Power vs. Pleasure

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editing by the outlander


I will admit it was always a fantasy to be with a cop. The idea of taking an authoritative, respected man of the community and having him like putty in my hands thrilled me. Of course, as men can be… it was easy. It didn’t take me long to find one, he was a police officer from San Francisco.

I meet him online, it was a whim really…just a simplistic ad my first. His response stood out for one reason he said “be safe and sane when sending pictures”. Somehow that spoke to me that he wasn’t at least for the moment a complete creep. The conversation started simply, nothing too pushy or sexual, he truly was very sweet. He wanted to know what I was looking for. I think he had a sense too, a sense that I was normal, not crazy or out to get him or to use him for money. Someone normal, just looking for a good time.

The way we talked was so easy (something I’m sure he had done before and had always come natural to me with men), which for me was fine. I learned some wonderful lessons on how to maneuver in the online world, how to control my information to him how to pull important information out of him. I of course was not swept away I was sceptical still, regardless of his seemed willing openness. Many times I would ask him to prove who he was, and what he said he was over the next few days. At every turn he would do so, of course every step of the way I was building his trust. As we talked and his and my trust grew, he told me more and more.

Then I challenged him, a game move on my part, ‘how do I know you’re not a fake’? Most cops cannot stand being thought of as a liar or dishonest, they take it as a personal attack on everything that they stand for; I knew this and used it. Subsequently, the first picture came. He sent me one shot in his uniform, but clearly old. A picture he wanted me to see, showing just the right amount of what I wanted to see. In his crisp blues, it looked like he had just graduated from the academy…no smile…very serious. It was enough to pique my interest. So I sent a photo back, it was just a photo, it won’t hurt, today we all post photo’s at every turn in our lives. I would like to believe that the attraction was instant on both ends….or it at least progressed that way. On this night though we had to end our email exchange, it was late. With simple sweet dreams to one another, (he was trying hard to work some magic) we said goodnight.

We resumed contact the next day, text mostly it was easier for both of us. We had jobs and lives this was never about dating or having a long term relationship, at least on my part. He began to send more pictures, each one a little more of a peek into his world. Ones from the station that I could see he was an officer by the background photos, or while he was in his uniform radio, body camera, and of course the batman belt as I like to call it.

He was attentive, I liked how this excited me, to know I could hold his attention while he was supposed to be watching everyone else, and it was a feeling of control. I knew he was on shift when we would talk at night, we would talk and then he would have to go “handle a call”. Being the person I was, I couldn’t help but not to believe him, that’s when we live chatted for the first time.

I had called him out for being a clever trickster. It was quick, he was on duty after all. There he was though. The more relaxed uniform, swat style with the squad car in the background. It was perfect. I wanted him then, but I would never admit it to him. We talked for days that then turned into one week then two.

He was the first to say that he wanted to meet me; I made him say it, I never would. I had got him, he had only seen one photo of me, but the way I talked to him had won him over. I knew he already wanted me. So I gave him some bait—a full photo, showing off my figure, just to see. Nothing dirty, conservative to say, enough to send his imagination wild. The attraction was completely confirmed at that point

I had seen enough of him and he had seen me as well, we had been talking extensively for days. I knew I couldn’t keep him hanging around too long. Meeting him though…this I knew would not be easy, yet the desire to meet him did not go away. “I will let you know,” he never pushed; it was a good strategy on his part. Maybe he knew this was my first time, or maybe he just picked up that I wasn’t out of my mind, like so many online can be, or more likely it was because he knew I was married I had told him.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t shake the thought of wanting to meet him. While yes, ‘arrangements’ were a part of my marriage, it was not something I did every weekend. Not to mention that schedules are what schedules are, two working adults in today’s society are busy and timing cannot always work out. I couldn’t shake it though, it was something I wanted, a police officer I wanted this control.

