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She was standing on the bumper of her jacked-up silver truck. Leaning over the engine. “Come on! You aren’t that old, you piece of shit,” she said, more to herself than her truck. Claire had owned her truck for almost a year. She had poured money and time into making it a beast. One that should make any man hard with envy. She had named it as well. Jordan. She didn’t have any particular reason why she chose that name, she just liked it. Claire stood five foot eight, five eleven in heels. She had blonde hair, thought it wasn’t her true hair color. No one would have known that though, even if they were lucky enough to see her sex. She kept that shaved clean. Smooth.

She had to reach her body into the engine compartment in order to check the fluid levels. Doing so lifted her short black skirt slightly. She could tell that the bottom edges of her ass were exposed. “Guess I’m glad I live out in the middle of nowhere!” she thought. The fluid levels were fine. “Well damn it!” she said loudly, as she reached again to put the dipstick back. That was the moment she heard another vehicle approaching. She quickly finished sliding the stick back into the tube; reached back, pulled her skirt a little lower and jumped back off the bumper. The breeze made by the motion caressed her bare ass cheeks. The front portion of her thong prevented her from feeling it rush over her smooth lips. She turned to face the approaching vehicle. The day was slightly chilly, so she crossed her arms over her breasts, hiding her hard nipples. She wished she had worn a bra under her white tank top.

The vehicle was a truck. Red, not nearly as big as Claire’s baby, Jordan. She could see a man in the driver’s seat. “Shit,” she thought, “he totally saw my ass. That’s why he is stopping. Probably some horny old fuck, thinking he will get another peek.” The truck came to a stop in front of hers. She was surprised by the man that exited the truck though. Tall, maybe six foot four, shaggy dark brown hair. Just enough stubble to make him cute.

“Having some trouble with your boyfriends’ truck, ma’am?” he said with a smirk.

Claire was not amused. “It’s mine,” she snapped back. “But, yes, I am.” He walked closer, leaning his head and looking at the truck behind her.

“Can I take a look for you? I work on mine all the time. Might be able to give you a hand.” He stopped a short distance from her.

She gave him a quick look-over. He was wearing a black button-up shirt, blue jeans and sincan escort bayan a pair of work boots. There were some stains on all his clothing, something like oil. “Be my guest,” she said, motioning to her truck and dropping her arms to her side. Not considering that he could now look at her erect nipples. It was his quick glance and the slight smile that made her realize. She blushed and crossed her arms again.

She watched the man step up onto Jordan’s bumper. Even as tall as he was, he had to lift his leg quite a bit. As he was standing over the engine she looked at his ass. “Yeah, you saw mine buddy. Now it’s my turn,” she thought. She moved to one side, by the headlight, and propped herself against the truck. Too short to look at the engine from the ground, too aware that climbing would give him a show.

“You owned her long? She looks pretty new. Although, some of these parts are after market,” he said, “I imagine your boyfriend is proud of you. Owning a truck like this.”

“Why do you assume I have a boyfriend?” she asked, turning her head to look at him. She noticed the bulge in his pants, blushed and turned away. “At least he was looking at the engine and didn’t see me checking him out,” she thought. “I wonder if he is hard? Did my truck impress him that much? God, if he is soft…he must be huge.” She stole another glance.

“Well, begging your pardon ma’am, but if you aren’t attached there must be something wrong with the men you hang around,” he replied. “I haven’t lived here long, but I haven’t seen any other women like you around here.” He tapped and clanked in the compartment. “I think I know what’s going on here. I got my tools in the truck, I’ll grab what I need,” he said as he dismounted the truck and looked at her cleavage, not bothering to hide his stare.

Claire huffed, “Why are you such a jerk? I am not some piece of eye candy for you to drool over!”

“Sorry, just trying to get to know you,” he said, smiling, “I could call a wrecker if you would rather?”

“And wait another hour or two? No. Please just do what you have to and leave,” she said dropping her arms again. Not caring if he looked at her anymore.

“Why don’t you hop on up there so I can show you what is happening. That way you will know what tools to buy, so this won’t happen again,” he said, a slight smile on his lips. “I’ll grab my tools and be right back”.

Claire was hesitant, but would rather know how to fix her baby if this happened eryaman escort again. She held the back of her skirt, lifted her leg and climbed up onto Jordan’s bumper, being sure to pull her skirt down. Moments later he climbed up next to her. She thought she caught him out of the corner of here eye, looking at her ass.

