Slow is Good

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The pale morning light was creeping through the windows as Mitch lay on the bed, one arm tucked snugly beneath his head. His eyes drifted down to the small woman curled against him, the hand resting against her hip curling tighter, a soft chuckle escaping his lips at this possessive movement.

Relaxing his hand Mitch lets his mind drift as his eyelids slowly lower, thoughts flooding his mind, images dancing behind his closed eyes. Now and then a soft chuckle escapes his lips as he remembers a funny moment, at times a low soft growl as an unwanted memory surfaces.

Mitch sighs deeply, for the journey to this moment had been a long one, a journey filled with more low points than high. At times Mitch believed it would never happen, believed that he wasn’t destined to be with this woman, neither in cyber nor real life.

Mitch and Serena had met in a chat room, Mitch had entered the chat site one lonely afternoon, seeking something to lift his boredom. It was his first time in a chat room, a soft chuckle escapes his lips once more as he remembers that day, he was lonely and bored and horny as hell. He’d made a fool of himself by blurting out the first thing that popped into his head what he has since come to know as ‘ a classic lizard line ‘

Chuckling to himself Mitch softly mumbles those words once more, quietly so he doesn’t wake Serena .. “Who wants some monster cock? ” A low groan of disgust sounds deep in his chest as he hears himself mutter these words aloud.

The disgust doesn’t last long though, for it was these words that led him to where he is today. Serena had been in the room when he typed in that fateful sentence, and luckily for him, she’d treated it lightly and played along with him, instead of ripping him to shreds verbally as he’d seen from others so many times since.

They’d formed a strong bond that day, a bond that can never be broken, they’ve been through some tough times, especially from Serena’s so called friends. Many had tried to break them up, many had lied to Serena about his activities when she wasn’t around, whispered lies into his ear about the things Serena did when he was off line. Their jealousy had nearly cost him Serena, but they’d made it through and were together at last

Serena had kept a part of her online life secret from him for a long time, for fear that he would react badly and leave her. Serena had become heavily involved in the Vampyre culture of the chat world. Most in the rooms she frequented were there to role-play a game, some because the thought of Vampyres turned them on sexually, but for a rare few, they were there because they enjoyed the taste of blood in real. Some even believed themselves to be true Vampyres, living their lives by dark, sleeping through the day, partaking of blood in secret.

Mitch had been with Serena for many months before he found out she went to the Vampyre rooms as well as the regular room they met in. The whispers in his ear took on new meanings when he found out Serena’s deep secret. He began to see her in a new light, her dark moods began to make sense to him, her air of mystery revealed slightly, yet still many layers were hidden from him. This didn’t worry Mitch, in truth, he was looking forward to discovering more and more about his dark love as time went on.

Serena had taken Mitch into her favourite Vampyre room one day, to introduce him to her friends there, and to let him see for himself what they talked about, to witness the scenes that the others played out. Mitch remembers sitting wide eyed at his computer as he watched one particular scene, remembers shifting uncomfortably on his chair as his erection grew hard, scared yet fascinated that the scene he was watching could turn him on so fast and so much.

Mitch had been witness to a particularly sensuous scene that day, he’d witnessed a male role-player feeding from his female lover as they played out their lovemaking. Mitch worried that something was wrong with him, for it wasn’t the lovemaking that had caused his cock to press uncomfortably against his jeans, but the sight of the male Vampyre sinking his fangs into his female lover and feeding from her.

Mitch chuckles to himself as he also remembers the private scene Serena and himself had played out moments after the public one had ended. He’d been slightly rough with Serena in their private room, not that Serena had complained, in fact she’d told him after that she’d screamed in real as she came and begged him to treat her roughly more often.

They’d also made slow passionate love inside their private cyber room, many many times over the long months, and yet, Mitch still couldn’t get the picture of that male Vampyre and his female lover out of his mind. His thoughts would wander, in his mind he would picture himself feeding from Serena’s long pale neck, the thought causing him to groan out loud in his silent bedroom.

For a long time Mitch kept this longing to himself, but finally one day he shared his lustful thought with Serena. bahis firmaları Mitch had worried that Serena might think he’d gone mad, even though she spent time in the Vampyre rooms, not once had she suggested to him that they indulge in the darker side of the Vampyre world.