Then I found the picture. It was not one he had sent to me, and finding it again gave me the control over the person that eryaman genç escort bayanlar should have control, or thought he should. He had never told me his last name; I didn’t mind…I understood. He did have a place in the community, and frankly so did I. Even though they were not the same community. He had told me just enough about himself that a simple search on Facebook turned up the photo I mentioned. It was all the proof I needed, and with full uniform came his last name. My searches were not to find out his personal life, I wasn’t interested in marriages’ or divorces, or credit history, or even salary. My searches were to prove he was what and who he said he was, and naturally ensure my safety. Of course I told him, I had nothing to hide. He wasn’t upset, glad since it seemed to convince me to meet him. Since finding this made me want to have him, and I couldn’t shake the urge. Lucky for me in this case,a golden opportunity presented itself. And my husband agreed.

It was a Saturday. He normally worked the night shift, or at least since I had been talking to him. This day he happened to get off early, or early enough…seven. I knew this from the night before and our lengthy conversations. It nagged at me all day, I wanted to go, so I asked if there was a chance, would he like to meet me if I could get out of the house. He was of course thrilled at the opportunity…I churned it over in my head, and made a plan.

My plan, so it would go the way I wanted it to go. I wanted a cop, not date. Plain as plain there it is. So I timed my arrival. I knew he lived and worked close to each other, I didn’t want to give him time to relax. I wanted him fresh off duty,fresh out of the uniform.

I took BART to meet him. I wanted that unanimity, I was careful to protect myself. I had already obtained all of his information or at least what I needed. Full name, phone number and place of employment, my husband and best friend knew I would be safe and were in contact until I gave them the OK. He claimed to be impressed by research, or the fact that I was able to find out so much about him without giving too much away about myself. We sent messages to each other the entire time I was riding there.

He sent a message “Here’s my number just in case”

I replied “Yes I know sweetie I got it off the caller ID at work”

That triggered, “Damn,” from him

It was a part of the city I wasn’t used to, but all the same I felt very safe at every moment. Maybe due to his profession, maybe due to the trust he had earned. I got there just at seven; he had to pick me up on the way home from work…this made me smile. As I waited outside the BART station, my phone went off, “Are you here? I’m in a black Nissan.”

I answered, “Yes,” and he pulled up…and I hopped in. My night of freedom had begun.

He was attractive…in all honesty he was exactly my type, (at least from a physical standpoint), he killed me with his eyes He was Hispanic, tan skin, dark hair, his killer eyes were brown. We were stopped in the middle of the street, but we froze, staring right in each other eyes. He said, “Hello,”…and we hugged. We had been talking for two weeks at that point, and we both instantly felt comfortable. We had to drive on because we were blocking traffic, although I don’t think either one of us cared. At first there was a moment of silence, broken by a touch. He grabbed my hand, it was soft and warm, and I loved it.

He began as if it were a date…it was sweet really… meanwhile the whole time he caressed my hand, not in any way inappropriate or pushy. He said, “Are you hungry? Let’s go get something”. I had to admit I was not hungry. Comfortable or not, my nerves always get the better of me. Nonetheless we stopped for a simple meal, nothing fancy. Neither of us was dressed for that, I had planned it to be that way. I knew what to wear to grab his attention. Tight jeans, a simple hoodie, with a tight fitting shirt underneath. Nothing too revealing, in fact nothing revealing long sleeves not even low cut, but as an outfit it hugged every part of my curvy figure. I know he noticed too. As we waited to get our food I felt his eyes on me checking every part of my body. He was dressed as you expect any bachelor would dress. Basketball shorts and t-shirt that’s all it took, him in the basic form.

Then without warning, he came up to me from behind, and wrapped his arms around me. Very sure, like the full body grabs you see police do when they have to do what they do. At first I couldn’t quite believe it, how confident he was, how sure he was that I wanted his arms around me. I felt his cheek rest against my forehead, and for the first time I let myself breath him in. His scent, his soft strength, him being the man that he was. As his cheek rested against me I felt him do the same, and then he moaned softly. It was all he needed to do. He whispered to me “I love your body you look beautiful”.

