Quality Time

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*All characters in this story are over the age of 18!*

So, I’ll admit, it started with me getting drunk. It was a new sensation for me having freshly turned 21, I had never really felt compelled to drink before now but it seemed that once I started I quite enjoyed it. I would go out with some of my friends and they used to pressure me all the time to drink with them and at first I didn’t see the appeal at all. I would watch them chug and make faces as if it was the worst thing you could ever hope to ingest. Then, they would act like idiots and stumble and say embarrassing things. Like this one time, a friend of mine drank so much he started crying and moping about how he felt so alone in the world. I just didn’t get why anyone would want to feel like that. Then it dawned on me one day that alcohol could have a use for me.

We went out to a bar and all my buddies started drinking as usual. My friends once again pestering me to drink, me once again saying no way. Then as they were kicking them back I looked around the bar and noticed there was a dance floor. There were so many women dancing and drinking, hands all over bodies. Clothes were being pulled at and things hidden being revealed. I wanted to get in on that action, but it felt like an unfair advantage being sober while they were drunk, almost like I’d be some kind of sleaze. So I picked up one of the cups of mixed drink and downed it quickly. I didn’t know what I was expecting to feel but at first I didn’t notice much, just the harsh taste in my throat. My friends looked up at me with surprise then started cheering and downing their drinks as well. They put another in my hand and I drank that just as fast as the first one, noticing it wasn’t as bad as the prior drink. As I set the cup down I realized that I did feel a little different so feeling better about my morality I walked out to the dance floor to mingle.

I honestly had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t have any experience with women so I looked around to see what others were doing. It was mostly women on the floor, laughing loudly and drinking while they danced. I did see one guy near the middle though and he would just dance to himself, legs spread out a little moving his hips. Women would dance closer and closer to him until they were grinding their asses against him. I had a blueprint, time to try it out.

I figured my odds weren’t bad, I wasn’t ugly. I was just under 6ft, black wavy hair down to my shoulders. I was dressed well, I knew to keep my shoes new and clean. It wasn’t long before girls were making eye contact and swaying their asses closer and closer to me. Then I saw one woman who stood out from the crowd. She was older than the others, late thirties perhaps. I hadn’t really considered a woman who was that much older than me before now but there was something in the way she was eyeing me that I really enjoyed. The other girls closer to my age were more timid, probably afraid of rejection. This woman was confident, it was heavily arousing.

She was dressed in a very short red dress, I quickly saw that nearly all her back was uncovered. She looked at me intensely as she started backing up toward me. Her ass was large but wonderfully both soft and firm. As she began rubbing her glutes on my thigh I felt a warm feeling come over me. My cheeks got more and more red as both her body and the alcohol worked together to heat my body up.

Suddenly I felt the room twist a little as the effect of the mixed drink became more noticeable. My thoughts changed as I felt a surge of confidence, all I wanted to do was run my hands over this woman. I was in no state of mind to fight my bodily urges as my hands went first to her belly. I kept them there for a moment somehow cognizant enough to gauge her reaction. I felt her movements increase in fever as she ground harder against me, shifting her alignment to focus more on my crotch. I communicated that I liked this by running one hand up her body while the other trailed down. I did it very slowly, I wanted to explore her but I also didn’t want to cross any boundaries or reservations that she might have. My heart sank to my gut as she grabbed the wrist of my hand that was trailing closer to her waistline. I soon saw that I didn’t have much to worry about as she led my hand down to her upper thigh and held it there for a few moments. I took the hint and was happy with where it ended up. Before my other hand could reach higher than her lowest couple of ribs she began leaning forward, still maintaining her rhythmic movements. I left the hand that was on her thigh and pulled the other around to her back, tracing my fingers along her. She looked back at me over her shoulder with a wicked smile, then began to more thrust herself against me than dance. I didn’t really concern myself with looking around the room to gauge how acceptable this was, though it did cross my mind that it might look odd.

