Show , Tell Ch. 03: Education

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Big Tits

NOTE: This story was suppose to be, “Show & Tell — 3” but was sent in place by mistake. Sorry about the error.


A few days after, “l’affaire,” when Beth exposed herself, first to the UPS man at the, “Alternative Lifestyle,” store and then to the three workmen at the motel, I was still trying to devise a plan that would expand on that theme. The problem was…, how to do it without getting her arrested!

That afternoon I got a call from her, asking that we meet and that she had something, “…, important,” to tell me. While she didn’t sound panicked, it did seem that, whatever it was, I needed to hear it. Could something have happened at home? Had her husband found something incriminating?

Driving to our meeting place, I was relieved to see her standing outside her car with no outward signs of physical abuse. If anything, she looked cheerful as I drove up, a big smile and…,

“What the…, what is she wearing?” I said out loud to myself.

Two o’clock in the afternoon, a fairly busy shopping area and she was dressed like it was a Saturday night and she was working the streets!

Tiny blue denim mini skirt, white thigh high fishnet stockings, a white tank top you could almost read a newspaper through and white cork soled wedgies.

And this just one town away from where she lived!

She jumped into my car, leaning across the center console and greeted me with, “Hi baby!” and a big sloppy kiss.

Shaking my head, I asked, “Is there a reason you’re dressed like this?”

“Yes,” as she bounced in the seat like a hyperactive 8 year old, “it’s the outfit I bought at the little boutique where Kim shops. I wanted you to see it. What do you think?”

“I think,” as I appraised her, “that it would be more appropriate for one of the clubs downtown…, where the 16 year old girls with the fake ID’s try to impress the 25 year old guys. Jesus…”

“You don’t like it?” the air coming out of her.

“I love it, in the right setting. I just don’t think it’s something YOU should wear HERE in the middle of the afternoon.”

“I…, I thought,” a pout, “I thought you’d think it was sexy and daring. I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be sorry. I do think… No! I know it’s sexy and daring. But it’s only sexy and daring in the right place at the right time. Right here and right now, it’s crazy! Someone you know, or worse that your husband knows could stop here…, for a quart of milk, and see you. Your husband comes home from work this afternoon and says, “So, what did you do today?” You answer, “Oh, I hung around, nothing much.” Next thing, he’s saying, “Really…, well, Walt from accounting stopped to get some milk and saw you dressed like a fucking hooker in the middle of the afternoon, talking to some asshole in a white Caddy!!!” Then what?”

Looking like an 8 year old again, this time, however, like one who just got caught playing with her mother’s dildo, Beth sat back in the seat, completely deflated.

Feeling bad that I’d been such a curmudgeon, I said, “Listen, I love the fact that you’ve got enough confident in yourself to put that on and wear it…, but you’ve got to be careful. This isn’t some afternoon soap opera that we’re playing here. It’s your marriage, your family and your job that you’re playing with, along with your reputation. You save these things you’ve bought for a time when you and I are out together. Some night when I take you somewhere that anything you wear will be appropriate.”

Looking at me, the light back in her eyes, she asked, “Do you promise?”

“Promise what?”

“Promise that you’ll take me out some night. Somewhere I can dress anyway I want and maybe do anything I want?”

“Oh yes, that’s a promise.”

Smiling again, she leaned across and kissed me again, this time harder and a lot longer.

“Now,” I asked, “what was so important that you had me drive here so you could, “…, tell me about it?”

“Oh,” bouncing in the seat again, “this morning, I was working in the yard, pulling weeds and stuff, and I was wearing a pair of really short shorts and this tank top. My next door neighbor, David, I saw him watching me from his window, and he was drinking his coffee and watching me…”

I had to ask, “And how short were the, “…, really short shorts,” and what were you wearing under the, “…, really short shorts, and, THAT tank top?”

“They’re REALLY short, short shorts and I wasn’t wearing anything under anything.”

“Okay, go on,” I told her.

“So, it was sunny and getting hot, and it was just beautiful, and…, anyway, he was watching me and then I could see him playing with himself…,”

“He was playing with himself! Playing with himself how?”

“You know…, he had his hand inside his boxers and he was playing with himself. I could even see how hard he was because he was sticking straight out.”

“And he’s just standing in his window…, looking at you and playing with himself?”

