Stephanie’s Story

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I’ve been working at Tannon & Co. for the past five years. It’s a run of the mill financial strategy company that’s been doing pretty well through the financially tough times. It’s been a hell of a lot of work, and a lot of late nights but in the end it’s paid off. What I’m saying is that I hate my job. I hate my job for everything it’s worth, except for one thing.

A year ago, the company decided it needed a new image. The new thing it was going for was young and restless. Like the soap opera. It fired many long term employees of 10 years or more and started hiring these young, just-out-of-college finance majors who agreed to work long hours if they got paid a little extra for overtime. Which in turn saved the company quite a bit of money, and made things here in the office that much more beautiful. These young naïve college graduates with their fresh minds and fresh bodies were roaming the halls of Tannon & Co. once again.

Her name was Stephanie. A full blooded Korean hottie. Straight from some prestigious private school, in which her GPA and her extra-curriculars had outshined any other potential applicants for her position. She was excellent at whatever she attempted. She worked under a senior associate down the hall who had her do common intern tasks like making copies and getting coffee. But whenever she was given a chance to do something outside the box, she would always excel. She was ten times more intelligent than any of the other newly employed. The other girls would wear these short, tight business skirts and open up their blouses one too many buttons. And sure, they’d get the attention of half the male employees, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the woman that Stephanie was.

The first time I saw her, I could have mistaken her for some marketing ploy to post beautiful girls on our next poster in downtown Manhattan. I did, in fact, do that very thing until I saw her take orders from the old, fat, and balding man from down the hall. She gladly accepted her tasks as she gracefully moved from the paper closet to the copier to begin the mundane task that was completely beneath her.

Man, I would love to be beneath her.

She separated herself from the other girls. They wore skin tight skirts and almost see-through blouses everyday to work. Pretty much whatever The Hills would tell them to wear. It almost seemed as though they were only here for the chance at making a couple hundred thousand on a sexual harassment suit that they were desperately begging for.

Stephanie dressed herself like a professional, and carried herself like there was nothing that would stop her. Her beautiful body cased up like a non-discloser inside trade packed into a luxury leather briefcase. Occasionally I would pretend to refill my cup of coffee just for the chance of see her bend over and pick up a brand new ream of pearl-white resume paper. Her ass was fantastic to stare at. The kind of ass that would beef itself up as it bends at the waist, like you could actually see the cheeks spreading apart for your enjoyment. Her face was smooth and brilliant, and her features were sharp like her eyes could cut straight through you.

I only really saw her a couple times a day. The best times would be when we leave the building at night and she would ride the same elevator as me. We were on the 43rd floor and the elevator would get pretty crowded around 6pm at night, and I would always try and stand as close as I could to Stephanie without being too conspicuous.

One night, the fat, balding man had a deal that he was trying to close on in the next couple days and he had her stay late with him to finalize all the paper work. I saw her in the copier room, sighing heavily, with sweat beading on her neck. I decided to wait out the work day to see if she could use any help that I would give in a heartbeat. I went up to her and said, “Workin’ hard?”

“Nothing that I can’t handle”, she replied.

“Well if it ever does get too much for you to handle, just come on down to my office in 4307 and let me know if I can help.”, I wish I would’ve said.

“Awesome.” I actually replied.

She smiled and continued on her way. Damn, she’s so good looking. And so put together. She could have anything and anyone she wants.

I saw the old man give her the wave to end the day and I packed up my things as quickly as possible to catch the next elevator as her. I walked quietly behind her watching that perfect ass move from side to side with each step. We smiled quaintly at each other while we were waiting for the elevator to come up from the ground floor. Finally it came, and I held the door open for her. “My lady…” I said with what I’m sure was the most corny expression I’ve ever held on my face. After a moment she replied, “Why thank you kind sir.” Thank god she had played along. Too bad I hadn’t noticed that the elevator was still going up.

The next floor was marked was 64. 21 floors, just me and her in a small elevator with my incredibly daft small talk skills.

“Umm, I …the elevator’s going… uh…” I stuttered

“So, ataşehir escort you’re new in the building?” I asked.

“Yeah, I just started a couple months ago.” She said.

