Position Perfect

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“So Mr Smith, what brings you to Australia?”

For six months now I’d cyberfucked John Smith, alias Eli HorsePeter, on Skype. I called him Eli. He called me Tiger. When he wasn’t calling me ‘you hot slut’, that is. He didn’t know my real life identity. But I discovered his. And I was itching to try him for real. Cyberfucks are all very nice, but there’s nothing like the taste of cum in the morning. So I had to get him over here and make him think it was HIS idea. Men like to think they are in charge. Ever noticed that?

Arranging a job offer for him with my firm wasn’t that hard. He had an impressive peer reputation in his field. I Googled it. I’m smart that way.

I studied the papers on my desk. “Resume of John Smith”. I pretended to consider it hard, like it mattered. The man in the visitor’s chair stared at me. He tugged at his tie like he wasn’t used to wearing a suit. Very tall, suntanned, big strong outdoor hands. Who would have thought. I’d expected big from his deep resonant internet voice, but even I was surprised.

I looked up suddenly and caught him staring at my breasts. “What brings you to Australia?” I asked again.

“That’s personal.” He almost snapped at me, then he looked away.

I smoothed down my short black skirt. Hmmm, so it was a woman that caused you to come here. I almost smiled. Almost.

“I think you have a temper, Mr Smith.”

He sat forward. “Now that makes me real mad when people say things like that.”

We eyed each other. Stalemate. I thought he would get up and leave.

I coughed and looked at my notes. “You will be occupying a sensitive position. I have to know I can trust you.”

“You can.” eryaman bayan escort It was almost a grunt.

I pulled my chair round to the side of my desk. Big pieces of furniture can be a barrier to communication. Then I felt unprotected under those intense eyes. I crossed my legs and picked up my clipboard.

“Well, Mr Smith…John. In Australia we are not formal in the workplace. We call employees by their first names. Well John…”

“Employee? Does that mean I’m in?” There was a wry twist to his mouth. He was hoping, in spite of his tough-guy stance. He was talking to my crossed legs and sheer black stockings, not me.

“Not so fast.” I recrossed my legs and felt my black skirt slide up even farther. He must have seen my suspender tops that time. I rather thought he had by the way he shifted on his chair.

“You understand the duties of the position? What I require?”

“Hmm. Yeah I read all that.” Those eyes didn’t miss a thing. “I’m your man.”

I fiddled with the papers on my clipboard, and tried to focus on the words in front of me. “That remains to be seen. Why do you want the job. What interests you?”

You interest me his eyes said.

I felt my face getting hot. “Because I have to tell you there’s a lot of local interest too …Australian applicants.”

“You try an American and you’ll never go back. By American I mean me of course…”

Really his arrogance was intolerable. I slid my glasses to the end of my nose and fixed him with one of my special stares. It’s won me negotiations many times. The I’m-going-to-spank-you schoolteacher look that makes some men rock hard in an instant. I figured he was one of escort sincan those men.

“We’d like to know more about you… for our files.”

He squirmed like his boxer shorts were hurting him. “Such as?”

“Information, statistics. Yours.”

“I never had any complaints.” He looked at me hard, up and down. Sizing up my body. Taking my statistics. I eased my legs open a bit more. I was getting very wet. Maybe he could tell.

“I’m sure you understand that I can’t let just anybody in. He has to have qualifications. Certain skills.”

“Try me.” His voice was husky. Alpha plus male with attitude.

It felt like an elevator just plummeted between my legs. I knew I had to break eye contact or lose control fast. I stood up and walked over to the cabinet and poured myself a shot of Bourbon.

“That company policy?” His eyes bored right through my tight black skirt, looking to see if there was a panty seam. There wasn’t and he’d just realised. My knees started to tremble.

“In some circumstances.” I took a swift gulp and felt the heat all the way to my wet pussy.

“Really?” He looked up at me as I walked over and handed him a glass. Close up his shoulders were even broader under the business suit. He seemed to give off a heat and energy all his own. Maybe I was giving off something too. I wanted to take his tie off, unbutton his shirt. Who am I kidding? I wanted to see what was in those straining pinstriped trousers.

I walked over to the glass office wall and twitched the pencil venetians shut. Then I perched on the desk just out of reach.

He sipped his drink. “Nice.”

I knew he didn’t mean the Bourbon. elvankent escort bayan “Kentucky.”

“Good things come out of Kentucky.”


He put his glass down.”Nice desk.”

When he stood against me he must have been 6′ 3″ easy. He took me by the hips and pressed me back on my desk. I was expecting a quick fuck. To my surprise he dropped to his knees, opened my legs, and worked his tongue on me like a madman. I began to buck and twist and cry as he used his fingers in me. My orgasm was building fast.

He raised his mouth for a quick breath. “This position been vacant long?”

“Too long!” It came out somewhere between a moan and a scream.

“Oh baby, you need me to fill it … bad.”

He stood up and reached for his belt. We had a brief struggle to see who could get him undone fastest. Really, he didn’t disappoint. Long, hard thick and ready for action.

“Where do you want me to start?” Where, not when mind you. I love a man who cuts right to the chase.

He scooped my legs up wheelbarrow style and pressed his cock slowly into me. Then he withdrew, lifted my legs to his shoulders and pressed even deeper. A wave of heat overtook me.

“John, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Later babe.” His cock was drawing me closer and closer to the edge.

“Now John, NOW! I will give you the best position! NOW! Turn me over! Mount me from behind! Ooohh fuck!” My voice was like an animal wail.

He gave a gasp. His strong arms flipped me over on the desk. I felt the thrust of his hips as he entered me. His voice moaned in my hair. “How did you know? That’s my favourite position. Absolute favourite.”

He was holding me, splitting me, pumping me so deep now.

“But John…” I felt the scream building in my throat as the wave overtook me. “John… Eli… that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. It’s me. I’m TigerRain. Welcome to Australiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

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