Serena had asked him if he wanted to ‘ become ‘ a Vampyre, she could ask one of the women in the room to ‘ turn ‘ him if he wanted, then he could feed from her as they cybered. Mitch had quickly turned down this offer as the thoughts of being a Vampyre weren’t what turned him on so much as the thought of tasting Serena’s sweet blood as he ravished her body over and over.

Their relationship had moved to another level that day, a certain roughness had seeped into their private moments. Many times Mitch had bitten Serena on the neck as they cybered, expressing in the written word, the roughness he wanted to inflict upon her body, roughness enough to draw drops of blood to the surface of her skin. Drops that Mitch would slowly and leisurely remove with his tongue.

Soon these moments weren’t enough for Mitch, for he longed to hold Serena in his arms in real, longed to wake in the morning with his sweet love curled by his side, her small pale hand pressing against his hard chest. The frustration they both felt at not being able to be together in real, soon caused problems for them online, fights developed, words were spoken in the heat of the moment that held no truth.

Mitch and Serena broke up at one stage, the pain of being together, yet not being together causing a strain in the relationship. But this didn’t last long as the love they shared was stronger than even they could resist, and soon they were once more in each others arms .. At least online anyway. It would take many more months to reach this moment .. But that’s another story.

A soft sigh sounds beneath Mitch’s chin, his head tilts to glance down at the face of the beautiful woman who moments ago drifted through his head as memories. A smile breaks out on Mitch’s face as he lets his eyes drift over the reality before him, a soft chuckle escaping his lips as he thinks to himself how much better the reality is than the images he had just indulged in.

Lifting his hand, Mitch brushes the soft curls off Serena’s flushed cheek, his fingers moving lower, tracing lightly against the bite marks along her neck and shoulder before dipping lower along her inner arm. Pausing for a moment to glance down, Mitch lets his eyes linger on the three small scratches standing out brightly against the pale skin of Serena’s inner arm.

Sighing softly Mitch lets his thoughts drift briefly once more, to the night before, to the very erotic, yet rough lovemaking he and Serena had indulged in, the three small scratches the results of Serena lightly cutting her skin with a razor to allow Mitch to taste her while he slammed into her petite frame, over and over. Not once did Serena complain though, if anything, she demanded he fuck her harder and faster, her little hands turning white with the strain as she gripped the headboard above her.

Memories of the night before begin to have an effect on Mitch’s body, his skin becoming flushed, his cock hardening and beginning to press against Serena’s soft belly. The heat of his skin begins to seep into Serena’s slumbering body, his cock pressing against her stomach stirring her from her peaceful sleep.

A small moan passes Serena’s lips as her eyes slowly open, the cloud of confusion within their depths soon vanishing as her eyes lock on her lover above, the lust and wanting shining from his eyes burning into hers. Her eyes widen, tongue darting out to moisten her lower lip as she continues to stare up at Mitch, her surroundings quickly coming into focus, the fact that Mitch is wide awake and completely aroused slamming into her brain in rapid succession.

Mitch leans in close to Serena, his lips lifting in a grin so wicked in it’s origins it was almost evil, leans close to whisper into her ear, ‘ morning lover ‘ before allowing his tongue to dart out and gently caress the dainty shell of her ear.

A delicate shiver passes through Serena’s body as Mitch slowly circles her ear with the tip of his moist tongue, her hands clenching the sheet as it drapes her body, a body that betrays it’s owner as Mitch’s tongue draws an immediate response from it.

Mitch laughs softly as he sees, and feels Serena’s response to his caress, his own body moving to fit more snugly against hers, one hand lifting to grip the sheet and toss it to the foot of the bed. Letting his gaze drift lower, Mitch traces Serena’s curves with his eyes, following the highs and lows lovingly before lifting a hand and repeating the journey with his fingertips.

A soft smile spreads along Serena’s lips as her hands start a journey of their own, rediscovering her lovers body, the roughness of his hair, the smoothness of his skin, the heat emanating into her palms causing a soft moan to slip through her parted kaçak iddaa lips.

The feel of Serena’s hands upon his body result in an answering moan from Mitch as he brings his eyes back up to lock on hers. Love and lust burn in his eyes as he looks down at the woman he adores, her own eyes mirroring his feelings.

Moving his hands lower on Serena’s body Mitch lightly grips her hips as he leans his body back onto the bed, the movement causing Serena to settle onto his stomach, hands resting on his chest as her ass presses lightly against his cock.

