Radha : Bewitching Adultress Ch. 01

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Radha Saga – A new Series…Part 1

After fucking her, both Ash and Ripu told her to take care of herself and retired to the other room for a quick drink.

Our darling Radha quickly went into the bathroom to tidy her and got into the wonderful tub to take a luxurious bath. Her mind was still fluttering and felt very satisfied, she was in true sense of the term, a ‘nympho’ who loved to get her holes filled. She had earned crores of rupees in just 4 years of this sluttish life, which actually began as a prick teasing activity and slowly became a full-blown avocation.

Ram her boss, was clearly told by Ash to give her little official workload, since she actually was meant for sex and only sex.

Poor Ram had to agree.

Even if he wanted could not enjoy Radha, he was an impotent. His wife Sukanya was another whore and was till recently the most sought after cine actress of the South Indian movies, her affairs in the political world and governmental agencies were well known. She is believed to have performed for quite a few senior governmental officials and had to her credit allowed Kamalhaasan to enjoy her thoroughly on and off the sets of the movie ‘Mahanadi’, she was sucked out of her mouth and lips were made to look like cone of an ice-cream by the middle aged stud- Kamal.

Radha’s life with sex began pretty early in life from her early college days but the man who made the woman out of her was our very own Ripu. It was one of the days when she was in Delhi and was staying at her cousin Ramya’s place. Ripu had thrown a grand party for the whole office and told all the employees to get their relatives too, Ramya knew her family desisted such gatherings and suddenly found no company for herself, Sonika was busy with some ‘assignment’ given by Shatir.

Ramya asked Radha to accompany not knowing the true character of the ‘slut’ in the making. Till then the whole relationship had been that of a cousin with a cousin and no discussion around sex or its whereabouts. Radha was a virgin as far a penetration of a dick went, otherwise she had tried all other things including the best of the vegetables in her cunt, the same vegetable were later returned to the kitchen and fed to the family. What a feeling.

Radha and Ramya were standing at the corner of the swimming pool in the resort, this was the same place where Ripu fucked most of his women. He saw the irresistible Radha in a black top with a white bra shimmering inside and a black pant below the same, the buckets were shaped evenly giving a picture of panty well entrenched on the ass and pussy. He was talking to some of his colleagues but could not take his eyes off Radha, she looked bewitching and he had to have her. He called Rani the other mall girl and came to know from her the relationship and also the fact that this pussy was looking for a job.

He approached the duo and startled both of them with his generous offer of two glasses of ‘gin’. Ramya refused politely but our dear Radha was not to refuse, she gracefully extended her hand and took the drink. Their hands touched each other and it was an electric current for Ripu. He savored the feeling for quite sometime and left the cousins to themselves.

A few hours later, Radha and Ramya started to leave and were informed to meet Ripu at the resort’s rear apartment. They entered the apartment to find it full of people mostly men and women enjoying themselves in various shades of undress and erotic condition. Ripu was standing at the corner and beckoned both the girls to follow him and reached a mezzanine landing to a room well constructed in the apartment. It was pretty much safe and away from the crowd.

Inside the room, Ramya conveniently ensconced herself on a wooden chair whereas Radha sprawled out on the wide sofa with legs dangling on the floor and bosom showing up the cleavage within amply. Ripu suddenly came from behind and swiftly tied up Ramya all over the place whose cries and shouts reached no where outside the room, she felt totally helpless and insecure but could do nothing.

‘You can shout but nobody will hear you, Radha and I will have a small talk and if she is okay we will show you our agreement live right here and if she is not okay both of you can go out as if nothing happened’, saying he turned towards Radha who was nonplussed and remained still as if nothing happened. She smiled at Ramya and told Ripu,’ I am not too sure what you are saying but for me the most important thing is enjoying life, giving pleasure and getting to make money ‘. I do not want to struggle to become rich and as she was saying all that Ripu threw three wads of 500 rupee notes totaling upto 1.5 lakhs. Radha knew what that meant and before he could realize coolly walked up to Ramya, kissed her on the lips and told her,’ one of these days you too will have to do the same, enjoy it and get paid instead of giving it free’.

Ripu caught hold of Radha and planted a good smooch on her bosom and before she realized used the knife on the table to tear the escort kızılay top into 2 equal halves, the body glistened in the moonlight clad in the white bra and skin shimmering for everyone in the room to see, Ramya was watching her cousin’s nude body for the first time and was getting wet between the legs.