We both knew what we wanted. Again that was plain as plain. Neither one of us was ankara escort bayan that plain though…at least at first. This was a game of me having control over a man, who normally has control over society. At that point though, I would let him have control, let him keep his arms around me. He was warm and I could tell he was strong. Again, I loved his touch and the fact that he wanted me. His scent was my favorite, any hard working man should have this scent. It’s almost hypnotic. I noticed he was doing the same to me.

While we drove he was forced to be content with merely holding my hand, he couldn’t even look at me. Not for more than a moment that is. He smelled my hair and pulled me closer to him, as he did so he told me he was glad I came, that I was beautiful,and he loved my body. All the right things. I felt him try to maintain the power he was so used to. This told me exactly what to do, just to keep him in the palm of my hand.

Everything that he did every movement he made was police officer. I noticed it immediately, from the way he drove, to the way he walked, even the way he took his bag out of the back of the car. It was attractive, so disciplined,and so a part of whom he was.

As we waited for or food to come, we chatted naturally as two people do. As he talked about his work, I watched him very closely. His eyes were on me, I expected his eyes to be in constant watch mode. If they were he didn’t show it but once. Towards the end of our meal, a visibly upset person walked into the restaurant, and he was immediately aware of the situation. It made me feel even more comfortable…safe…I knew he had a gun on him, and this was something that was new for me. I knew that from our conversations, and by the way he took his bag out of the car.

He was very open, he told me many things, and I of course asked many questions. I was curious of what being a police officer was. Or more or less get into his brain…to continue my game of power. He told me about incidents that I knew had happened, and the things that he had seen. I knew he was in one of the more dangerous parts of the city, so I had to ask him where he put it all, where did he go with it. I asked, “You see the worst of society, murder, rape, truly horrible human beings.” His face dropped slightly as he looked at me and said, “It’s hard. Even harder now I think.” He then explained that since officers must wear body cameras that they pick up sound, officers couldn’t talk to one another the way the needed to anymore. He made himself very clear; he said, “It’s not the stops that we have to make with them on. It’s the time in the car even that is recorded. Imagine every word you said at work being recorded…everything about your boss, the horrible thing you just witnessed, the annoying person that you know is doing crime but there’s nothing you can do.” This was all I needed to hear, I knew from that moment how to get into his head. He had to let these stresses out.

When we had finished eating, he asked if I minded if we went back to his place, he really needed to shower. I had planned for this. I knew he needed to shower I had caught him off guard, I didn’t even tell him I was coming until he was already at work.

As we drove to his place I again watched him as he held my hand again, this time pulled closer to him. A last ditch effort to maintain control. He drove like an officer, his eyes always moving, just barely making lights, it was comical really. I noticed one important thing about myself in this moment. I was comfortable being a passenger with this man I had just met. Sometimes I hate, or freak out when I am not the driver. So this was a very odd feeling for me. As we made our way down his street, he told me the best thing about this house is the garage. And then in that moment we pulled into his house.

It was beautiful, a three story in old San Francisco style. He showed me everything all around. Lastly he showed me the third story…his space. It had been remodelled. It was a place I instantly felt at home at. A place you would expect in the city. He owned his home yes, but was wise and rented out what he did not need. This left a nice size bedroom with a nice size bathroom area. After he had shown all that he had to show, he was ready to shower. He was polite asked if I wanted to watch TV…even though I knew he wanted more. I being gentle and soft declined sweetly and said I would be fine using my phone. With that I sat on the edge of his bed with my legs crossed and looked into his eyes from across the room. I know my eyes are one of my best features. I had learned young how to use them, to get what I want out of a man. As I mentioned earlier, it was easy.

At that moment his urges took over again, and in the blink of an eye he was across the room. He was there in an instant, his hand around the small of my back as he pulled me to him. I put my hand on his tan stubble cheek, as he kissed me for the first time. It was an attraction we both felt immediately, there was etimesgut escort no denying that. It was a deep kiss our tongues met after a few seconds, and he pulled away a moment later groaning softly “Oh, you can kiss too”. I merely laughed softly at him, still holding his face. It was all part of the game, the game I knew I was winning. Then he took another stolen kiss and resisted the urge to climb on top of me, to take me right then. I pushed him back and said, “You were going to shower” smiling naturally, and looking deep in his eyes as I did so.

