Pool Time

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“Hi dad,” the voice on the phone said. “What are you doing this afternoon?”

“Nothing planned son. Why do you ask?”

“I need a big favor.”

“Ha ha,” I chuckled, “imagine that.”

“No seriously dad, you know that audition I went on last week?”

“For that reality television show?”

“Yeah, I got a call back.”

“Great, so they liked you, huh?”

“I hope so, but hey, it’s a chance for a nice paycheck.”

“Yeah, well, I imagine anything pays better than cleaning pools.”

“Dad, that’s what I’m calling about. I figure I can make all my calls today except one. It’s way out in Huntington Beach and even if I made it and got the pool done the drive back would kill my making the appointment. You would really save me if you could make that call for me.”

“Huntington Beach, eh? Well, I guess I could go out and see Jack this evening.”

“Hey, great idea. Irvine is right up the road from this client. So you’ll do it?”

“Yeah, why not. I could use a little sun on my face.”

“Fantastic! Look, I’ll send you the directions and stuff by e-mail. You’ll need to come by the shop to pick up my truck. You know where the keys will be. It’s a sweet job so I can’t afford to lose the contract.”

“That’s cool son. You don’t need to convince me. I already said I’d do it.”

“You’re a lifesaver, dad. By the way, after seeing your legs in shorts the other day, I’d say you need sun on more than just your face.”

“I love you, too, son. What time is the appointment?”

“It’s at three. Thanks again dad. I gotta run…’Hey! Where’s your fuckin’ signal, asshole!’…Sorry, damn tourists. Tell Jack I said, hello.”

“I will…. And take it easy out there!”

“Yeah, I will. I’ll call you tonight.”

“Okay, bye Brandon.”…….*click*

Brandon’s business had really blossomed from the weekend enterprise it had sprung from. I guess his hard work and dedication was paying off. I didn’t see him nearly as often as I use to. It only seemed like yesterday he was always coming by asking for a loan. I had to admit, that boy had always made good on his debts. I couldn’t deny him his request. He was right too; I could use some sun on my legs. Smartass!

I looked at my watch. Hmmm…11am. “Well, I’ve got a few hours to kill,” I said out loud. I decided to sit out on the patio and write for a little while. Thoughts had been flowing for a few days and I needed to jot them down before I lost my muse. It wasn’t getting any easier to remember things as I approached my 50th birthday. I had begun to feel my age. I collected my journal and as I opened the sliding glass door, I heard the fax line ring and the whir of the machine as it printed out Brandon’s directions. I moved the chaise into the sun and settled in to accomplish “great feats of creativity.”

Two hours later I awoke from my apparent nap. My journal was lying face down on the stone patio. I hadn’t written more than a few lines. What disturbed me most was the sting I was realizing coming from my reddened legs and face. I was sunburned, big time. I looked at my watch. It was nearly half past one. I picked up the journal and went inside to shower.

The water was soothing at first. My legs were pretty toasty. I turned up the hot water to try to draw the heat out of them. It was more than I could handle. I rinsed my hair and stepped out into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I smiled at the image facing me. “Not too bad for an old guy,” I remarked to myself. Though I was just a few months away from my birthday, I didn’t see an “ole dude” standing there. Yes, I felt that way some days but the Lord had been good to me. I still had all my hair and had managed through the years to keep the excess weight off. I was in great shape, all things considered. My hair was really beginning to get long, so, I figured if I was going to make the appointment I’d just have to brush it, pull it back, and let it dry on the way. I dressed quickly, choosing to wear shorts again to keep the pain of the burn from bothering me. An old tank top and some deck shoes completed my ensemble. I grabbed my keys and a “Dew” from the fridge and headed for Brandon’s shop.

I arrived at the shop and found the truck parked in back. The keys were in the usual place. I’d grown accustomed to helping my son with his business when the seasons changed. I checked for chemicals and jumped in the truck to start the air conditioner. It was getting hotter and I knew my crispy legs would appreciate the cool air. “Damn!” I forgot the directions to the house but there on the dash was an envelope with my name on it. I opened it, finding the directions and a note saying…’Knew you’d forget the data, so here…Brandon’ The kid had me pegged. I headed away from the shop on the road to Huntington Beach.

