Sex at the Gym

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Zainab was an ebony BBW with a cute face that looked much younger than she really was (she was in her late 30s) with a wide smile and a soft voice; on top of that she had a really fat ass that gave anyone lucky enough to stand behind her not only a show of her thong but a nice cushion to rest their boners. Although she was always fully covered by loose-fitting abayas, her bootylicious body always stood out no matter how hard she tried. She was a big girl with a sweet personality that put others before herself; landing Zainab into risque situations.

Be it a sneaky teenager with a camera filming her large, wide ass in public; subconsciously driving her to move her hips some more and stop in her tracks to give the sleazebag time to catch up; or on a crowded bus where her abaya gets pulled up and other passengers start showing their appreciation with loving touches, rubs, and sharp spanks. “I made their day.” Zainab always thought after reflecting on past events; she couldn’t help herself; she was made to please. No doubt this concerned her husband who was not only insecure but strict to the point of lunacy. He threatened to lock her in the house and even spanked her with a cane; that snapped in half as her mighty ass was firm and tight.

Although Zainab was a BBW, she was a keen runner and thanks to her time on the treadmill; she had no cellulite and was always in great shape. She would go to the gym late at night when erotik film izle there was nobody to care for; a reflex she could not kill. One night, she came in to do her usual session after the night prayer, she found that she was not alone there as the maintenance guy was still in; he was testing the circuit breaker. “Hello,” Zainab greeted him in her soft, mellow voice, “I haven’t seen you before.” the maintenance guy slammed the circuit breaker shut, turned around and widened his eyes in amazement; he couldn’t believe the size of Zainab and how can a woman be as thick and curvy as her.

“I am the maintenance guy,” he replied, trying to keep his cool, “Management called me in claiming that the circuit breaker is acting up.”

Zainab set her bag down and almost whispering, she cooed, “Ohh, do you need some help?”

Maintenance guy gathered his equipment and picking up his bag, he answered, trying not to expose his sudden boner, “No its ok, I was just getting ready to leave.” The gorgeous woman rubbed his shoulder and before heading for the changing room, she thanked him and almost invitingly, added, “I hope to see you again, very soon.”

In the changing room, Zainab put on a tight black tank top and black yoga pants; now she looked like she was naked; every curve was on display; including those between her ass cheeks; she might as well not wear them. The big girl started her treadmill session, she film izle was a good runner; picking up speed after some time, she suddenly felt the cold air from the A/C unit on her right ass cheek; she switched off the machine and walked up to a mirror; discovering a decent-sized hole in her pants. She took it as a cue to get going since her session was over anyway.

“Excuse me.” she heard a voice behind her, it was the maintenance guy, “Can you come here please, there is something I need help in.” Zainab, forgetting the hole, ran to the voice and as she came closer, she felt a hand on her ass, followed by what felt like a kiss. “I never saw an ass this big, you are not from around here, girl!” the maintenance guy hissed from behind, following up with a hard slap on Zainab’s moneymaker, causing her to cry out. He buried his face into her trench, unleashing his tongue on her hole.

Zainab ran her hand through his hair and pressed his face deeper into her crack, panting in arousal, “I am all yours, take me!” The maintenance guy motorboated the ebony beauty some more and then, after a quick kiss, he picked her up, threw her over his shoulder like a potato sack and carried her back inside to get more privacy with his prize.

Inside the gym, he threw Zainab on the soft mats and at light speed, clenched her neck and started an aggressive make-out session, the BBW reciprocated by throwing her arms and thick legs around seks filmi izle him, digging her nails into his back. She overpowered him and rolled over, placing herself on top, “I will take care of you!” the big girl moaned into his ear, biting it lovingly. Zainab, almost in a zombie-mode, ripped his clothes off and kissed her way down to his dick. She never had one in her mouth, but her maternal instinct to care and love guided the pious woman to the man’s most sensitive part.

Zainab practically swallowed it, shaking her throat and emitting gagging sounds, she pushed it in so deep that her eyes began to tear up; slowly taking it out till the tip was out. Sticking her tongue into the eye of the snake and flicking it, Zainab stroked it gently and just as she noticed the maintenance guy was about to cum, she released it; edging him. “You want this, don’t you?” she purred as she seductively rubbed her ass; maintenance guy took charge again, sitting up, grabbing the black beauty by her treasure, “Sit on it,” he ordered pointing at his dick.

Zainab complied, she sat on his rocket and the maintenance guy, with all his might impaled the black beauty; stabbing her harder with each time; turning Zainab into a professional dirt bike rider; she shook and bounced up and down; slamming on his pelvis with all her weight; shaking her ass and rubbing his chest. “Oh, oh oh yes, yes baby I know you love it!” she moaned. The maintenance guy was coming close, he pulled the big girl closer and releaved himself inside her, both screamed in unison as their energy collided; Zainab felt the warmness take over her organs; she collapsed in a loving embrace with her lover.

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Sasha the Sexy Nurse Pt. 02

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Sasha had a busy night at the nursing home. She knew after her shift was over, she was to report to Dr. Marko’s office. He would be waiting for her to service him. He had caught her a few months back having sex with some of the dementia patients.

Sasha was a sex addict and took medicine to help her urges. She had not had any intercourse with any of the patients since getting caught, except she could not help herself and gave Jeffrey Flynn a blow job because he had taken a Viagra and was hard most of the evening. He begged Sasha to help him so he could go to sleep.

His wife took Mr. Flynn home for the day for a family gathering. She gave him the Viagra before checking with the staff at the nursing home. He was hard most of the night. He and his wife had sex, but the pill was never getting out of his system. His wife wondered if he had taken more than one. When he got back to the nursing home, he was masturbating and begging Sasha, his night nurse to fix his problem.

Sasha is a sexy nurse who suffers with a sex addiction. She was happy to help, even though she knew that they taped activity happening in the all the rooms of the nursing home. She would just have to deal with Dr. Marko later after her shift was over. He had taken advantage of the situation and had blackmailed her to keep her job. They have been having sex for some time now. He loves ordering her around and making her do lewd things for him.

Sasha helped Jeffrey with his problem and offered him a blow job. The old man was like a pig in shit when Sasha, the sexy nurse, with the big tits opened her mouth and sucked his dick. She stuffed her mouth with his cock. She held and massaged his warm balls while swallowing his dick. He loved watching Sasha work his dick to pleasure.

It did not take too long for the old man to drain his cock. Sasha gobbled down his cum and went on her way. After coming, he fell fast asleep. His hard-on eventually went down. Sasha knew he would dream of her the rest of the night.

Sasha knew it would be on tape and Dr. Marko would make her pay for it. Sasha finished up and drank some coffee before stopping into Dr. Marko’s office. She had a snack too and knew she would be busy with pleasuring him.


Sasha knocked on his office door and he greeted her with a smirk.

“Come in Sasha. We will be going to a motel tonight. Let us go! I saw you giving Jeffrey Flynn a blowjob today. Not good for your pending lawsuit.”


“You know what I mean. I could call the police, and have you arrested whenever I feel like it. You will do as I say, or you will go to prison young lady.”

“I know. I understand. Which motel are we going to? I could follow you.”

“No! You will drive with me. We will go together. It’s a motel and you will fit in with the rest of the prostitutes selling their bodies.”

Sasha smiled and followed Dr. Marko to his car. She knew he would use her in every way imaginable. She would do as he said and erotik film izle hopefully, he would grow bored of their arrangement.

“Sasha, you can blow me while we drive. Go on! My cock is hard and wanting your slutty mouth.”


Dr. Marko’s unzipped his trousers, and his cock sprang up. He would drive to the motel while the sexy nurse drained his cum. He loved how good she was with sex. She was like a free prostitute. He used her the nights she worked.

Sasha leaned over and opened her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock. His dick was throbbing while she swallowed it down her throat. His cum was bubbling while she expertly gave him head. He was enjoying her efforts while he drove them to the motel. It was close to the hospital.

“Fuck! Keep sucking slut!”

Sasha continued to blow him. He was getting too excited and pulled over so he could enjoy blowing a load. He moaned out and came down Sasha’s throat.

“That was great. We will do more at the motel. Take your shirt off! I want to squeeze your tits.”

Sasha took off her top and removed her bra. He was driving and was enjoying playing with her breast. He slapped it and pulled on her nipples.

Sasha was a sex addict, and her body was aroused, and her pussy was dripping in her panties. Even though the doctor was not good looking in anyway, her body was responding. He knew she was enjoying it.

Her nipples were stiff like erasers and her panties were soaking wet and seeping through her panties. Her scrub bottoms were wet. The doctor was going to use her in every way.

“Get dressed! Let me get the key.”

The place was an absolute dump. She hoped she would not catch something. She knew it was the type of a place you paid by the hour. Dr. Marko came out with the key and they both walked to the room. It was one of those motels that the hotel doors are all outside.

When they got inside, Dr. Marko grabbed Sasha and held her in a tight embrace. He stuffed his tongue down her throat. He smelled of body odor. His hands were fat, and his body was round. He looked unkept and his hair was greasy.

Surprisingly, he had a decent sized cock. He was a hairy man which made Sasha cringe when he was naked. Sasha was a gorgeous woman, and the doctor would use her in every way imaginable.

“Undress and lay on the bed. I’m hungry and want to eat your pussy.”

Sasha removed her clothes. She was a goddess and most definitely was the best-looking woman Dr. Marko had ever had sex with. She had beautiful breasts and a trim and fit body. She had a round ass and long luscious hair. She had blue eyes and just wore a bit of make-up. She was naturally beautiful.

Her breasts were a double D, and they were round and full. Dr. Marko expressed his joy on what a looker Sasha was. She lay on the bed with her legs opened wide.

Dr. Marko pulled her legs apart and got busy pleasuring her pussy with his tongue. He sucked her pussy lips and fingered her film izle pussy hard with his fat fingers.

Sasha was wet and aroused while he fingered her pussy hard. He sucked on her button which was hard and even though he was ugly, he made Sasha moan in delight. She was ready to cum and she did which made Dr. Marko pleased. Her juices flowed nicely out of her smooth pussy.

“Get on all fours. I want to fuck you!”

Sasha went on to her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Dr. Marko pushed his cock into her pussy. He got into a good rhythm while he fucked her slowly. Sasha’s breasts hung and swung when he fucked her harder.


Dr. Marko slapped at her buttocks while he rammed his cock into her pussy. He pulled out and spread her buttocks wide. He licked around her anus and spat on her butt.

“Going to slide into your butt now. A slut like you deserves to be fucked like a true whore. Get ready nurse Sasha!”

Sasha was more than ready. Unfortunately, she was enjoying their dirty encounter. He was not too bad in the bedroom. Sasha had worse people who were better looking than Dr. Marko.”

He pushed himself into her tight butt. Her butt felt amazing while he pushed up into the dirty nurse. When his cock was inside of her, he began thrusting inside of her butt.

It hurt a little and Sasha whimpered softly. His thrusts became harder and faster. Sasha was not a fan of anal sex. She grunted and wailed out which excited the doctor more. He slapped at her buttocks hard which stung and hurt.

“You are such a dirty slut! Fucking dementia patients! What a whore you are. Using men out of their minds for your own pleasure. Now I will use you like a plaything. You will do as I say to do. If you do not, you will go right to jail. Fucking hell! I’m coming!”

He came in Sasha’s butt. He was so exhausted and grabbed her body while he dumped his load into her butt. He squeezed her breasts hard and lay on top of her like a walrus.

He got up and lay on his back.

“Suck my dick you dirty whore. Taste your ass on my dick!”

Sasha licked at the cum from his dick. She opened her mouth wide and gave him head. She played with his sweaty balls while cleaning and pleasuring him. Sasha sucked his cock all the way down his shaft. She was good at swallowing it whole. She was a true slut and knew how to suck and fuck like a champ. The sounds she made while blowing him blew his mind.

“I bought you a present!”

“What is it?”

“It’s a vibrating anal plug. I want you to wear it on your shifts. I want you horny for our playtime. I do not want to see you doing shit with your patients. You will be a proper nurse for your patients and a dirty slut for your owner. I own you slut. Your pussy is my property. Got that whore!”

“I understand, Dr. Marko. I get it. You own me.”

“Exactly. Now climb on me and let me suck on those huge tits.”

Sasha climbed on top of the doctor. He sat up and squeezed her breasts seks filmi izle together. He sucked on her one breast and squeezed the other one. He was hard again. Dr. Marko was in his early forties. He had no problems getting hard.

“Fuck me! Ride me like an animal!”

Sasha pushed his cock into her pussy and rocked her hips back and forth. Dr. Marko played with her buttocks while she fucked him slowly.

“Kiss me!”

Sasha leaned down and kissed him. Their tongues danced together while she fucked him. Her big tits swung while she rode him like a horse. She moved her body in rhythm with his. He was thrusting into her body and they came together. Their juices mixed in her pussy.

“Suck my dick again! Taste our creamy cocktail!”

Sasha climbed off him and began licking his shaft. She tasted their mixed concoction that dripped off his dick. She swallowed it and began working her mouth up and down his shaft.

She gave his balls pleasure and sucked them and went back to his cock. He moaned and groaned while she blew him. He was enjoying their arrangement. Sasha did as he said and when they were finished, he fell asleep.

She was a wreck and needed a hot shower. The bathroom was skuzzy, but she put a towel on the floor of the shower. She enjoyed the warm water and cleaned herself up. She put her clothes back on and the doctor was up and hard again.

“Where are you going? I am hard again and want that sexy ass of yours!”

“I’m exhausted. I am going home. I worked all night and need to rest.”

“You are not going home. You will take your scrubs off and assume the position. If you are a good girl, I will let you leave after this.”

“I said I’m going home. You have fucked me enough for today. If you want to call the police, I will tell them how you are blackmailing me. If I lose my job, so will you. I am not fucking you anymore. You are fat and you smell bad.”

Sasha took the butt plug and threw it at him. She didn’t need anything from the doctor.

“You can shove that plug right up your fat ass. I wouldn’t fuck you again if my life depended on it. Fuck you Dr. Marko.”

