Please, Do Not Move

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Please, do not move.

He lifts my arms to the headboard, slowly, tenderly, like he would ask me permission silently.

“Do not move.”

I lay naked on this bed that I have shared with him for so little time. We almost just met. A month, not longer and it already looks like longer than that! He now lifts his body from mine and his eyes are looking at me intensively. His hands draw me, weighting my firms and mature breasts.

“You are so beautiful”

I feel his sex becoming hard on my tummy, throbbing, searching his nest. How I love to feel him like that! My breasts become harder, my nipples point towards that man with desire.

“Please, do not move” he repeats as my hand reaches for his cock, totally hard now. I want to touch, to direct him! This awaiting drives me crazy! I get wet. My sex opens, desires his cock in me!

All this started earlier that evening while we were at that blues concert. Such sensual music, so perfect for the moment! While he still caresses me, I am remembering that magic eryaman bayan escort moment:

It is the intermission, and he directs me on the terrace of the pub where the show is playing. The sea runs at our feet. Lifting me on the handrail, he knees down. Running his hands up my thighs under my dress, he takes off my underwear and put them in his pants pocket. For now, we are alone but I am afraid some one could come and see us. Kneeling in front of me he says:

“I am ready to open my heart to you like I haven’t since a long time. I promise you there will be no routine, just passion and pleasure.”

While saying that, his hand plays softly on my now totally offered pussy lips. The second part of the show seems without end. I got one and only need: him!

He now puts back my hands to the headboard. Leaning over me, he kisses my hard nipples. Following the curves of my body with one hand while the other holds my arms still, I can feel his caress on my side sneaking down my belly button. My back arches to feel escort sincan even more this kiss and this hand touching my wet sex. Soon his tongue follows the course of the hand finding my desire lair.

Putting my thighs apart, he tastes me. Taking all his time, he draws my lips with his tongue. He catches them firmly for after kiss them softly, releasing that clit awaiting him, throbbing. His licks are so good that I whisper a sigh of desire, almost of pain. Oh, how my hands wish to take that head, to push it against my clit, deeper in me! I so do not want him to stop! I do not move as he ordered me:

“Please, do not move”

I force myself to stay, motionless under that touch, wishing it stronger, more intense. I submit myself to that tender torture he imposes me.

Now he licks me more intensively as he feels my cry for him growing stronger. At the moment I feel about to explode in that thirsty mouth, he stops and shares my juices in a kiss like I have never experienced with my past lovers. elvankent escort bayan His hard cock finds the entrance of my pain, my desire, and thrusts in deeply as I scream of joy!

Our lips try to drink from each other’s kiss, his movements in and out intensify: faster and deeper. I can’t breathe anymore! Breaking our lips, he says to me:

“Sometimes I want to make love to you soft and tender just like this” As he slows down. “And tell you I love you, I love you. Some other times, I want to take you and make you all mine!”

Sealing up our lips again, his thrust becomes like an urge, more intense. My body moves accordingly with him, I melt, get lost in his desire. My breath shortens, my sex palpitates from his own life! I explode from that desire I have for him! We reach orgasm in unison, united by this incredible passion growing between us since the blues concert earlier, gasping our air, shaking, satisfied…for now.

Resting in his arms, his hands caressing my tits delightfully, I find back my breath in a passionate kiss shared with him. Then, I fall asleep, finding dreamland where he makes love to me again and again. I know that tomorrow will be marvellous: Full of new desires, new experiences with more passion, love and submission to that man who wants me all!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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