Rainy Day Camping

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The second I moved my hands, the door to the RV swung open and his body came stumbling in spilling the contents of his plastic bags out onto the carpet. Rain water poured through the edges of the door as the wind held it open. We were both laughing out loud at this point but he still attempted to keep an angry look on his face to no avail. He deserved to be this drenched. When we had left the RV earlier to start the long walk to the campsite general store I had spotted the clouds in the distance. I even suggested that we take the car, seeing as how it was a bit of a hike but no he had insisted that was no way it was going to storm.

It was obvious he was wrong. We were about half way through our walk back from the store to pick up campfire essentials when I felt the first drops of rain start to cut through the warm sticky summer air and land on my arms and face. I didn’t even have time to yell “I told you so!” Because eithin a minute there were sheets and sheets of water falling from the sky so thick that I could barely see the gravel road in front of me as I took off in a sprint back to the RV.

It was mid-May and most of the campsites were empty because kids were still in school and the “season” had not started yet. We dodged in and out of empty campsites frantically trying to get back to safety from the storm. Everytime I turned around to see his face he was laughing. I reached the RV first and immediately pulled open the screen door and threw myself in. I didn’t know how much further he was behind me but I swung around and grabbed the door. I got one good look in his eyes before I forced the door shut. He slammed himself against it a moment later. It pushed open a little bit and I could hear his laughs through the creak but again I forced it back shut again. He knocked a little and started to yell before I made the decision to let him in.

Now he laid on the carpet soaking wet. He turned around and used his foot to slam the RV door before collapsing onto his back still giggling. I was sitting on the floor a few feet away with my knees up, just watching him. My pale blue summer dress was so wet that it clung to me everywhere. Sticking to my thighs.

“I guess I was wrong.” He said as the thunder escort ankara comically chimed in in the background.

He pushed himself up and crawled over next to me. His curly blonde hair was now matted down and as he came closer I reached up with both hands and rubbed my hands through it messing it up.

Suddenly his lips were pressed up against mine. I continued to move my fingers through his hair causing water droplets to roll down his cheeks and face. He kissed my lips gently and I felt his hands rest on my knees. He slowly pushed my knees apart with his fingertips and eventually I felt him move between them. I pressed my lips a little harder against his and moved my hands down to his neck.

His hands landed on the carpet next to me and he pushed hard against me until suddenly we were flat on the floor. The pressure of his groin against mine was evident and he moved his kisses from my neck, down my cheek, over to my ear. He traced his tongue around my ear a little bit and then down the side of my neck until he was just grazing his lips along my collarbone. I could feel his hands pushing on hips.

I moaned a little bit as he started to roll my spaghetti straps down over my shoulders. My skin was warm and clammy and he continued shedding kisses on it as he moved around. He paused right above my breast and I just laid there expecting a kiss. I few raindrops dropped from his hair onto my chest, and I wanted so badly to feel his lips on me again. I could hear the rain still banging hard against the top of the RV.

But then he pushed himself off of me. I shot my eyes open and immediately propped myself up leaning on my elbows. Was he serious? My pussy ached between my legs… You can’t just kiss me like that and then not deliver.

When I looked at him he was on his knees between mine. I could see the shape of his cock pushed up against his jeans but he was pushing himself away… I was so confused. I didn’t want this to end and it looked like he didnt either, so what was the deal? Then I watched as he placed his hands on my legs, right at the hem of my dress. He kept eye contact with me through his curls as he slowly started to roll my dress up. Every spot his hands touched seemed to burn my etlik evi olan escortlar skin setting my skin on fire.

He leaned forward and began to kiss my thighs. He kissed sporadically as he pushed my skirt all the way up past my hips. His fingers wrapped the top of my underwear and I laid back down flat on the ground. This wasn’t over after all. I bent my knees and pushed my ass off the ground a little bit so that he could pull my underwear down. He pulled them off and tossed them in the corner. The thunder boomed loud over head and I jumped a little bit not expecting it. I felt his hand slide over my mound. He pushed through my lips and rubbed his finger around my clit.

Then I felt his lips again. He pushed them hard against my inner thigh. He even bit down a little bit a few times. I raised my head and looked down loving the way he looked up at me as his face finally reached my pussy. His finger stopped rubbing against my clit and a second later I felt his warm tongue push past my lips and flick against my swollen nub.

He wrapped one arm around my thigh and pulled me closer. His tongue danced over my clit causing me to moan loudly. I felt him start to push his finger against my hole. He forced one in pushing it deep. My pussy was so hot as he started to finger fuck me. I could feel my juices dripping through my lips and soaking his fingers.

After a minute he took a second finger and pushed it inside. I moaned loudly and wrapped my fingers through his hair. I pushed up against his face and he wiggled his tongue frantically all over my clit. He curled his fingers inside me searching for my g-spot, but taking his time to find it.

I realized it was very possible I could cum right now but I didn’t want to just yet so I tugged on his hair. He looked up and I pulled him up my face. Showering him with kisses.

My own sweet juices wet my lips and I shot my tongue around his mouth trying to taste all that I could. With my other hand I fumbled around his hips. I undid his pants and began to push his jeans down over his hip bones. He kissed me hard and I felt his cock bounce out landing against my pussy.

He pulled back a little bit placing his hand on his cock demetevler genç escortlar and rubbing it through my slit. It was wet now and I felt it harden even more when he rubbed it against my clit. Soon the tip was pushed hard against my hole. I grabbed onto his hips and slowly started pulling them into me. His head was right next to mine and I turned to lay kisses on his cheek. I heard a tiny moan escape his lips as I pulled his hips into meet mine. My pussy stretched to accomadate his size and when he was all the way in, we both just stopped for a minute. The RV was fairly dark and it light up for a second from the lightning outside.

Slowly he began to fuck me. Pulling his cock all the way out until only the tip was in and then pushing it slowly back in. He leaned on his arms and continued to kiss me. I could feel him start to speed up. His cock was huge inside me and every time he entered me I could feel his rub against my pelvic bone.

I pulled my arms out of my straps and rolled the top of my dress down, causing my tits to pop out. He immediately put his mouth to them sucking hard on one nipple and then the next. I moaned loudly and moved my hand down past his head to my clit. I circled my finger slowly around it but I knew it would take hardly any effort in order for me to cum.

I knew it wouldn’t take too much more for him to cum either. He sat up and cupped my breasts as he fucked me hard. I rubbed harder on my clit feeling my orgasm growing. My pussy hugged him tight and he had successfully found my gspot now because as he pounded into me. A second later my vagina was on fire and I let out a loud moan as I started to cum. My back arched and my pussy exploded all over his cock. Wave after wave of sweet orgasm flew over me making my chest shake and my legs tense up. The thunder clapped loud in the sky and again I jumped.

With my back arched he reached underneath me grabbing onto my ass for support and fucking me hard. My pussy was still twitching from my own orgasm when I felt him pull out and a second later hot cum shot onto my pussy. Continuing to stroke his cock with his hand he glazed my mound with his cum. He leaned forward on his arm letting every last drop pour onto me.

I just laid there unable to move. My legs twitched and for some reason I started laughing. He collapsed down next to me wrapping his arm around me. We just laid there listening to the rain on the roof and holding each other, occasionally kissing and laughing until the rain stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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