“Ms. Green. You will take your clothes off now!”

“I won’t do that again. I did what you said. Now I am going home. I will have my resignation letter to you by tomorrow. I quit! I will not be having sex with you anymore. You can sue me. Go on and I will sue you for sexual harassment.”

Sasha was pissed and she did not care if he called the authorities. She knew he would not because he was blackmailing her. She left the motel and felt better not to be controlled by some crazy fat doctor. She would draft her letter and send it to him.

Sasha needed help with her sex addiction. She called her psychiatrist and he arranged for her to get into a good rehabilitation center to treat her addiction.

She needed help. She knew what she was doing with her patients was against the law. It was time for her to fix her problems and deal with her addiction. She was ready to be helped.

Dr. Marko did not contact her and just left it at that. They never saw each other again. Sasha went to rehab and stayed there until she was able to deal with her problems.

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Robyn’s New Strap-On

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Big Tits

It’s a weekend, and we finally found an evening together. We’re sitting on my bed naked, and she’s stroking my cock. She bends down and licks it from base to hilt. I feel need flow through my body, starting at her tongue. She teases me, putting just the tip on my head in her mouth. She slowly moves her way down to the hilt, rolling her tongue back and forth over my hot skin. She runs her nails up and down my chest and stomach, tearing deep red lines across me. With my hands wound into her hair, I rock and sway. She pushes me onto my back, and with my cock entirely in her throat and mouth, she teases the entrance to my ass with a finger. Soon, her whole finger is in my ass, curling forward and stroking the back of my prostrate.

She breaks contact and gets off the bed. I’m unable to move, lying on my bed breathing hard. She walks across the room, and I eye her. How lucky I am. Her slightly round young body, strong and shapely, moves across my room. Her black hair and darkish skin are Persian, and she still has her socks on. She bends down a little to dig in her backpack. She arches her back and lets her largish breasts hang. She’s teasing me.

“Close your eyes now, or you won’t get your surprise,” she commands softly. I roll away from her, onto my side and wait.

“Okay. You can look now,” she says, a little excited. I roll back and look at her. Her hands are on her hips, and a huge rubber cock sticks erotik film izle out from black leather panties. “Now I get to fuck you. Get out your lube,” she says, more firmly.

I reach for one of the drawers in my nightstand and rummage. She walks back, and sits kneeling at the foot of the bed. I find the silicone lubricant and hand it to her. She grabs my hand, and pours a huge pool of lube into it. She leads my hand onto her nine-inch cock and I rub the lubricant onto it, making sure the tip is thickly slick.

“Okay, now get onto your knees and elbows,” she commands softly.

“I’m not sure if I can take all of that,” I say glancing at her enormous dong, and then back up at her.

“Oh yes you will,” she tells me, loving her new power.

I kneel and slide a pillow under my elbows. She tests my opening with her finger, and pours a little lube onto it. She runs a finger into me, and curls it around slowly. After a little bit, she squeezes in a second finger. It takes a bit of work, and she slowly moves them around, quietly laughing as my hips shift slowly around her fingers. Then she pulls them out.

I feel the cold wet tip of her cock on me. She holds the cock towards the tip, and pushes her way into me. I suddenly open up, a wonderful new pain jolting me. I don’t know how she knew; I hadn’t been able to talk to her about this before. She worked me slow, running the very film izle end of the dildo in and out of me. Then she pushes in another inch or two in, and I feel the full girth stretch me open. I let out a little breath, and clench my head and shoulders onto the pillow. She leaves it where it is for the moment, and runs her soft palm in big movements around my ass.

She starts her rhythm again, moving in and out. As her strokes continue, she slowly moves more and more of her cock into me. Her long strokes drive helpless passion into me. She controls all my pleasure and all I can do is knell before her. All of her usual sexual talk and noises are gone; she’s intoxicated with power.

I start to breathe hard through my teeth and groan as it becomes harder to take in more of her great rubber dick.

“You’ve been a very good boy. There’s only three inches left,” she says, caring, but in control. I moan a little to the negative, but she starts gyrating in me again.

“Okay, brace yourself, I’m pushing the rest in,” she tells me. Then I feel a huge straining pain and a wave of pleasure. The leather of her strap-on underwear presses hard against my ass. She leans forward onto me, letting her breasts brush my back. I turn my head and twist around, and we kiss. While we’re kissing, she begins rocking her hips, driving her massive weapon in and out of me.

She kneels back up and grabs my hips. She strokes seks filmi izle slowly at first, the strokes getting longer each time. As she starts to move faster, her nails dig into my hips. Soon she’s pounding long rough strokes into my ass. I start to breathe hard, rocking in motion with her, losing myself in pain and ecstasy. My body quivers as I feel thick hot blood run down my thighs.

I run one of my hands to my straining hard cock to rub it.

“Oh, no. I’ll do that,” she commands, and slams her dildo hard, all the way into me. I jerk. She leans forward onto me, and I feel her breasts smush against by back. Her whole body touches mine, and she’s covered with the sweat of hard work. Her delicate hand grabs my pulsing cock, and starts jerking fast on me as she starts rotating her hips, pushing and pulling at her great cock. Instantly, I’m breathing hard, and start moaning in little gasps as she pounds me and pulls me. The whole tempo becomes too much, and I can start to feel the uncontrollable.

“I want to cum so bad,” I manage to say through deep breathes after a while.

“Cum for me,” she orders, with lust in her voice. She frantically strokes my dick and pumps my ass until I cum, shaking my whole body with odd jerks and short moans. She keeps pumping at me until I stop moving. She slows her pumping, but doesn’t stop for a while.

Finally, I collapse onto my stomach, and she lays on top of me, her hand still on my cock. My chest and stomach are drenched with puddles of warm liquid, and her huge cock is still mostly inside me.

“Can we fall asleep like this?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she says, worn out.

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Red Marks The Spot

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Cassie had one hobby in the last six months and that was to place herself in Will’s path whenever humanly possible. She’d tried to make him jealous by showing up at social gatherings where she knew he would be. She hung all over her dates in front of him and she succeeded in scaring off several of his dates. The act was getting a little bit old.

So when Will unlocked the door of the condo his firm owned and found her curled up on the couch, he wasn’t really surprised. Her father warned him that she was planning on coming up to the mountains to entertain his client’s wife that weekend.

She’d built a fire. She cradled a glass of wine in one hand. A blanket covered her lap and a book was open beside her. Will doubted she had spent much time reading it. Cassie was intelligent enough to have read it. Will knew her attention span rarely lasted a book as thick as the one on the couch.

Will took the scene in and ignored her for the moment. He stashed his luggage in the room furthest from the one she had taken. When he came back into the room, he intended to question her about why she was there and put an end to her games once and for all.

Will was a partner in Cassie’s father’s firm. Her father promoted him two weeks after he had enough of Cassie and kicked her out of their apartment. She wanted a wedding and a husband that danced like a puppet on a string.

She was spoiled and she knew it. Cassie liked to push the envelope with everyone and everything. Will knew exactly how far he could push her back and enjoyed pushing her one inch past that limit whenever he could.

That was probably why she still wanted him. No one else in her life ever told her no. It was probably why her father made him a partner after he kicked out her. Will would have been fine just to leave it at that but he’d had had enough of her games.

Will sat beside her on the couch and tossed the book she’d been reading aside.

“Cass, what are you doing here?” He said.

“I’m here to help you out the with client. I’ll take his wife shopping and to the spa. You will have him all to yourself,” she said.

“There was really no need. Since when do you help with the firm anyway?” Will said.

“Well, that’s a fine thank you,” Cassie answered.

“Cass, this little act is not going to work, you know,” Will said.

“What do you mean?” Cassie said.

“Cass, I could have come here with a woman,” Will said.

“You are here with a woman, Will,” she said.

“Cassie.” Will said.

“What Will?” she asked.

“We’re not getting back together. You are wasting your time,” Will said.

“We’ll see, Will.” Cassie said.

Cassie tossed the blanket aside and stood up from the couch. She swayed over the to the fire and Will felt his mouth go a little dry.

He watched as she grabbed a fireplace poker and shifted the logs on the fire. After tossing another log into the fire, she seemed satisfied. Only Will was not satisfied at all.

He was, in fact, a little shocked. Although it was odd that Cassie actually knew how to tend a fire, that wasn’t what threw him. What really got his attention was the burgundy sweater that reached just to her hips but not far enough to cover the only other piece of clothing she was wearing, a pair of white thong underwear. He was absolutely sure of the color. He got a real good look at the white stripe up her crack when she bent over to pick up the log and toss it into the fire.

Until then, Will thought the only fire she had known how to make was the one in his pants. And she spent very little time tending that one when they had been together.

She’d snatched up her wine glass and was sipping it in front of the fire with her back to him. Her hair was down that night. It had gotten a lot longer since they’d broken up. He never noticed because she always had it up in some proper manner. Her hair was thick and reached about half-way down her back. She was one of those blonds that had hair two shades lighter than honey and creamy skin she protected from the sun at all costs.

Will walked over and stood behind her. He wrapped his arms around her holding her to him. To a casual observer, the embrace might have looked like that of a lover but in all actuality it was a captive embrace.

Will was the captor who intended to hold Cassie to some answers.

“What do you want Cassie?” Will demanded.

“Oh Will, you know what I want,” she answered.

“Yeah I do, but I thought I made it pretty clear we’re not going to go there again. I do not want to become Mr. Cassie, your puppet husband,” Will said.

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” she said.

“Oh yeah?” Will asked. “You say that but I’ve seen your sister and her husband. And we’ve been down that road Cass. Yes, you are an incredibly beautiful woman and yes, I still want you but it would just be sex. Would you stand for that? Could you?”

“That’s fine with me. I just want you. Any way that I can have you,” Cassie said. She leaned back into him.

“Any way?” Will asked.

“Oh yeah,” she said.

She erotik film izle stretched up on her tiptoes and ground her butt into his crotch. Will drew in a sharp breath. He wondered if he should hope that by her body language implied her actual intent or if she was just teasing him again.

“Let me make myself clear, you want me any way that you can have me.” Will asked her again.

“Yes,” Cassie said. She nodded and smiled at him over her shoulder.

“And just that. You will be happy with just that?” Will said. He wasn’t sure he believed what he was hearing.

“Yes Will,” she said. She turned around and faced him.

“Well, we’ll see about that. Let me know when you change your mind Cassie,” Will whispered to her lips.

He kissed her mouth hard. Then he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her in the direction of the floor.

“Get down on your knees,” Will said.

“What?” She looked up at him a little confused. “What for?”

He raised his eyebrows in a challenge. Cassie rolled her eyes at him and dropped to her knees. He put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her face to his crotch to give her an idea of what he wanted.

She grinned at him and unbuckled his belt. With her teeth, she yanked the snap his pants open and pulled the zipper down.

She pushed his pants down over his hips and to his knees. Her fingers crawled under the elastic band on his briefs and pulled them down to meet his pants at his knees.

She took his hard cock in her hand and led him to her mouth. Will watched his cock as her lips closed around the head. Her blue eyes looked up to him as she sucked more of him into her mouth.

Will held her head in his hands on either side of her face and guided his dick down her throat. She moaned and pushed a little against him but he ignored her. Her hair was silky soft on his hands as her mouth was around his cock.

Cassie found her rhythm, sucking and cradling his cock with her tongue and then alternately she lost it again. Cassie’s oral talents had never been anything to write home about.

She had always been more interested in teasing and flirting than actually delivering what her body language promised. She’d never willingly gave him head while they were together and he could not ever remember a time when she’d swallowed. Most women swallowed at the beginning of a relationship, at least. But not Cassie.

Even that night, Cassie’s blow job sucked. And not in the way he wanted it to. Will decided that it was time he shifted gears on her.

Will pulled her up to stand. She reached up on her tiptoes and kissed him. Her arms circled his neck. Will kissed her briefly and slipped out of her arms.

He kicked his pants and briefs off and went into his room and then to the kitchen. She heard the refrigerator door open and ice knocking against itself in the tray. He opened other cabinets. She picked up her wine glass and sipped. She smiled to herself and thought she finally had him where she wanted him. This smelled like a condom trip to her.

When he started back into the room, she turned to him.

“Stop. Turn and face the fire,” Will said.

“What?” she asked.

“I said face the fire. Do not look over at me. Look down into the fire.” Will said.

“Alrighty, then ” she snapped at him. She knew she sounded like a smart ass; it was something she prided herself on mastering.

Will came up behind her and covered her eyes with a sleep mask. He pulled her hair from one side of her neck and nipped at her earlobe. He kissed her neck, his mouth cold from his drink and his breath smelling of whiskey.

“You are so beautiful,” Will told her.

“Hmmm,” she smiled.

“And so spoiled,” Will’s tongue traced her ear. She smiled again.

“If I remember correctly, Will, you liked spoiling me,” she said.

She laughed from deep in her throat and licked her lips. She actually managed to sound proud about it, like she was taunting him.

“There is not much you can do about it at this point,” she said.

“No. But I can choose how I am going to spoil you.”

She felt him pull away. Will knelt down behind her. She heard the ice clink in his glass as he sipped his whiskey. She could feel the heat of his body behind her legs.

Will pushed the sweater up out of his way. The sweater had only covered about two thirds of her ass. She had dressed, or rather didn’t dress that way to tease him.

And it worked. The heart shaped globes peaking out from under the crimson sweater appeared even creamier in contrast to the sweater’s color. But what had inspired him to let her stay and not throw her out on her glorious ass was how her cheeks looked heavy, full and ripe falling out from under the edge her sweater.

If Will thought about it, he might have realized the time and effort she put into that ass. He had known Cassie for years. He’d lived with her for the better part of two of those years. She spent hours per week on the stair master and the leg press at the gym.

She spent an almost equal amount film izle of time with her back to a full length mirror looking over her shoulder and lamenting over the round, full part of her ass that no leg press or stair master could defeat.

It was lost on both of them that the part she hated most about her rear end was the part that still kept him up a night. It was the part that brought him back for more, even though he had sworn off of her altogether.

