Stacey the Lover Ch. 2

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Every second of that night was wonderful for both of them. They were like newlyweds, always touching, never running out of things to say, always smiling. The electricity in the air was apparent, too. You could cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife. Stacey and Danny held hands walking to his car. They held hands walking to the restaurant, laughing and joking the entire time.

Each of them wanted the other so intensely. Their lovemaking session tided them over for all of 30 seconds! She was right back where she started, desperately needing him inside her. He was the same way.

It was late, the restaurant was empty, and they sat at a booth towards the back. They started with drinks, and soon dinner was served. Stacey finished her 3rd drink and was starting her 4th, feeling very drunk already. This didn’t ease her arousal any. She knew she was very wet down there, and she was feeling more daring.

Looking at him, she kicked off a shoe, smiling mischievously. He felt something touch his leg and he looked down. His semi hard cock grew to its full length when he noticed her sexy, bare foot slide up his leg. He looked at her, smiling. She slid down in her seat a little, so her foot could reach further. Her foot rubbed up against his crotch, and he felt his dick jerk slightly at her touch. He was so turned on.

He watched her toes run up and down the massive bulge in his jeans, teasing him. He looked around and saw no patrons. The wait staff could not see beneath the table from the front, either.

Grabbing her foot, he raised it up, bending towards it. He kissed her foot, sucking each toe. He licked over the top of her foot, and underneath as she squirmed in her seat. Her pussy tingled violently, she wanted him so bad! Finally, he released her foot and she put it down. Now he had a raging hard on and her panties were soaked!

They were both halfway through their dinner yet no longer hungry. He held her hand over the table.

“I love you Stacey.” he said. He raised her hand and kissed it, shooting tingles up her spine when his lips touched her hand.

“I love you, too, Danny.” her voice shook when she spoke. Still drunk, and now indescribably horny, she looked around quickly. Seeing nobody, she slid down under the table. He almost came right there when he realized what she was doing. She was a very daring woman to begin with, and she really wanted to tease him.

He watched her fingers undo his button and pull down his zipper. He watched her reach into his underwear and pull out his stiff cock, loving how her warm hand felt around his organ when ataşehir escort her fingers clasped it. Keeping an eye out for the waitress, he slid down in his seat so that his hard on would fit under the table for her (he had to slide down pretty far!). Stacey shot her tongue out and gently licked around the base of his pole. Her tongue trailed saliva all around it. She slowly licked up the side of his shaft, he squirmed in his seat. She kissed the head softly, licking at the tiny hole. He sighed when he felt warmth engulf the top of his cock as she slipped it into her mouth. Stacey shoved his entire penis in her mouth, feeling it hit the back of her throat. She began to bob her head up and down, sliding her lips along his shaft.

Slurping noises began to emerge from under their table as she gave Danny head right there in the restaurant. ‘slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp’ went her mouth, sucking hard on his manhood. She eagerly gobbled up his cock, really giving him an expert blowjob. He was too nervous to cum, and she only stayed down there for a couple of minutes before slipping his meat out of her mouth with an audible ‘slurp’.

She climbed back into her seat, smiling, very pleased with herself. Danny was having trouble fitting his cock back into his underwear, but finally forced it in. He did up his button and eased up the zipper, barely containing his rock hard dick.

“You’re so mean!” he joked. She laughed. She leaned forward and so did he. They kissed, pecking softly, before she snuck her tongue into his mouth, extending the kiss a few seconds. Neither cared to finish their dinner, and they picked away at it until the waitress brought the bill.

Stacey was so wet. She could not remember ever being this aroused, and she just had sex an hour ago! The sexual chemistry that they had was always there, always powerful. Now that they acted upon their desires, it seemed to grow exponentially, rather than abate. He would give anything to be inside her and she would give anything to get him inside her. They walked to his car, which was parked at the back of the lot, holding hands and talking about how wild she was in there. At the car he opened her door for her and she turned to him, sliding her arms around his neck. Their lips met, and they kissed passionately. He explored her mouth with his tongue as his hands slid down to her ass, caressing it softly. Her hand slid down to his crotch, feeling the bulge in his jeans. She broke the kiss.

