Senpai and Kitten: Starting Slowly

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“Okay. Since you’re new to this, we’ll keep it fairly simple for now. If we do this again, we can try something more advanced.”

Jackie nodded in response to José, chewing on her bottom lip. She was seated at the edge of her bed, feeling equal parts excited and nervous. She was excited because she wanted this- so much so that she was shivering from acute arousal- but nervous because she was inexperienced and didn’t want to disappoint José. She had tried to prepare as best she could. Her legs were shaved, her skin was exfoliated and moisturized, her teeth and tongue brushed and minty fresh. Recently showered and vanilla dabbed on her pulse points, her body was as ready as it could be. Thanks to negative comments from her mom she was a bit insecure about her figure, but she also realized that José already knew she was overweight and if it was an issue for him, they wouldn’t be doing this. Besides, her former stepdad had always insisted her mom was hot regardless of her size- actually because of it. So Jackie was determined not to let doubts about her body get in the way.

If anything, she was worried about kissing the most. Jackie figured that he could guide her in how best to stroke his dick, and that as long as she didn’t overdo it with teeth and she was enthusiastic, he ought to enjoy even her first attempts at a blowjob. Besides, that was something where again, he could teach her how to please him. But kissing…what if her crappy sinuses meant she didn’t get enough air? And what about her glasses? They’d get in the way, but she wanted to be able to see what was going on, how he reacted. She fervently wished she wore contacts right now.

Her overthinking abruptly stopped when he pulled his Godzilla t shirt over his head, followed by his black undershirt. José then kicked off his shoes before reaching down to undo his fly so he could pull down his jeans and step out of them. He opted to leave his boxers on for now, but she wasn’t too disappointed. She now had plenty of deliciousness to ogle. Jackie was eager to explore it- to experience his warmth, the firmness of his muscles, the sleekness of his skin, the roughness of his body hair against her. She couldn’t precisely explain why, but she desperately wanted to lightly bite one of his pecs, then use her tongue to soothe the sting. She’d already admired his large hands and sexy forearms. She was very pleased to discover he had strong thighs, too, and shuddered in anticipation of how he might use them to power his thrusts.

José reached down for his jeans, pulling a foil packet from his pocket. He let the denim fall back to the floor before strolling around the bed to set the condom on her bedside table and turn on the lamp. As he walked past her to kill the overhead light, Jackie took the chance afforded her to check out his back and ass. While she was weird and had a thing for forearms that family and friends teased her about, she could appreciate that he had a damn fine backside.

Once he had adjusted the lighting to his preference, José turned around to look at her. “Stand up.” She wordlessly followed his command, slightly clumsy in her hurry to obey. He stalked closer until he was near enough that their feet touched. He held out his right hand and said, “Glasses”. She removed them and handed them over carefully. He placed them next to the TV, then set his own by hers.

Returning his attention to Jackie, he rested his left hand on her waist and curved his right around her neck, using his thumb to gently but firmly tilt her head the way he wanted. He asked, “Ok?” After giving a nod in reply because she currently lacked the brain power to speak, he leaned forward to brush his lips against hers once, then twice before firmly pressing them to hers. She soon felt his tongue trace the seam of her lips, coaxing her to open hers and let him explore her mouth. Tentatively, she stroked her tongue against his, then not so tentatively when she heard his moan. When he retreated, she instinctively followed.

The hand on her neck had wandered into her hair, threading through the short strands and pulling ever so slightly, making her gasp and temporarily freeing him from the kiss. He used the reprieve to pepper kisses along her jawline, then down her neck. He teased her with his lips first before employing his tongue and then teeth. She swayed a bit when he sucked the patch of skin where her neck and shoulder met into his mouth and bit. José moved his left hand from her hip around to her back to steady her, then down to her ass to pull her into fuller contact with his lower half. She felt his burgeoning erection hot and firm against her soft belly even through the barrier of her shirt and his boxers. Curious, she reached her hand between them to cup him. He cursed softly, then rocked against her a few times before grasping her wrist and tugging it away.