Will’s hands slid up her legs to rest on each of her cheeks. He squeezed them, pushing them together and then pulling them apart.

“What??” Cassie started.

“Shhhhh…” Will answered.

He grabbed the thong underwear and peeled them down over her ass and down her legs. Then, he messaged the cheeks in circles, spreading her crack open and then squeezing her cheeks together again.

“Bend forward a little bit, Cassie.” Will told her.

Cassie tried to accommodate him by leaning forward at the waist slightly. Will was not impressed with her paltry effort.

“Hmm. I guess we’ll work up to that.” He said. When they’d broken up, their sex life had been a point of contention. She knew she’d been a little unwilling a lot of the time and she regretted that.

“Hey, I did what you said…” Cassie started to complain when his next action stopped her short. Will pulled her cheeks wide and buried his face in her crack.

His tongue was immediately on her asshole, probing gently and circling the outside rim.

“Aaahhhh… oh Will.” Cassie moaned. He’d never done anything like that to her before.

Will sucked at the skin around her ass, still not entering it. He licked her ass along the crack and took one cheek in his mouth and began to suck. He nipped and sucked on her right cheek where it curved into her crack. He sucked and pulled the skin into his mouth and grazing his teeth over it creating a red splotchy hickey on her butt just to the right of her pink little rosebud. He knew that she would have a very hard time hiding this at the spa the next day, or worse explaining it to his client’s wife.

He slipped one hand through her legs to stroke the folds of her pussy and begin fingering her. When he was satisfied with one side he settled on her puckered little hole again, poking it with his tongue and sucking all around it. She moaned at this and arched her back. This opened her a little to him. This was what he was looking for before when he asked to bend over.

He shifted his attention and gave her a matching hickey on her other cheek, to the other side of her puckered asshole

When he was satisfied with his work he pressed her cheeks together again. She had a red spot marking the spot where her asshole was nestled between her cheeks.

Will smiled to himself. Her ass was now like a painted target and Will intended to nail a bull’s eye before they slept that night.

“I am going to make your asshole as red as this hickey when I’m done fucking you,” he said. He realized after the words were out that he had not meant to say them out loud. The idea turned him on so much and that the words just slipped out.

“Oh Will, no!!” she said. “Not hickies. They’re so trashy.” Cassie sounded a truly disgusted.

She stepped out away from him and turned around.

“And not that, Will, ” she quietly added and pushed the mask up to her forehead. “We talked about this before. I don’t want you to fuck me there.”

Will rolled his eyes. That was just like Cassie to complain about the humidity but not the heat. She was so proper that the keeping him from giving her hickies was a priority over keeping him from ramming his cock into her virgin asshole.

“Cassie, you said you wanted me any way that you could have me.” Will reminded her.

“And you said to let you know when I changed my mind,” Cassie said. She took a step away from him and pulled her sweater down in vain.

“Fine. Then, get out.” Will said.

“What? Now?” Cassie said. She sounded a little alarmed.

“Yes. Now. But if you leave tonight, I am done with you. And I mean that,” Will said.

“But Will…” She whined.

“I mean it. I am tired of these games Cassie,” Will said. “And quit whining. I assure you, I have given you nothing to whine about tonight.”

She didn’t answer and turned her back on him. He sat back on his heels and watched her standing there in that sweater that came down just past her hickies. This was typical Cassie behavior. She’d been teasing him since he met her and he was sick of it.

“It looks like you have a decision to make, Cassie baby,” Will said. Will got up and took his drink and his pants with him to his bedroom.

Cassie appeared in the doorway a few minutes later. The sleep mask was still pushed up on her forehead, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Okay,” she said.

Will kept unpacking.

“Okay to what Cassie?” Will said.

“Okay to whatever you want, Will,” Cassie said.

“Whatever? That’s broad,” Will said.

“What do you want me to agree to?” Cassie said.

“Well, what do you want seks filmi izle to agree to? I think I made it clear what I want. Some time ago. No more games and bullshit. I am tired of you showing up wherever I am at and teasing me. If we’re gonna fuck around Cass, we’re gonna fuck. MY way and your way. Whatever that is.”

“Okay,” she said a little shakily. “I want to stay. I want you, Will.”

Electricity shot through him. He knew it was hope and he wanted to hate that wild streak of weakness when it came to this woman. But he wasn’t going to admit it.

He’d wanted her spread open before him. Hell, he wanted her willing and unwilling. In his own way, he supposed that he actually loved her. But he wasn’t going to admit that either.

Cassie wrapped her arms around him from behind. He had his pants back on with his shirt untucked and his tie hanging loose around his neck.

“I am staying Will. Tell me what you want,” Cassie said.

He reached for his whiskey and finished it off and gave her a side-glance over his shoulder.

“Go over and get on the bed, Cassie.” He told her. He shook his head in the direction of the king sized bed.

She crawled onto the bed and sat there looking at him expectantly.

“Put the mask back on Cass.” He said. She did what he said.

“Take the sweater off and lay on your stomach with your head on one of the pillows,” Will told her.

Cassie pulled off the sweater and tossed it to the floor. She situated herself on her stomach in the center of the bed. He admired her bare ass in the air with the hickies marking his space in the center.

Will left her there. She heard him in the kitchen refilling his drink. Then she felt the bed shift under his weight. He straddled her legs and put his palms on her ass.

She could feel that he was naked. The hair on his legs was course and masculine against her smooth skin. When he shifted his position she could feel his balls on the backs of her legs.

He started on her ass where he had left off, deepening the red on each of her hickies. Then he quickly shifted to her puckered little opening.

He knew that she was a virgin back there. When they dated before, he’d wanted to take her there but she had always been adamantly against it.

Will sucked at the little wrinkles that joined in the center. He proceeded to attempt to trace each little wrinkle with his tongue to the apex. She started moaning at his administrations.

He spread her ass wider and shoved his face in her crack. He shook his head as if the action would allow him deeper access. Then, he straightened his tongue and started to penetrate her ass.

Cassie had always been a vocal lover. Even though this was new to her, her reaction was no different. She’d never had to ask Will to use his mouth to give her pleasure but this was entirely different.

She moaned and made little sighing sounds as he worked her over. She pushed her ass back to him and he felt her tight little muscle was as relaxed as it could be.

He slipped his hand under her and started to twirl a finger around her clit. Cassie’s fingers dug into the bedspread and she pushed her ass back against his mouth. She cried out Will’s name when she came with his fingers on her clit and his tongue pumping her ass.

Will crawled up beside her.

“You liked that. I know you did.” He whispered into her ear. She didn’t answer him.

“Cass. Tell me you liked it when you came and my mouth was on your ass.” He said.

“Yeah. I liked it. That was fucking amazing Will.” Cassie’s voice was quiet, breathless.

“You want me?” He asked.

“Well, YEAH,” She said with that smart ass tone in her voice.

“You want me to fuck you in the ass, don’t you Cassie?” Will said.

“Yes.” She said.

He was lying beside her when she felt his fingers smear something cool and wet around her asshole. Then his fingers were gone, only to return to work themselves and whatever he was using into her tight little hole.

She tried not to resist him but couldn’t help it to some extent. It hurt and well, fingers just didn’t normally go there. With the pain came the foreign sensation of being stretched where she was unused to it and excitement of his fingers invading her.

He kept cramming his fingers into her ass over and over again. She could feel a wetness that didn’t come from her in and around her ass. She knew he was putting something on her to make it easier for him to fuck her. Heat settled in her clit at the thought of being prepared for entry.

“What is that?” she asked. Her head was turned toward him, even though she couldn’t see anything. She felt his fingers on her lips.

“Taste them and find out.” Will said.

“Will!!” Your fingers have been… ” She couldn’t finish.

“They’ve been in your ass. If you want to know what I used to lube you up, then you need to suck my fingers.” Will said.

“But I…” she started and he pushed them into her mouth.

“Suck them Cassie,” he said.

She could hear how excited he was. His voice was thick and low. Cassie realized something that day. She liked the feeling of power that came over her when she knew how turned on Will at just the idea of doing the things they were contemplating. She touched her tongue to his fingers.

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Punish Me

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She’s sat opposite him with her chair pushed out so he can see her whole body. She crosses her leg, he can see the underneath of her thighs, her perfectly tanned legs without a blemish. He shifts uncomfortably in his chair, her eyes move, quickly glancing at him and then going back to the book she is reading. He involuntarily reaches for the glass of soda in front of him and grasps it with his hand tightly, picking it up and taking a long gulp in case she’s watching, pretending to act normal when he’s feeling far from it.

He’d only known her a week. She was hard work, he didn’t want to be around her. He had no choice, his boss had tasked him with keeping her occupied while she was at home from university. He couldn’t quite understand why a twenty one year old needed looking after but having spent a week with her it had dawned on him that this girl had done nothing for herself her entire life. When she didn’t get her way she’d pout and go silent, not speaking until whatever request it was she wanted fulfilled was indeed fulfilled.

His current state of uncomfortableness was due to becoming increasingly attracted to her. Fucking the boss’s daughter was not something he envisioned himself doing and if he valued not only his job but his life he would keep his distance. She was gorgeous though, long, dark, curly hair which ran down her back to her waist. Her blue eyes were beginning to make him melt each time he looked at her, usually a confident man she would leave him questioning his own manliness with just a look. Her figure too, her breasts weren’t large but visible against her loose-fitting top, her skirt covering an ass which he’d love to bury his face into.

‘What are you thinking about?’

‘Nothing. We should go, your father said he wanted you back home before him.’

‘I hope you weren’t thinking about taking advantage of your position, because my daddy wouldn’t be too happy.’

‘Let’s go, finish your coffee.’

‘You’re not very good at being assertive. Wait five more minutes, I like to take my time when I drink coffee.’

Confirming her pointed remark he remains in his seat, berating himself for letting this stuck up little madame dictate to him what he can and can’t do. He’s also annoyed at himself for finding her attractive. She looks good, but she’s a nasty, bad minded bitch. She takes tiny sips of her coffee, her eyes locked onto his; he looks away a smirk appears on her lips as she puts the empty cup on the table. She stands up, position herself so he can’t not look, erotik film izle she bends down to pick up her bags of shopping, giving him a view of her legs and ass as her skirt pulls tightly against her round cheeks. He feels a twitch and a warmth down below. He shuts his eyes, stands up and walks away towards their waiting car. She follows, enjoying every second of his discomfort.

They sit in silence through the journey, he wanted to sit in the front next to the driver but instead of putting her bags into the back of the car she placed them on the front seat leaving him no choice but to sit next to her in the back. She’s gazing out of the window, he finds himself wondering what is going through her mind, what does a girl who has everything think about? Probably what she’s going to buy tomorrow. He chuckles to himself, she turns and gives him a questioning look, he shakes his head and she returns to looking out of the window.

The driver turns a corner suddenly, she’s flung against him, perhaps to dramatically. She grabs his leg, squeezing tight. She holds on as she reprimands the driver who is apologising profusely, still she keeps her fingers pressed into his leg, slowly releasing, her hand brushing his inner thigh. He feels another stirring as she nonchalantly takes her hand from his leg and returns to her previous position. He shits uncomfortably in his seat, folding his arms and placing them as low down as he can to cover his rapidly growing penis.

There are no other cars in the driveway as the pull through the gates. He’ll have to stay until his boss arrives home. He’d promised to meet a woman he’d met at a bar this evening, he looks at his watch, should still be okay. Climbing from the car she walks straight in the front door, leaving him to collect the bags from the front seat. He picks them up and curses to himself, the driver laughs before driving away. He leaves the bags on the kitchen worktop and then stands awkwardly in front of the cooker not knowing what to do. He doesn’t want his boss to find him lounging around on the sofa or helping himself to the food and drinks in the fridge.

Peering into the bags he can see a pair of silk panties. His looks up towards the staircase, no sign of her coming, he allows himself to run his finger over the smooth fabric. His imagination begins to run wild, imagining her in the black silk panties, being able to finally see what’s under those tight skirts which have been tormenting him all week. He imagines her sat on the work top, running film izle his tongue along her thighs and up to her pussy, gently running his tongue along the outside of her lips as she moans softly, grabbing his head and pushing it against herself.

‘Who gave you permission to look inside the bag?’ She’s smirking as comes from behind him, she’d not been upstairs.

‘I was just…’

‘I feel I need to apologise to you.’


‘I’m not a very nice person sometimes. I like you though, even if you are a bit soft.’ Again she attacks his manliness. She pushes the bags to the other side of the worktop and positions herself so she’s leaning over it, ass sticking out.

‘I want you to punish me for being so horrible to you. Pull up my skirt.’

He hesitates, unsure if it’s some kind of trap. She reaches around and pulls up her skirt herself. She isn’t wearing any panties, his cock starts to grow, pushing against his trousers. She takes his hand, raising it up and then bringing it down hard against her bare ass cheeks. She shudders as his hand connects, letting out a sharp breath. She lets go of his hand and places hers on the worktop in front of her. He moves himself so she is directly in front of him, her long black hair trailing down her back. Her ass is perfect, round, almost chubby but pert. He runs his hand softly along the red mark his hand has just left, she shivers.

He can see the bottom of her pussy lips glistening, she spreads her legs slightly, her ass cheeks parting, her tight, brown, puckered hole calling out to him. He squats down behind her, moving his face just in front of her cheeks, he inhales the sweet smell of her ass. He flicks out his tongue and allows it to slightly brush her asshole, she moans, attempting to push her ass back to his face. He moves away, placing his hands on both cheeks and pushing her back. She’s made the last week hell for him, before the pleasure has to come the pain.

Rubbing her ass cheeks again she loosens up, a finger tracing down her ass crack, along her hold and brushing her now soaking wet pussy. Suddenly he brings his hand up and then down quickly, a loud slap as skin meets skin. She gasps, her face falling against the worktop, another red mark on her round cheeks.

‘You touched my leg on purpose in the car, didn’t you?’

‘You liked it, I saw your cock getting bigger…’ Another loud slap as his hand lands on her ass cheeks, this time he doesn’t remove it, rub his hand gently around her ass, soothing her red, stinging seks filmi izle ass.