Then I felt it; my budding erection. It started out as just a chub, but just feeling it growing was enough to put my focus on it. I felt her round ass grind a little harder on it, making circles now as she swirled bahis firmaları it in my boxers. I felt it standing straighter and straighter as she dropped her face closer to the ground. She began a kind of twerk against me as she flexed one cheek then the other in continual alternation against my hips. My pants were loose enough to allow myself the room needed to grow, despite my immodest length. I could feel it begin pressing between her cheeks and down, touching her thighs as well. In response she lowered her hips, dragging her body along the length of it as we dry humped. I pulled at her skirt to keep the head of my penis covered from any onlookers. Slowly she started standing back up as she brought her hand behind my head. She turned and kissed me as she clamped her thighs tightly down on my cock.

Her hand dropped down to her groin as she touched both of us, resting her thumb against her clothed clit as her fingers wrapped around the underside of my cock. It was getting to be more than I could bear. With her hand still behind my head she tuned her lips to my ear and spoke-

“Do you want more?”

Breathlessly I nodded and she walked off holding my hand, not without squeezing me between her thighs a little tighter before we parted. As we exited there were more than a few young girls watching me walk away, making eyes at me and my counterpart. The alcohol and my dance partner once again working together to make me feel quite unembarrassed; in fact I felt a little proud.

She walked me to the front door as I heard my friends at our table jeering and hooting to me. As we walked to the parking lot she pulled a key out of God knows where and unlocked a large suburban. She opened the back door and quickly set me down on the back seat as I faced her and the parking lot while she stooped down. Quickly, she began rubbing my bulge as she unbuttoned me with the other. She then unzipped and pulled my pants down out from under me as my dick flopped briefly from within my boxers. She then put one hand on my chest laying me back as she pulled my boxers down to my knees. The position she was in let her breasts lay on my erection as she laughed lustily for a moment. Her breasts were much like her ass, large soft and firm all at the same time. She stood back up admiring my young penis as she slipped her dress straps off her shoulders. My view wasn’t hindered by a bra and I saw that her tits didn’t lose shape without the support of the dress. Her nipples pert and a soft pink, they looked surprisingly youthful. She grabbed my knees and looked first at my cock smiling. Then she slid both her torso and her eyes up my body, dragging her tits along my leg and letting them slide over my cock again as she came up to meet my lips.

“I haven’t had such a young cock in a long time.” She smiled again as she kissed me then trailed her body back the same way she had brought it up, only now it was much slower and she kissed down my body every few inches. She kept her lips against my stomach for a good while as she lifted my shirt. I was proud of my taut stomach, what abs I had were hard earned and she seemed to enjoy them too. As my stiff erection once again was nestled between her breasts, her tongue slid along the grooves of my abs. The combination was better than anything I had ever done to myself. I felt her hands slowly drift from my knees as she slid them up my leg. I heard her moan against my stomach as she finally reached my cock. She gripped it firmly at the base and started slapping it against her breasts. After continuing this for a moment she grabbed her breasts instead and squeezed them against my penis much like she had done with her thighs earlier. She stopped kissing my stomach and half stood as she let saliva slowly drip from her mouth to my cock head. Then she used her full perky tits to massage the spit onto my full length. Slowly she teased at the tip of my cock using the nipples that she held in her fingertips, as the rest of her breast flesh ran along my shaft. She made little circles with both nipples going around from the underside of my head to my urethra, one nipple going clockwise and the other counter clockwise. The sensation was intense, sending hot precum out of my shaft and running down her erect nipples. As they became more and more lubed with the combination of both her spit and my precum her movements sped up until she was running her nipples down the full length of my cock. After doing this for a time she pulled her teats straight toward my face and across from one another in an X shape thus squeezing her breasts tighter against my cock. She held them like that, by her nipples and started bouncing her whole body, fucking my erect shaft with her full breasts. I moaned as I felt more of my hot precum flow out of the top of my penis. She leaned her head down as she slammed her breasts firmly against my thighs, and the head of my cock began popping up from between her lovely tits. As it came farther and farther up, her head lowered until her lips met my wet cock head for a brief kiss that was quickly repeated with every down stroke. This went on for a while until kaçak iddaa my cock slipped in past her lips, meeting her hot wet tongue. Her tight lips stayed enveloping my cock much like her tits did as she kept the rhythmic dance up. Then her tongue slid down my shaft as my head remained in her mouth, until her tongue shared the space between her tits with my cock. She lapped up and down my penis with her tongue in tandem with the movements of her breasts, while her lips made a forceful vacuum tightly enveloping her wide curved tongue and my cock.