Serena smiles wickedly as she moves her hands to rest on either side of Mitch’s face, her breasts hanging low, nipples brushing softly against his skin as she lowers her face to his, her tongue darting out between her lips to trace agonisingly slowly against Mitch’s lower lip.

Mitch growls and grips Serena’s hips tighter, causing a soft giggle to slip from Serena’s lips as she relishes in the power she has over this man beneath her. Lifting her head slightly, Serena glances down at Mitch, one eyelid dipping slowly in a cheeky wink before her mouth drops back to tease and tantalise against Mitch’s lips once more.

Mitch moves his hands higher on Serena’s body, fingers spread as he traces every available inch of her skin, his legs shifting slightly on the bed, parting further to allow Serena’s ass to push harder against his aching cock, a soft sigh sounding at the new pressure.

Serena lowers her body against her lover, her breasts crushing against his chest as she lets her weight rest along his body, knees drawn up to fit snugly next to his thighs, hands moving to his head, fingers stroking lovingly through his hair.

Moaning softly Mitch drops his hands lower to cup the curves of Serena’s breasts, his fingers pressing lightly into her delicate flesh, a smile lifting his lips as Serena’s answering moan drifts into his open mouth, her darting tongue stilled momentarily as she concentrates on the feelings of pleasure Mitch’s wandering hands are creating.

Grinning to himself Mitch lightly pushes against Serena’s body, pushing her upright to sit astride his stomach, his cock resting snugly against the curves of her ass cheeks, his hands moving to grip her upper arms and hold her in place.

Serena looks down at her lover, lower lip pushed out in a delightful little pout as confusion dances in her eyes, her hands lifting as she attempts to push herself back down to lay against Mitch and continue her teasing licks. Mitch laughs and shakes his head softly, his hands loosening their grip as they slip lower along Serena’s body, dropping to rest lightly against her hips.

A soft ohh passes Serena’s lips as she realises Mitch’s intentions, her own lips lifting into a grin as she lifts herself slightly onto her knees, helping Mitch position her body above his. Serena’s arms lift, her fingers sliding into her hair as her head drops back, her teeth sinking into her lower lip as she feels the tip of Mitch’s cock nudging against her skin.

Eager to feel Mitch slide into her pussy Serena pushes down, but the grip on her hips tightens as Mitch begins his own teasing game, his hands guiding Serena’s body as he begins to move her hips back and forth, the tip of his cock slipping along the moist lips guarding the entrance to her pussy.

Serena’s hands in her hair tighten as her knees grip against Mitch’s thighs, her whole body pushing down against his as she desperately tries to drive his cock deep inside her. Mitch continues smiling even though his hands are gripping hard enough to cause bruises along Serena’s pale flesh, and his cock is aching to slide inside the moist warmth that awaits it.

” Patience my love, ” whispers Mitch as Serena’s moans turn to little whimpers of frustration, ” we’re going slow this time. ” Serena’s head drops back down, her eyes locking on Mitch’s as she hears these words, a low groan sounding as she realises that slow means teasing and torturing in Mitch’s mind.

” Please Mitch, I want to feel you inside me .. I want to touch you, kiss you, lick you .. Let me feel your body baby ” Mitch laughs softly, ” Ohh you’ll feel me soon enough Serena ” With that Mitch ceases his teasing movements against Serena’s slick pussy, his cock nudging gently against the delicate lips.

Serena sighs softly as she feels Mitch begin to move inside her, her sigh turning to a growl as he eases back out just as slowly. Mitch chuckles softly as he hears Serena’s growl, his own growl of frustration buried deep inside his body.

Sweat begins to break out over Mitch’s body from the strain of holding back, his teasing and tormenting of Serena having the same effect upon him, his body fighting to claim that which it desires, to be locked as one with Serena’s

Serena drops her chin towards her chest, her long hair flowing down to brush lightly against Mitch’s skin as her hands clench at her sides, the struggle to push her body onto Mitch’s causing her to weaken in his arms.

Slowly kaçak bahis but surely Mitch draws Serena’s body to breaking point, then just as slowly eases her back down. Tears of frustration begin to well in her eyes as she once more reaches the peak of orgasm, only to crash back down to earth unsatisfied and frustrated.