‘If my father…’ He stops her mid sentence with a hard slap. She moans loudly.

‘I don’t give a fuck about your father.’ He unzips the flies to his trousers and allows his cock to come free, she reaches out her hand, still bent over the worktop she gently massages his balls, his cock growing to its full length. She squeezes them tightly as he punishes her again, her ass now bright red, he brings down three slaps in quick succession as she holds on to his balls. Her pussy is dripping wet, his hand running underneath her ass, a finger pushing easily inside, she groans loudly, pushing back so his whole finger is inside. Her hand runs up the shaft of his cock, slowly caressing it, her rubbing her thumb around the top.

‘I’m going to fuck your ass for being such a naughty girl this week.’

On the side by the sink is a dish of butter, he puts his thumb inside the slab and pulls out a piece, he runs it softly around her asshole before roughly pushing his finger inside, she tenses up her ass clenching his finger, he runs it back and forward against the walls of her asshole as she moans, relaxing. Removing his finger he pushes the head of his cock against her hole, pushing it in slowly, the head of his cock slipping inside, she gasps. He stops, allowing her to get used to the feeling of his big cock inside her. She pushes back, the whole of his cock pushing inside of her. He pulls back again slowly and then pushes forward, she reaches back to his hips, her hands signalling for him to go faster.

‘Fuck my ass! I want your cock deep inside my ass.’

He fucks her faster and faster as she moans loudly, he can feel the juices from her pussy running down his own leg, he reaches underneath her and pushes down against her clit as he fucks her ass. He allows his body to fall against hers, her hair in his face, the smell of her perfume in his nostrils. He can feel his balls starting to tighten, her tight ass too much for him to take, she pushes his fingers harder against her clit, her body starts to spasm, he tries to control himself but he can’t, his cock spurting his thick cum inside her asshole. He lies on top of her for a minute, neither of them able to move, his cock softening slips out of her ass. Standing up again he pulls up his trousers, she bends down for her skirt, her cheeks still red.

She pulls up her skirt, picks up her bags and starts for the stairs. As she reaches the bottom her father opens the door and greets her but she ignores him, continuing up the staircase. His boss comes into the kitchen and heads straight for the fridge, grabbing two beers, handing him one of them.

‘She’s hard work that girl sometimes’

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Please Let Me Be Ch. 05

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All characters in this story are completely fictional and are above the age of 18 in the entire story. This series will feature a lot of non-consensual and BDSM themed stories so keep in mind that this is fiction and fantasy and should not be played out in real life without safety precautions. This particular chapter involves something close to rape and sadistic elements so keep in mind that if that bothers you that you should not read this. I do not in any way condone 1) drug usage, 2) rape, and 3) pain that is not meant for the pleasure of your partner. I will be using these things in this chapter and hope that everyone knows that none of these things are acceptable in any way except in the possibility of consensual rape play and sado-maso relationships with safe words and established communication. Be smart and play safe. Now you may enjoy.


I awoke to find myself alone and curled up on the bed with a soft green blanket covering me. Darrien wasn’t in the room but the man with the blue-tie was, he sat in a chair across from the bed with a glass of water sitting on a small table next to him.

“Good morning,” he smiled and I vaguely remembered him complimenting me as lovely back in the red room.

“Morning,” I responded warily. He was the taller, more Hispanic looking man of the group. I tried to memorize the details of him since I knew that if Darrien kept me, as I wanted him to, I’d probably end up in this man’s company more often than I’d like.

“Feeling any pain? A girl’s first time usually isn’t without it’s aches,” he held up the glass of water from the table and opened his hand to show a pair of pills.

I flexed my muscles and slowly moved across the bed while keeping the blanket close to me for warmth. A deep ache started in my hips and a twinge of pain came from inside my pussy. Putting my feet flat on the floor I faced this man whose name I couldn’t remember and tried to decide if he was safe to trust.

“I’m in charge of the women in the group’s business. These are my remedy,” he held the pills and water out to me.

“Where’s Darrien?” I looked around the room stupidly, as though Darrien would jump out from a corner of the room miraculously.

“He’s out talking business with Max and Jamal,” he gestured to the main cabin door with the hand holding the water.

“Oh. OK,” not the most eloquent of words.

“I’m Marco by the way,” He held the items even closer to me and I finally chose to take the water and pills just so he’d put his hands down.

“I’m Tess,” I downed the meds on instinct.

“How did Darrien treat your first time?”

I looked at Marcus oddly. In no way did I want to give this stranger a description of my first time. It was too personal and I was much too awkward to explain such a thing to anyone let alone someone I didn’t really know, although, now that I thought about it, I didn’t know Darrien much more than I knew Marco.

“For your safety, if he harms you physically or mentally then I will need to be notified so we can get you all fixed up and back in working order,” Marco explained.

“Oh, I’m fine then. Thank you.”

He didn’t look too happy about my blank response to his concern. I leaned back further into the bed, my mind was going a bit fuzzy. Shaking my head to break the barrier in my ears I saw his smile return. I blinked a few times before scooting back on the bed and against the far wall from Marco.

“I forgot to tell you, those will make you a bit drowsy,” he leaned forward and took the empty cup from off the floor. When had that fallen? I slid down to my side, my eyes closing under the weight of the drugs.

“What,” I murmured and then fell asleep.

-From Jolie’s Point of View at a later time-

“Welcome to your new home,” my owner gestured to a large white and black room.

Jamal was his name and he certainly had seemed like a good enough Master so erotik film izle far, dark skinned like me with a stout body type and a handsomely bald head he was attractive in his own way. The man who stood behind me on the other hand was making me nervous. Master kept calling him Marco, he was a tall, Hispanic looking man. I ignored him as best I could while I looked over the minimalist space before me. A large black silk covered bed took up most of the room with black and white swirled carpet kept my feet warm and white walls glowed under soft lighting. They had blindfolded me for the walk inside and I hadn’t seen Tess since she had first entered the airplane earlier that night. It was making me nervous to not have her familiar presence nearby but I knew better than to let on my nervousness to my Master.

“Thank you, Master Jamal for my new home,” I had been trained in proper responses.

He nodded and pulled me over to the bed where he pressed my shoulders down until I kneeled down in front of him before it.

“Ready to break in your shiny new toy?” Marco asked Jamal. They stood side by side and stared down at me.

“Just promise not to actually break this one. I spent a lot on her,” Jamal gave Marco a scolding look.

“It wasn’t my fault the last one was faulty,” Marco’s smile did not relieve me. The soft carpet before was starting to feel gritty against my knees and sweat started to gather on my body as the conversation furthered.

“You get too piercing happy with your needles. I like piercings on a girl as much as the next guy but even I think that was overkill.”

“I think we’re starting to make her nervous. There is nothing to worry about,” Marco forced my head up when I tried to look away from them; “Maybe we’ll save that for next time. Wouldn’t want to start out on too high of a level for you.”

My skin tightened and I swallowed. The feeling of my throat moving against his hand made Marco smiled in a way that would make any girl want to run far and fast in the other direction. Master Jamal started to undress, his shirt, pants and shoes quickly made their way into a puddle next to me. Marco’s fingers had slowly tightened on my throat and my vision went grey for a few seconds. Air burned through my throat when he finally released me. Sparks flittered through my vision and I felt my worry grow larger by the second. Marco grabbed my hair and pulled me up until I stood with my nose inches from his.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” he smiled again and even though it looked harmless I felt goosebumps pop up along my skin.

I was flung onto the bed and scrambled back against the headboard without realizing my actions. The horror stories of the business filtered back into my mind and I suddenly wanted very much to be far away. Master Jamal flicked the lights off but the surroundings still glowed a ghostly white and Marco’s dark suited form didn’t look any less sinister. He slid off his jacket and shoes before crawling onto the bed towards me. His legs slid around mine and he planted his hands around my head. I wasn’t a small woman topping out at around 6 feet tall so this was the first time that I had ever truly felt this puny, intimidated down to the very core of me. My legs curled in close to my body but my eyes never left Marco. If I let him out of my sight then I wouldn’t see the pain coming, and I could tell that it was coming. He leaned down and I felt his hair brush against my cheek while his mouth brushed against my collarbone.

“It’s always best when they don’t know, isn’t it, Jamal?” Marco’s voice startled me.

“You’re such a tease,” Jamal climbed onto the bed next to Marco and gripped his head.

I watched in surprise as Master Jamal pulled Marco to him and kissed him. It felt strange to see two men kiss so blatantly but it felt completely wrong that it was Master Jamal and Marco. How could the man who had taken me as his and this other film izle frightening person do such a thing? I couldn’t look away when their mouths opened and they started licking each other like they were coated with sugar. A small tingle of warmth sprung up in my stomach and I recoiled inside from my own reaction. How could this be a turn on? They looked so excited that I couldn’t help but shiver a bit from the excitement that I might feel like that someday. Then reality crashed back. Any pleasure I would feel in the future would be at the mercy of these two men. Master Jamal yanked Marco back and released his hair roughly. Marco only laughed and crawled up to me so he sat with his back against the headboard. An arm slid around my waist and I found myself on Marco’s lap. His hard dick pushed into my thigh and I glanced from him to Master Jamal with anxiousness. I couldn’t tell if I was excited or freaking out.

“Don’t worry, we’ll play with you too,” Marco whispered into my ear before licking up my neck and biting the lobe. I pulled against him weakly but he just held me tighter. My struggles made him smile into the skin at my throat.

“What game should we do first?” Master Jamal undid the straps holding my dress together and pulled the fabric off my body before dropping it on the floor.

“Pony, maybe?” Marco’s hand around my waist drifted lower to the patch of hair above my pussy.

“Hm, how about Jack and Jill?” Master Jamal’s hands curled around my ankles tightly.

“With two Jacks? She’ll never know which way is up ever again,” Marco laughed and bit down on my shoulder causing me to jump, “I’ve always wanted to play the Spider and the Fly.”

Master Jamal smiled and pulled my legs apart. His body was suddenly flush against mine and the heat washed over me. His erection pressed into my belly. Marco’s fingers slid down until he cupped me. His other hand lifted to tangle into my hair and pull my head back until I laid across his thighs with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. Heart pounding and blood rushing to my head I closed my eyes in an attempt to calm down. Marco’s finger pushed against my opening and my eyes snapped open.

“Enter here?” Marco laughed darkly while prying into me.

My body was arched back with my legs were held in place around Master Jamal’s hips by his hands. Marco slowly finger fucked me and I lost time in the sensations. The floor and wall in my vision were an eerie off white in the darkness and it matched the eerie white feelings flickering through my body like slow shocks. I winced every time he pushed deep into me but the sensation felt strangely good. His finger swirled around inside and my muscles tensed.

“Does this make her the spider or the fly?” Master Jamal’s voice thrummed through the room, surprising me.

“I’d say she’s the fly,” Marco added another finger and rubbed harder.

My breath started to catch in my throat. A burning flowed into my belly and out into the rest of me. My fingers were frozen in the bedding despite this new heat. Marco’s fingers slid out of my pussy and he turned my head to look at him with his other hand. My eyes slowly focused as I watched him suck the juice off. The sight was so erotic I couldn’t help but moan a little deep in my throat. The answering smile on his face didn’t make things any better. His distraction was enough to drive my attention away from Master Jamal who took the opportunity to line up and push swiftly into me. His cock felt huge and hard. The pain had a hold of me. No way in hell was it possible for this man’s cock to fit in me but he had. I had gasped in pain and noticed I was holding my breath when Marco leaned down to kiss my chest. The gentle touch shocked me and he looked at me from between my breasts and smiled before biting down on the soft flesh. A bruised started to form immediately along with tears in my eyes. I could only feel his teeth on me until Master Jamal seks filmi izle pulled out and then that pain came right back. They took turns torturing me. Slam, bite, slide, lick, repeat. The next time I looked up all I saw were red bite marks and Master Jamal’s heavy lidded eyes as he picked up speed. My hips ached along with my nipples, the only place Marco hadn’t had in his mouth so far. Legs shivering and twitching as the tension built up in my body I couldn’t distinguish the pleasure from the pain. This was beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

“Look,” Marco demanded before rubbing his lips roughly against mine. Even his kiss was an assault. His tongue pushed and his teeth pulled. I opened to him. The slick feeling of his tongue sliding against mine mimicked Master Jamal’s cock in my pussy, “There you go.” He murmured and tilted his head to take more of my mouth hostage. My hands left the bed and I grabbed hold of him. His hand threaded through my hair and I felt him grip my wrists with both hands before roughly pulling me upright. My head swirled with the sudden movement and my pussy clenched in surprise.

“Fuck,” Master Jamal groaned now that I was sitting straight up on his cock and he leaned back so my nipples barely brushed against his chest.

“Touching me without permission is against the rules,” Marco pressed into my back while hold my hands above my head. His hips ground against my ass and I leaned back into him, “I’ll have to punish you.”

He pulled my hands down and behind my back before binding them together. I heard a rustling sound and peeked back to find him without a shirt of tie and his cock sticking straight out from his pants that were now unzipped. Marco pushed me forward until I rested against Master Jamal who started rocking me on his cock. I started to relax from the warmth the movement gave me and closed my eyes. Then I felt hands pull my ass cheeks apart and a finger slide around my hole. My eyes weren’t closed anymore. I started to protest but before I could get a word out Master Jamal pulled me down into a kiss. My mind couldn’t be distracted from the finger that was now pushing its way into my ass.

“You are definitely the fly in this situation,” Marco’s murmur had me tightening around Master Jamal and clenching my ass tight around Marco’s finger. He just laughed and found lube before spearing two fingers inside.

My brain started to go fuzzy again and Master Jamal had a hold on my hips and was grinding me down on him while sucking on my tongue. I lost track of myself in the sensations. Until Marco lined his cock up with my ass and started to push in. Then I fought back only to find myself biting down on a hunk of the bedding with tears in my eyes and two cocks shoved up my once virgin holes. The pain really started as they alternated sliding in and out of me. Marco gripped my hair and hands, Master Jamal forced my hips up and down. All I could feel was the movements. Nothing else mattered but feeling them push deep into me. The friction started to overwhelm the pain and my brain gave out on me. Both of them panted and started to kiss over my shoulder. Their bodies moved in synch and they sped up.

