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Big Tits

Sickly, feeble, yellow lighting.

Warm water.

Little drops falling, landing in puddles.

Hot steam, hiding the far corners of the room.

Splashing of feet moving in the water.

Suds and bubbles sliding down her skin.

A shower.

She stands there, warm drops caressing her bare body. The troubles of her day wash away. She scrubs herself, till she’s squeaky clean. She feels calm, at peace. Her blue eyes are misty, cloudy, hiding her thoughts.

She doesn’t like this campground. Ticks, stupid bloodsucking bugs. Torrential downpour, she couldn’t sleep last night for all the rain and thunder. No alcohol here, it’s a family campsite. And, worst of all, the showers don’t have curtains. They are all separate rooms, so at least they are private, and you can lock the doors. ‘Did I lock the door?’ She asks herself mentally. She assures herself she did. But she doesn’t really know.

‘Click.’ The doorknob turns. Naturally, she turns towards the noise. The door opens and a man walks in. He realizes there is a woman in the shower, and turns around.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” he says and then rushes out. But he got a good look at the woman, though he didn’t want to. He saw her voluptuous breasts. He saw her firm butt. He saw her hourglass shape. And he can’t help being aroused.

The girl slips out of her shower, leaving the water running. She wraps a pink towel around herself. She opens the door. The man is walking away at a brisk pace. “Hey!” she calls.

He turns around. “I’m really sorry. I- You- You didn’t lock the bahis firmaları door. I-I’m sorry, I should have knocked. I-I didn’t see anything.” He lies. He saw. And he liked what he saw. The woman could tell. He wore tight pants. It was obvious. His solider stood at attention.

And the woman didn’t mind helping it fight wars. “I don’t mind.” She winks at him. “Say, why don’t ya give me a little company?”

“Alright.” The man says, following her back into the shower. He doesn’t need much persuasion. The woman lets her towel slip to the floor. The man quickly pulls off his clothes. He is sure to lock the door. When he turns around, he sees the woman beckoning with her long pointer finger. The man can barely contain his excitement. He is so hard. He wants her. And he can tell she wants him.

She kisses him, one hand on his shoulder, and the other sliding down, down, down… She slips to her knees and he can tell what she’s going to do. She opens her mouth wide, and he slips into it. The woman is a pro. She sucks just hard enough for it to feel amazing. But she is careful not to graze him with her teeth. Sensations. Wonderful sensations. Amazing feelings of intense pleasure. Explosions of satisfaction in his mind.

‘He’s so big! I’m surprised it fits in my mouth.’ The girl thinks to herself. She flicks her tongue around it. She licks the sensitive underside.

The man has to hold on to the handicap bars so he doesn’t fall. He’s weak in the knees, it feels so good.

He explodes in her mouth, ejaculating more than she can swallow. Some white kaçak iddaa liquid escapes her mouth and smears on her lip.

The sweet liquid tastes good. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste, but the woman has certainly acquired it. She savors the tastes, the explosion of flavor.

The man, his feelings are indescribable. He feels so good. He has never been this hard, never been this long. Other women can’t compare. She is so damn good. He looks down, but her black hair covers her face. He brushes it back, revealing a hungry look in her eyes and a smirk on her face.

He starts to pull away, but she doesn’t let him. She grabs his butt and pushes him closer. It hurts so good. But he wants to pay her back for his pleasure. He pulls away and she stands up.

“Mmm. Baby you are so good at this.” The man says.

“Oh I’m just getting started.” She replies, a seductive grin on her face.

The man slips into her, and she moans as they come together. ‘Oh God, it feels so good.’ The woman thinks to herself. But what they’re doing is anything but holy. He kisses her, from her lips, down her cheek, down her neck, all the way to her shoulder. Then he kisses her on the lips, his tongue sliding into her mouth, tasting himself in her mouth. It’s definitely a turn-on for the woman. She runs her hands through his brown hair.

She is coming so hard now. She is screaming, it feels so good. She claws his back with her painted pink nails. He doesn’t mind the pain. She can’t help it. She needs something to hold on to. He’s the best she’s ever had. Which is definitely kaçak bahis saying something, because she’s had a lot. She’s very experienced.

Sure, she has a husband. But he’s always off on ‘business trips.’ During which, he has several partners of his own. An open relationship. A perfect relationship.

But her husband came camping with her. He’s probably wondering where she is. Not that he really cares. They only married each other for political and financial reasons. And the fact that their parents pushed them into it. Not that either of them minded. They were good friends.

But they just didn’t love each other that way.

For a moment, the girl wonders why she ever married him. But her thoughts fade. This stranger was better than her husband. Better than any man she had ever been with.

“Hey, are you done yet?” a voice calls from outside. The woman recognizes her husband’s voice. He knew which shower she went into, and he must be wondering what took her so long.

“Almost.” The woman calls.

“Who the hell is that?” the man whispers, pulling away from the woman, though he would much rather have staid where he was.

“My husband.”

“You have a husband?!”


“So I’m helping you have an affair?”


“Why don’t I feel guilty?”

“Cause I’ve done this many times before. And also cause you’re really good at this. But now I gotta go.”

“Okay, bye.”

The woman dries off, running the towel over her naked body. She gets dressed and dries her hair. Then she steps out the door, leaving the man to finish up on his own. She walks back to her campsite, holding hands with her husband. She sighs. ‘The best kind of shower,’ she thinks to herself, ‘is one where you feel dirtier coming out than you did going in.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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