Radha smiled and stretched to fetch the glass on the table just in front of Ripu, as she bent forward, he saw the full swell of her breasts clad within the bra and the naked midriff beneath it. Her body was very close and he could feel the silken warmth and smell the gentle erotic perfume of her flesh.

Radha was ravishing and intolerably attractive, her silken hair was pulled back and held behind her head with a colorful clip. She wore a gold bangle on both the wrists with earrings and a gold necklace.

Ripu had not fucked a woman in several weeks, and he desperately needed the pussy for a good fuck.

His lewd hands slid down the belly and over the tight pant pressed her buttocks, slid further down to the thighs and then moved over to the front. The fingers slid into the slouchy legs of her pants and slowly started climbing upwards raising the pant over the leg, Radha was enjoying all this though for a moment she stiffened as she knew that the fingers will not go beyond the knees, the pant was very tight from there upwards and it was impossible to get towards her crotch.

Ripu moved them higher and continued kissing and licking her neck, tonguing her ear, nibbling her cavity in the ears, he tried desperately to pull the pant over the knee but failed. Radha giggled and ran her fingers seductively over her pretty nose touching the nose ring on the right side. She finally released the knot at the waist and in no time Ripu was able to pull her pants on both sides out of the way and pressed the panty inside in a tight V at her crotch while he inserted his fingers on to her slit.

It was wet and her legs shivered as they parted voluntarily on their own accord, he pulled her cunt-lips open and gently rubbed his forefingers along her crack. It was really moist and his fingers tricked their way over the soft pubic hair, openly teasing her cunt-lips while touching the wet warmth inside. Radha was exploding from inside and knew that the 40 year old Ripu was experienced fucker, she had no regrets at tasting his dick in her pussy as the first one in her life. She knew this was to open the floodgates for more and she will have men of all ages to fuck and screw. She was very clear that her future was going to be wild and adventurously sexy with a lot of erotic episodes.

Ramya’s eyes were glued to the couple and did not know what to do, she got worried about the crowd down there and what they must be thinking about the three here, she was drowned in the moralistic sea and was worried about her image in the office the next day. Suddenly her mobile rang and she did not know how to respond, Ripu went to the table and plucked it out of the handbag lying there and had a devilish smile upon seeing the name on the screen, ‘Sonu-Mobile’.

He picked it up and ‘ Hey Ramyu how are things, I am just returning from one of the sales contractor’s office here at Badrapur. I may not reach for another hour. Shatir is with me and oh god, he fucked me along with the contractor for hours at Badrapur, more later , tu bolti kyon nahin?’

‘ Meri jaan, main uski Behan Radha KO bus thodi hi der mein bajane waala hoon, aaja to bhi majaa le le ‘ saying Ripu hung the phone. Ramya understood it must have been Sonika and did not bother much.

Ripu returned to run his fingers and caress Radha darling’s cunt, ran his dirty hands over her ass and very openly removed the white bra from her lovely bodice and threw it on Ramya’s face. Ramya’s face turned purple as she watched the excitement growing, Radha opened his shirt casually at first and with frantic speed and kissed him lewdly on the chest, sucking his nipples by turn.

Ripu stopped caressing her and removed his own shorts and pulled his dick out of the underwear, Radha’s hand dropped between his legs.

This was the first touch of a human cock and it was ‘pure magic’ and electrifying, she allowed her fingers to drift and return involuntarily and this time, closed around the massive thickness of his prick, she pulled the underwear completely down, freeing his cock completely.

She really felt it to be sexy and was enthralled at the sight of the seven inches long, still limp, it was an inch and a half thick, the testicles were heavy and she cupped them gently while she squeezed his prick and drew her fingers smoothly up and down its length, it was well shaven and there was no hair at all to be seen and could not understand the reason, she was soon to learn the reason for this.

He smiled at her as she slipped to her knees, Ripu looked down at her and nodded.

“Come –play with my dick – like this – -“

He took her hand and showed her how to masturbate him, flipping his foreskin back. His cock and the tip were ankara yabancı escort both thick and dark.

“You want it, don’t you?”

She nodded, her eyes glued to the prick, she shook it with increasing self -confidence as the cock started snaking to its big size and began to grow and become thick in her hand.