“Cumming,” Marco moaned.

“Me too, ready?” Master Jamal’s voice was low and rough.

They forgot about me but my pussy couldn’t forget them. I could feel the spasms coming on deep inside me when they slammed into me. I came around them and could feel hot, wet spurts inside as they both stilled and then ground deeper into me.

“So fucking good,” One of them murmured before they started sucking tongues again.

I collapsed in between them, my legs twitching with leftover energy.

“Best purchase ever,” Marco laughed and pulled out of me.

The gaping coldness shivered through me but I couldn’t make myself care. Master Jamal rolled me onto my side and slid out of my pussy. I felt slimy and bruised and beaten but somewhere deep inside my body said it was sated. My breath wheezed out and I closed my eyes while the two men left the room with the sound of the door slamming being the last thing I heard before I passed out.

To be continued . . .

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Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 02

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Non Nude

That evening after dinner, Rose pulled Abby aside. “Would you like some training in the subject we talked of earlier?” she asked with a wicked smile.

Abby was instantly on board. “Yes I would! What did you have in mind?”

“Let’s go visit June. I believe she can get you started out right.” Puzzled, Abby followed Rose as she led them to her room where June was adding scented oil to two big tubs filled with hot water. At her urging both women disrobed and she bathed them both clean, including washing their long tresses. Rose was a thin brunette and stood a touch taller than Abby at 5 foot six, weighing in at about the same weight of 105 pounds. Her breasts were a bit smaller than Abby’s but were strikingly firm and her pink nipples seemed to be perpetually hard. Abby gasped when she saw the lack of pubic hair on Rose’s smooth pussy. Rose noticed and giggled.

“That’s why June is here, to shave you like I am. It feels wonderful!” Abby’s eyes widened in amazement. She could see every nook and cranny between Rose’s thighs as she bent over to towel herself dry.

“Come, Missy. Sit on the stool here and I’ll show you how it’s done,” June said softly. She lathered Abby up and with several practiced strokes shaved her smooth as a peach. Abby stroked her newly shorn pussy and giggled.

“It feels so slick and smooth, I like it!”

The girls laughed along with her.

“Just wait til a man gets in there and diddles you, Missy. It feels wonderful,”June said with a faraway look in her brown eyes.

“Are we still on for tonight, June?” Rose asked with a mischievous smile.

“I sure hope so,” she answered and returned the smile. “Give me an hour or so, please.”

“We’ll be there, thanks so much!” a still naked Rose answered, and gave June a big hug and a kiss. The quadroon girl blushed fiercely at the contact and dipped her eyes submissively. “Yes, Ma’am. I’d do anything for you.”

“I know that, you’re so sweet, June.” Rose said gently.

“Where’re we going?” Abby wanted to know.

“It’s a surprise,” Rose answered. “Now put your dress on, no undergarments and wear your softest shoes. We’ll sneak outside soon. I’ll go talk to our men and get them settled in the parlor.”

Rose’s arrival in the sitting room caused a bit of a stir. The men were just heading for the parlor when she approached them, flushed from her hot bath and her breasts swinging loosely under her bodice. George couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked while William looked like the cat that got the canary. He knew he was getting some action tonight for sure. She herded them into their seats and fetched them stiff drinks along with their pipes. She loved flirting with the men, but never did it with George when his daughter was around. Abby had no idea of her father’s proclivities and Rose hoped to keep it that way. He had a rampant sex drive that only a select few people knew about.

She sat on her husband’s lap and slyly tugged her neckline down until a pink nipple was just peeping out. She heard George suck in his breath when it emerged to meet his gaze. She kissed William deeply and squirmed in his lap until his hips began grinding up to meet hers.

She gently disengaged and tucked her nipple away with a sly wink at George who was busy trying to hide the thick bulge at his crotch.

“I’ll leave you two alone now. Please enjoy your drinks. I’ll see you later, husband,” she said throatily. As she walked away she heard George speak in a rough voice. “My word, man. How do you keep up with that filly. She’s exquisite!” She felt her loins flood with heat and her face flushed at the compliment. She was immensely attracted to George and wouldn’t mind letting him know. William had hinted in the past that he’d love to watch her fuck another man, maybe she could work something out she thought to herself somewhat wickedly.

She gathered Abby from her room and the couple slid quietly down the hall and out into the darkness of the plantation. Rose took her to June’s cabin where she was waiting for them on the porch. Without a word she took the girl’s hands and led them down the footpath to the overseer’s house. They sneaked around back and June pointed at a ground floor window.

“In there,” she whispered. “Isaac has a new girl tonight.” The three slid in close and peeped over the window sill into the room lit by two oil lamps. Abby had known Isaac her whole life and he’d always intimidated her with his size and rough voice but was ever gentle and soft spoken when he addressed her. She knew him to be a big teddy bear that could awaken to a full blown grizzly if one of his workers back talked him or slacked off in his labors. Tonight when she saw him, it changed her opinion of him forever.

Big and black as coal, he towered over the little lady at his feet. She was a half breed, a sweet mocha color that seemed at odds with his anthracite skin. Abby caught her breath when she saw the thick black snake the slave girl held in her hands. Isaac was pulling her close and feeding the bulbous head into her small mouth. ankara evi olan escortlar All three voyeurs held their breath in sympathy for her as he eased himself deep in her throat. They heard his groan through the open window and more than one pussy trickled juice down a damp thigh.

For several minutes she serviced him until he was rampant and hard as a steel rod. He growled down to her in his own language and the girls heard her diminutive voice answer.

“What did they say, June?” Abby asked in the faintest whispers.

“He asked her if she is a virgin, and she replied that she is and she’d would be honored to have him take it from her. He was a great warrior back in Africa and very famous,” June replied.

The girl took a blanket from the bed and flipped it to the floor, then got to her hands and knees, spreading wide for him. He put a huge hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her down until her firm tits were on the blanket while her little ass was high in the air. Abby was aghast as she watched him work his cock head between her dripping lips and rub it up and down until he was coated in her juice. The girl cried out in pain as he slowly lowered himself, his mighty shaft splitting her wide open. The three women outside were beside themselves with lust, agog at the sight before them.

“June,” Rose commanded softy while silently hiking up her the hem of her dress. Abby nearly fainted when June knelt and pushed her head up under Rose’s dress. Abby clamped a hand over her mouth and watched Rose catch her breath when a soft tongue caressed her smooth shaven pussy. Rose’s eyes never left the couple inside the house as they continued on, oblivious to the activity outside the window.

A sharp cry from Isaac’s woman drew Abby’s attention. She witnessed his thick cock bend slightly as he pushed against the girls maidenhead. He murmured something and she nodded her head in assent. His heavy glutes tensed up, then with a grunt of effort he powered down and his cock broke through her barrier to bury half it’s length inside her. He ripped a high scream from her slender throat, concealing the surprised yelp that Abby voiced in the night. Rose quickly silenced her, all the while struggling to keep herself quiet despite June’s roving tongue.

Isaac gave the woman a minute to accommodate him before starting a slow fuck that incrementally increased in depth every few strokes. His mate was now crying out in more pleasure than pain as he broke her open for the first time.

Rose whispered in Abby’s ear, “Touch yourself. Feel how wet you are.”

Abby obeyed and was shocked at how soaking wet her pussy was. Her quick fingers found her clit and she slowly rubbed it, enjoying the new sensations coursing over her. She was loving how it felt shorn of hair, so slick and smooth!

As Isaac’s figure rose and fell over his lover, Abby noticed that Rose was breathing hard and letting tiny grunts fall from her lips. For another minute Isaac drilled deep while Abby and Rose watched his wet cock reappear time and again from the tight pussy he was hammering into. Finally, with a bull roar he unloaded his big balls, unleashing hot spurts of cum deep inside his mate.

Thick streams of it ran down his shaft to drip on the blanket beneath the rutting pair. When he quivered his last and slowly stood up exposing his dripping cock, blood tinted cum ran down his long shaft to gather on his still swollen head. Rose clapped a hand over her mouth and came hard on June’s face tucked between her thighs. She was shaking and moaning quietly while Isaac stood tall and pulled his woman’s face to his groin where she licked and suckled him clean. The pair were both moaning in satisfaction and looking into each other’s eyes while the women outside recovered themselves. June suddenly reappeared and wiping her mouth, grabbed the two girls hands and they quietly ran off into the night.

Minutes later, Abby lay in her bed and listened as William, whom by now was in his cups, pound her Aunt Rose through their mattress, urged on by her loud cries of passion. Abby returned her hand to her still soaked pussy and while she listened to the rutting couple, brought herself to her first orgasm. She shuddered and shook as she awkwardly pleasured herself, bravely shoving a finger inside to touch her virgin barrier. It hurt a little when she pushed, so she returned to her swollen clit and discovered the joy of back to back orgasms.

It was a bit awkward when she bumped into Rose in the morning, but in no time they were sniggering with their beautiful heads close together as they relived last night’s adventure.

Just after lunch all hell broke loose on the plantation. William had ridden to town to take one of the workers to see a physician for a smashed finger. They were accosted by two redcoats and William had shot one and the worker had killed the other. One had managed to put a musket ball through Williams shoulder leaving a grievous wound that rendered his arm useless. He was bleeding heavily as the slave helped him through elvankent olgun escortlar the front door of the plantation house.

George was there to witness his arrival and quickly interrogated the slave on what had happened.

“Abby! Rose!” he bellowed. His voice reverberated through the walls and the girls came running. “Help William with his wound. I must prepare our defenses. The redcoats may be here soon!”

The girls frantically cleaned up William and staunched his bleeding but he was in poor shape and deep in shock. Rose stayed with him while Abby did what she thought needed to be done. She ran to her room and dressed in her leather trousers. As she did when she practiced her swordsmanship, she bound her breasts tightly to her chest with strips of linen then put on her white button up shirt made of the same material, then tied her long blonde hair into a loose bun at the nape of her neck. She gathered up the two squirrel rifles along with powder and shot, then sprinted upstairs to her post at the window overlooking the main road that led to the house. She saw her father out in the yard directing his slaves who had volunteered to fight into their defensive positions.

“I’m here, Father!” she shouted from her perch. He turned to look up at her and she waved bravely at him. He blew her a kiss and returned to his duties. She watched as he shouted for Isaac and when he arrived began giving him direction. Isaac nodded and couldn’t help but look up at Abby. She then knew that they were speaking about her and she wondered what they were planning.

Suddenly, Rose flew into the room.

“I’m here to help, Abby! June is with William, I think he’ll make it but I’m not sure. He’s unconscious for now!” Rose was almost hyperventilating in near panic.

“You go back to William and send June to me. I’ll have her come get you if the redcoats show up,” Abby ordered in a calm voice. Rose seemed to relax a bit at her confidence.

“Ok, please send for me though when you need me.” With that she disappeared back downstairs and June showed up in minutes. She was trembling badly and shaking like a leaf.

“Come here,” Abby ordered. She took the girl under her arm and squeezed her tightly. “We’ll be ok, June. Just wait and see. My Papa will make sure of it.”

For long hours the plantation waited for the enemy to show themselves but they never did. George assigned guard duty among the slaves, leaving everyone in the house to get some rest through the long night. He alone stayed up and walked the property with his sentries, giving them support and confidence in the darkness. Come dawn he was exhausted and finally laid down in his room for a nap.

After a few hours Abby went to check on him and slowly cracked open his bedroom door. She started when she saw him sleeping deeply with his arm around June, his big hand covering her bare breast with familiarity. Her gasp of surprise awakened June who got a horrified look on her face when she saw Abby looking at her. Abby quickly shushed her with a finger over her lips and slid quietly inside.

She went to the couple and gazed down at her slumbering father. He looked more peaceful than he had in weeks. June looked at her with frightened eyes until Abby leaned down and tenderly kissed her cheek.

“Thank you, June,” she whispered, and silently stole away to leave the couple alone to rest. In the hallway she cried hot tears for her father, happy that he’d finally found some solace from his grief for her dead mother.

She found Rose in her bedroom cradling Williams’s head in her lap while he lay unconscious on the bed. Abby raised her eyebrows in question and Rose gave her a faint shake of her head. William hadn’t awoken yet, apparently. She went upstairs to her post and looked out over the grounds. She trained her rifle sights on the flower pots and was startled to realize that they tended to blend into the color of the pots. A white background would show much better for her, especially at night, she reckoned.

Needing something to do, she went out to whitewash the pots. Isaac noticed and happily went to help her. She smiled at him and chattered lightly to break the tension that she felt. Despite the situation they were now in, she couldn’t help but remember the way he’d split the tiny woman open and wrecked her pussy with his mighty shaft. While he was concentrating on his work she snuck a glance at his trousers. They were quite baggy and gave little hint of the thick cock they concealed. Disappointed, she resumed her work. She wasn’t in the least bit attracted to him but he certainly had a new fascination about him, she giggled to herself. Together, they painted all six pots and rearranged them to her satisfaction.

Her father showed up and she hugged him with more than her usual emotion.

“I love you, Papa,” she said tenderly.

“And I you, Sweetheart. How’re you doing today?”

“I’m fine, just scared of course. Not knowing what’s going to happen terrifies me,” she admitted.

“If you carry through etimesgut sarışın escortlar with our long term plans and leave when I tell you, all will be fine. I promise,” he said gently as he held her close. He felt a hot tear splash on his neck and he kissed her cheek. “Come now, Honey. Let’s check on the family.”

“One more thing, Papa. When Rose and I leave, I’ll take June as well and keep her safe for you until we return.”

He gasped in surprise as she smiled tenderly at him and kissed his cheek.

“I know about her Papa, and I approve.” She felt him sigh in relief and she smiled happily to herself. She took his big hand in hers and together they walked to the house.

