Sink or Swim

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He’d finally had enough. Four times he tried to fix the sink and stop it from leaking. Four times his efforts only made things worse. He was ready to throw in the towel — or would have been willing to, if it wasn’t for the fact that all the towels were underneath the sink trying to sop up the standing water from the past month.

It was embarrassing, but he finally gave in and thumbed through the phone book and called a plumber to come out and repair the mess that he’d made of things. He figured it wouldn’t be cheap, but letting things get even more out of hand than they already were would be an even bigger hit to his wallet than making the call was a hit to his ego.

The plumbing company told him on the phone they’d have someone out there later in the afternoon, around closing time. He felt lucky that someone was coming out the same day, since he’d taken the day off from work to deal with the issue.

He’d about given up. It was after five o’clock when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened it up, he got a shock. They didn’t send a plumber — they sent a plumberette. Instead of a big guy with a toolbox, standing at his door was a short woman with auburn hair. At least she had the requisite toolbox. She definitely had a nice rack, but he was more worried about his sink than his social life at this point.

His face must have given his skepticism away. She said, sighing, “Yes, I’m a plumber, and I know what I’m doing. I know how to handle pipes.” She smiled good-naturedly. “Trust me. I’ll make sure you’re taken care of just fine.” He started to stammer out an apology or an explanation — or something, he wasn’t quite sure, but she cut him off. “Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it by now. Show me what I’ll be working on.”

He stepped back and gestured toward the kitchen. “The sink is in there,” he said. She stepped into the foyer and walked toward the kitchen. He was still a little nonplussed by the fact that they sent out a female plumber, but as he watched her walk, he took in the view. It was a good view all right, he thought idly, liking the way her ass filled out the tight jeans she was wearing. This could get interesting. It was going to be at least pleasant to watch.

She started to examine the upper half of the sink. She then turned around, and set the toolbox on the kitchen floor. As she bent over, it gave him a chance to get a better look at her. She was wearing one of the plumbing company’s button-down shirts, but she sure filled it out better than her male counterparts would have. And the way she was wearing it gave him a chance to check out some nice cleavage as she bent down. If she really did know what she was doing, he was going to get his money’s worth out of observing her work on his plumbing.

“You installed this sink and faucet yourself, right?” she asked. He nodded. She examined the faucet, grabbing the pullout and looking at the hose connection. She began rubbing her hand up and down the faucet, then up and down the faucet hose, apparently looking for leaks. But the sight of her hand motions, grasping and all but caressing the length of the hose slowly hit him in the gut. All the while, her breasts were swaying and bouncing ever so slightly. He gulped and tried to control his thoughts. She was there to work, he told himself.

She continued to look at the faucet. “Your hose is fine. That’s a good first step. It’s the right size too, long enough and thick enough with good extension, without being too much to work with. Makes it easier to handle properly. Most guys don’t understand how important that is.”

She turned toward him. “That’s the first, güvenilir bahis obvious step. Time for me to go down and check out your pipes.” She peered into the open cabinets underneath the sink. “Good. You’ve cleared things out so I can get to work right away.”

She sat down on the floor with her back to the sink. “You seemed surprised when you saw that I was sent by the plumbing company.”

He shrugged. “I have to admit that I was a little surprised. I’ve known a few plumbers, and you sure don’t look like all the ones I’ve dealt with before,” he said, then hastily added “but I’m not complaining!”

“Thank you.” She smiled. “Here’s something to think about. Women like there to be plenty of water pressure in their kitchens, so builders know women like the pipes to be bigger, but not too big. That means it’s going to be a tight squeeze down here.” She gestured toward the sink cabinets. “That makes someone like me the perfect size to deal with things. It’s easy for me to handle a really tight fit, and I can still go to work and take care of things properly.”

At this point, his mind was spinning. The way she phrased things had his mind working in other directions, and when she gestured and moved around, her tits swayed and bounced and distracted him even further. All he knew was it sounded like she knew what she was talking about. Whether she was talking plumbing or something else, he wasn’t entirely sure. He just knew he liked the way she phrased things.

