Serendipity Ch. 37

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 37 A full service day

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup


37 – A full service day

I woke up the next morning to shuffling women… a LOT of shuffling women. I was dreaming about fucking Nicole’s ass the other day, and was in the mood to sink my cock into a wet pussy that morning… AND THEY WERE ALL GETTTING DRESSED!

Now Nicole was pulling on her robe and dashing off to answer her computer, but Sam, Maria, and Brittany were all jumping up and down teasing me as they pulled their jeans on. They each leaned over to give me a quick kiss and pull my hand to their tit before pulling t-shirts on and dashing off.

I managed to get standing and make it to the kitchen. There was my bowl of cereal waiting along with my glass of milk… but it wasn’t as warm as when it’s fresh. Then Jean came in, waved, and went upstairs to start in on the bathroom.

AND THEY ALL HAD CLOTHES ON! I mean what’s the use of having a clothing optional house IF THEY ALL HAVE CLOTHES ON!

I ate my cereal, picked at it almost, but finished it before it went totally soggy. Thinking about what Maria had said about giving Maya a bath. And while she could use the sink in the sorority house right now, it wasn’t all that big and she’d soon out grow that as well.

I turned my stool to see my little chocolate pixie standing there, her robe back beside her tits framing her body so nicely. She dropped her robe letting it puddle around her feet, then turned me back to the island and lifted her leg up and over to straddle me.


Nicole brought my hands down to her ass, then put hers around my neck and held me tight for a nice deep kiss. “Did I REALLY squirt that far?”

I just smiled. She groaned and put her head in my shoulder. “Right after you…”

Her head came back around quick, “Right after I what?!”

I was grinning so hard I almost couldn’t speak. “Right after you shot that plug out and put a divot in the wall.”


“Yes, and we have the video tape to prove it…” My cock was firming up under her against her ass just thinking about it.

“Must have been that hard cock in my throat that made me lose my train of thought,” she said in a seductive voice as she reached between her legs, lifted up a bit, and sank down enveloping my cock in her sweet pussy.

“Mmmmm, that must have been it.” I gave her a nice kiss as I brought one hand up from her ass to grope and mash her tit, no nipple bands yet today. “I can’t tell you how hot that was watching your throat expand as I pushed into you. I just wish there was a way to do that without worrying about choking you.”

Nicole pulled my hand from between us then pulled in tight, her hardening nipples jabbing into my chest. We were plastered to each other from crotch to neck. Her pussy was starting to ripple up and down my cock. “Mmmmm, me on my back, strapped in. Head held back to put you deep in my throat.” She stopped talking enough to put her tongue as far down my throat as she could, then sucked mine in to hers right after.

“The only thing free is my legs so I can push myself on to you. I want you to just stand there in front of my open mouth, watching me fuck my chocolate throat on your hard white cock.” Her pussy was really clamping down, and her nipples were as hard as I could remember feeling them.

“Watching me squirt all over the wall as you shoot down my throat. Seeing my throat expand with every shot you put in me. Only having the strength to keep you there for a few shots, then collapsing back, still squirting as you escape my mouth and shoot the rest of your cum down my chocolate pixie body…MASTERRRRRRR!”

Nicole clamped ankles around me, pulled me tight to her chest and began squirting still impaled on my cock, her pussy going into overdrive causing me to erupt inside her. We held each other tight, her pussy clamping on me, my cock shooting in side her, back and forth until we were both spent.

Nicole still had her arms around me, holding on like she was afraid she’s fall over. I brought my hands up from her ass and held her to me, feeling her quivering subside. “Nicole, that was the best… uh… non-fuck… ever.”

Nicole managed to lift her head, looked me in the eye and gave me a quick peck before letting her head back down on my shoulder. “Yes it was…” she whispered.

“And to think we have it all on tape.” She gasped and clamped on me, almost forcing my softening cock from her pussy. She groaned at feeling me leave her.

I leaned over and grabbed a dish towel from the end of the island, tucking it between her legs as I fell bahis firmaları from her. “No plug handy today.” That made her smile and giggle, giving her tits that lovely little jiggle.

I gave her a quick kiss, “I could always tie you up sideways on a hammock?”