“You see where your fuel line enters the engine? I will bet you that the line is plugged right there. I have seen it happen on this model. Here,” he handed her a wrench, “turn that nut off.” She leaned into the engine. Now that he was standing here with her, she didn’t worry about her skirt. He wouldn’t see anything, though she became aware that he was staring at her tits hanging over the engine. She put the wrench on the nut and tried to turn it. “It’s on there pretty tight. I don’t know if I will be able to break it,” she said.

“Here, let me help,” he replied. The position he took was not the one she would have expected. He placed his right foot on the outside of hers, his right hand gripped Jordan next to the right side of her hips. He slid his left foot over to hers. Placing himself directly behind her.

“Um, okay,” she said, “wouldn’t it be easier if I were out of your way?”

“Probably,” he replied with a bright tone and grin. He pressed up against her. His chest to her back, his arms on either side of her. His cock was not hard, he hadn’t been hard when she saw his bulge.

“He is hung like a fucking horse!” she thought. “What now?” were the words that came out of her mouth.

“Now we use the wrench…on the nut,” he answered, “we’ll both turn it at the same time.” They gripped the wrench, both pulled and broke the nut loose. He pulled the line back, looking in the end he said, “Ahh! See, I told ‘ya.” He used his pinkie finger to clear the clog. Replaced the line and tightened the nut. The whole time he remained pressed up against her. His cock resting against her ass. “Well, that ought to do it,” he said. He moved his right arm away from the engine. She saw the grease, oil and dirt on it. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast, making him squeeze.

“I should repay you,” she said, in a whispered moan, “I have been a total bitch to you. What can I do?”

She could feel his member pressing up against her ass, through his jeans. He was getting hard now. She took his left hand and moved it to her other breast. He squeezed and massaged her tits, standing on the bumper of her truck. She moaned, pushing etimesgut bayan escort her ass back into his cock gently.

“If I take your meaning, ma’am, I think you’re talking physical payment?” he asked. She felt him stiffen even more.

“Shut up and fuck me, asshole!” she replied. His right hand moved from her tit, slid between their bodies. She felt him unzip his pants and release himself from behind them. He was huge. He pushed her up further onto the truck, allowing his cock to fall between her legs. She could feel the tip of it at the front edge of her still covered pussy. She reached down between her legs and touched it. “Oh god, you are so big. I’ve never seen a dick that reached past my cunt hole, when the man is behind me. Not just long either, so wide.” she moaned.

“Scared?” he asked. “I can be gentle.” He slid a hand around her stomach, down to her smooth pussy. He pulled the thong aside and ran a finger over her slit. “Mmm…nice and wet. Ready?” He pulled his hips back enough for the head of his cock to line up with her dripping hole. He slowly pushed inside.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned. “You’re so fucking big!” He pushed deeper. Slowly, but deeper. “Oh, holy…SHIT!” she screamed in pleasure, as she came on the head of his massive cock. He began thrusting slowly as she moaned. He pushed himself deeper into her soaking cunt. She felt his head bumping against her cervix. She came again, this time with more force. Squeezing his cock. “He could fuck me in half, I swear!” she thought. He began to pump harder, now slamming the end of his cock into her cervix.

“I’ve got a few more inches to give you,” he said, pushing as hard as he could. “I am going to be deeper inside your cunt than anyone has ever been.” He pushed until he was finally up to his balls in her pussy. She thought it may have passed her cervix. She didn’t care. Didn’t care that it kind of hurt.

His thrusting became quick and deep. She felt his massive cock as it exploded cum into her deepest parts. Her own orgasm hit her as she felt his cum splash inside her. Her pussy quaked on the outside, squeezed tight inside. She let out a scream, “FUUUUCKKK YEESSSS!” She couldn’t stop cumming. Then she realized that she was squirting her cum all over his cock. She could feel her cum rolling down her legs.

He pulled his dick out of her dripping cunt, zipped up his pants and hopped off the truck. Leaving her still bent over her truck, pussy dripping through her panties and onto Jordan’s grill and bumper. “You’re all set ma’am. Hope you have a great day.” He turned and walked back to his truck. Started it and drove off.

“Well Jordan,” she said, still shuddering with waves of pleasure, “that’s never happened before.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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