That evening Rose asked Abby for assistance in washing William. He was still in the filthy clothes he was wearing when he’d gotten shot. He wavered in and out of consciousness while they undressed him. Abby blushed hotly when the two stripped him of his trousers and undergarments. Rose handed her a second washcloth and together they cleaned him thoroughly. Rose insisted that Abby wash his cock and balls, claiming that she needed the experience of learning a man’s anatomy. She explained how a male got and maintained an erection, how his scrotum would tighten up close to his body the closer he got to orgasm, and that he manufactured thick cum in his heavy balls. Abby was highly embarrassed yet full of questions at the same time.

Subconsciously, his body knew they were fondling him and he grew partially erect. Abby was wide eyed in wonder when she felt him grow in her tiny hand. He wasn’t nearly the size of Isaac, yet seemed formidable just the same. A drop of pre-cum pearled on his cock head and Rose leaned down and licked it off, much to Abby’s surprise. Rose sighed and tenderly laid his cock on his thigh.

“It’s really not fair to use him this way, I just thought it would help you out a bit with your education,” she said with some regret.

“I agree, but thank you just the same. It was kind of fun,” Abby answered, then kissed Rose’s cheek. “When he wakes up I’ll probably not be able to look him in the eye!” she exclaimed with a naughty smile. Rose laughed softly and kissed her back. The girls covered him in warm blankets and quietly left the room.

Trouble came in spades the following day. Just after lunch, shouts rang out from the sentries and everyone ran to their posts. A company of redcoats were marching down the road to the plantation. Two columns of a dozen men led by a mounted officer were approaching at a brisk pace. Bayonets sparkled in the bright sun while the drummer rapped out a solid cadence. George ran up the stairs with June in tow to meet with the girls.

“June, you stay with Abby and Rose no matter what,” he ordered sternly.

She nodded in agreement and bravely smiled up at him. He gathered her in his arms and kissed her deeply. The girls were startled at his show of affection but they hid it masterfully. He then hugged Rose and Abby tightly and kissed their cheeks hard.

“You two do exactly as we’ve planned and you’ll be fine. Listen for my voice and obey immediately.”

“Yes, Papa,” Abby said obediently.

“Of course, George. We’ll miss you terribly!” Rose exclaimed and pulled him in for a quick kiss on his lips. She gave him a flirty wink and squeezed his thick bicep. He colored quickly and flicked a sideways glance at June, who was looking at him lovingly. She winked at him as well, giving his muddled mind plenty to think about. He shook his head as if clearing it of a fog and a happy smile cracked his face.

“Just know that I love you ladies, all three of you are dear to my heart.” The girls all felt their eyes tear up as he turned and walked downstairs to bravely face the enemy.

Abby lined her sights up on the furthest flower pot and when the last soldier was just past it she squeezed the trigger. Her little rifle spat a lead bullet downrange that struck dead center of her target and it detonated with a mighty flash and a roar of exploding black powder. The horseshoe nails flew out like tiny scythes and mowed down the closest redcoats. The remaining troops immediately panicked and ran in a rabble towards the house. Just before they reached the 100 yard flowerpot Abby’s second shot blew it sky high, sleeting death once again through their ranks. Screams rang over the fields and the wounded flailed on the ground in agony. Abby hardened her heart to the din and took a reloaded rifle from Rose’s trembling hand. She watched a few soldiers try to take shelter behind a bench, one that unfortunately for them had a mine sitting on it.

With deadly precision she fired again, instantly killing four cowering troops with the resulting blast. As soon as Rose could reload and hand her a rifle, Abby would determine which mine had the most troops around it and blow it up with a well placed shot. After the last flowerpot had done it wicked job, the smoke slowly disappeared to reveal Abby’s sinister work. Not a redcoat was on his feet or trying to return fire. George and Isaac carefully approached the fallen men and ran their swords through their chests to ensure they were dead. A few cried out in agony as the sharp steel drank their blood. The redcoat officer was trapped under his dying horse and he was moaning in pain. George stood over him and watched as the light faded from his eyes.

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Unexpected Threesome Ch. 50

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First an apology about a continuity error in Chapter 49, which you were all too kind to comment on. I’d drafted a few paragraphs about the girls getting dressed up for a fancy dinner, but them worked out they belonged in a later chapter. I was going to go back and transfer them and bridge the continuity gap, but forgot.

Unfortunately, post publication editing on this site isn’t permitted. As far as I know you need to delete and republish, which seems a confusing way to do it. So unfortunately the error stands.


At about 11.15 we left the apartment, heading down to the yacht. Four women, dressed in spray on mini gym shorts and equally minimalist crop tops in the boat’s mid blue colour scheme and three guys in matching shorts and t shirts.

Ned and the four girls piled into the golf buggy for the trip while the other two guys politely volunteered to walk the short distance.

The marina when we arrived and walked out to the boat was a hive of pre-race activity.

Issie and Julie were already fussing about the boat. Already stripped down to the tiny bikinis we wear when getting the boat ready, Issie was helping Julie lay out the spinnaker sheets; one of those jobs you need to get right if you’re not going to get in a tangle later.

The guys weren’t far behind us, so as we all climbed aboard, we disappeared below to stow our day gear bags and strip down to bikinis and speedos in accordance with our usual patterns; the guys having to be supervised to make sure they complied.

To say that our marina neighbours were friendly as we went about preparing the boat was a gross understatement. The bikinis were doing their usual job of making a statement. Quite a statement.

The Race Week here is a major event and attracts a lot of news coverage. The press must have got wind of a yacht crewed by a bevy of nearly naked women because just about all of the news crews made a point of visiting us — which in any other circumstance would be unusual because as competitors we were nothing more than another also ran. The high profile yachts were all around the other side of the marina.

So repeatedly Ellen and I found ourselves standing on the deck talking to reporters down on the dock; the male ones clearly having trouble staying focused on our faces as they looked up to interview us. Then the girls would have to line up along the deck for the photo; the guys, if they were wanted in the photo at all, making sure they got a safe second rank position.

The TV cameras and their crews were a bit more demanding. Ellen, Julie and I would have to get down on the dock — Julie bringing her expert knowledge of the whole race scene with her — and then after the interview they’d try and get videos of us preparing the yacht. Those spinnaker sheets were laid out and re-laid out nearly half a dozen times before they were ready to leave us alone.

But it was soon time to undock and get out on the race course; a quick trip below to put the shorts and crop tops back on preceding it.

The race was starting in Dent Passage, just outside the entrance to the marina. 100 yachts milling about in a narrow passage, hoisting sails, trying to stay out of the way of yachts starting before you and, more importantly, trying to keep the top of your mast out of the way of planes landing at the Island’s airport. Evidently, it’s considered very bad form to have the top of your mast rip out the bottom of an inbound airplane and, at the least, will get you disqualified from the race.

In these conditions, the starts can be a bit chaotic. A downwind start in about 10 knots of South East breeze which necessitates a perfectly timed run to the line and a perfectly executed spinnaker set if you are going to get away well.

With Julie’s help we managed both; popping the spinnaker on the right of way starboard tack to run along the Eastern side of Dent Passage before gybing onto port for a clearer run out into Whitsunday Passage. But it did cause some consternation to yachts which started on Port and suddenly found themselves having to give right of way to us — not always easy with a spinnaker up.

After about 600 meters, we executed a nice dip pole gybe onto starboard, headed a reasonable distance to the North West out into and up Whitsunday Passage, and then gybed again onto Starboard for a long run up to the first rounding mark at the Eastern corner of Whitsunday Island.

The wind started to lighten as we sailed towards the next mark, causing the fleet to bunch. Looking ahead we could see that what is often called a log-jam was developing around the mark.

Now there are rules which given this situation, essentially limit what distance from the mark you need to be to get an overlap on someone to go inside them at the mark.

But in this situation you’re dealing with yachts which weight 8 or so tonnes, which carry a fair bit of momentum, certainly don’t have brakes and where the yachts coming into the mark are blanketing the wind of those already there. ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar You don’t just have to worry about the boat alongside you, you need to plan what’s going to happen with the boats that are presently well ahead.

Now one way of dealing with that is just take a wide sweeping turn around all the other boats. It’s a nice safe way of doing it but, since it adds a lot of distance to your course and leaves you in a windless hole downwind of everyone else, hardly a race winner.

Without Julie, it still might have been what we did.

But Julie, initially standing next to Ned, was having none of it.

While still well clear of the mark, she directed Ned out to the inside edge of the fleet. Then she briefed the crew on how and when she wanted the spinnaker dropped and jib hoisted. Finally, she supervised and helped us as we set up for a letterbox drop of the spinnaker on the present starboard tack and with the jib set up to be quickly hoisted and brought onto port tack as we gybed the mark, making sure everyone knew their role well before we approached the mark.

Finally, with a wink to Ned, she stripped off her crop top and bikini top to reveal her naked and very impressive breasts and slipped out of her shorts down to her tiny bikini bottom. Taking the hand held VHF radio, she put it on a lanyard around her neck, together with a marlin spike, adjusted it and the yachts main radio to channel 72, and went up to the bow ahead of the forestay. From there she had a clear view of what was happening ahead of the boat, and it would seem from the reactions, most of the crews on most of the boats around us had a clear view of her.

It certainly caused enough distractions and loss of concentration on the other boats that yachts that had previously been level pegging us started to fall back. And as we snuck up the inside of a couple of yachts ahead, it seemed to deter them from overly aggressive defensive manoeuvres; soothed a little by Julie’s sweet ‘sorry’s’ as we did so, even if no rules had actually been broken.

Watching ahead, she radioed back to Ned through the cockpit speakers where he should steer to weave his way through the mess of boats ahead, a path seemingly opening up for us as we went.

As we approached the mark, with yachts all around us, Julie called for the spinnaker pole to be eased forward by Liddy on the brace and the downhaul on it taken in by me standing in the pit. When it was close to the forestay, she stood up on the bow pulpit with an arm wrapped around the end of the pole to support her.

Her near naked body was now visible to every person on every yacht which could see us; and you could sense, clearly a distraction to every male within a 200 meter radius. While I know that was part of her intention, she wasn’t there just for show.

By now we were barely 100 meters from the mark and on the inside. Every other boat around us had already dropped their spinnaker. Finally, with a call of ‘go the spinnaker’, Julie reached up and used the marlin spike to ‘spike the brace’, which is activating a quick release clip so that the tack of the spinnaker comes completely free of the brace.

With the lazy sheet on the clew of the spinnaker led over the boom and down into the cabin where Issie and Ellen were waiting, I released the halyard while they hauled in first the lazy sheet and then the material of the spinnaker itself; executing a perfect letterbox drop.

It all worked beautifully. Like a puff of smoke, the spinnaker simply disappeared into the cabin.

But that didn’t mean there was time to rest. Already, as previously planned, the jib was snaking its way up the forestay; Adam bouncing the halyard at the mast while, initially, Shelley tailed it across the winch next to me.

As soon as the spinnaker was on its way down, I watched as Julie climbed off the pulpit, then as soon as it was safe to do so, lowered the pole’s topping lift so that Harry and Julie on the foredeck could secure the pole in place.

Still Julie stood on the bow, guiding Ned precisely into the mark while using her physical and natural charms to sooth the feelings of those who wanted to be where we were. She’d noticed that the boats ahead, having all but grazed the mark, had gybed late and then been carried downwind by the north flowing tide. So, she got Ned to steer a course a bit further away from the mark, pushing the boats on the outside of us further out as well, while Ellen came back on deck and stood on the aft port corner of the boat dissuading any boat that looked like it might sneak inside us from illegally doing so.

With the wind getting lighter and the blanketing effect of the boats behind worse, we inched towards the turning point. Just before our bow was abeam of the buoy, Julie called out for the gybe.

Shelly and I madly pulled in (then released) the mainsheet and Liddy the jib sheet while Ned turned the boat to just shave the downwind side of the buoy in a very tight rounding elvankent götü büyük escortlar that left us well to windward of every other boat.

Within moments we had cleared the blanketed wind of the boat piled up at the mark and had gained about 15 places from where we had been ten minutes ago as we sailed nicely to windward in clear air and a wind just a little fresher than what you might have expected from before.

Ellen had previously calculated the course to the next mark and I could hear her instructing Ned…

“The course over the ground to the Southern tip of Pine Island is compass bearing 195 degrees. But there a strong northerly tide, so the optimum course looks like 185 degrees.

That was just off close hauled in the current wind. So we trimmed the sheets just out a little for the optimum Velocity Made Good (“VMG”) to the next rounding.

The foredeck having being tidied up, Julie made her way back to the cockpit. Ned smiled at her as she momentarily stood, still all but naked, alongside him…

“Is that how you do all the mark roundings?”

“It depends on the audience. But it’s not the first time I’ve done it. Except at the highest levels, most males won’t deal with you too ruthlessly if you’ve got a pair of exposed tits and a bit of female charm working the bow. Mind you, it was a bit weird the first time dad asked me to do it. Evidently it was an idea mum came up with and employed when she sailed with dad.”

Julie seemed almost reluctant to put back on her tops and the shorts. But redressing, she came and joined the line up on the windward rail; adding our weight to the righting movement of the keel under the boat.

As we approached Pine Island, the wisdom of Ellen’s course direction became evident. The yachts we had rounded the last mark with us were now well to leeward of us and while the slightly broader reach they were sailing gave them a little more boat speed, they were not laying the end of the Island and now had to tack and try and make way directly into a raging tide around the island; letting us overtake a few more boats.

As we passed the end of Pine Island, we eased the sheets a bit to take us the short distance to the Southern end of Long Island, our next turning point.

There we turned further away from the wind a set the spinnaker for a long easy run down the inside of Long Island.

Things started to change a little as we approached the top of the Island and the next turning point. The wind had picked up and the formerly balmy weather had become just a bit more chilly.

That meant we were going to change headsails for the next work and really should consider changing into the next step up clothing; the leggings and long sleeve polo shirts. But time was running out. We had to be quick.