Radha was a slut and at the age of 18 already seen too much on the blue TV to know what to do with this dick, she was very wanton and absolutely shameless and made Ramya nearly faint with what she said now,

” I must take it in my mouth and suck it, I am promising you I will use my tongue well and make you enjoy the suction of my oral cavity especially.”

Ripu was moaning softly as Radha rubbed her cheeks with his cock, her eyes half closed, for Ripu it felt wonderful as the warm and heavy and thick cock looked erotic to Radha more than she had imagined as she dug her nose into it and smelt it, it smelled musky and sexy.

If only Ramya could understand all this, her head swam with excitement.

As if an expert at tonguing dicks, Radha slipped her tongue out against the tip of the cock making Ripu breathe loudly and sharply, his belly quivered as the prick jumped in her fingers. She became bolder and did it again but this time her tongue swirled over the swollen tip of his cock-head.

Ripu was finished and started gasping loudly as he pulled her head forward, pushing his hips at her face.

“Come on — take it in your mouth — suck it — suck my cock!” he shouted .

For Radha it was the first time anyway and this was too much to hear from a man, she was not used to use such words and they really tempted her to get excited in an erotic manner, as a reward for the same she slowly slipped the cock-head between her “O’ of the lips and started sucking on the cock easily but surely, ‘in and out’ in her mouth.

Ripu fucked her face slowly and started pumping the rod back and forth, rocking her head form time to time gently of course, his cock glistened and was shining, getting dipped into the erotic mouth of Radha- the bitch. It kept going in and out of her mouth. She rubbed his balls with her long fingers making him jump and suddenly he started convulsing, guided by instinct and her knowledge from the blue movies, she lowered her body further and put her mouth on the dirty but shaved balls and started slurping while she sucked and licked the jewels below.

Ripu was in all the heavens, this one deserved a few more 100*500 rupees wads.

Finally Ripu got her up on the feet and lowered his mouth on to hers. They sucked each other for 10-15 minutes and the hunger was evident and on display. Ramya could not believe her eyes, Radha- her cousin with whom she had spent years together at Chennai and now in Delhi was turning out is an ‘expert whore’. Ramya knew what she had to, for her this was not acceptable and had made up her mind to get this bitch out of her house the moment they got out of this place.

Ripu’s hands were tangled in the vast mass of Radha’s hair and the clip had been removed and thrown over on Ramya once again, Radha looked the real bitch now, hair all over her shoulders and face with the small bindi on her forehead and with the gold necklace around the neck, she looked bewitching. A beauty whose appeal had taken Ripu’s cock by storm. He quietly guided Radha back to his cock and she gave the dick a few more jabs with her mouth and suckled on the balls like as if they were two marbles needing saliva to make them shine. Her objective was to make him plead for mercy and ask her to go slow on him, which Ripu finally did, ‘Saali aise marodegi to main yahin hi chit ho jaoonga, sabr kar sabr mujhe teri chut chahiye, chusna hai mujhe, saali abhi teri nath utarni hai, chut ke dwar par lagi nath ‘, saying he turned around and lifted the lissome body onto the double bed in the corner and with Ramya watching the scene, took hold of the legs at the feet and jerked them apart in a flash to leave the dewy moist and shiny pussy open for everyone to see. Radha’s pussy was without a shred of hair and looked exactly like a newborn’s. Ramya could not believe her eyes that they were witnessing such wanton display of shameless sex.

Ripu quietly but steadily settled down on the floor and with ease started running his tongue on the thighs, the thighs were silky and extremely soft. He alternated between both the legs and kept running his tongue till she really got agitated and started shouting for help. He did not touch the cunt, he would reach the fringe of the pussy with his mouth and start the journey backwards, his plan was simple, make her cry for his mouth and lips and of course, the all elusive ‘tongue’.

But he was in for surprise, this time on his journey, as soon as he reached the pussy fringes, Radha jack knifed the legs and just wrapped them around his head leaving him with no choice, giggling she told him ,’ Ab mere Raaaja, meri chut jo bahut chulbuli aur khujli kar rahi hai, raahat do use, moo etlik escortlar maaro mere raaja, chooso use, aaaaaaaahhh, chooso please ,suck my pussy, darling Ripu please suck’, and she gave him the best smile of his life, seductive and ‘jaan leva’.