José freed her and said, “Put your hands on my shoulders and leave them there until I say otherwise.” Once she did as asked, he used his now free hand to cup her left breast, testing the fullness before brushing his thumb bahis firmaları over the nipple. He repeated this until the peak had stiffened to his liking, then took it between his thumb and index finger, rolling and tugging, applying more and more pressure until the pleasure was laced with pain. When she softly cried out, he plunged his tongue back into her mouth, being a bit more forceful this time.

He nibbled her lower lip, sucked on her tongue until she understood he wanted her to imitate him. He gave a deep rumble once she did, then pulled away so they could both get some desperately needed air. He moved just far enough away to grab the hem of her top and ordered, “Arms up.” He briskly pulled the shirt over her head. “Hands back on my shoulders.” José then snuck his thumbs into either side of her waistband and tugged them down. He dropped down to one knee to finish removing her pants before nuzzling her stomach. She was reassured by the gesture, then promptly sent back into hunger when he pressed an open mouth kiss to her mound through her panties.

He made a sound reminiscent of a growl, then quickly rose to his feet. Hastily, he pulled the covers to the foot of the bed before he raspily requested, “Get in.” Jackie crawled on hands and knees towards the center of the bed. Before she could turn over and lie down, she felt the mattress dip slightly from José’s weight. She jumped slightly when he bit her ass, causing her to fall flat against the bed. He simply laid with his front along her back, nestling his hard on between her cheeks. Having recognized that it was especially sensitive, he once more paid attention to her neck as he thrusted slowly against her.

Noticing the flush of her skin and the deepness of her breathing, José backed up onto his knees so she could turn over. He softly stroked her soft thighs until she parted them to allow him to move between them. He let part of his weight rest on her, and supported the rest with an arm braced next to her head. He went back to kissing her mouth, then made the trek down her neck, across her collar bone, nuzzling her cleavage. He then lifted up to pull the cups of her bra to the side, giving him the first glimpse of her pale breasts and toffee colored nipples. José moved in for a taste, sucking first one nipple, then the other. He then blew on the wet skin, watching as the buds puckered further. As he continued playing with her nipples, he snuck a hand under her to undo her bra and toss it away, then let it slide to her ass, using it to guide her hips into a roll against his, generating maddening friction between his cock and her core.

Ready to be inside her but determined to see to her pleasure first, he let one hand trail over her breast, her stomach, and eventually found his fingers easing into her panties. His dick throbbed painfully when he discovered just how ready she was, his fingers bathed in wet heat. He lightly stroked one callused finger up and over her clit, circling around and around before pressing on the top. She writhed underneath him, eyes open but hazy as she sought her release. She whimpered in displeasure when he abandoned her clit, then sucked in a breath when he firmly pressed one finger into her. Jackie had tried using a dildo a few times, but it had been awhile. Her walls fluttered in an attempt to adjust to the intrusion. He pulled back slowly before thrusting his finger back in. He continued in a steady rhythm until the odd fullness morphed into pleasure.

When he sensed she was ready, he added another finger, scissoring them to prepare her. Knowing she was close and needing to taste her, he extricated his fingers and scooted down until his stomach was on the mattress. He hooked his finger around the crotch of the panties to drag them down and off. He pushed her knees up and out, used his thumbs to spread her lips, then boldly licked from her entrance to her clit. He lapped lazily, then latched onto her clit and sucked. That finally sent her over the edge.

Curious if he could make her come again, he backed off a little, then pressed his fingers back in before taking her clit back into his mouth and worrying it with his teeth. He thrusted and curled his fingers in time to his oral ministrations. This time when she climaxed, he could feel her pussy clamp down on his fingers, and he couldn’t wait anymore. He moved to his knees, pulled his boxers partway down, reached for the condom, tore the package open, and rolled it on. José used his hand to position his head at her entrance, swirling it around in her wetness before easing in.

Jackie had been struggling to keep her eyes open after two intense orgasms, but they went wide as he claimed her. He advanced steadily until he was all the way in, then he paused while he judged if she was in discomfort. José watched as she took a few stuttering breaths. When she rotated her hips experimentally to see how it felt and she moaned, he took that as a sign to proceed. He pulled almost all the way out before snapping his hips forward again.

