Sexual Sanctuary

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Hannah made the sign of the cross and said,” Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been three months since my last confession. These are my sins: I have lied to my teacher. I use filthy language. I have missed mass. I committed f-fornication a lot of times in these months. I am sorry, I just cannot stop having sex, Father. It feels so good. Oh, I shouldn’t… I am so sorry for these and all sins of my past life. That is all, Father.” And with that Hannah quickly exited the confession room.

Father Daniel waited a few more moments for anymore people wanting to confess. Seeing that there are no more, he too got out of the room. The girl who has just confessed that she has committed fornication troubled him, not because she has committed it, but because she said that it made her never want to stop. As an orphan, Daniel was raised strictly by the Church. He was never taught sex education. The first time he saw a woman’s bare body was when he was still an apprentice of about eighteen years old with the priest who became the father figure to him.

“Vile and dirty,” his father figure had said to him while shaking his head, “Vile and dirty, disgracing God’s creation. You should shield your eyes and mind from the works and influences of Satan, Daniel.”

Since then, Daniel never dare look or even imagine a woman. He never had felt the pleasure of an orgasm and the bliss after. Although Daniel had an erection a couple of times, but then he will recite verses to will it away, just as the seniors of the Church instructed him about the worldly needs.

“Father.” Daniel instantly recognised that the voice belongs to the girl who just confessed to him a short while ago. “My child,” he began, “is there something that bothers you?”

“Father, I just want to thank you for,” Hannah pondered a bit, “forgiving me.”

“It was not I who forgives you, because it is not I who you did wrong to. God is the one who forgave you for everything,” Daniel answered, trying his best not to rack his eyes over the lady’s body. Hannah wore a white shirt that accents her voluptuous curves, a simple pink pleated skirt and sandals. Daniel felt his mouth went dry, but his mind quickly conjured up some verses for his to memorise internally.


“What?” bahis firmaları Daniel snapped back to reality.

“Are you alright?” Hannah smiled coyly, “you seem to be blushing a lot.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, just hot that’s all,” Daniel replied.

“Do you have some time? May we sit down and talk?”

“Yes, that will be very nice,” the priest said, “May I ask what is your name?”

“Hannah, you must be Daniel, am I right?” She answered, “A lot of people talk about you.”

Daniel chuckled softly. The priest was well loved by nearly everyone in the church. He was humble, young, creative, eloquent and intelligent. Not to mention that he was extremely good looking with his brown hair, blue eyes and chiseled features.

“Father Daniel, have you ever had an orgasm?” Hannah said seductively after about an hour of chatting on one of the pews closest to the altar.

“I have not,” Daniel answered truthfully, eyes looking away, “I should not.”

“Father.” Daniel felt her breath directly on his ear.

“Hannah-” He was cut of by the young woman kissing down from his ear to his neck. He felt the blood rushed downwards. Daniel gasped in horror and pleasure. After that, Hannah kissed the corner of his lips then straight on his mouth. She smiled into the kiss as she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“Hannah,” Daniel whispered, “What are you doing?” Hannah answered the question by licking his lips and kissing them again, sliding her tongue between Daniel’s lips before he finally gave in. She felt and hear the priest moan into her mouth as her tongue tousled with his. It was obvious that he had never felt this way before, and that just make her more aroused.

“You get worked up so easily,” she giggled and straddled him, feeling his own arousal.

Daniel took a huge intake of breath at the slight touch, his mind instantly processing some verses again. Hannah giggled at his reaction and ground down more, causing the priest to moan. She could see that his eyes were distracted and only subconscious, and his skin broke out in sweat. She gave his one last kiss and knelt down on the marble floor of the parish. She skillfully unbuttoned the black cassock while staring at the flushed face of the Father whose lips were moving kaçak iddaa fast in reciting verses. Then she undid his pants and stared. He was huger than any other cock she has seen.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, palming the impressive size of the erection. Above her, Daniel accidentally moaned out a word in the verse. Hannah stroked his clad cock in slow touches that made Daniel unconsciously push his hips to fast strokes that made Daniel lose his breath in pleasure. Just then she noticed that the priest finally gave into her touches, as he was already staring down to her with dilated pupils. Hannah smiled seductively to him, making him flush deeper.