Ripu’s mouth finally descended on her pussy and so began the journey of his depravity further. He added another pussy to his list that he had licked and sucked. The clit got swollen pretty fast and he irritated and excited the bud further by running his tongue on it with the tip of the tongue lingering for a while before enclosing the whole bud in his lips and gobbling it like an ice-cream. Radha knew the world of sex for a woman remained totally incomplete if a man did not descend on the pussy.

Radha was clear in her ideas, pussy was meant for a man’s tongue.

After some good time between her legs Ripu pulled himself back to feet, Radha was thrilled to see the excitement on his face, his eyes were shining and his nostrils were flared up, he kissed her hungrily and started mauling her breasts with his mouth and with hands began fondling her buttocks and thighs.

She squirmed eagerly against him, holding his penis fearlessly and rubbing it between her thighs.

“It is a sexy piece of toy, God should have given two to men, one for the ass and the other for the cunt,” she murmured. “It’s really sexy.”

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered, putting his mouth into her ear. “I want to fuck your cunt. I want to fuck you like a slut which you are, tell me you want to be fucked like a slut, tell me… Say you want It.” then he leaned over her and flicked her nipple with his tongue making Radha just gasp.

He flicked on both the boobs alternately, this was a virgin pussy’s boob and he wanted to make sure he got the best out of it, from tomorrow she will be up in the market and many will get to fuck her but his would be the first tongue on these jewels which this body possessed.

He rapidly ran his tongue back and forth and then pulled the aureoles with his teeth, finally Ripu began to suck on her breast, using his tongue on the nipple and running it across his teeth and inside of the mouth, Radha was this time in all the heavens, pleasure was flowing all over her in every part of the joints and holes in her body.

Lying on her back in total abandonment, she started to squeeze her breasts which he deftly pushed away and did something which turned her sex inside out and made the tied Ramya nearly vomit, he slipped his finger into her mouth and moistened it with her saliva, the same finger then was encircled around his dick and run around the cock tip full of his pre cum which he in turn rubbed and smeared on the aureole and around the nipple.

Radha was ecstatic and could do nothing but watch the helpless Ramya staring at them and the impossible sinful acts going in front of her eyes, Radha started moaning softly as Ripu ran his tongue between the cleavage into the valley and was now tasting the salty sweat on both the sides of the inner flesh. His tongue snaked around between her breasts and for the final time settled on one of the breasts, which he again sucked.

She was feverishly moving under him, her eyes shining and shimmering. Sensing his hands on her crotch, she pulled her cunt lips open and fondled his prick and tried to pull it inside her.

“I want your cock,” she cried, “I want your prick in my slit, I want it all, Ripu! Fuck, fuck me like a slut!”

Ripu ‘s patience was dying out and it was too much for him to bear. This shameless bitch and her behavior were open invitation and he did not need any more challenges, the face turned into a rogue and he took a wanton pledge. Taking a deep breath, he put his prick in her hand and directed it towards her pussy while he started easing his hips forward.

His cock-head slithered through the outer lips but were met with resistance inside the vulva and really started getting nipped when the cock reached the taut inner channel. Radha was panting for breath, she gasped with her back arching for safety, and her head was shaking both ways in a delirious manner while her lips and mouth started turning dry with the entire countenance tearing open.

Her pussy finally gave in to the ramrod but not before she cried loudly bringing down the entire apartment down, there in the crowd most of the office colleagues could understand easily that one of the dames had lost her hymen.

Radha’s cunt convulsed and was drenched in a pool of blood, cum and sperm as his throbbing prick could not take the pleasure of having drilled into a ‘virgin pussy’ for long and Ripu climaxed Into the hot pussy drowning his own hoarse cry, with his mouth glued to hers in a trance.

“Ohhhhh uhhhh yes uhhhhhh yes uhhhh ohhhhh yes!” she gasped. “Fuck me!Fuck me, baby ohhhhhhhh uhhh yeh … fuck me harder! Fuck me like awhore, baby … do it!”

She closed her eyes and smiled lasciviously, fondling her breasts.

Sonika who was watching all this from the window outside the bedroom walked in looking like a typical whore, she reached up to Ramya and untied her, looked straight into the eyes of Ripu, ‘ You do whatever you want with sluts like me or even that bitch there on the bed but for god sake don’t ever touch this goddess.’

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