“I’ll take care of this right now.” she said, smiling. She got in the car. He stood there, wondering kadıköy escort for a second, before getting in on the driver’s side. Immediately, Stacey kissed him hard, her hands fumbling with the button and zipper of his jeans. She broke the kiss, forcing his jeans and underwear down to his knees. His cock stood at attention for her. She grabbed it with her right hand, bending to stuff it in her mouth. He moaned as she slid her lips down his rod, feeling the warmth of her mouth engulf him. He was disappointed when she slipped it out of her mouth. Her hand continued to stroke him as she spoke.

“I want you to tell me how much you love me while I give you head.” she said coyly, “When you stop telling me, I’ll stop sucking you. So you better keep talking!” She gave his dick a squeeze, she knew he was hers. She bent down again and slipped him back into her mouth.

“I love you so much, Stacey.” he started, watching the back of her head bob up and down on him. Real original, he thought. How can he keep telling her this without repeating himself? She pulled his dick out of her mouth.

“I’m crazy about you.” he said, hurriedly, and she slipped him back into her mouth. “I can’t stop thinking of you, I love you so much.” he moaned. “You are the hottest woman I’ve ever met, and I’m head over heals in love with you.” She slurped loudly on his penis, really getting into it now. Her hand fondled his balls as her lips slid up and down his organ tightly. Her tongue licked the head as it slid to the back of her mouth over and over. “I wish I could make love to you every day for the rest of my life.” he gasped, getting turned on by his own words, added to the sensation she was giving him. “I often picture us together, getting married, growing old together.” he said. Stacey’s pussy moistened further hearing this, a surge of pleasure shooting through her body. She sucked harder on his manhood. “I love you so much, Stacey.” he said, “I want you to have my children. I can’t get enough of you.” The tingling in her crotch grew uncontrollable upon hearing this. She needed him right then and there. She pulled him out of her mouth with a slurp.

“I love you Danny.” she sighed, and kissed him, tongue shooting into his mouth. She kicked off her shoes and undid the button and zipper in her pants. She broke the kiss, pushing her pants down her legs and kicking them off. He looked around quickly. It was dark, the parking lot was mostly empty, they were parked at the back, and the windows were half fogged.

He turned back to her, watching her push her black panties down her legs, pulling bostancı escort bayan them off her bare feet. Her smooth, tanned legs were so incredibly sexy. She pushed her chair back, and lay the back of it down so she was nearly horizontal.

“I need you inside of me right now.” she said, looking into his eyes. Who was he to argue? He scrambled on top of her, jeans down to his knees. She opened her legs wide, her right foot up on the side window ledge, her left foot on the dashboard. He grabbed his cock and ran the mushroom head down the lips of her twat. She was so wet she immediately sucked him inside.

“Ohhhhhhhh yes…” she sighed as she felt his penis slide into her needy vagina. He was so hot inside her! His lips found hers, and they began kissing passionately, sloppily, as he began to fuck her with quick, long strokes. They were breathing laboriously into each other’s mouths as he screwed her in the front seat of his car in a restaurant parking lot. Her bare foot slid back and forth over the side window with each of his hard thrusts.

The car was shaking back and forth as he jack hammered in and out of her hungry pussy. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD!” her cries could be heard across the parking lot as she came violently. Her entire body was on fire as he pounded into her. She was gasping for breath, vagina pulsating in orgasm. Her heart was pounding, her face was flushed – her orgasm seemed to linger forever! He was losing it already, only 10 minutes in. All the buildup, the teasing, and Stacey’s amazing beauty and he didn’t stand a chance.

“I’m gonna cum!” he groaned.

“Ohhhhhh yes, Danny! Cum inside me!” she pleaded. Once again, he was hers. He had absolutely no power, no say. He was her puppet, and he couldn’t deny her. He slammed himself into her rapidly, over and over, orgasm building within him.

He slid his entire penis into Stacey’s fertile vagina and held it there. She wrapped her sexy legs around him tightly, holding him in her. He moaned, cock jerking within her, firing a huge wad of his seed into her womb. His penis would not stop spasming inside her, shooting more and more of his thick cum into her waiting hole.

She sighed, kissing at his face while he ejaculated inside her. He kissed her back, breathlessly, as the last remaining drop of his cum emptied into her vagina. Her hands and feet softly caressed him as they kissed, his dick softening inside her.

“Oh my God, that was amazing.” Stacey said, hugging him. “I love you so much.” she added, kissing him tenderly. She was conscious of his soft penis inside her, and of his cum that had filled her. Her heart practically burst with love and lust. He slid out of her and rolled onto his seat, pulling his pants and underwear up.

He turned the car on, and allowed the windows to defog.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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