Her eyes flashed open, her finger came up to point at me and was ready to say something when her phone rang. She jumped off my lap holding the towel and saying over her shoulder as she wobbled off to the office. “We’re not done with this conversation Mister!”

I took care of my breakfast dishes, then staggered up to the extra bedroom to retrieve my clothes. Wiping off and pulling them on with an audience since Jean had knocked the drywall off both sides to get ready for the new shower.

I looked at her, then reached down and stroked my barely firm cock. She smiled and unbuttoned three buttons, letting her pull her shirt out and under her tits.

“Okay, you win…” she just grinned and shook her head, but left her tits out to tease me. “When you put the plumbing in, put a set of connections on this side.”

“What for?”

“I’m going to make a baby bath for Maya.”

She got a grin, “Oh, isn’t that nice!”

“It’s a surprise…” she did the lips seal thing, did the shoulder shake at me, then went back to work with her chest still bare.

I managed to find a shirt while watching her jiggle and shake… I mean work on my new bathroom.

Fortunately Sam took Brittany’s car this morning, so I hooked up the trailer and headed for the surplus shop. After describing what I was trying to accomplish for Maria, he thought a bit, then we went scrounging.

After finding a few possibilities, I settled on an old dresser still in good shape except for a water damaged top. Add in a HUGE farm sink and one of those sprayer faucets from a restaurant and I had what I needed.

I managed to get it in the garage without Maria seeing it. I slid the top two drawers out and made the top cut for the sink and faucet. A quick sand and the first coat of varnish and that part was done. While it was drying I cut most of the bottom out of the top two drawers I removed, leaving the sides in place to keep them from flopping around. Then tacked the back panel back in place a few inches back to make short drawers and then headed inside.

Nicole was still on her computer phone, but grinned and shook her chest at me. I grabbed a cold Pepsi and headed over to check on our two little busy bees. I found Brittany in her workshop… NAKED WITH A NAKED CUSTOMER!

I stepped around the corner to get the full picture.

Brittany winked at me, “Hello Master.”

The woman standing there naked tensed up a bit, but made no move. I don’t mean no move to cover up, I mean no move what ever, not even turning to look at me. I looked her over as if taking inventory of another sex slave. “What do we have here little one?”

“I’m sorry Master, she’s already taken. I’m just fitting her for her harness.” She waived to the woman still standing there.

I walked behind her, realizing her wrists were lightly tied behind her back, something she could easily get out of if she wanted. She was wearing what used to be a very heavy bra. Four or five hook back and wide shoulder straps. Notice I said ‘used to be’. The cups were completely removed with chains running through loops on the shoulders. She also had similar chains around her thighs.

“Show me.” the woman’s eyes flashed but didn’t say a word.

Brittany nodded, “At once Master.” she stepped behind the woman, grinning as soon as she was out of sight of her. “She’s been fitted with her harness, letting her Master play with her remotely.” She tugged on the chains, revealing they were hooked to rings in her nipples, lifting first one and then the other. “Of course she can also be restrained if she has been misbehaving.” Brittan pulled on both at the same time, watching her tense up and began quivering as her tits were curved up toward the ceiling by the chains straining her nipples.

Brittany was nodding to me to get into it. “That’s a lovely design Brittany.” I stepped in front of the woman as she released the chains a bit. “You could even cross the chains and latch them if she’s really misbehaved.” I grabbed the chains and pulled them together, lifting and pulling enough to almost bring her nipples together.

The woman hissed and began shuddering, definitely a silent orgasm from the playing. “Especially if she had an orgasm without permission.”

I ignored the woman’s eyes flaring open, and Brittany managed to stifle a gasp.

I let her nipple chains drop suddenly, almost getting a squeak from her. “And these chains on her thighs?”

“Automatic pussy spreader Master.”

I looked over at Brittany, “Ingenious, show me.”

Brittany grinned, but managed a straight face as she came out from behind the woman. She pushed her to the bench, grabbed her waist, and lifted her to the bench. She lifted her legs, still together, up to almost chest high forcing the woman to lie back on her arms kaçak iddaa still tied behind her making her tits point straight up in the open bra / harness.

“Like this Master.” she spread the woman’s legs by her ankles. The chains around her thighs were hooked to the edges of her double pierced pussy, causing them to open as she spread her legs, then actually stretch her lips when her legs were opened further.