“Cool, so you’re liking it so far?”

“Mostly. Although, I thought that I’d be doing a little more than making copies and coffee.”

“Hahahahaha, yeah”


“Well, it’ll get better the longer you’re here, trust me.” I said.


She looked down at her feet with her hands folded. She looked so beautiful, I just wanted to reach an arm out around her shoulder and bring her in close to rest against me.

We finally got to floor 64 and the accounting department filed in. Both Stephanie and I pushed to the back corner of the elevator to make room. We ended up facing each other since she was still facing the front and I had turned to face the back of the elevator. Five more floors down, there was a crowd of 10 people waiting to get on, but we only had room enough for about three of them. Stephanie calmly leaned against the railings on the two perpendicular walls. Nine floors down, and another 5 people tried to squeeze in before the doors could close on them. Everyone had to squish together, and Stephanie’s nose was nearly in my chest. People were pushing to get their space, and I held up my hands against the back wall trying not to let people crush Stephanie.

Her hair smelled wonderful, like some kind of tropical flower, and I found my mind wandering to see her lathering her hair in the shower with this intoxicating scent. Then something amazing happened. She laid her head against my chest. Not that she was forced, which could have been plausible, but she determinately laid her head to rest upon my Stafford white collar shirt. Wanting to somehow reciprocate the gesture, I put my cheek against her head. The smell of her hair was the most magnificent thing I’d experienced in the last 12 months. We carried on down the elevator shaft like this until the ground floor, repelling further potential occupants away to catch the next down elevator.

At the ground floor, the crowd shuffled around to get out of the elevator. Stephanie and I were the last to get off. The last person left and Stephanie didn’t move. She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes, and stayed exactly where she was. The elevator doors closed. I felt the upward acceleration as we started to head toward the top of the building again. At this point there was nothing in heaven or hell that could stop my head from moving forward to try to kiss this girl. She kept her head tilted upward and I saw her eyes slowly close. My lips were completely lax as I felt her soft lips part mine, and mine part hers. A moment of bliss.

This is the most amazing moment of my life. This beautiful girl whom I’ve been oogling for months is now in my arms with her lips enclosed around mine. Her back is against the wall and I slide my hands around her waists as our lips continue to communicate on a level of their own. I feel a curious little tongue approach the entrance to my mouth and I oblige with a greeting from my own tongue, rubbing down the length of her tongue back into her mouth. What an amazing girl, and an incredible kisser. We reach floor 16 and keep moving upward. My hands slide down to her ass, and she keeps going with it. My mind is wandering to places that it’s been dozens of times before with this girl but never actually done in reality. I lift her ass up and she spreads her skirt up her thighs and locks them around me. I set her to rest on the supporting railing behind her and press my lips firmly against hers. Her arms are wrapped around my neck and her legs are wrapped around my ass. Floor level 25. There’s nothing more that I could want at this moment. Then she rips her top button off her blouse.

She took her hands and pulled on either side of her collar and the button came flying off in who-knows, and who-cares, what direction. It was so hot. My erection was filling down the left side of my dress pants and warming against her exposed thigh. Floor 28. I kissed every inch of her face til I came to that sweet, sweet neckline. I was sucking at the curve of her jaw meeting her neck and up around her soft little earlobes. Her mouth was near my ear and I heard the erotic gasp of breath from her lips as I continued to nurse her neck with mine. My hands were gripped tightly around her waist, and resumed following up her hourglass curvature until I came to those luscious, round gifts from god. I fingers curve up and around those marvelous mounds, and curl around the inside opening of her blouse. Floor 34. I cross my right hand across her chest and dive into her left bra cup. My fingers brush across her fully erect nipple. I roll it around in my fingertips and hear her moans echo in my ears. Her arms are up and around her head allowing me free access to her gorgeous body. She slides out her ponytail and lets her hair fall down over her shoulders. I brush my fingers through her dazzling, silky, dark brown hair. It smells so wonderful, my hard on flexes kadıköy escort in approval against her inner leg. Floor 45. Her hands come down and run her fingers over my bulging shaft. She slides a finger into my zipper flap and runs the zipper down with a dainty thumb and forefinger. Floor 52. I reach up with my right hand and slide her blouse and bra strap off of her shoulder. I want to flip her yellow laced bra down and take her nipple into my mouth, but then she shoves me hard towards the opposite wall.

