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It was close to closing time and only a few people were still lingering at the public library. As the last 2 returned their books and logged off the computers, Kara followed them out and locked up behind them. Kara, only 23 years old, had been working at the library for 5 years. She was working on a journalism major at college and used her time as the librarian to work on her writings. Humming softly to herself, she was just finishing up putting away the scattered books when one slipped out of her hands. Reaching down, she lightly gasped when another hand reached down to help pick it up. Glancing at the book title, “365 days of sex”, she blushed as her gaze met the face of her helper. He was a handsome strong man, late twenties, slightly dark skinned, with gentle and passionate eyes. As they both stood, she noticed that he was quite taller then her, probably by a foot. He leaned against the book shelving unit and smiled at her.

“I’m sorry sir, I thought everyone had left. If you’d like, I could walk you out.” Still holding the book, he leaned down so that they were nose bahis firmaları to nose.

“Please, call me Matt. I’ve seen you at the college. You are very beautiful. I’ve always wished to talk to you, but your beauty is just too much. Besides, I was sure you had a boyfriend anyways.” As she thought back on her school memories, she realized that the man in front of her was the very man she’d dreamt about. Had fantasies about. And longed to be with. The only difference? He was wearing contacts; not his usual glasses.

Falling to her own needs, she threw her arms behind his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Coming to her senses, she began to pull away when she felt his soft hands frame her face and pull her back in. His soft lips and hungry mouth left her wanting more. Almost without thought, she traced her fingers across his powerful chest and down to his pants zipper. Pulling away, he smiled at her and quickly unzipped his pants. In one swift motion, he pulled off her pants and thong, threw off his pants, and attempted to enter her pussy.

Softy she pushed him back. kaçak iddaa With a coy smile on her face, she said, “Matt, I need to be fucked. But I also need it wet down there. Can you help?” Returning his own devilish grin, Matt simply nodded and effortlessly picked her up so that her pussy was at his face and her legs hanging from his shoulders. Without hesitation, his tongue flicked over her clit. He smiled when he felt Kara’s legs tighten around his neck, and then went back in.

Warm mouth…wet tongue… Kara was in ecstasy. She began to moan as she one hand through his soft hair and the other went inside her bra to please her aching breasts. Matt was now implementing his fingers and his tongue, faster and harder than before. “Matt! Oh Matt! Please, I need you to fuck me!” Stealing one last lick of her now dripping pussy, he smiled and replied “Shhhh…. it’s a library”

Quickly, he picked her up from his shoulders and laid her on the carpeted ground. Looking into her eyes, he gripped her hair and hungrily kissed her before she could respond. Just as her hands rose to kaçak bahis meet his face, he pulled up her shirt, pulled down her bra, and had his hard dick ram into her pussy as he drew one breast between his lips while his hand toyed with the other.

“Oh fuck Matttttt…. Oh God yes! YES MATT!” She could hear his grunts of pleasure as he went faster and harder into her tight cunt. Flicking her nipple with his tongue, she threw her head back in absolute pleasure. Leaning her head up, she pushed his head into her breast and told him,

“More. Suck it more. Now!” With that, he gingerly bit her breasts as he began to tighten.

“Kara!! Fuck, I’m gonna blow!!” With a few more thrusts, he growled like an animal as he came in her. Exhausted, he laid his soaking wet body onto her own dripping wet body, and licked the sweat off her neck. Sighing in pleasure, she softly ran her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head. Raising his face to meet hers, he smiled and picked himself off her. Helping her up, he then quickly dressed and began to turn away. Just as he was about to leave, Kara ran up to him and slipped a book into his hand; “365 days of sex.” Smiling, they shared one last kiss as she grabbed her things, and then left the library with hands in each others back pockets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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