I took one ankle from Brittany, nodded to her, and pushed her ankle up and out, spreading her as far as possible and rotating her hips up, causing her pussy to open a bit from the tension on her lips.

“See Master, ready to eat.” with a wink.

“Show me.”, I said, as I took the other ankle holding her wide open for my ornery little sex slave.

“With pleasure Master.” and leaned in to drop her tongue into that spread pussy. She lapped a bit making the woman groan and twitch. Brittany leaned back to catch her breath. “Tell her to cum,” she whispered just before diving back in.

“Are you ready to cum yet up there?”

“Yessss maaaa aassssterrrrr…” She said through clenched teeth.

“One… two… Cum for me.”

“OHHHHH FFUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKK” as she flopped around, Brittany grabbing her hips and holding on.

I tapped Brittany’s shoulder, and got a pouty face as she did. The woman on the table tensed up, then flopped. “It seems to work well little one. The only thing missing is the plug in her ass to hook her wrist binding to.” The woman gasped and Brittany snickered.

I leaned down and kissed Brittany, licked some of the ladies juices from her lips, and whispered to her. “You are pure ornery when it comes to orgasms young lady.” Brittany grinned at me. “Now clean up your mess before she drips all over your work bench!” talking louder for the customer’s benefit and giving Brittany’s ass a light slap.

She grinned and grabbed the woman’s thighs, “YES MASTER!” The woman screeched, sat up quick, then flopped back down as Brittany dived back in.

I just patted her ass and slid my finger through her VERY wet pussy on my way out, adjusting my now hard cock in my pants a bit.

I made it around the corner to Maria’s workshop. I found Maria along with two lovely ladies. One older woman in a blouse and calf length skirt, and a young woman on the pedestal on a sheer lace thong and bra. The older woman with a decent build from what I could tell, the younger a petite A cup, maybe even a small B. All of them looked a little flushed from the sound effects next door.

“Hey there!” Maria exclaimed as she ran over and gave me a nice kiss, grinding her pussy against my hard cock. The young woman screeched and covered herself. Maria didn’t even stop, just held me close, so I reached down and cupped her ass. Something she enjoys when she has her chest plastered into me.

She leaned back a bit, keeping her hot mound against my cock, only separated by our jeans. “So what was all that… commotion… next door?”

“Just one of Brittany’s customers demonstrating her new jewelry.”

“I’d like to get some of that jewelry.” The older woman said.

“MOM!” the petite one hollered.

“What? Just because your father’s gone doesn’t mean I don’t have needs.”

“MOM!” she hollered again.

“I don’t know what you’re hollering and covering up for.” She nodded toward me, “He’s seen you in that excuse you call a bikini last weekend, at least when Hank wasn’t pawing at you.”

“MOOOOOMMMM!” dropping her hands from covering and putting them on her hips in a ‘mood’.

“Well it’s not like he’s going to chase an old broad like me around is it?”

Maria had backed up enough to be between the two, “Danny, this is Kate,” waiving to the young one. “And her mother Katherine,” waving to the older woman.

I held a hand out to Kate, she extended hers and was surprised when I turned her hand and kissed the back.

I turned to Katherine, took her hand and kissed it, but didn’t let it go. “I don’t remember any ‘old broads’ last weekend, but there were a few delectable mature women around my pool.” I let go of her hand and reached up to stroke her chin, “but then it’s a little difficult to tell with what you’re wearing.”

Maria was smiling.

“See I told you Mom, you gotta loose those outfits…” totally forgetting she was now standing there in sheer lingerie, her light brown nipples and shaved pussy on display if I wanted to look, and not a tan line to be seen. Not that I really noticed…

“Well let’s see what we actually have here.” I led her around the platform to face the full length mirror, coming to stand behind her.

I brushed the edge of her hair. “Hmmm, hair and make up nice, not over done.” I slid my hands down her back and around her waist over her top. “Oh! A nice firm tummy, not hiding anything there.” She sucked her breath in at my running my fingers over her belly; my thumbs momentarily grazing the under edge of her bra encased tits.

I stepped forward enough for her to just feel my hard cock against her ass, seeing her eyes flash open kaçak bahis in the mirror. “But with all those buttons done up, is she hiding something up here?” I slid my hands up the side of her body, then around her tits to her buttons, feeling a decent pair under there against my wrists without actually groping her.