As Ellen, Shelley, Issie, Julie and myself went below for the smaller jib, we did a rapid change of clothing. There was no need for modesty between us. In the main cabin we simply rushed to strip out of everything we had on and put on the leggings and polo top. In our rush, only Issie, who had her gear aboard and the item handy, put on a tiny white g string bikini bottom under the leggings. The rest knew that, even dry, there weren’t entirely opaque, but as long as we stayed moderately dry, it didn’t really matter.

As we lugged the no 2 jib onto the deck and up to the bow, the boys and Liddy were able to let us take control momentarily and drop below to let the boys change into their long white chinos and polos and Liddy to mirror us, taking the number 1 jib back down below with them.

At the top, North West corner of the Island, we executed another perfect letterbox drop of the spinnaker and hoisted the number 2 jib for the long beat back to the finish in Dent Passage. At first everything seemed good and like we’d made the correct choice of jib.

But as we started to clear the Island, it was evident we’d underestimated the wind. A sudden gust caught Adam and Harry doing the hard work of playing the main off guard and nearly spun the boat around as it heeled right over. From that point on it was a full time job playing the mainsheet; dumping it quickly as a gust arrived and then grinding it on again.

It was clear that a reef in the main and a change down to the number 3 jib was required, and quickly. While half of us attended to the reef, the rest went below to haul out the number 3 jib.

It was as we took the number three jib up to the front of the boat that another issue that Ned had been quietly dealing with became evident. The tide had turned during our run up the inside of Long Island and was now running to the South. That might sound good in that it helped push us home a bit, but it also meant we now had wind against tide, giving very short nasty waves that the bow had a habit of dipping right into.

Even so, on a short port tack, Julie quickly and efficiently had the number three up the spare windward track. Now all we had to do was tack back etimesgut çıtır escortlar onto starboard to bring the larger number 2 back to the windward side and bring it down.

That turned out to be easier said than done. With only a couple of us on the bow to suppress it, as it came down, it quickly broke free from our grip, threatening to get washed overboard.

It was a case of all free hands to the front to supress the sail and get it away. And since Ned was on the helm and Harry and Adam playing the all-important mainsheet, that meant it was the six girls.

The weight of extra crew on the bow simply exaggerated the way the bow dipped as it came over every wave. Now as the bow went under a nearly a meter depth of white water cascaded across the foredeck and ran down both side of the boat. And since that foredeck was right where we were sitting trying to get the sail into the bag so we could carry it below, that meant the six of us were getting washed out by water sometimes up to our neck; one hand on the sail, the other grabbing at the stanchions, lifelines and the jackstay to keep us aboard.

We eased the sail, finally secured untidily in its bag, at least enough to keep it under control, back over the cabin roof where the six of us could finally stand on the windward side deck to try and carry it in its wet and heavy state back below.

It was at this time that the full transparency of the white leggings I’d chosen became truly evident. Let’s just say that, in a group where it was evident that there was nothing more than a small landing strip among us to provide camouflage — and it was only Julie with even that — we’re talking full VJJ and puckerhole displays. Basically like you had nothing on at all. Only Issie, whose white g string bikini pants stood out clearly on her body, and Liddy, who in her haste to change had left her blue bikini pants on, had even a modicum of modesty left.

But we were needed on deck quickly so it was very much a come as you are party headed topside where our weight was required along the side deck to provide more righting moment; the classical sailors pose of your bum on the side deck facing outwards with your legs shoved under the lifelines and lower legs hanging down on the side of the boat as you leaned into the lifelines. So at that point you could add a row of twelve nipples poking out on high beam through our polo shirts to the display we offered up to any nearby boats.

I’d like to say we went unnoticed. But of course we’d created a boat that was meant to be noticed and there were two competitors to windward of us who knew full well which boat we were. We’d even been bantering with them just before we went into the spinnaker takedown.

They’d been complementing our leggings and cleavage displaying polo shirts outfits — the first time they’d been seen in the regatta.

Now as we sat on the windward rail, we were directly facing them. Of course, in normal circumstances, their crew — except for the skipper and mainsail trimmers — would also be on the windward rail, facing away from us.

But these weren’t normal circumstances. Yes, they were lined up on the windward rail. But for as long as their neck muscles would tolerate it, they had their heads craned around, looking at us. Waving and smiling certainly. But let’s just say they weren’t always looking at our faces. Because as the boat crashed over and through waves, and more white water poured along the side deck under and over us, it was impossible to keep your thighs demurely together. And that’s before worrying about what the gusts and occasional bigger waves were doing to the plunging necklines of our wet polo shirts.

If any of us were paranoid about our modesty, I suppose there might have been a problem. But that was not us. Some of us had never been fussed in the first place. The rest had grown to accommodate a change of attitude. We just waved back.

And watched. Watched as what became known as the Julie principle took effect.

A big gust hit the boat just to windward of us as the sheet trimmers and skipper were, shall we say, inappropriately distracted. They didn’t react quickly enough to dump sheet and correct the turn, with the result they spun out of control into an unintended tack, nearly taking out the other boat just behind them.

The boat that lost control lost nearly 600 meters by the time they recovered and the other boat about half that; leaving us temporarily sailing in clear wind and with no male gaze upon us (other than the men on board our boat).

But about half way back to Hamilton Island, the serious race boats — having done a longer course — started to come past us. Because the course was more or less a straight line to the finish, a well navigated boat would almost certainly be on the line we were on. And since many of these boats had professional crew — and as a result a professional navigator — on board, the fact they were on exactly the same line as us was an incredible compliment to Ellen and her navigation.

First to pass us was one of the hundred foot long yachts that normally contest the Sydney Hobart line honours race. They must have had 20 males on board. Of course, these are the hard core race guys you’d expect to be fully focused on their race. But the also the hard core testosterone overdose types too.

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The Hand Jobs

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Roni and I were young—thirty years old, maybe—when one early September evening we visited friends and went skinny dipping in their pool. It wasn’t the first time we’d all been naked together, the ice breaker happened years before when we stripped off at the beach one night after dark. Originally, it was the girls’ idea to go for an erotic nude swim and no red-blooded young man would pass up the opportunity to show off his cock to two naked women. So, Ken and I were more than willing to toss away our swim trunks. Years later, none of us were afraid to bare it all and everyone still loved the feeling of swimming nude, so those nighttime pool parties had become something of an infrequent ritual. With their kids away for sleep-overs at friends’ homes, the yard dark enough for the neighbors not to see, once again, we ended up losing our suits.

After almost two hours in the pool, we had all drunk more wine than necessary to get a pleasant glow and there wasn’t an inhibition to be found. Thanks to spending that time with two wet and naked women under the moonlight, when we stepped out of the water to dry off, both Ken and I showed off our raging hard-ons. Of course the ladies noticed.

My wife, Roni, is tall and shapely and if you like women quick to get hard nipples all you have to do is put her in the water and enjoy her tits. If you like women with a thick pelt of curly pubic hair, Roni’s neatly trimmed triangle never fails to please. That night, she couldn’t help staring at Ken’s huge cock. He made it obvious that he caught her looking.

“Something here that you’re interested in, Veronica?”

She giggled. “Well, yes, Kenny. It’s probably not the first time you’ve caught me looking. You’ve got the biggest…thing I’ve ever seen. And at the moment you seem to be a little aroused.”

Ken was six-five with an appropriately large shlong. I’d guess it measured out at eight to nine inches and was as thick as an overripe English cucumber.

His wife, Joyce, a short and cuddly brunette with a pair of big round knockers said, “Once he gets a woody like that, there’s only a couple of ways to calm him down.”

Ken smiled. “Can I have a hand job now, honey?”

Joyce laughed. “I gave you a hand job yesterday.” She surprised me with her next comment. “If Roni looks interested. Maybe she’ll give you one. Less work for me.”

Ken looked at Roni, raised his eyebrows, and grinned.

Ronni sighed, “Do you need a hand job, Kenny?” She asked sweetly, her speech a little slurred from the wine, and she never glanced at me for approval.

Masturbating another guy since we’d been married would be a first, and I wondered if she was making a serious offer.

“Ummm, Kenny likes hand jobs,” he said, sounding like an oversized nitwit.

“OK, Kenny. Joyce says I should, and my sweetie says I give the best hand jobs in the world.”

“Oh yeah, I deserve the best,” he said, rubbing his cock a couple times.

My eyes popped as she wrapped her fingers around his meat and began giving him one of her fantastic hand jobs—three short, fast strokes; three long, slow strokes; three fast, three slow, all while fondling his balls. I stared at my beautiful wife. Her dark brown hair was wet, the cool breeze had made her nipples as hard as acorns, and in the moonlight I could see Ken staring from her firm tits to her dark pubic bush that was trimmed short enough to show a just hint of clitoris and ankarada yeni escortlar back again.

I loved watching her masturbate our friend and my cock kept growing and began to ache.

When Ken started to moan with pleasure, Roni quickened her pace.

“Feel good, Kenny?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna cum.” He closed his eyes and tilted his head up, reveling in the intense pleasure.

Joyce and I watched them carefully. Standing close to me, she said, “He’s loving this. I’ll have to ask her how she does that.”

I looked down at her jugs. Her large nipples had also darkened and turned into hard points. “Watching the show makes me feel pretty good, too.”

“Go ahead, Kenny,” Roni said, “Let it go. Cum for me.”

It hadn’t taken long before he blasted out an explosion of spunk and groaned so loud I thought he’d wake the neighbors.

I wondered if Joyce had gotten as turned on as I did. I looked at her again and said, “I’m jealous and now I need that kind of attention.”

I wondered if she would suggest that Roni take care of me next so she and Ken could watch. I would have loved that.

Joyce tilted her head and wrinkled up her nose, trying to look put-off, but I could tell she had gotten aroused by Roni and Ken’s show. Her nipples looked as if they needed to be sucked.

“OK,” she said, “if I give you a hand job, you’d better buy me flowers.”

I agreed immediately. A small cost for desperately needed sexual pleasure.

Joyce gripped my hard cock like she was holding a tennis racket, began jerking me off and asked, “Does that feel good, baby?”

I nodded. “Mmmm, perfect. Squeeze my balls while you’re down there.”

I heard Roni. “I think we started something, Kenny.”

With each stroke she pushed back my foreskin and then recovered the swollen head of my dick. “Ooo, look at you,” she said, tugging on my scrotum. “You started off nice and hard, but the more I do, the thicker you get. Kenny’s not the only one with a big dick around here.”

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned, “and my wife is not the only one who gives a great hand job. This feels sooo good. A little faster now. Oh, yeah. Beautiful.” I wanted to close my eyes and relax, but I couldn’t stop watching her knockers bounce as she stroked my cock.

It didn’t take me long. Her hand felt so good and my cock was so hot, I stretched and stood on my toes just before I came and then shot a load of cream that hit Joyce on the thigh.

“Oh, you bad boy,” she said. “Look what you did. What are we going to do with you men? Always making a mess.”

“Don’t act shocked,” Ken said. “You girls seem pretty happy playing with our cocks.”

Joyce giggled, sounding pleasantly drunk. “Now you guys owe us something.”

“More than flowers?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah!”

Roni and Ken were standing close after having taken their turn watching us.

“Joyce,” Roni said, “I think our husbands are easy to please.”

“This reminds me of High School. On a date, I’d give Kenny a hand job, but back then he’d be happy for a week. Not anymore. The more I do, the more he wants.”

“They are so horny,” Roni said. “My sweetie was never satisfied just getting a hand job. Back then we always started out with a few oral things.”

“Ohhh?” Joyce said, “You never told me. Now, I want to hear all about it.”

“Did my husband just promise to do something for you?”

“He said he’d buy me flowers. bayan escort elvankent And he owes you for letting him get a hand job from me. And Kenny owes me. Did you see how happy he was while you were playing with his Willy? I like the idea of them getting oral with us.”

“Talking about sex turns me on,” Roni said. “Let’s go inside and I’ll tell you a few kinky stories. We’ll get nice and hot and make the guys pay off.”

“Oh, good. I could use a big orgasm about now,” Joyce said. “You guys can use the guest room bed.”

“I won’t have any trouble collecting,” Roni said. “How about Kenny, does he pay his debts?”

“I’ll promise to give him another hand job tomorrow if he gets it up again and does me tonight. He’ll be happy to pay off.”

My heart was still pounding when the girls wrapped towels around their nude bodies and started walking to the house.

“You boys had better clean up before coming in,” Roni whispered over her shoulder. “We’re not done with you yet.

Joyce laughed.

“What do you want from us, honey?” Ken asked.

“What do you think, sweetums? Girls get horny, too.”

I loved hearing that dirty talk from the girls. Before we made it back into the house my dick was rock hard again and ready to go.

* * * *

An hour and another glass of wine later (one none of us needed) Roni and I were lying in bed—I was on my back and she had her head on my shoulder while massaging the base of my cock. A soft fifteen watt bulb glowed in a small table lamp giving just the right amount of light to see our nude bodies in the dim glow.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“Beautiful. I love how you do that.”

“Good. Now tell me what you think.”

I couldn’t help teasing her. “About what?”

She pinched my hard dick. “What do you think? You looked more than interested while I was taking care of Kenny.”

I smiled. “Oh, that.” I sighed for a little dramatic effect. “I guess that was one of the most erotic things I can remember seeing. Not everyone gets turned on when another guy sees his wife nude, but I sure do. And watching you give him a hand job was enough to put a lot of lead in my pencil.”

“I noticed. You got very big. And I must admit watching Joyce play with your cock turned me on, too.”

“If she wasn’t willing to do it for me, I would have had to jerk myself off.”

“No you wouldn’t. Anyway, more than once you’ve said you had fantasies about watching me masturbate another man. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I’m glad it pleased you.”

“Would you like to do it again?”

“Would you like to watch me again?”

“I’ll leave the choice of wanking another man up to you. But if you decide to do it again, I’d want to watch.”

“Tonight was an opportunity. I don’t think I would do it with Kenny again. Let’s see if another occasion presents itself.”

“Okay. Getting your fantasy fulfilled doesn’t often happen more than once. I’ll let you decide if another time looks right. Just thinking about it has me hard as a rock again. Will you take care of that for me?”