She scootched her butt forward, then leaned back and began to wedge herself in the cabinet underneath the sink. He was still staring, watching her tits sway as she slid in. Then she spread her feet and her knees for stability, and his breath caught. He was staring at her crotch, and with the way her jeans fit, he swore he could see the outline of her pussy. He was entranced, and he felt the blood rush to his head.

Then he felt the blood rush to his other head. Careful pal, he thought, she has no idea what she’s doing to me right now, she’s just trying to fix the sink. Every move she made as she grabbed the pipes underneath made her tits jiggle again. Wow he thought, as he exhaled sharply. Her voice echoed from under the sink. “You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. What do you see down there?”

She craned her neck to look at him. It seemed like she was sighting down the barrel of a gun, between her tits and her spread legs, aiming a bullet right at his libido. If that was what she was after, she’d already hit the bull’s-eye. “Your pipes look really good. I’m going to start to make sure we have a proper connection down here.”

She began running her hands upwards along the pipes and then let out a grunt. “Here you go. I see the problem. What you have is a tail piece that extends up to the sink drain, and there’s a slip screw that connects the two. You have to screw the tail piece properly or you have major problems.”

She craned her neck again, staring down the barrel of her tits and spread legs to look him in the eye. “For a safe connection, Teflon is recommended, but it’s important to have proper lubrication to make sure the tail piece gets screwed in properly. Guys tend to forget that. You have to have a proper mating service, or else you’re just wasting your time.”

“That makes sense,” he said, while thinking that it made sense in all kinds of different ways. “So what do you need to do now?”

“The problem is that the screw wasn’t done right. I need to screw it properly. What I need is for you to hand me that pipe wrench. This is going to take some work, but it’ll be worth it to you, don’t worry.”

He saw the türkçe bahis pipe wrench laying next to the toolbox. The damned thing was huge and obviously very heavy, and looked to be way too big for her to use properly. He scooped it up, flipped it end over end in his hand a couple of times, and extended it to her. “Is this what you’re talking about?”

She laughed. “It’s obvious you’re used to handling a big tool, all right. Yes that’s it. And don’t worry. I know exactly how to handle a big tool in a tight space. Trust me.”

She paused, considering her next move. “Okay, I’m going to need your help. You’re obviously physically strong, which means I’m going to have to work a little harder. Getting this screw right is going to mean some real physical effort. There’s going to be some torque involved, so I need you to brace me properly. Slide forward.”

He complied. “What I need you to do is to slide between my legs and grab me by the hips. You need to brace me when I turn this thing, otherwise I’ll slide out of position and won’t be able to do the job properly. Are you ready?”

By this point, he was become physically aroused, and it was obvious to even a casual glance. His dick strained at his zipper, but there was no way to adjust himself without her noticing his excitement. He gulped and slid between her upraised knees as she indicated.

At that point, she noticed the party in his pants. She smiled at him. “I can see that you’re more than ready to help me with this screw. Let’s get started.”

He grabbed her by the hips and leaned into her. She began working the pipe wrench with a grunt and her hips thrust back at him as she strained to turn the screw. He knew there was no way she didn’t KNOW that he was as hard as a rock. After all, they were literally crotch to crotch. As he looked down, he swore he could see a slight stain on her jeans. Was she getting as aroused as he was? He sure as hell hoped so.

As that thought crossed his mind, she let out a loud grunt and yelled “Yes! Yes!” as the slip screw came loose off of the tail pipe under the sink. “That was perfect. Now, to screw it properly.”

She reached over underneath the sink, got the Teflon tape wrapped around the threads, and easily screwed the tail pipe and the rest of the sink plumbing together. Her efforts had repeatedly brought their crotches into contact as she finished up under the sink. He thought that she had actually encouraged things. She certainly hadn’t asked him to move back after she was done with the part where she actually needed bracing.