She was an absolute pro, I had never seen nor heard of movements like she was making in all of my years watching endless porn. They say 10,000 hours made anyone a pro, so take it from a pro in viewing, she was an expert literally in motion.

After a time of this, she stopped fucking me with her breasts and began bringing her mouth lower and lower down my base, at first keeping the quick rhythm then slowing as she god closer and closer to fully taking me into her hot mouth. She held her tongue tightly pressed to the underside of my cock as she drug it and her lips up and down my shaft. When she neared the top she would swirl her tongue rapidly around my tip until it would audibly ‘pop’ out of her mouth, then she would slide her mouth back down to my head making me have to force apart pressed lips. I felt as if I hadn’t had the mixed drink I would still feel much like I did now. I imagined that I was much more intoxicated by this beautiful fox of a woman than I was the alcohol.

I noticed that she began moaning on my cock as she plunged it deeper and deeper into her mouth, then I realized why she had stopped using her breasts to fuck me. She had one hand curled under her body, a few fingers nestled in her pussy with her palm against her clit. Her arm shook violently as her moans became trilled and frantic. Her tongue was better than a massage wand as the trills her vocal chords made reverberated through her tongue and berated my cock. I think she was cumming at this point, I seemed to muster a couple more centimeters in length as my cock began to throb in her mouth. She clearly felt me growing close to orgasm with her as she finally brought her lips all the way to my pelvic area. I felt her tight throat squeeze on my cock head as she gulped down a fresh proceeding of my precum. This made her gag briefly until my rock hard dick slid out of her throat back to her tongue and then back into the constriction of her neck. She moaned louder and more vibrantly and I felt the reverberations much better from within her throat.

It was growing to be too much. All the sensations along the whole of my penis were too much to bare. Sensing this she popped my dick out of her mouth again just long enough to speak as one hand continued feverishly pumping me as her breasts bounced below me.

“Cum! I want you to cum baby, I want to feel your hard dick pump as much of that young white hot cum as you can down my throat. I need it baby, I need to feel that youthful shaft pump that load into me. I want to taste you baby, if your cum is anything like the taste of that clean young cock or your endless fountain of precum..” (Here she moaned ecstatically) “I need it, mama needs it so bad baby. So cum” As fast as she got the words out my cock was back in her moaning throat, now with the added sensation of her tongue trailing along my balls, lifting one, then bringing my head back into her mouth and her tongue up my shaft, then back down to tug at the other testicle. I had had all that I could handle and instinctively I grabbed her head and kept her lips to my pelvis as I endless fired strand after strand of cum down her throat. She gulped and gagged as her throat once again tightened down on me while I gave her a meals worth. At the end of my climax she had another shaky and long moan as she orgasmed with me.

I was surprised it was enough for her, sucking my dick, to make her cum seemingly almost as hard as I had. This was the best and most intense night of my life. The glow would stay on my face for days I felt. And little did I know that it was only the beginning of a long and hot week.

My friends had gotten us a ride home. Usually I was the DD but as I had grabbed the drink early in the night, so we installed one of those driver apps and had someone drop us all off. I had gotten the number of the red dressed woman and eagerly looked forward to texting her in the near future. I felt a little bad not being as physical with her as she had been with me, I had barely even looked at her pussy after all. She hadn’t seem to mind though, and I’m sure that she had had an orgasm at least once while sucking me off. I could always make it up to her later, I considered.

After many cheers for my plights that night in both drinking and sexual exploration, my friends finally dropped my off at my home. I staggered up the stairs holding another cup of the mixed drink one of them had smuggled out, downing it while cheering and being cheered. Then I tossed the cup into the bushes and entered my home, suddenly conscious of the fact that I was heavily buzzed kaçak bahis and home much later than usual.

