I keep my answers monosyllabic as Susan works us both into a sexual sweat.

“The thing is, Nick, I’ve invited Earl and Denise for dinner. You’re welcome to join us with your lady friend but I don’t think they’re ready for anything else,” she laughs. Earl is Carl’s brother and Carolyn has been having an affair with him for some time while Carl was having an affair with Denise. When I discovered this with some transmitter-induced honesty, I suggested they bring it out into the open. Last I heard they were all cool with sharing but not with group sex.

“Still haven’t overcome that inhibition, huh?” I ask all in one quick gush. Susan has me about to shoot my load into her over-heated pussy, I’m just waiting for her to get there first.

“No way. But hey come over anyway. Denise was pretty interested when I told her about your staying power and Earl’s a guy so who knows what will happen.

“What… time?” I barely manage as Susan nearly bounces off my cock and then drives her feverish pussy back down around it.

“Are you alright, Nick?” Carolyn asks.

“Yeah, nişantaşı escort just… getting… warmed… up… for… later!” I pant each word as I fervently buck my hips up in rhythm with my sister’s pounding.

“You are incorrigible!” Carolyn says. “Call me when you’re done and I’ll give you the address.” The phone goes dead and I concentrate on fucking my sister.

“Now that you’re off the phone, let’s finish big!” Susan smiles. Damnit! While I’ve been waiting for her to finish, she’s been purposely holding back.

“You are insane!” I finally release my load and Susan clamps her pussy around my cock. Jerkily spewing a huge fountain of cum inside my sister’s quivering pussy, I pull her down against my chest. We lie there trembling against each other.

I call Carolyn back and she gives me directions. We arrange to be at their house at five. It’s Susan’s idea to bring Tracy with us.

“That way Carl and Earl can each have a white girl,” she says in a mock southern accent. My only response is a big smile because that means I’m left with Carolyn and Denise. Who can argue with that? I give Tracy a transmitter command to be receptive to any sexual advances; white or black, male or female.

Carl and Carolyn live in a typical middle class neighborhood with self-maintained lawns and more SUVs than sedans. Carl answers the door, shakes my hand and turns towards Susan.

“Hello,” he says, openly appraising my sister’s appearance. “I’m Carl.”

“Susan,” my sister says, extending her hand. Carl takes her hand but instead of shaking it, pulls her into a tight embrace, crushing her breasts against his chest. Susan grabs Carl’s arms but instead of pushing him away, she squeezes his upper arm muscles and explores his broad back.

“Uh… Carl,” I interrupt them. “This is Tracy.” Carl hesitates then pulls his eyes away from Susan’s face to look at Tracy.

“Two?” Carl smiles. “You brought two women?” He shifts Susan to his side with one arm wrapped around her and pulls Tracy into their embrace. Kissing her lightly on the cheek, he turns the threesome towards the living room and walks in with one arm around each woman.

“Look what I found,” he smiles. I follow him to a dining area that opens off the living room and see him addressing a young black couple sitting at the table.

Earl is younger than Carl with broader shoulders and when he stands up towers over his brother by a couple of inches. His smile indicates that he knows why we’re here. He walks over and Carl introduces him to Susan and Tracy. Forgotten in the background, his wife sits anxiously by herself. I step over to the table and introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Nick,” I say extending my hand to the beautiful woman sitting at the table.

“Hi Nick, I’ve heard a lot about you from Carolyn,” she blushes. “I’m Denise.” I’m the one who should be blushing as I grasp her soft hand. She is absolutely stunning. Her light brown skin is the color of coffee with just a touch of cream and her long, black hair, hanging in loose curls around her shoulders, has subtle highlights that nearly match her skin color.

“Uh… hi,” I stammer as I stare at her deep brown eyes. Her face has the look of a supermodel with her exquisite make up, accented by her slightly arched eyebrows and lush red lips. I’m still holding her hand when Carolyn enters from the kitchen carrying casserole.

“Nick!” she hurriedly places the casserole on the table and turns to give me a hug. My eyes are still on Denise when Carolyn pulls me against her lush breasts and plants a big wet kiss on my lips. Her tongue slips between my lips and I close my eyes as I cup her firm, round ass cheeks.

“I’ve missed you,” she says, breaking the kiss. From the corner of my eye I see Denise watching us curiously.

“I’ve missed you, too.” I answer honestly. Damn! No wonder Carl was fucking his sister-in-law. I can’t wait to see Denise naked.

“Dinner’s ready, everyone,” Carolyn calls into the living room. Carl still has his arms around Susan and Tracy while they are all laughing at something Earl is saying. Susan sits between Carl and Earl on one side of the table, Denise takes the end and I’m sandwiched between Carolyn and Tracy on the other side. Everyone readily digs into the food, engaging in non-intimate small talk between bites.

“How did you guys meet?” Denise asks as she swallows a bite of bread.

“We met at the mall,” Carolyn answers without letting on that we fucked in the parking lot as soon as we met. Carolyn thinks she just impulsively came onto me but in reality she was under the influence of the transmitter.

“Carolyn works in the department store,” I add, making it sound like that’s where we met.