Needing to go even deeper, he caught her knees kaçak iddaa in the crooks of his arms and pressed them towards her shoulders, using his upper body to hold them in place. He grabbed her hips with both hands and helped her thrust back against him. As he studied her, he was surprised to see she was almost at the peak again. Wanting to take her there one more time, he brought his hand to where they were joined, and firmly rubbed her clit while bending forward to suckle strongly on a nipple. The resulting contractions triggered his own release. He managed a few more thrusts before he collapsed against her, both of them completely drained.


Jackie was eagerly awaiting José’s arrival. This would be their second encounter, and while she was very happy with how the first one went, she wished that she would have had the opportunity to touch him more. And because he’d waited to remove his boxers until she was recovering from her second orgasm, she’d missed out on seeing his dick.

Feeling it had been a revelation, though. On the random occasions she’d attempted using a dildo, she had been unimpressed. The internal friction and fullness eventually felt okay, but she never forgot that she was fucking herself with an object. At least when she used her fingers, she could more easily imagine they belonged to someone else. But having the real deal…there was the heat, of course. Plus she had felt every pulse and twitch…Just thinking about it had her body responding, readying her.

Jackie was wondering where he was when she heard the ding indicating a message had just come through. “You home?” “Of course. Why?” “You didn’t answer the door.” “I didn’t hear a knock.” “I rang the bell.” “Oh. Meant to tell you that it doesn’t work. I’m on my way down to let you in”. She had barely finished opening the door before he was pushing his way in, backing her up against the landing wall. He paused long enough to close and lock the door, then stepped forward and encircled both her wrists with his fingers, dragged her arms above her head, and brought her hands together so he could hold them captive above the wall with one hand.

José pressed his right knee between hers, causing her to straddle his thigh. When she moaned at the sensation, he took advantage of her open mouth, plundering his tongue inside, using it to imitate what his cock would soon be doing. Without even noticing, she started riding his thigh, sighing in satisfaction at the friction it created. It felt even better when he put a hand under her shirt and insinuated it between her breast and her bra, putting his wonderfully callused fingers in full contact with her skin. He immediately snagged her nipple, pinching it firmly. If she wasn’t so turned on it might have been too much, but instead it intensified the sensitivity of her clit.

She was starting to wonder if she could come just from this when he abruptly pulled back and rasped out, “Bedroom.” “Oh. Um, I need to turn off the oven. I was distracting myself by baking.” She walked up the stairs, José following closely behind. Once in the kitchen, she covered the bowl of cookie dough with cling wrap, placed it in the fridge, then twisted the oven knob off. She was at the sink washing her hands and had just finished drying them when José stepped up behind her, pressing his body all along her back until she was sandwiched between him and the counter.

She felt his erection nudging her backside, and decided to wiggle against him, curious what his reaction would be. He groaned, then said something very low. She thought maybe it was, “Fuck.” Then she felt the warmth of his body leave her before her top was suddenly whisked over her head, nearly dislodging her glasses. She hurried to fix them as he unlatched her bra clasp, then waited for her to pull her arms through the straps so he could toss it next to her shirt on the dining room floor. He used both hands to yank her pants and underwear down together, then stepped on them so she could pull her ankles free, then kicked them out of the way.

There was a moment where she only heard the harshness of his breathing, the sound of his own clothes landing on the floor, and the ripping of foil. Now he was back, letting her feel his hot skin against hers, his chest hair teasing her back, his sheathed cock brushing her bare ass. He trailed his hands along her arms until he reached her hands. He brought them to the edge of the counter and told her, “Hang on.”

He took his hands away to grab her hips and pull, causing her to walk back slowly until her upper body was nearly parallel to the floor. José then pressed one hand to the small of her back, pushing down until her back arched, slightly lifting her ass in the process. He then stepped forward, holding his dick to take aim. He just barely pressed in, teasing them both with tiny thrusts. She was trying to push back against him to bring him further inside when he suddenly slammed all the way home.