A small ding went off and the down arrow above the door lit up like a warning sign. I had barely noticed, but it’s a good thing that Stephanie was facing the other direction. Stephanie had already buttoned up what was left, and slid her skirt back down. I turned around just in time to see the door open onto the hallways of floor 62. She’s so brilliant, even in the heat of the moment. I must have this girl.

Three people and a janitor with his cleaning cart bustled in on floor number 62. Slightly annoyed at these newcomers, I leaned back against the corner of the elevator where Stephanie had been a moment before with her back arched and slow gasps escaping her lips. Stephanie stepped in front of me with her hands behind her back. I was thinking ‘Damnit, stupid people and their lazy asses.’ Then something made me remember that I had forgotten to zip up my pants.

Stephanie’s fingers had crawled inside my pants and were sliding along my left pant leg where my fully erect dick had found refuge. Her fingertips explored the length of my shaft and curled up under my boxers to render them useless against her hand. The other passengers in the elevator car were discussing some argument that they’d had about some interest rates or something and were paying no attention to this incubus in the corner giving me life with her hands. Her fingers slid up over my head and back again, curling around my girth. My hands were braced heavily on the supporting rails or I would have collapsed along the way. In a moment of pure genius I reached over the cleaning cart and between two other passengers to hit button number 43.

The elevator slowed and dinged open to my floor and I led Stephanie out of there into the open hallway. I looked around and didn’t see anybody, so I took Stephanie by the hand and started to lead her to my office. We were about to head by the copier room when the fat, old, balding man stepped out of his office with his coat and briefcase. We both stood there stunned for a few seconds when Steph said, “Hey. I’m back. I seemed to have forgotten my keys somewhere in the copy room and Mr. …”

“Taylor”, I said.

“…said he would help me in my search to find them.”

“Yup, I figured I’d help out a fellow employee.” I said.

The old man just nodded and waved as he walked toward the elevator. Stephanie pulled me into the copier room and shoved me against the wall.

“There’s no way he believed us.” I said.

“Not a chance.” Stephanie replied and thrust her lips into mine, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“And while I’m in the practice of losing my job…”, she said as she skipped over to the copier machine. She propped open the lid and lifted herself up to sit on the glass.

“You wouldn’t…”

“You don’t know me well enough to know what I’d do or not do Mr. Taylor”, and she hiked up her skirt to her waist. Then she hooked her thumbs around the edges of her panties and slid off these bright blue and white satin panties to her ankles. Then she motioned with her finger, a come hither gesture. I walked over and put my hands around her calves and twirled her loose panties around my finger. She leaned over and lifted my chin to fill my lips with hers. Then she took my hand and carried it over to the big green button.

She stamped my hand down on the button and the machine lit up underneath Stephanie’s ass and whirred to life as it spat out a single sheet of paper. “Mmmm, so warm”, she said, and leaned to her right to pick up the copy.

“Not to bad” she said, as she showed me the picture. There were two tightly squished buns distinctly shown and a faint hint of two little lips in a gap between the cheeks. “Oh wow, yeah very nice. I can almost see a hint of your…”, she spread her legs wide apart, leaned forward and pressed the button again. “Is that what you want to see?” She asked coyly. I used my palm to push her back against the copier lid and lowered my head to between her wide open legs.

My tongue ran along Stephanie’s smooth inner thigh, and glided over her wet wrinkles where her thighs met. I slid my tongue along her slid and pressed it against of the peak of her labia. I rubbed her clit with my tongue in smooth circles, covering it in her own wetness. Her hands came to rest on the back of my head and I continued to work my tongue on her. Her moans were growing louder and her breath became short. The taste of her sweet juices along her slit was so good. I brought a finger to her slit and rubbed it up and down in her wetness before plunging it into her. She moaned bostancı escort bayan loudly enough for most people on the floor to hear. Let’s hope we were the last one’s here.