I quieted up and unlocked the door, trying to creep in and to my bedroom unheard. A quietly closed the door and turned around with a sigh to see my mother sitting on a chair with her arms folded. Something about looked different than normal. She looked rather nice actually, she was in a satin robe and seemingly fresh out of the shower. She always smelled nice, especially right before bed after her shower. I had a strong inclination to go and hug her just to smell her more closely, but she was clearly unhappy, probably having been worried. I usually at least text when I’m going to be coming home late, but I didn’t think about it with all the goings on preoccupying my mind for the night. Texting home wasn’t something that I minded much. I knew that my mother knew that we were going out to bars, and while alcohol in itself didn’t bother her she wasn’t fond of the idea of me driving drunk.

“Why didn’t you text me?” He voice was surprisingly stern. “I was so worried. And I can see that you’re drunk. You weren’t driving were you?” She stood up to look out the window for my car.

“Mom, no, of course not. You know I would never drive after drinking.”

“If you get drunk enough you should never trust yourself not to drive, I haven’t seen you drink before but if your starting now then you should start taking a cab to those bars instead of driving.” This was probably good advice really, I had gone for my keys absent-mindedly before one of my buddies snatched them and gotten the car for us. But, being the ass I was I couldn’t help but toy with her a little.

“What’s a cab?” She rolled her eyes. “Don’t give me that, we both still watch Taxi together and all those other classics so don’t even act like you don’t know everything about them and more.”

I smiled. “Just trying to lighten the mood mom.”

She smiled back. I’m just so glad you’re okay. I don’t know what I would do without you dear, I love you so much.” She held her arms out and I went to her and hugged her tight, smelling her body wash and toothpaste. “Ugh” she sighed, “you stink. You reek of alcohol.” She sniffed again. “Are you wearing perfume?” I didn’t talk about sex with my mother. My father wasn’t in the picture, never was. In fact I had never even seen a picture of him. As far as my mother and I were concerned sex didn’t even exist.. I fell out of the sky or something and I had just eaten lunchables from an infant stage, never drinking from her breasts. For a moment I found myself thinking of her breasts. It was just a couple of snap images, one was me sucking her breasts as a baby, then it was the same scene as earlier in the car with the older woman, only this time- “Hello, earth to son.” She was waving her hand at me, I was staring at her breasts. I blinked and looked up at her then away embarrassed. I don’t know what the hell came over me.

“Um no, I’m not um..wearing perfume. That is I mean I am of course, wearing perfume, that’s what you smell, but I tried to use it to cover up the smell of the alcohol. Guess that didn’t work.” She looked at me quizzically. Thank God I could just brush it off as being a little drunk or absent minded.

“I think your tired sweetie. Why don’t you just take a shower then come watch some old tv shows with me. I miss you.”

I obliged her, hugging her again then walking off to shower. I thought about the woman again as I scrubbed off, how she had skillfully used her body in so many ways to please me. I scrubbed my dick lengthily as I thought about how it all had felt. Being squeezed in her thighs on the dance floor, her tight moaning throat. He tits rubbing up and down my cock. Here, yet again, I found myself picturing my mother in her place. It was so odd, it felt so dirty having my mothers image fly through my head as I masturbated. Once it happened it was so hard to kick out, I’d usually just get flustered and stop at that point. Usually.

This time I wasn’t really aiming to climax anyway, my mom was waiting for me and I really did enjoy sitting there and watching old tv shows with her. I dried off, put on some clean yet tattered old pj’s and went back to the living room. I kissed mom on the top of her head, smelling her conditioner, then sat beside her. She had made a large bowl of popcorn for us to share. I took a handful and sat back into the sofa.

It was amazing how many old shows there were on tv, you would think that you’d seen everything then something else would pop up that you’d never even heard of.

“What’s this mom?” There was a guy and his mother driving around town.

“I’m not sure, I’ve never heard of it. It’s called Ageless.” I shrugged my shoulders indicating I had never heard of it either and we watched. Mom had handed me the popcorn as was customary because I would eat far more than she would. I piled in handful after handful watching the screen. I soon realized that it must not be the guys mother on tv as his hand went to her thigh, the camera kept showing her almost exposed breasts from her top as if from the guy’s perspective. There were a few bumps in the road and her tits would jiggle about, almost reveling them. There was something maybe more erotic than the scene intended. Maybe because I had assumed it was the guys mother.

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