“Oh!” Jackie had thought it felt good before, but this position kaçak bahis allowed him deeper, and the angle stimulated different areas. José didn’t wait to let her adjust. He started a punishing rhythm that had her barreling to the finish line. She just needed a bit more stimulation. But José was already on it. His torso pressed more firmly against her back as he removed his hands from her hips, then trailed one up to cuddle a breast, and the other down to firmly cup her sex. He sought her clit and circled his finger firmly around it, tugging on her nipple at the same time. She soared over the edge, the pleasure amplified as her spasming pussy milked his dick.

His thrusts lost rhythm as gained his own release. Exhausted, he rested his weight against her, then pressed his lips against her neck, feeling her racing pulse against his lips. He then pulled out with a groan, grabbed his clothes from the floor, then headed for the half bath to dispose of the condom and get dressed. She was still holding onto the counter trying to recover when she heard him call out, “Bye. Lock the door behind me.”, then the sound of the door closing behind him before she could even reply. She was still standing in the sun drenched kitchen, basking in the afterglow when she realized she still hadn’t gotten to touch him. “Damn it.” Next time, she vowed.


This time when José reached for her almost the moment she opened the door, Jackie reacted in time. Her hand pressed against his chest to hold him off, but then she got distracted by the feel of him and just mutely petted him. He looked at her, brows raised in question. She shook off the lust long enough to say, “Oh, right. Ummm…I want to try something.” “Yeah? What’s that?” “Well, I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done so far. Really, REALLY, enjoyed. But I want…I want to pleasure you in the ways you’ve pleasured me.” “Meaning?” “I want to touch you, too. And taste you.” His voice was huskier when he replied, “Yeah, okay.”

She took his hand and held it as she climbed the staircase, him following closely behind. She guided him to the couch and waited until he sat. Jackie had gotten a bit of a show during their first time. José hadn’t danced or done a strip tease, but it had been a visual feast as he bared more of himself while he disrobed. She wanted to give him a similar treat. She retreated to the other side of the room, not trusting that she’d get very far if she was close enough that he could touch her. She gauged the amount of light coming in around the blinds. Hmmm…it was a bit overcast. She used the remote to turn on the lamp by the sofa, worried her lip as she thought, then shrugged and turned on the lamp next to the recliner, too.

Jackie then turned to face him head on. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, then reached up with her right hand to her neck. She lazily stroked the skin there before tracing her collarbone with the tips of her fingers, and then the neckline of her black v neck. Next, she trailed her hand over her chest, cutting left across her cleavage and just grazing the bottom of her left breast. It went due South from there, coasting across her stomach until her fingers found the hem of her shirt. She then brought her left hand up to cross it to her right hip, took the hem in both hands, and dragged slowly up.

Once her shirt had cleared her head, she tossed it on the love seat. She brought her hands back down to hook her thumbs in the waistband of her yoga pants and shimmied them down, then stepped out of them before using her right foot to nudge them out of the way. She reached behind her to undo her bra, then used her hands to hold the cups in place as the straps slowly slid down her arm. Jackie leisurely pulled the cups away before removing the garment altogether, dropping it on top of her shirt.

She went for her skivvies next. They had barely cleared her hips when an idea struck. She turned before resuming, inching them down little by little, slowly revealing her ass. Once they had cleared her cheeks, she bent to bring them down the rest of the way, letting him catch a glimpse of her lips and the dampness of her arousal on her inner thighs. After she got them off, she looked behind her before tossing them over her shoulder towards José.

Rather than worry whether he caught them, she stepped over to the love seat and straightened out her top before sitting on it, using it as a barrier between her and the chilly faux leather. She then leaned back, nestling herself in the corner. Jackie started with her legs crossed as she brought her right hand to her lips, opening them to first lick her index and middle finger, then suck them into her mouth to get them wet and give him a preview of what would come.

She repeated the path she took to remove her shirt, this time with detours. As she reached her left breast, she used the tip of her index finger to make circles around her areola. Each circle got smaller in diameter until she reached the nipple. She lightly brushed her finger over the top, then took the peak between her two moistened fingers and teased, plucked, pinched, tugged, and rolled the peak until it was so stiff it almost hurt. Not wanting to be unfair, she lavished her right breast to the same treatment.

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