“Yeah…. Anyway, at first, I was kind of embarrassed, because he’s this older guy and his güvenilir bahis wife is always out somewhere with her friends and she leaves him alone. Sometimes he comes over if I’m in the yard and we talk. I think he’s pretty lonely. So, finally, I figured that I’d let him know I can see him, maybe…, so I looked at him and waved.”

“Thinking you’d embarrass him and he’d go away.”


“How’d that work?”

“Well, he waved back and then went away from the window, so I thought…”

“You thought you’d scared him away…? But you didn’t.”

“No, he came out of the house and walked over to me, asked if I’d like a cup of coffee. I told him, “No thanks, I’ve already had my allotment for the day,” and he asked where the kids were, so I told him that Kim was gone for a few weeks and TJ was at his friend’s house…

“So now he knows you’re alone.”

“Well…, yeah. I didn’t think anything about that. I mean, he’s lived next door for years and he never…, I mean he’s always been this…, this guy next door.”

“But this time…, it isn’t like any other time, is it? This time…, he wants something.”

The whole time we were talking, she was sitting with her left leg curled underneath her. She was serious, intense even, as she told the story. Now, she smiled…,

“Yes, he wanted something. He told me he’d been watching me for years. How sometimes I didn’t close my bathroom curtain and he would catch a glimpse of me getting into the shower, never long enough to really see me, but enough that I was the only fantasy he still had. And how, “…, this morning when I looked out the window and saw you. And you were…, are dressed like this, I HAD to ask…, “Can I see you naked?”

I didn’t need to say anything.

“I almost laughed,” she continued, “it was such a…, not stupid, but a such a completely ridicules question…, I didn’t know what to say. Finally, I looked him right in the eye and asked, “David, if Todd asked Jenny to take off her clothes, what would you think?” He did laugh, and replied, “If he asked…, and she did…, it would be one more time that he’d seen her naked, than I have in the last ten years!”

Still smiling, she continued, “I looked at him, and I was too embarrassed to ask him if that was true. But looking at his face, I knew it had to be. So I took him by the hand and led him into my backyard, where no one could see us, and then I…,”

“What was he wearing?” I asked.

“Huh?” like I had broken her trance.

“What was he wearing?” I repeated.

“Oh, he was wearing one of those hospital bathrobes. You know, blue and lightweight.”


“…, Uummm…, a…?”

“You pulled him around the corner…”

“Yes, no one lives behind us, so I pulled him behind the house and then, when I thought he was ready…”

“Ready for what?”


“You said, “…, and then, when I thought he was ready…” Ready for what?”

“Ready to see me naked! Honey, this was my neighbor. I’ve know this man for years. Nothing could have prepared me for this, not with him. But, when I got dressed to go outside this morning, I dressed in these clothes hoping…, wishing, that someone would notice me. It just happened to be him.”

“Okay, you’re behind the house…”

“And I let go of his hand and I stepped away from him and I pulled off my top…”

I was sitting less than three feet away from her. I watched her lick her lips…

“And he untied his housecoat and opened it up. He wasn’t wearing anything…, nothing under it. His penis was growing and he started to rub it… I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Then I wiggled out of my shorts and he moaned out loud and he was pulling on himself even harder and his eyes were closed…, and his put his head back…and I couldn’t just watch so I stepped over to him and started to rub him. I rubbed his balls and then I pushed his hand away and I started to jerk him off…”

“And what did he do?” I interrupted her.

“He opened his eyes and looked at me. It wasn’t the same look those other men gave me. I wasn’t a piece of meat to him…, I was…, I was something else. Maybe an angel, or a goddess, I don’t know, but he put his hands on my chest and he touched me. He didn’t squeeze me or fondle me, he just touched me. Then, with one hand playing with his balls and my other hand stroking him, he let out this little…, grunt or huff, and his cum shot out all over me.”

“What did you think…, at that second?”

“I couldn’t think because his legs gave way and he would have fallen on the ground if I hadn’t caught him. Then, he began to cry. He told me he was crying out of embarrassment, for making me do what I’d done, and also for joy, for feeling like a man again. I told him not to be embarrassed, because if I hadn’t wanted to do it, I would have sent him home.”

“What did you do then?”

“I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him to go home. And, he did.”

“What did you do?

“Do you really want to know?”

I just looked at her.