Traffic was relatively light for early afternoon. The pickup rumbled along the highway at an easy pace. The Huntington Beach exit appeared on the horizon. The radio announcer said the time was 2:30. I realized I was going to be early. At the traffic light at the end of the exit I glanced at the directions Brandon had so thoughtfully provided. The house was only a few blocks away. I pulled into a hamburger joint and grabbed a bite to tide me over until dinner then proceeded up the palm-lined eryaman escort bayan street turning right when I got to the intended one. This area of Huntington Beach was relatively new to me but the streets were well marked and I had no problem locating the house. “Hmmm…42135…yeah this is the place,” I thought to myself as I pulled into the alley access. The driveway was long and narrow and lined on either side with privacy fences. I pulled into the parking area and parked the truck.

On the fence near the gate a sign directed me to ring the buzzer. A minute after I did so, a voice blared from the intercom asking, “May I help you?” My reply was simply “pool service” and instantly I heard the sound of the latch being remotely opened. I pushed the gate and entered into a well-maintained courtyard. The pool was straight ahead. I propped the gate and proceeded to unload the tools I’d need from the truck stacking them inside on the concrete sidewalk. When I reached the pool there was no sign of anyone so I started the routine of checking PH and chlorine levels. I heard steps on the balcony but as I looked toward the sound I could see only the movement of curtains at the sliding glass door. Moments later a maid appeared, acknowledged my presence, and told me if I needed anything to use the pool house facilities.

The pool was average in size for an in-ground one. There was a diving board and chaise lounge chairs at opposite corners. There were several tables and a phone sitting on one of them. My survey noted that the house had three stories with a balcony on each. The house was lined with windows that seemed to wrap the house in glass. There were clay tiles on the roof and it appeared to be a well-kept place. The lawn was manicured and I could smell the roses growing in an adjoining garden next to the pool house. It was quiet.

As I finished adding the chlorine and checking the pump next to the pool house I realized I was getting thirsty and entered the pool house to help myself to the beverages the maid had spoken of. Inside I found a refrigerator filled with soda and beer. There was also a well stocked bar. I grabbed a coke and continued looking around the room. Suddenly, I heard a splash. I wheeled around looking out the large window but could not determine what had caused it. I went back outside to investigate. When I reached the edge of the pool I caught a glimpse of the origin of the disturbance. A head popped out of the water and there in front of me was a young woman.

“Oh,” she exclaimed, “Where did you come from? I didn’t think anyone was here.”

“Pool service ma’am,” I said. “I was in the pool house.”

“I won’t be in your way long, I just needed to cool off a bit before I started studying,” she said as she pointed to a stack of books on one of the chairs. “I love to study out here in the sun. It’s so refreshing by the pool.”

“You won’t be in my way,” I replied. “I’m just taking a few minutes before I start vacuuming.”

“Great,” she quipped and disappeared below the water’s surface again.

I lit a cigarette and sat in one of the chairs across from the one she had pointed to. I watched as she swam a few laps and then made her way to the ladder. She went under once more and as she surfaced, she flipped her hair behind her and climbed out of the pool grabbing a towel that lay next to it.

Her hair was dark, shoulder length, almost black and her obvious love for the sun showed as she was deeply tanned. She was short. I estimated probably only five feet in height. Her legs seemed long for her stature but I figured the cut of her bathing attire attributed to the illusion of their length. She wore a bright pink bikini that covered just enough of her to keep her “decent” for mixed company. Her body was well proportioned but not exceedingly over-developed. Her bust was moderate but the bikini top was tight and gave the appearance of greater endowment. I guessed her to be in her mid-twenties. I had yet to see her face clearly. She dabbed at herself with the towel and walked quickly to a chair next to her books, slipped on a pair of sunglasses and sat down facing me.

“I’m Jen,” she said. “You’re not the regular pool guy.”

“No,” I answered. “Brandon is my son. I’m just helping him out this afternoon. He had a pressing engagement to attend, so, here I am.”

“Hey, Brandon’s dad,” she replied. “Could I bum one of your cigarettes? I’m trying to quit but I don’t have much will power. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it.”

I nodded and walked around the end of the pool toward her. As I approached I could see how smooth and dark her skin was. The pink bikini contrasted her color quite nicely. Although the sunglasses covered her eyes I could tell she was quite lovely. Her high cheekbones and angular jaw reminded me of several models I had seen and her hair, still wet, had a deep reddish tint to it. Her lips were thin and as I neared she smiled, showing her pearl white teeth. I handed her the pack of cigarettes.

“Thanks! Oh, and my brand too,” she exclaimed. “Got a light? No pockets!” She said as she patted her hips and laughed.