“Thanks for the help,” she said. “Now you need to slide back so I can get out from under this sink.” He complied, sliding back still on his knees as she began to shimmy her way out of the tight space. Her movements made her tits sway once again, and their motion along with the flexing of her spread legs as she moved forward did what he thought was impossible. His dick got even harder.

She sat up, and a big grin spread across her face. “We’re obviously not done just yet. There seems to be one other plumbing issue to deal with.” With that, she reached forward with her right hand and grabbed his dick through his jeans. “I need to help you with a clogged pipe. I’m good with these, too.”

He let out a moan. “Oh, hell yes. Follow me.”

He got to his feet, then extended his hands to help her up. He grabbed her left hand and walked her to the back of the house and to his bedroom. He stopped and turned, and wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her, feeling their tongues touch and intertwine. His hands roved lower, caressing her ass as she matched his movements güvenilir bahis siteleri and grabbed his ass as well.

He broke off the kiss, and reached around and began to unbutton her shirt, rubbing her tits in the process. She gasped “Yes” and pressed his hands to her momentarily. Then she began to undress him as well. He worked her shirt off, and reached around and unsnapped her bra as she unbuckled his belt and slipped the zipper down and reached into his pants to grab his dick.

He shivered at her touch, then bent to take her right nipple into his mouth. Her answering shiver was perhaps even more intense than his had been a moment earlier. It lasted maybe five seconds before she dropped to her knees, pushed his pants down and with one motion took his dick into her mouth. He groaned at the intensity of the feeling, and she bobbed her head up and down.

Suddenly she stopped, and began licking the glans and shaft. He began to shake, and she again enveloped his rock-hard cock with her lips. She bobbed, stopped, kissed and licked his balls twice, and then resumed her attack until he was ready to explode.

Then she stopped, looked up at him and smiled. “My turn now,” she smirked.

“Oh hell yes,” he answered. In one motion, he removed the rest of her clothes and dragged her to his waterbed. He kissed her deeply on the lips, then slid down and began his work on her other lips. His tongue traced around the outer lips of her pussy, caressing the vulva, then slid up and began giving her clit a workout. She moaned and arched her back. His tongue slid back down her now sopping slit and then suddenly thrust deeply inside her pussy, flexing and tickling her.

Her hands involuntarily reached out, grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him deeper into her. He opened his mouth wider to taste the juices that were now flowing freely from her pussy and inhaled, drinking in her intoxicating scent. He smiled to himself as he continued, feeling her writhe under his efforts.

And just when it seemed she was ready to explode, he stopped and rose to his knees. She groaned, and he said “My turn now. It’s time to fuck.”

With that, he slid his knees forward, grabbed the back of her legs and positioned himself at the opening. “Ready?”

“Oh fuck yes,” she gasped. Her voice began to rise in intensity. “I want your dick in ME NOW!” she screamed, and he complied, thrusting into her depths with one stroke.

The electricity both felt upon their joining was so intense, he was surprised the light by the side of the bed didn’t explode. He wanted to tell her how perfect her pussy felt, but he couldn’t speak. In fact he could barely breathe. All his effort, all his attention, all his soul was centered on the center of her, and the quest and the discovery of her deepest self.

He felt her bucking and straining beneath him, as she tried to take all of him as deeply inside her as she could. He tried his best to make it last, but there was no way that was going to happen. He felt the explosion begin as a thrumming his brain, as the sensations moved south to his very core. And as he began pouring his cum into her, he felt her pussy walls contract and pulse in answer, his intensity matched by hers. They both cried out at the moment of completion, which lasted more than a moment, as both released and released and released.

When time resumed again, both were shaking. They looked at each other and smiled.

“Wow,” he said.

She answered simply, “Yes.”

He collapsed next to her on the bed, panting with the exertion. He literally couldn’t say anything. They just lay there for a time, their bodies entwined as his essence seeped out of her.

She finally broke the silence. “You know, I need to come back in three days to make sure that the sink was properly repaired. Gotta make sure you’re a satisfied customer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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