“I türkçe bahis went into the house, still naked, went up into my room and took out my vibrator. As I was getting more and more excited, I rubbed his cum off my body with my fingers and licked it off. I had two great orgasms before I finished getting it all off me.”

I didn’t say anything for a long minute, then I asked, “So…, what was so important that you…, had to tell me?”

She sucked me off in the parking lot, and I didn’t give a shit if, “Walt from accounting,” saw us or not!

When I dropped her off, I asked her if she could get out of the house on Saturday night.

“Call me tomorrow,” she replied.

The next morning I called. As soon as she answered, I asked, “David looking out the window?”

She laughed, “No, I haven’t seen him yet this morning. But, I wouldn’t be surprised,”

She had called her best friend Kathy, who told Beth that she and her husband would cover for her. I wasn’t crazy about someone else knowing our, “secret,” since it was no longer a, “secret,” now that Kathy knew. Beth promised that Kathy didn’t know who I was, only that, “I was…!”

I asked her to meet me at 6:00 PM and we’d go to dinner and then…?”

“What should I wear?” she asked.

“Something, I would think, that would assure your husband that you were going out with Kathy, and not some. “…, asshole in a white caddy!”

Laughing, she sputtered, “Okay, that makes sense, but I want to wear something…”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it,” I promised.

That afternoon, I drove to our little, “Alternative,” boutique, where Kate and I picking out something both of us agreed would be very appropriate for what I had planned. Kate then offered me a brochure for an, “Private Adult Club.”

“Have you any experience?” I asked.

Smiling, “Oh, I can recommend it. I’m not sure Beth is ready for it…, yet. But it wouldn’t surprise me if, someday, she will be.”

Curious, I then inquired, “Tell me, what made you think that Beth would pose for the UPS guy the last time we were here?”

“Oh,” she laughed, “I knew just from watching her look at herself in the mirror that she was ready for that.”

“How would you know?”

“Because that’s the same way I look at myself when I try something on that I think is erotic. I’m an exhibitionist too, but my tastes run in the more…, “aberrant attire.” Someday, when she’s ready, I’ll introduce you to that lifestyle as well,”

Telling her I was looking forward to doing just that, we said goodbye.

Saturday night, promptly at 6:00, I was there waiting. And, at 6:30, I was still waiting.

Figuring that her husband had changed his mind about letting her go out, I’d just started my car, when she wheeled into the parking lot.

“Sorry, sorry,” as she jumped into my car.

Letting her catch her breath, it was a minute before she told me, “I was ready at 5:00, but Todd wasn’t home and I couldn’t leave TJ by himself. At 5:45, I called Helen, Kyle’s mother, asking if I could drop him off over there. “No problem,” so I got in the car with him…, and Todd drove in behind me. Right behind me! “Where are you going?” standing in the middle of the driveway. ” I’m dropping TJ at Kyle’s and then I’m going out with Kathy. Remember?”

“He looked at me like I had two heads, and then I realized that he was drunk.”

“I’ll take him,” Todd tells me, leaning into the car and giving TJ a tap on the shoulder.

“I could smell the booze from the other side of the car.”

“You’re not taking anyone anywhere,” I told him, “you need to get in the house, take a shower and go to bed.”

“I said I’ll give him a ride!” his voice raising.

“Todd,” my voice was rising like his, “move your car and let me get TJ to Kyle’s. You go to bed and we’ll discuss this in the morning.”

“When he started to walk around the back of my car, I pulled up as close as I could to the garage, then backed around his car and drove TJ to Kyle’s. The kid never said a word, but he did give me a kiss goodbye.”

“You sure you still want to go out?” I asked.

“Oh …, I’d love to go back home and spend the night with a belligerent asshole, and a drunken belligerent asshole at that! No, I’ll get to him in the morning, when we’re getting ready to go to church. Believe me, he’s going to be doing a lot of praying and a lot of asking for forgiveness!””

Leaning across the console, she kissed me and said, “No, I’ll take my chances with you. Now, what do you have for me to wear?”

“Look in the back seat,” I told her.

Turning around, she found a dress hanging from a hook over the back door. There was also a bag on the floor below the dress.

Taking the dress off the hanger, she held it up in front of herself, saying, “It’s beautiful. Where did you find it?”

“Your friend Kate suggested it. She thought you’d like it and that I’d like you in it.”

She was wearing a pair of denim capris and a long sleeved crew neck top. “Going out with Kathy güvenilir bahis siteleri clothes?” I asked.