I fumbled for the lighter in my pocket, then extended my hands close to her face as I flicked it for the flame. She puffed the cigarette lit and etimesgut escort took a long draw from it, inhaled and blew the smoke out slowly.

“Ah,” she said. “Damn, I love the taste after I’ve been swimming. Here, sit down, take a load off.” She gestured to the chair next to her and settled back in her own, throwing her head back to bask in the sunlight.

We chatted as she smoked and she told me about her major in college. I learned she had waited to go and that in fact, she was nearing her thirtieth birthday. She didn’t look it. On occasion, she’d peer over the top of her shades giving me glimpses of a pair of warm brown eyes that were so dark; I could see my reflection in them. She had a very engaging personality and I figured she was one of those people who never met a stranger. It was a very pleasant few minutes. I told her I needed to get back to work and she agreed.

“Hold on. Would you mind terribly, putting some lotion on my back?” She asked.

I hesitated for a moment but returned to her side. She reached into a small bag sitting with her books and removed a jar of coco butter. Then without another word, she reclined the chaise, flipped on her stomach and untied the string that cinched her bikini top.

As I applied a layer of coco butter on her back and legs she remarked at how soft, yet strong my hands were. She told me I had a masseuse’s touch and how wonderful my hands felt on her. I was embarrassed but with her back towards me she couldn’t see my blush. Of course, with the sun I had gotten earlier in the day I’m not sure she would have noticed anyway. I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft her skin was and the smell of the coco butter was adding a sensual feel to the procedure. When I finished she thanked me and relaxed into a semi-sleep as I went about my appointed task with the pool. I rubbed the excess butter from my hands onto my arms.

The water was calm and ultra-clear as I vacuumed the bottom of the pool. It only took me about 20 minutes to complete but at some point she had flipped back over in her chair. She was lying bare breasted and seemed to be watching every move I made as I began to put away the hose. At first, I became a little uneasy at the sight of this young woman exposing herself to me but soon began to think that if it wasn’t bothering her, it certainly wasn’t going to bother me. Her breasts were as tan as the rest of her body. Her areolas were dark from the sunning and her nipples were slightly erect and were perched beautifully on her modest breasts. Apparently, she was very comfortable with herself and was no stranger to being nude. I felt a stirring within and my heartbeat picked up a little. I caught myself watching her watch me. She picked up the coco butter and began applying it to her chest, stomach and legs. I could see her nipples react to the manipulation of her hands as the butter glided on her skin making her skin appear darker.

Her voice broke the silence. “You know, you could use a little of this on those legs of yours. That’s going to be painful if you let your skin dry out. Coco butter is great for moisturizing. Come here and put some on before you go.”

Somewhat reluctantly, I obliged. I reached to get the butter but she wouldn’t give it to me. She motioned me closer, scooped out a portion of the butter and began to gently apply it to my left calf. Her hands moved quickly, knowingly over my calf and knee then slowly she moved up to my thigh. I winced a bit as the application covered the worst of my burn. She noticed and slowed her pace. She continued with my right leg in the same manner as the first rubbing the butter, first on my calf and knee, then slowly again over my thigh. The process was creating a deep yearning inside me. It had been a while since I last encountered the touch of a woman. Her fingers slipped under the hem of my shorts and grazed my balls.

Startled, I attempted to take a half step backwards but she grabbed my hand to stop my movement. I looked down to find her looking straight into my eyes. She had a very subtle smile on her face but her eyes were telling of her desire as they peered over her sunglasses. She reached with her free hand and removed her shades and I could see she meant to have me. I was shocked.

“Young lady, what could you possibly see in me?” I asked. “I’m old enough to be your father.”

“I’m drawn to older men and I know you’ve been watching me because I was watching you. If you can look me in the eyes and convince me you have no desire for me, I’ll walk away as if I’ve never seen you. But!” She exclaimed, “I don’t think you can do that.”

She was right! The touch of her hands on my legs had already started my motor. As I gazed into her dark eyes I could see she was sincere and the bulge in my shorts was beginning to be quite apparent. I wanted to tell her it was wrong for her to want me but my own desires were taking precedent over my will. I couldn’t get the words to come out of my mouth. I was entranced by her eyes and intrigued by her brazenness. I just couldn’t believe she was even remotely interested in me.