I started at the top, keeping my arms against her chest, barely massaging her tits as I unbuttoned her top.

I was looking down her top as I unbuttoned it. “Oh, there might be something there…” I kept going, stopping with my fingers on the button just below her nipple line, then back up to the edges of what I had just unbuttoned.

“Oh now that looks delicious…” as I folded her top in revealing some nice cleavage. I pulled it out so I got a nice look down her top. “All they need is some nice lace to set them off.” I finally slid my hands down and cupping her tits, taking a bit of the weight in my hands, pushing and squeezing ever so slightly as I kissed her neck.

She was breathing a little hard as I released her top and began sliding my hands down her hips, never even raising her hands in protest. “Well if she’s been hiding that up top, what else has she been hiding?”

I let my hands go as far down her thighs as I could reach, then got a handful of skirt and began lifting with just my fingers… as I pressed my hard cock into her ass, nestling it between her cheeks. “Oh look at those legs… They look like they would be tasty to nibble on…” I pulled it up as far as I could go with the grip I had, then released one side to get a better grip, then the other.

I began pulling it up even further, stopping just short of her crotch like a mini skirt. “Oh now that is one hot momma! If I was ornery I’d keep lifting to find out if those are stockings or panty hose.”

I switched my head to the other side of her head, away from her daughter to whisper in her ear. “And in another situation to see if I could get away with bending you over and fucking you silly.” As I ran a finger across her hose covered thigh.

She wiggled her ass against me and shuddered as she closed her eyes.

“But I’d have to see her in her bikini to be sure…”

She gasped, her eyes flashing open staring at me in the mirror.

“She won’t wear one, says she’s tooooo ooooold.” Kate popped up still with hands on hips, but spreading her feet shoulder width giving me a nice back lit profile of her pussy.

I let my finger keep running up and down her thigh a little, lazily playing with her and letting it dip toward her inner thigh a little. “Don’t know a woman yet that’s to old for a bikini.” I kissed her neck again, “Or the lack of one for that matter.” Bumping my cock against her ass again getting a squeak for my efforts.

I looked to Maria, “You still have that little white one around?”

“Right here.” she said holding it up.

“Come on Mom, I dare you.”

She shook her head at her daughter and hung her head. I took the bikini in one hand and Katherine’s hand in the other. “You two finish what you’re doing. We’ll be back in a bit.”

I led her out and down the hall to the empty bedroom on the other side of the kitchenette.

I closed the door behind me as she stopped in the middle of the empty room. She turned as I came up behind her, inhaling as I reached for her buttons. “Should I take mine off first?” pulling my hands back to my own shirt.

She reached out quick to stop me, “Let me,” she grinned biting her lip.

I just smiled and nodded, letting her set her pace. She ran her fingers through the bit of hair showing, then began to unbutton my shirt.

NO ladies, I’m not some hairy beast, but I’m not some bare chested kid either. Just enough to run your fingers through I’m told.

Katherine was lightly touching my hair as she unbuttoned me, stopping every few buttons, and touching me lightly enough to almost tickle. When she reached the bottom she grinned up at me, pulling my shirt from my pants to get the last button, then pushing it back and down my arms.

She began to reach for my slacks, but I gently stopped her. “My turn now.”

I brought my hands to her chin, then slowly down the cleavage I had revealed earlier, untucking the top I had folded under. As I began undoing buttons again she tensed feeling my fingers in the depth of her cleavage above the V in her bra.

I kept going, smiling at the skin I was revealing, and like her I had to pull her top from her skirt to get the last two buttons, but my hands slipped a bit coming up and bumping the bottoms of her bra covered tits. I pulled it back to her sides, revealing a very plain white bra, thick enough to hide any hint of nipple. “Oh now that’s not fair, I have to go through TWO layers to see you.” As I pulled the top up and back off her shoulders letting it drop to the floor behind her.

Of course that left my hands back to be able to draw her to me and release the hooks behind her. Feeling her gasp as her eyes flashed open realizing what I was doing.

Since she was feeling vulnerable I didn’t just pull it off. I left it loose, hanging on her shoulders, her tits still covered and slightly supported. I looked her in the eye, and then leaned in for a light kiss, neither one of us closing our eyes.

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