He smiled and said, “You’re right”. Every time he smiled at me, and looked at me with that sparkle in his eyes, it took my defense down just a little…he was sexy,and just what I wanted.

As he prepared to wash his body, the body I wanted to look at, I was careful to give him his privacy…not to be to up front or aggressive. Just the path he wasn’t used to. Nobody trying to take advantage of him, no one lying to him or avoiding him…only subtle hints that I wanted him. Make the person who is so sure about every situation and how to proceed, unsure about how to proceed next. It was perfect. I grabbed my phone and coyly rolled over on his bed….careful not to put my shoes on the bed (a natural place of respect), but in just the right way to move my legs and show off my curves from behind. I know he noticed, I saw him looking out of the corner of my eye. He was a good boy though, while he stopped and took in the look of my body, he pushed forward and got into the shower. Walking out of the room I knew completely naked, he was secure in his body.

He left me alone in his room at that point, very trusting for someone he had just meet, phone conversations or not. As I laid on his bed listening to the water run, thoughts danced through my head of the things I could do… I could be nosy and go through his drawers, or for that matter even his wallet. I passed on this, I didn’t want to know too much, it would have ruined the fantasy. I could take off my clothes and be waiting in bed for him, or even better, meet him in the shower. Deep down I knew he wanted me too, but that would have been too much, too aggressive, it would have put the power back in his hands, proof that I wanted him. So I stayed in one spot, I knew that would gain his trust more than anything…No desire to find out more…this confused him, I could see it in his face when he emerged from the shower. I gave a quick glance over my shoulder as he came down the hallway, back to his room. Not much just enough to show him that I wanted to see his body. His senses went off immediately with this glance, his eyes were glued on me, looking at every inch, to the point he kept dropping the clothes he truly didn’t want to put on.

He finally achieved success in getting his clothes on, and I guess this was my success as well. Only one glance at his naked body, that’s all I took. I wanted more, I wanted to watch, but the good girl that’s the role I played. It was decision time, what to do? He again proceeded like a date, “Where would you like to go, maybe a drink, there are lots of local bars”. I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want to have to be “on” so to speak. I did that all day, that’s not why I was there. I wanted to be taken care of, just my desires, and he fit the role. That was it. I suggested something simpler, “Do you have anything to drink here, and maybe a movie?”. He quickly agreed he was more than happy to have me in his home all to himself, where he assumed he kept control.

Men being the simplistic creatures they are, at times don’t even realize when they are being told yes. Unless you are up front (which was not my role this evening), they stay in a place of indecision too. Does she want me? Does she think I’m attractive? Does she want me to touch her, kiss her? These same questions run through women’s minds as well. Once as women we understand these thoughts are in men as well and how to use a man’s experiences in life to form the person that he is, a women can almost read their minds and keep control of the relationship that is in front of you. It’s truthfully not that hard… men will tell you everything you need to know. You just have to listen and watch his body language, his hands, and his face. If there is an attraction to him these things will be plain. For so many, they just want to be listened to, nurtured in a way. Men are trained in or society to hold things in is strong. While many stereotypes have fallen away there are many men that this is a way of life and who they are at the core of their humanity. They don’t want you to run out and solve their problems or take up and want to fight on his behalf. He has done that for himself all day (especially men in this type of profession). This is why they love women, soft skin, caressing arms, warmth and understanding He has been the strong working, protective man all day. That is the recipe, that is all you need… And now with the evening turning to night, the secludedness of us being alone, the last of his defenses broken down Alone he began to bare his soul began to open it up. To the ease of a man and women having an instant connection and attraction. No worries about tomorrow no worries about betrayal. Just us. It allowed us both to be free to get exactly what we wanted from the night.

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