Sexting a Sensual Sophomore Ch. 01

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– Dear Readers, my first story “Sexting with a Slutty Sophomore” was far more well received than I ever expected it would be. As such, I’ve decided to reboot the original story with some small changes. This updated edition marks the start of a story series as was requested by some readers, and I hope you will all look forward to upcoming installments. Stay tuned! –



I unlocked my phone and read the new text message.

Sarai: [Heya, work ends at 4 today. Wear something nice tonight.]

D: [Are you wearing one of your thongs that I like? See ya at 4.]


Sarai: [Don’t spoil your own surprises now, I’ll see you later. xoxo]

Cheeky as always.


We met in college during my freshman year. Sarai was a sophomore and my orientation group leader. I remember thinking that she was really cute as she brought us around the campus, giving us the tour of the school and making sure everyone was doing fine on their first day of college. Her enthusiasm was so infectious that even the introverts in the group got hyped for all the orientation camp games and activities. It was really difficult to feel anxious or worried with Sarai taking care of all of us.

As orientation came and went, I wondered if I’d ever get a chance to hang out with Sarai again. I couldn’t even get her number since we weren’t allowed to have our cell phones during the orientation. Just as regret began to really set in, my phone vibrated with a new notification.


Sarai: [Hi there! This is Sarai from orientation! We’re hosting a dialogue session on Thursday, 3p.m. at the seminar hall in case any freshmen are interested in becoming student leaders. Hope to see you lovely folk there!]

Talk about convenient coincidences. I wanted to say something more than a pathetic “haha, thanks”, but I also wanted to make sure I didn’t sound creepy. I spent a good ten minutes typing, deleting everything and typing again before I managed to tap out a decent sounding reply.

D: [Hey Sarai, thanks for letting me know. I’m glad you texted actually, I wanted to say thanks for taking care of all of us throughout orientation, I had a really good time.]

I put my phone down and awaited her reply. It came very quickly.

Sarai: [Hey D! I’m glad you had fun! You know, I was actually just thinking about how you mentioned you’re into working out. I’m going to be at the fitness clubhouse at about 2 this afternoon and I was wondering if you wanna come check it out? I wouldn’t mind some company 🙂 ]

There wasn’t much thought needed this time.

D: [I don’t have any plans for the afternoon so I’ll see you there then! Catch you later Sarai.]

I put my phone back in my pocket. Two o’ clock couldn’t come soon enough.


I got to the gym at two and put my things in a locker. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Sarai smiling at me, already changed into her gym wear.

She looked good, dressed in a dark purple sports bra and matching leggings. The top was low cut, revealing a modest amount of cleavage. I could see her tight abs where the sports bra exposed her midriff. The bottoms hugged her shapely legs and accentuated her bahis firmaları perky butt while the mesh panels on the leggings allowed a tantalizing glimpse of her thighs.

“Hey D, looking good!” She poked at my arm playfully. “Come on, let’s get started.” She inclined her head, motioning for me to follow her.

Working out with Sarai was quite an experience. The conversation with her was great and she turned out to be a great workout companion. She was witty, and her jokes had me cracking up. She was also really fit and kept pace with me for all the exercises we did. Her presence as a spotter was reassuring as we progressively lifted heavier and heavier weights. As much as I’d have liked to have been completely focused on working out, I caught myself checking out her shapely body multiple times and had to snap myself out of it. While spotting me as I did squats, her breasts brushed up against my back once or twice and I could feel a rush of warmth course through my body from the point of contact. It was getting progressively harder to stop my mind from wandering. I had to remind myself again and again to calm down because popping a hard on in the middle of the gym would be pretty damn embarrassing and I could already feel the swelling coming on.

As we finished our session, we dropped off our towels at the counter and prepared to leave. Sarai had to go for her part time job at the school café and I had to head back to my room to wash up.

“I’m glad we got to do this D,” Sarai grinned. “I really enjoyed talking to you too. I’ll text you later alright?”

“Me too Sarai, yeah, I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for inviting me to gym with you.” I smiled back and waved goodbye as she got on the bus.



I was just stepping out of the shower stall when the notification came in.

Sarai: [Heya, I just got to the Café but it’s off peak hour now and it’s so empty. I’m bored.]

D: [Hey Sarai, just got out of the shower. I’m aching already. Today’s workout with you was great.]

Sarai: [Mm, I can’t wait to have more workouts with you.]

I couldn’t tell if she was being friendly or flirty.

D: [Me too. I think I’m going to need a massage after this.]

Sarai: [Same here. Sounds like something I could use your help with too.]

Yup, flirty. Definitely flirty.

D: [Sure, I’m up for helping you if you’re up for helping me too. Heh.]

Sarai: [I think you liked my outfit today, didn’t you? 😉 I’m sure that bulge I saw wasn’t just your phone in your shorts.]

I wish I had worn better pants for working out. And those accidental brushings from her were decidedly not accidental after all.

D: [I need better pants. But yeah, no objections to your outfit today. Heh.]

Sarai: [I think I could feel your lack of objections brushing on my ass when you were spotting me, big boy]

I felt a bead of sweat slide down my neck.

D: [At the rate you’re going, I’m gonna need another shower.]

Sarai: [You sound pretty dirty, maybe you really do need another.]

She didn’t pull any punches with her teasing.

D: [Speak for yourself, sounds like you need one too.]

Sarai: [Maybe we can help each kaçak iddaa other get less dirty.]

Sarai: [ah shit, customers are coming in. Text you later D!]

Shit, it was just getting good too.

D: [Alright, enjoy work yeah? text you later.]