My fingers continued to fuck her and my tongue continued to work her clit in vigorous circles. Then all of a sudden she kicked me back! She hopped down off of the copier with her panties still around her ankles and she started unbuckling my belt. After she was done with that my pants fell off easily and she was sliding my enlarged cock into her mouth faster than I could grasp what had happened. She kept popping the head in and out of her lips, and moving her lips down the shaft as her tongue would swirl back and forth. Her mouth was so hot, my dick felt so right being inside of it. Then she bobbed her head back and forth rapidly and took a good 4 or 5 inches in every time. Every once in a while she’d shove it all the way into her mouth til my head was touching the back of her throat. She’d look up at me with these huge gorgeous eyes, and my cock going in and out of her mouth like she hadn’t been fed in days. She pulled it out of her lips with a popping sound and stroked in her hand.

“I want you to fuck me”, she said in a sort of high pitched moan.

“You want me to fuck you?”, “Ok” I said, and lifted her up off the ground. I turned her away from me and shoved her against the copy machine. Then I lifted her skirt and rubbed her wetness around her clit and over her lips. I put a hand on her back and pressed her chest against the glass of the copier machine, and then I brought my head to her pussy lips and slowly spread them as my shaft began to enter her. Her head was turned to the side and I could see her shutting her eyes tightly and opening her mouth as if to moan but nothing came out. I kept sliding myself inside of her and her mouth kept getting wider and wider. I kept entering her until the base of my cock was touching her wet pussy lips. She let out a high pitched moan, and I pressed her hard against the glass. I reared back a few inches and entered her again. And again and again. My hips would nudge her ass and move her body slightly with each stroke. “Oh god, fuck me!!”, she cried. “Fuck me!!”. I took her hips in my hands and pounded her with everything I’ve got. Thrust after thrust of pure pleasure. I fucked her hard. She tore open the rest of her blouse and lifted her bra to expose her bare breasts against the glass. I hit the green button, because I knew that was a copy I’d want to keep for my personal records. Her moans grew louder and louder, and she braced her hands against the side of the copier. “Oh god yesss!!!” she’d cry. And I’d pound her some more, feeling every little wet muscle inside of her slide against my shaft. Her hands started to clench, and I fucked her faster and faster. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!”, her face winced for a moment. Then she exploded and her hands flew open and pressed against the machine shaking it, and she moaned over and over again “Ohhhh yes!!”, “Oh god yess!!”, and I could feel her muscles clenching around my dick deep inside of her. She moved her ass back and forth against my hips and slowly laid herself down on the glass, her body still convulsing uncontrollably.

I pulled out of her and she laid there for a bit almost unable to move. Then she stood up, turned around and dropped to her knees. My dick was still dripping with her juices from that last orgasm. She held out her tongue and caught the drop at the end of my cock and slid it into her mouth. She slid it back and forth over and over again licking up all of her juices that had been on my cock.

Then she guided my hips backward and pushed me back onto a table behind me and started to crawl on top of me. She pulled her panties from around her ankle and stuffed them into my mouth. She arched backward and grabbed my cock in her hand and guided it into her still soaking pussy. She leaned back and supported her hands on my legs as she started to grind on top of my engorged dick. Her hips glided up and down my shaft. I reached up her back and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Then she’d take it all in and start bouncing on top of me with my head deep inside her wet vagina. Her breasts were bouncing along with her, going wild. She’d slam herself on to me again and again. My red-inflated head squishing against her deepest walls inside of her. I reached up and pulled her torso down on top of me, her breasts squeezing against my chest. I wanted to taste her sweet lips again, and I explored her soft tongue with my own. Her ass was still churning up and down, bouncing with my cock pushing against her far back walls.

Then she got up and swung her leg over my body. While sitting side saddle like this, she gave me a few up and downs. Her legs were closed and my cock felt so tight inside of her. Then she swung the other leg around and started to thrust herself down on my dick with her luscious ass facing me. My hands caressed and squeezed her ass, as I guided it over my cock over and over again. Stephanie brought one hand up to squeeze her own breasts and the other hand came down between her legs to roll her fingertips around her clit while she rides me like a true cowgirl. She’s moaning loudly and bouncing wildly against my cock, and I’ve never felt anything this good in my entire life.

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