The silence was deafening and seemed to last an age. My thoughts were running wild and the churning inside was creating an insurmountable quickening of my heartbeat. escort elvankent The look on my face must have given her the answer she awaited because she placed her hand on my crotch and gently patted my enlarging member. I didn’t move. Hell, I couldn’t. My legs felt like lead weights had been tied on them. She slipped off her chair and knelt in front of me on her knees. With her right hand, she pulled the gather string while her left hand began to tug on my shorts. She carefully pulled them over my reddened thighs and as they passed my knees the shorts fell to the concrete. Her eyes widened as she viewed my cock in its semi-aroused condition.

She placed one hand on my ass and pulled me closer. The other hand busied itself with my balls as she opened her mouth and began to take my cock into it. Her mouth was warm and her tongue was incredibly wet as she moved slowly over the head of my cock. I could feel my manhood stiffen further as her movements became more deliberate. Deeper in her mouth she took me until there seemed no room for more. Her head tilted back slightly and her eyes contacted mine once again. They were sparkling as if to tell me she was thoroughly pleased with her progress. I touched her cheek with my hand and she slowly drew her lips over my erection until only the head of it remained covered. I felt her tongue dart feverishly around its entirety but her eyes never lost contact with mine. Again her mouth plunged over my cock taking me deeper than I imagined her capable then slowly she pulled away. She repeated the action several times and returned to manipulating her tongue on my head. My cock was swollen and completely engorged and as she slide her mouth back and forth I felt my knees weaken. The pleasure was becoming overwhelming. She stopped and withdrew her mouth pulling my legs to her chest. I grasped her arm pulling her to her feet and kissed her for the first time.

We stood there embracing for several minutes; my erect cock against her soft stomach. The coco butter she had applied earlier increased the sensation of her smooth skin. I wanted to take her right where we stood and she was ready for it. “Wait,” she said and motioned for the pool house. I acknowledged and slipped my left arm under her knees and lifted her against my chest. We kissed as I carried her the short distance to the pool house and with her free hand she opened the door. Once inside, I lowered her feet to the floor. She pulled the strings on the side of her bikini bottom and the pink fabric slid to the floor revealing a small patch of raven hair. I cupped her firm butt in my hands and pulled her to me once more, kissing her shoulder. She lifted my tank top and as I pulled it over my head she playfully tugged at my nipple with her teeth. Again I grabbed her ass with both hands lifting her body to mine. She wrapped her legs around my waist, placed her hands behind my neck and hung from me as I walked the few steps to a barstool. I placed her on it and dropped to my knees. The smell of the coco butter was strong but the aroma of her pussy was enticing. I spread her legs and she shifted her weight back against the bar, propping herself with her elbows. She kept her head leaning forward in an effort to watch as I began kissing her thighs; moving slowly closer to my objective.

She sighed as my mouth found her portal. My tongue was probing the opening of her lips and I lingered when I contacted her clit. She was already becoming moist. My cheeks slid freely over her thighs, lubricated by the coco butter, as I licked and kissed and nipped her shaven pussy lips. I drove my tongue inside her, carefully extending the contact as I passed over her clit as it exited. I placed my finger inside her and continued to lick the soft exterior of her womanhood. I gently pushed a second finger inside her and spread her slightly to access her clit more readily. The swelling of her clit was becoming prominent and I sucked it into my mouth, ardently flicking the tip with my tongue. She sighed again with deeper feeling. The nectar of her body was flowing and I knew this young woman was ready to take me.

I stood and gestured for her to do the same. I turned her back toward me and pushed her body forward over the barstool. I could see her face in the mirror behind the bar. She was watching me. I squatted slightly and positioned my throbbing erection between her legs; the head of my cock touching her nether lips. As I straightened my legs my cock slid smoothly into her. She moaned. I placed my hands on her hips and drew her down over me, pushing my cock deeper by lifting my heels off the floor. She had become a willing rider and it was my intention to give her everything I could muster. For several minutes I drove my cock deep, deep inside her wet, warm pussy. Her sweet juices lubricated my cock so it slid effortlessly within her. I reached around her and found her clit, rubbing it as I penetrated her. She writhed in ecstasy. I looked in the mirror again and saw her eyes were closed as she held her head back enjoying the full feeling of the passion that was filling her. Her eyes opened wide as I thrust myself deeper and increased the pace of my stroke. Her soft butt was jiggling each time it contacted my belly. The sound of flesh pounding flesh became louder and quicker as my rear assaults reached a frenzied rate. She was ready to cum and I could feel her inner muscles begin to contract and squeeze my cock as it slid in and out. The sensation was having its affect on me as well. I could feel the dull ache of my balls as I approached my own orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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