I exhaled deeply. This girl was pretty, fit, and one hell of a relentless tease. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to college.



Sarai: [Hey D, just got out of the shower. Busy shift this evening. Ugh. I’m happy though, got my shopping in the mail!]

Sarai: *sent a photo*

She has neatly laid out her purchases on her bed. There were a couple of cute strappy crop tops and tight mini dresses. What drew my attention though, was the selection of lingerie that she had ordered. There were two lacy bras, one in bright teal and another in midnight blue. They had intricate patterns on them and plunging bust lines with straps running down where her cleavage would be. To match, there were three pairs of thongs with fancy metal hoops on the waistbands.

D: [That’s quite the selection you got there. My imagination is going pretty wild.]

Sarai: [It’s like my superhero outfit. I like going to class dressed proper but with something fucking sexy underneath. Makes me feel powerful.]

That was pretty fucking hot indeed.

D: [So…You wore a thong to work?]

Sarai: [Hehe yup.]

D: [I really gotta catch you at the café some time. What kind of panties you got on now?]

Sarai: [I’m not wearing any panties now 😉 ]

The air conditioning was at full blast but somehow I was feeling a lot warmer.

Sarai: *sent a photo*

Sarai: [how do I look?]

She had tried on her dresses. They hugged her tight in all the right places, accentuating her curves. The new bras that she got pushed up her breasts, filling out the plunging necklines. Her hair was still wet from the shower and she had no makeup on, but the confidence she exuded in the pictures was alluring in its own right.

D: [That outfit looks like the recipe for an amazing date.]

Sarai: [mm…what kind of date?]

D: [Somewhere nice. Soft music, warm candlelight. Italian maybe? What I do know is that you’ll make whatever place it is the hottest place in town. ]

Sarai: [and what if I was wearing this?]

Sarai: *sent a photo*

She had removed her dress. She was in the midnight blue bra and a matching thong. The front of the cups were sheer, leaving her nipples visible through the translucent material. Her thong rode on her hips, a small ribbon in the middle of the tiny triangle of material at the front. Her lean body was all but fully displayed to me, making my heart race with increasing arousal.

D: [Then I would ask What would you say to dessert in my room?]

Sarai: [Dessert sounds perfect to me. Are you busy on Friday?]

D: [I can do Friday, yeah. What are you going to do in the meantime?]

Sarai: [I’ve got one hand on my phone, and the other in my panties. Why not you use your imagination.]

D: [Sounds like you’re having a great time. The pictures you sent were really hot. If you thought what you felt in my shorts at the gym was bad, you’ve made it even worse now.]

Sarai: kaçak bahis [Prove it then.]

I complied, taking a quick shot of my naked body and making sure she could see what she had done to my cock.

Sarai: [Mm, you’re actually pretty fucking hot. I like guys with glasses, and you’re charming too. The nice body makes it all even better.]

D: [You know, I thought you were pretty hot during orientation. Never thought we’d be doing this just a week later. Why me though? I’m sure you’ve met better guys on campus.]

Sarai: [I’m sick of guys who think dick pics count as flirting. That’s boring. The way you talk though, that makes me WET.]

D: [How wet are we talking about?]

Sarai: [My new panties are pretty much ruined, if that makes you happy to know.]

D: [If your hands are getting tired, I’m happy to have my tongue take over the job.]

Sarai: [I love the sound of that. I’m imagining it right now, having your warm tongue flick my clit and lick my pussy.]

D: [Tell me what else you want to have right now.]

Sarai: [I need my nipples licked too. They’re so hard now, I had to take my bra off.]

Sarai: *sent a photo*

She was completely topless in the shot, squeezing her breasts together and biting her lip seductively. Her nipples were fully erect and were practically begging to be licked and pinched.

D: [God your tits look amazing. Wish I could reach through the screen and give them a nice squeeze. You’ve got such perfect nipples that I want to tease and lick all night.]

Sarai: [ugh yes, I want you to squeeze my boobs and suck my nipples. I’m fingering myself now. Rub your cock with me please? I wish I could stuff it into my mouth and lick it all over.]

She didn’t even need to tell me twice. I was already pumping up and down the shaft, completely erect from her dirty talk and her sexy photos. I wanted so badly to touch her luscious body and pleasure her all over.

D: [I wish I could see you right now in your sexy outfits. I want to see you right in front of me wearing your sheer bra and that fucking sexy thong.]

Sarai: [Your cock is gonna be in my mouth getting all lubed up before I pull my panties aside and get you all in my pussy. I want you to fuck me till you’re about to cum and then blow your load all over my tits.]

I couldn’t hold it anymore, I climaxed, strings of cum shooting onto my abs.

D: [fuck…you just made me cum all over my body.]

Sarai: [Show, don’t tell. Heehee.]

I snapped a quick shot for Sarai, my abs tense from the orgasm, translucent cum on my body.

Sarai: [I wanna lick those abs and clean off all that cum with my tongue. You look so fucking hot. Friday is gonna be really fun. Here’s something to keep you going till then.]

Sarai: *sent a photo*

She was kneeling on the bed, cupping her breast and pinching her nipple, giving the camera a sultry wink. I could see the grey sheets underneath her dark with moisture. God, she really made a big mess. Friday was only two days away but boy…did it feel like forever.


Friday came, at long last.


I unlocked my phone and read the new text message.

Sarai: [Heya, work ends at 4 today. Wear something nice tonight.]

D: [Are you wearing one of your thongs that I like? See ya at 4.]


Sarai: [Don’t spoil your own surprises now, I’ll see you later. xoxo]

Cheeky as always.

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