“I will, but remember what I said about us getting oral? Since you owe me for that show I put on, I expect a little TLC first. Ready to get down to business?”

“I’d love to, but let’s start with you to showing me what you want me to lick.”

Roni showed me a naughty smile. “I know exactly what you want me to escort bayan etimesgut do, don’t I? You love it when I spread my legs and show off Miss Kitty, don’t you?”

“One of my favorite things. Now why don’t you use a couple of pillows and sort of lounge against the headboard? That way I can get a good look and you can use your fingers to show me where you want me to start licking.”

Roni sat up and after I propped up two pillows for her to lean against, I positioned myself at the foot of the bed kneeling between her open legs and with her feet resting on my knees. She gently swung her shoulders making her tits sway back and forth and jiggle. Then she reached down to her pussy and using two fingers parted her lips showing me her pink vulva. “Is this what you want me to do?” she asked unnecessarily. “You want to see my wet kitty? This is what you can lick for me—right here.” She used the index finger of her other hand to make little circles all around her clitoris. “Oooo, that feels good, but your tongue will feel better.”

“I promise to lick you until you cum, but first I want to watch you diddle yourself. Go ahead and make your clit feel good.”

She drew her finger up and down the length of her vulva and then dipped her middle finger into her twat wetting it with love juice. With plenty of lubrication, she went back to massaging her clit.

Without taking my eyes from her “Jilling off” Miss Kitty, I placed her toes on either side of my hard cock and began pumping my hips, fucking her feet. My dick was getting so big that the foreskin didn’t cover the entire head. I felt like I had only moments until I came for the second time that night.

“Stop,” I said. “If I keep this up I’ll cum again. Swing your legs off the side of the bed so I can get my face between your thighs and lick that beautiful wet pussy.”

Roni moved herself and put one of the pillows behind her head and rested her heels on the bed frame board while I kneeled on the floor between her wide open legs. I began by inserting my tongue into her love canal then licked her vulva until I got to her clitoris where I spent time flicking my tongue over the pearl of her oyster. She gets very vocal during oral sex even in places where she may be overheard.

“Oooo, that feels sooo good.” She moaned.

“You taste good too.”

I went back to licking and she certainly didn’t stop moaning with pleasure. A long moment later her moaning sounded more urgent. She began to undulate her hips and with her thighs she squeezed my head tight enough that I thought I might come away with cauliflower ears. Finally, she shuddered and came with an explosion of love juice.

Only moments later, Roni repositioned herself on the bed and opened her legs for me.

“You had better saddle up, cowboy, it’s getting late and we’ve got to take care of that big hard thing of yours.”

I slipped my cock into her slippery, wet pussy and immediately began pumping away. As I watched my shaft slide in and out of her hole I felt almost mesmerized by the repetitive movements and enraptured by the experience of her tight cunt. But I wasn’t so preoccupied not to see Roni fingering her nipples with her left hand and diddling her clit with two fingers of her right. Soon, she made herself cum again, but I couldn’t stop fucking her. I continued faster and more urgently for a few more minutes before I felt the ecstasy of that familiar eruption in my loins.

I crawled next to Roni’s back, pushed my cock to rest between the cheeks of her ass and cupped her right breast with my palm.

She made a sleepy, satisfied moan before asking, “You promised Joyce flowers for a quickie hand job. What do I get for all this hardcore sex?”

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Sunday, with Feral Lesbians

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Big Tits

It gets busy around here in September.

We call them Peepers. They arrive in New England in droves, usually in rental cars, clogging up our otherwise empty country roads and serene two-lane highways. They cram themselves into our sugar shacks and roadside fruit stands, buying up leaf-shaped glass bottles of maple syrup and tea towels with moose on them. They tromp around our forests, frightening the turkeys, throwing litter every which way, and despite everything we say, every sign, every pamphlet, every PSA on North Woods Law — feeding the fucking bears.

I write more tickets and deal with more human-animal altercations in September than the entire rest of the year.

“Out of milk,” Moira tells me, closing the fridge and starting to eat her cereal dry out of the bowl with her fingers. “Should go to Shaws.”

This a classic Moira linguistic maneuver. Note the utter lack of any kind of subject in this sentence. She does not say “I should go to Shaws.” She avoids saying “you should go to Shaws,” or even “we…” but rather mislays the subject of the sentence entirely so that she can tell me to do it without telling me to do it. “Should go to Shaws” means I should volunteer to drive the 20 minutes to the store and go pick up the milk, or I’m an asshole.


I’m already getting up. Here’s the thing about Moira. Six years later, she is one of the most deliberately manipulative and slightly evil women I have ever dated, and I’m head over goddamn heels with her. It’s also true that when my dad died she spent three days managing my entire surly and taciturn family, herding them from the funeral home to the burial to the reception hall without losing too many of my large, bearded and enflanneled cousins at the local dive bars on the way.

I’m slightly baffled by, and fairly terrified of her. I’m also pretty sure that anywhere she is, is home.

“Be home before dark,” she says as I’m pulling my coat and boots on.

“I’m a cop and I work night patrol,” I point out.

“You write tickets and pull raccoons out of people’s basements.”

“Sometimes I call for backup.”

“Only when there’s more than one raccoon.” She continues crunching her cereal, leaned up against the milk-less fridge, dark gaze roving up and down my body in a way that always, always makes me wet. Instantly. “You don’t want to get caught by that pack of feral lesbians.”

I laugh. This is the joke. Every time someone posts on the town Facebook page about the gays and pride flags and how we should be so “in your face” or flips out and calls the police when The Duchess shows up and reads to kids at the local library at Drag Queen Storytime, every time someone posts the classic “we must protect the high school bathrooms from the perversions of people who really honestly just need to fucking pee,” we nod and smile and say “yes, the feral lesbians, they’ll come get you in the night.”

These are the monsters our neighbors are afraid of, after all. The face-shoving gayness, the confrontational presence of a couple holding hands or — god forbid — kissing in front of their children or, you know, using the bathroom that’s right for their gender and now everyone’s flipping out because they aren’t willing to just say ankara evi olan escortlar trans or nonbinary people exist when their kid wants to know why the pretty lady in the bathroom has a beard.

Because the worst thing we could possibly do is teach kids loving acceptance, after all.

“I’ll be careful,” I reassure her.

Outside the world is an autumn postcard come to life. Brilliant oranges and yellows, and as the sun is setting and a gold leaf turns in the wind, the light bounces bright, almost shimmery. Further down the lake road Mr. Vu has begun the long process of burning all the leaves he’s painstakingly raked off his perfect lawns, and the air is redolent with woodsmoke.

Moira and I are a little more haphazard. Leaves stay on the ground in our yard, for the most part although I keep the walkways swept and rake a path for Moira for her motorcycle from the bike shed to the road.

What the peepers don’t get is that it’s not just September. New England life is good pretty much year round.


As it turns out Moira’s warning wasn’t exactly for naught.

I stopped to help a tourist change a flat — and typical of someone not around here, he wasn’t chagrined that a woman half his size had to change his tire for him; it has less to do with the gender thing than self reliance — and dusk kind of caught up with me.

So when I stopped the second time for a figure waving me down from the side of the road, it was almost dark.

They waited until I’d pulled over, and gotten most of the way out of my truck. “Everything all right?” I called out, and stayed for a second behind the open truck door, also grabbing the mag light I keep for these kinds of situations. I also have a shotgun, but I can count the number of times I’ve used it around humans on one hand, after fifteen years of service as a country cop.

The figure didn’t respond, but turned and ran into the trees.

“Hey,” I called out again. This wasn’t a mere raccoon situation. I wasn’t sure it was exactly a backup situation either, and I didn’t have a radio anyway. I pulled out my cellphone although I could predict what I saw. The granite hills wreak havoc with reception; no bars.

“Fucking peeper tourists,” I muttered. Every local would be at home, having supper and cheering the Patriots on as they beat the stuffing out of whoever else.

You’re going to ask me why I left the shotgun in the car, maybe because you watch too many cop shows or something. You’ll ask and I’ll tell you. You know when you don’t use a gun? When you’re dealing with a situation you know nothing about, with human beings running around in the mostly-dark. That’s a recipe for fucking disaster, I’m telling you right now.

The mag light however was useful. It cast a massive glaring cone of light through the trees and undergrowth, and now I could pick out another figure there, moving. Then a third… then a fourth.

Jumping a log here, ducking behind a tree there. Always just in the light’s wash for a moment, before disappearing out of sight.

A flash of long hair, a powerful but clearly feminine figure. And… skin.

No, really, that was skin, I realized, just as there was a thud and crunch of leaves to my right elvankent olgun escortlar and I swung the flashlight around just in time to catch the flash of a bare leg, a bare foot.

Then something bolted by me. Someone.

With a smell of moss, and cedar. A brush against my right side, like an animal, more startling than real impact, but I still staggered, and fell.

The light went out of my hand, and rolled. I reached for it, but then there was another figure, just out of the low light’s cone. That cone lifted, pivoted, blazed into the canopy over me for a moment and then —

All the light was gone.


And then they were on me. How many I wasn’t certain, but in the dark I heard multiple feet, the draw and exhale of many breaths.

And hands. Everywhere.

I struggled, immediately although what was happening I still wasn’t completely certain — they were human, right? Human… mostly women? I thought? Maybe?

Then my belt was being unbuckled. My shirt, pulled over my head just far enough to trap my arms against my ears, then held like that.

I was breathing through the fabric.

While my shoes went, and then strong hands, multiple hands pulled my pants off.

Loam, cedar, moss. That pleasant human smell, fresh sweat. And something else. Was that hot sweet smell my aroused wetness? Theirs?

A stupid time to be aroused and this was like a fifteen raccoon situation here but they were spreading my legs, hands were on my body, my hips, my sides, my breasts my

fuck my nipples

and deft fingers pushed into my cunt.

And then my ass.

Held. Shoulders in leaves and dirt, still trapped and breathing through my own sweatshirt, unable to see anything, hips lifted, thighs held apart and fucked. And fucked. And fucked.

Now the silence was broken by my cries, first startled and okay, maybe a little scared and then rough, needy, then pleading, and in and around that I could hear them, too. Low murmurs, without language. Warm, feral growls.

I came. I came multiple times in succession, hips bucking into the hands that felt like they were everywhere, in me and on me and over me, fingers in brisk tug of my nipples as I shuddered and bucked and wet soaked out of me to drip on the forest floor.

I came and writhed and they didn’t relent, but pushed more fingers into my ass, and the first mouth fixed over my now drenched and dripping cunt.

Tongue delving and the scrape of teeth that seemed

slightly sharper than usual

I howled came again

And now my shirt was pulled completely off and I was naked among them. Figures of different shapes and sizes, barely visible not that I could see straight anyway, and then I found myself pinned to the ground, hands holding my shoulders down, a fist tangled in my hair so that when one of them spread herself over me and dragged her sweet folds across my lips and nose, I had no way to move, nowhere to go.

As if to demonstrate how it was done, the mouth between my thighs devoured my cunt greedily. Sucked. Probed. Licked. Flicked, Dragged. Fucked. The fingers in my ass hooked, and tugged.

As I came again, I told myself I had no choice, and the figure over etimesgut sarışın escortlar me gave a moaning growl, as my lips parted and I drank in the wetness. Salt, sweet. More drenched my tongue, and she moved, rocked. Those pointed teeth dragged my clit.

The figure over me ground herself over my lips and tongue.

I came again. And again.

The woman over me was relentless. Her body was a demand; she needed no words, and said none. I knew what I was supposed to do and I did it. Even as she rode and then stopped, and I was held down, every hole taken, running out of air as her body stopped my breath.

When I got back something more like consciousness she was moving off of me, having just come.

They turned me. Ass up, knees held and spread apart, body suspended among them, hands and mouths and bodies everywhere. Under me. Against me. In me. Later I would remember the drag not just of hands over my breasts, my ass, tight grip of their hands around my skull as they rode me, rode my mouth, but also the soft spill of their hair over my naked skin.

Smell, that woods smell that I’d worked and lived in most of my life but was concentrated here and mingled with the headysweet musk of sex, so that I would never again go in the woods without remembering how they smelled.

They took my ass, my cunt, over and over. Mouths and fingers. Once, the thick insistence of a fist, every knuckle palpable inside me, like gnarled wood, while I wailed and thrashed, and the others groaned encouragement and held me open wide for her.

I would think I could take no more, not my body, not my ass or my cunt, or my mouth. Lips, bruised and thick and over-sensitive, just like my aching, clenching ass and abused, drenched folds.

But I could. I did. I lost track of time, among them. Somewhere simply gave up, and my body became theirs, deep in the woods.


I came to just before dawn.

Instead of finding myself naked under the trees, splayed-limbed, instead I found myself in a highly competent brush shelter. Clothes back on, tucked up into a pile of leaves with my mag light and keys set conspicuously on a flat rock at the shelter’s small mouth. I was sore, pleasantly bruised. Everywhere. Also … utterly cozy and warm.

Emerging I found I was only a few hundred yards from the road and my truck. Had I only come that far into the forest?

As I stood up, stretched, felt everywhere

fuck everywhere

they’d had me and touched me and gripped me, I considered the shelter. And then, like any good outdoorswoman, I pulled it apart and scattered it.

So that as I finally left that place in the forest, there’d be no sign anyone had been there at all.


Moira was lounging on our secondhand sofa when I came home and put the milk in the fridge (I judged the night had been cool enough that it wouldn’t have spoiled in the truck).

“Get lost on the way to the Shaws?” she inquired, utterly unconcerned about my absence for most of the night, and total lack of phone call.

“Uh, no.” I considered how to relate all of this, while that dark and a-little-too-knowing gaze pinned me into the cabin wall. “No, more on the way home.”

“Hm.” She smiled at me, that little lip-quirk that says everything and nothing and drives me completely bonkers. She picked up the socks she’d been knitting, and began another round, deft fingers working.

“Feral lesbians,” I said, a little too quickly, a little too sharply.

She didn’t even look up, just nodded.



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