At long last Mitch allows his cock to slowly sink deep inside Serena’s pussy, his length sliding in easily, his width stretching and filling her. Serena throws back her head and screams as an earth shattering orgasm rips through her body, the tension and strain of Mitch’s teasing finally breaking loose.

Mitch’s body tenses as he hears and feels Serena’s orgasm, his body fighting to join her in it’s release, but Mitch is far from finished with this woman, and until he is, his own satisfaction must wait.

Laying back on the bed, Mitch lets his eyes drift over Serena’s face, his lips lifting in a smile as he watches her come down from her high. Finally Serena’s eyes open and slowly begin to focus on her surroundings once more, her head lifts, her eyes dropping to meet Mitch’s, one eyebrow lifted in query.

Mitch laughs softly to himself at the look in Serena’s eyes .. ” ohh no my darling, I’m not finished with you yet ” with this Mitch shifts his hips slightly, changing the pressure of his cock within Serena’s body. Serena’s eyelids flutter as she feels his cock pressing deeper inside her, her body accepting the change, relishing in it, wanting more.

Mitch relaxes his hands against Serena’s flesh, letting her move freely now as her body begins to adjust to the new position. Serena grins as she lets her hands drop to his chest, fingers spreading as she slips them along his slick flesh, the skin shining and moist from the strain of holding his own orgasm back as Serena succumbed to hers.

A wicked glint dances in Serena’s eyes as she realises she is in control now, Mitch’s teasing is about to be returned. Leaning forward slightly, Serena allows her nipples to brush lightly against Mitch’s chest, her knees grip tighter against his hips as she shifts and settles her weight onto them.

Trailing her tongue slowly along her lower lip Serena winks at Mitch as she begins a gentle rocking motion with her body, letting Mitch’s cock slide in and out of her slick pussy. A wicked grin lifts her lips as Serena begins her own teasing game, allowing her inner muscles to lightly grip Mitch’s cock as it starts to slide out, releasing them again as he slips deep inside once more.

Mitch groans at this pressure, his hands lifting to slide along Serena’s arms, hips bucking up slightly to drive deeper inside her. Serena chuckles to herself as she begins to tighten the grip she has upon Mitch’s cock, gripping tighter and drawing her body up from his slowly.

A growl of frustration sounds from Mitch’s throat as he is forced to wait before driving his cock deep inside Serena again, a growl answered with a laugh as Serena looks down at Mitch and whispers … ” slow my love, remember … slow ” Mitch narrows his eyes at Serena before losing concentration and throwing his head back against the pillow as sensations shoot through his body.

Serena grins to herself as she keeps up the slow and steady rocking, concentrating on squeezing her muscles along his cock, driving him crazy with need as surely as he drove her crazy moments before. Serena’s knees begin to shake with the strain as she balances herself against his chest with her hands, her hair draping over his chest, brushing whisper soft along his skin.

Mitch feels the tremors against his hips, eyes opening he sees the strain on Serena’s face and body, grinning madly within Mitch carefully slips his hands up her arms, slowly, caressing her or so it seems. Suddenly Mitch grips Serena’s upper arms and flips them both over on the bed. Serena barely has time to register the shock of her sudden shift before Mitch drives his cock deep inside her body.

Lifting her eyes to his, her shock reflected on her face she spies the mischief dancing within his. Mischief which quickly fades to passion as Mitch’s body registers it’s new position. Serena’s own body is quick to respond as she watches the passion and love dancing in Mitch’s eyes, her legs lifting off the bed to wrap easily around his waist, drawing him deeper inside her body.

Mitch closes his eyes momentarily as he lets his body absorb the new sensations, Serena wrapped tight around him, his cock snug within her body, her breasts crushed beneath his chest. Eyelids lifting Mitch leans his face closer to hers, his lips lifting to settle against Serena’s soft pout, slowly darting his tongue in and out of her mouth as he lets his lower body mimic the movements.

Soft moans from Serena are muffled beneath the kiss as Mitch’s hands slide higher to grip her hair, holding her head in place as he quickens his strokes slightly. Tongue darting faster and deeper into her mouth as he lets his cock drive harder into her body, his own groans mingling with hers as he feels his orgasm building. Lifting his lips from hers Mitch gazes into Serena’s eyes as he pumps his cock in and out of her body, slowly building her own orgasm with his strokes.

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