“Hannah,” Daniel moaned louder as she took his penis out of his tight briefs. He had never felt this kind of pleasure before. As Hannah stroked him quickly, Daniel’s head dropped back, and his hand for Hannah’s resting on his thigh. Daniel felt a weird sense of pressure threatening to break free.

“Hannah,” Daniel nearly screamed. The girl slowed down her strokes, watching the priest give out a frustrated gasp. He must be close. She let him calm down a bit; before she did the most unthinkable to him, she licked a slow strip up from his balls to the head. She watched as his head quickly snapped back, staring at her in surprise. She smiled and put her lips on the head of his cock. He screamed, the hand on Hannah’s tightened. She sucked him and moved her head up and down. Daniel felt like he was on the edge of exploding, and did his best to hold whatever it was in. Hannah smiled around his cock as she felt his balls tightened. She pulled away, earning a deep growl from the man, and stood up, pulling something out from her pocket.

“What is that?” Daniel asked breathlessly, staring at the silver foiled material.

“Condom, Daniel,” Hannah answered, ripping the foil and retrieving the rubber like object from within. Without anymore words, she pulled down her cotton panties and slipped the condom on Daniel and lay down on the narrow pew, motioning Daniel to come closer. The priest seemed to be spellbound by her wet pussy.

“Touch it,” she commanded gently. Daniel gasped as Hannah pulled his hand to her and slid it on her sensitive part.

Daniel watched as she moaned his name sexily. kaçak bahis Then he trailed kisses on her throat, making her run her hands through his hair.

“Daniel,” she moaned in pleasure as Daniel finally slipped his fingers inside, “So good.” Daniel moaned in response.

“Take my shirt off,” she pleaded softly. Daniel reluctantly lifted up her white shirt, staring at her beautiful bosom.

“Kiss it,” Hannah said, arching her back. The priest whimpered and licked a part of it.

“Wait.” Then Hannah undone her bra. Daniel moaned louder as he saw her bare. He instinctively licked her nipples and sucked on them. Hannah screamed as she finally could not control herself anymore and came on his fingers with his name on her lips. Daniel watched the process in awe, he himself was hot and hard. They waited for a few seconds.

“Put it in, just like how your fingers were,” Hannah whispered. Daniel obeyed and pushed himself inside. Oh gods! It was so wet and tight, that Daniel felt the feeling of exploding coming back. He dropped his head to her shoulder with a shuddering moan.

“It’s okay,” she said, “Just do it slowly at first.” He did, he started thrusting into her slowly and gently, making her arch her back in pleasure.

“Yes, that’s it,” she groaned, “Faster now. Harder.” He complied, holding back the pressure that was threatening to explode. They were moving in unison now. And both were screaming in pleasure. Hannah knew that Daniel was close to coming and started to touch herself, only to be replaced by Daniel’s fingers. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes during the last few thrusts. Daniel’s breath was laboured. Hannah’s was also. They were working their way to orgasm. Then suddenly, both of them fell off the brink. Daniel gave out instantly at the foreign pleasure, screaming and thrusting until the final drop of come spurted. Hannah moaned until Daniel finally stopped thrusting and collapsed on her.

“Daniel… Daniel,” she whispered after they came down from their high, “I-I have to go.”

“Please don’t,” he answered.

“Daniel, my parents will be worried.”

“A bit more, please.”

“Daniel, I will come back, I promise.”


“Yeah, overnight.” Daniel got up reluctantly, taking off the condom and zipping his pants. Hannah put on her clothes too.

“Bye, Daniel,” she bade.

“Bye, Hannah,” he answered, “Come back soon.”

“I will, I promise.” They shared one more kiss, and Hannah left.

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