“Denise wants to be a model,” Carolyn tells us, intentionally changing the subject.

“Really?” Tracy asks. “Do you have a portfolio?”

“Sure. Why?” Denise answers.

“Tracy works for Harrison & Associates,” I answer. “They specialize…” Denise cuts me off otele gelen escort mid-sentence.

“I know who they are,” she says excitedly. “Ohmygod! You really work there?” she asks Tracy.

“Yes,” Tracy smiles. “Nick’s dad is Daryl Harrison.

“Wow! Really?” Denise smiles at me like it’s Christmas morning and I just became her favorite present. Who knew dad’s reputation was so widespread or so helpful? I just stare at her beautiful smiling face.

“Can I see your portfolio?” Tracy asks.

“I have one in the car.” Denise jumps up from the table, dropping her napkin on her plate. It’s the first time I’ve seen her standing up and she’s every bit as desirous as I imagined. Her short denim skirt fits snugly against her round ass cheeks and her grapefruit-sized tits bounce appreciably as she runs out of the room.

“Nick, I didn’t know you were connected to a modeling agency,” Carolyn says.

“That explains a lot,” Carl smiles, looking from Susan to Tracy.

“Tracy is the first woman you’ve seen me with who’s connected with the agency,” I say defensively.

“Are you disappointed I’m not a supermodel, Carl?” Susan teases.

“Not at all!” he exclaims, leaning over and giving her a kiss on the cheek. I watch Susan slip one hand under the table as she smiles at Carl.

Denise rushes in with a large portfolio and sets it in front of Tracy. Thumbing casually through the pictures, Tracy is nodding and smiling as she appraises Denise’s portfolio.

Carl is smiling and squirming in his seat as my sister turns her attention to Earl. Her other hand disappears below the table as she leans over and whispers something in his ear. From the smiles on the brother’s faces I can imagine what my sister is doing with her hands.

“No nudes?” Tracy asks suddenly, snapping my attention back to Denise.

“N-no,” Denise stammers.

“Who took these?” Tracy asks, flipping back through the pictures. “They’re awfully good.”

“Carl took them,” Carolyn says. “He has his own photography business. That’s how he and Denise… um.” I smile at Carl who has his arm around Susan and is rocking in his chair. So he hooked up with his sister-in-law when he was taking pictures for her portfolio? Interesting.

“We don’t usually consider models unless they submit nudes,” Tracy says matter-of-factly. “Do you object to posing nude?”

“Well, I guess not,” Denise glances at her husband as she answers. Earl is barely paying attention and he just smiles back with a kind of lopsided grin. “I didn’t know they were that important.” Denise adds, turning back towards Tracy.

“Well we can do without pictures if we have access to the live model,” Tracy says, her eyes traveling up and down Denise’s body. “You can just show me what you’ve got.” Tracy stands up and leads Denise away from the table.

“You mean now?” Denise asks, looking back at the faces around the table.

“Why not?” Tracy asks. “If you get a modeling job you’ll be flaunting yourself in front of more people than this,” she informs her.

“It’s okay, babe,” Earl says encouragingly, as he nuzzles his face against Susan’s neck.

“Let’s go into the living room,” Tracy says. “You can enter from the kitchen and pretend this pathway here is your runway.” Tracy points to a path from the kitchen to the living room.

“I don’t know,” Denise says, looking at Carolyn imploringly.

“It’s up to you, honey,” Carolyn says. “I’m going to be naked sometime tonight. I don’t mind joining you if it’ll make you feel more comfortable.”

“I will, too!” Susan says, standing up and pulling her blouse out of her skirt.

“Wait! Wait!” Denise shouts, raising her hand. “Let’s not all get naked just yet. I need to think about this.”

“Why doesn’t everyone go into the living room and give Denise a chance to think this through,” I suggest, pulling the transmitter out of my pocket. Standing up, I start ushering everyone out of the room while putting the earbuds in my ears. Susan starts unbuttoning her blouse as she leads Carl and Earl into the living room.

When the others are gone, I dial in Denise’s frequency and press the button. Kneeling next to her chair, I speak softly so she’s the only one who can hear.

“Denise, you will have zero inhibitions about getting naked around any of the people in this house. Tonight only, you will welcome all sexual advances; black or white, male or female and have the most explosive orgasms of your life. When this is over, you will always welcome a foursome with Carl, Earl and Carolyn.” I push the button and join the others in the living room, taking a big overstuffed chair next to the couch.

Susan, having shed her blouse and bra, is sitting on the couch between Carl and Earl. I watch her put her arms around their necks and pull them down towards her hefty tits. As they each suck a nipple into their mouths, Denise enters the living room and does a slow striptease in front of them. Susan leans her head back, mildly shuddering as the two large black men suck on her taut nipples.

Carolyn slides onto my lap just as Denise drops her blouse to the floor. Tracy stands to the side, appraising Denise’s moves as I wrap my arms around Carolyn and start undoing the buttons on her top. Keeping my eyes on Denise’s light pink satin bra, I undress Carolyn like a blind man reading Braille.

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