“I could have been naked in the car and only TJ would have noticed,” she told me, “Todd never even looked at what I was wearing.”

The dress was a burnt orange color, and when I’d seen it in the store, I thought it was so small…, only a 10 year old could wear it.

Kate promised me otherwise.

Reaching for the bag, she found a pair of black, patent leather, platform shoes and a necklace made of black and orange beads of different sizes.

“Wow, this is amazing! I can’t believe you picked it…”

“No, I only said, “Yes,” to what Kate had picked out. She gets the credit.”

“Well,” another kiss across the center console, “I’m giving you credit for saying, “Yes.”

I pulled into a Burger King so she could change, but after five minutes, she came back out still wearing the same clothes. “I have no idea how to put this dress on,” she told me, sounding more than a little irritated.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

Holding the dress up, she turned it one way and then the other. Shaking her head, she said, “This dress doesn’t fit. Something is missing.”

“What could be missing?”

“Well, when I put it on, the front pulls up so high that my bellybutton is almost exposed, and the back is almost down to the back of my knees”

All of a sudden, my saying, “Yes,” to Kate’s choice didn’t look like such a great idea.

Taking the dress from her, I held it up. It looked fine to me.

“How are you putting it on?”

“I put it over my head, the strap behind my neck, and then…”

I stopped her there.

Wanting to laugh, but knowing it would embarrass her, I said, “Beth, the strap doesn’t go behind your neck. It’s a strapless dress. That strap holds the top of the cowl front so that it drapes properly. All you need to do is pull it up under your arms and it stays up.”

She looked at me, then the dress…, “Oh.”

Sitting there, she continued to look at the dress as I was waited for her to get out and go back into the Burger King. Instead, without even a glance around to see who might be watching from the cars next to us, she pulled off the crew neck top, revealing that sexy little demi bra that she’d worn on an earlier date. Then she slipped out of the capri pants, showing the matching thong. Finally, allowing for a tiny bit of modesty, she looked to her right before unhooking her bra and dropping it on the floor with her other clothes. She did the same with the thong, before picking up the dress and putting it on.

Even with the bottom hem still above her waist, I could tell it was going to look terrific once she was able to pull it into place.

Turning to look at me, she smiled and said, “All set.”

Waiting a moment, I asked, “How is it that …, for however long it’s been, you wouldn’t be seen in anything that didn’t reach the floor and covered everything? Now, in a span of three or four days, you’ve exposed yourself to a UPS guy, three workmen at the motel, and the guy next door? Oh, and to top that off, you gave him a hand job and then licked his cum off your body. I don’t understand how that can happen?”

“I trust you.”

Simple answer to a complex question. I figured I’d wait until later before having her clarify her thought process.

I was taking her to a little French Bistro in the financial district of the city. There was a parking lot adjacent to the restaurant, so I pulled in, the parking attendant pointing to a space on the side of the lot. I got out intending to open Beth’s door for her, but the attendant stopped me, asking “…, how long,” before we’d return, because, “…, I close at 9:00.” As I was talking to him, Beth stepped out the car, her dress still up over her hips, her back to us.

The guy dropped his pen.

Ignoring us, she wiggled her butt until she’d gotten the dress to where she wanted it and then turned a big smile on her face.

He still hadn’t picked up the pen.

As luck would have it, she was experiencing another wardrobe malfunction, as her right breast had fallen completely out of the front of the dress.

Four eyes staring at a spot below her chin caused her to look down, her, “Oops,” followed by her covering the offending body part with the cowl front of the dress.

“I love it!” signaled that she approved of the way the dress looked, which caused the attendant to put the ticket back in his pocket. As I started to tell him how long I thought we’d be at dinner and was taking out my wallet, he interrupted me, saying, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll be here when you’re finished.”

“You have another fan,” I told her, giving her a kiss, as we walked to the restaurant. She laughed, pulling her tit back out of the dress, “Men are so easy. If I leave it out, do you think we’ll get a better table?”

“No need to be so obvious,” I replied, “and I’m sure we’ll get a good table anyway, as well as better service.”

I was right on both counts, as we did get a premium table, in the front window and close to the maître d’ podium, where he could ogle Beth, having seated her facing him. I found the service was almost annoying, busboys and waiters, along with the maître d’, showing up every few moments.

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