Stormy Night

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The roar of the thunder was like a tonic for Brad. A month nestled in his mountain cabin was just what the writing doctor ordered. From the rate he was going, he figured he’d be at least a month ahead of schedule for his new Felicia James novel. Felicia was a female detective he’d created, and his publisher was breathing down his neck to get the third book in the series to them. They’d be thrilled with an early delivery.

Between the music and the storm, Brad never even heard the knocking on the back door. When he was in a writing zone like he was now, he didn’t hear much of anything. So, the slap against his bedroom window nearly gave him a heart attack. Brad looked through the glass and shook his head in a bit of a double-take. Outside his window was the drenched face of a young blond woman. She motioned for him to go to his back door, and Brad jumped up from his desk to comply.

When he opened the door, he was shocked to discover that the woman was completely naked and shivering uncontrollably from the cold, pelting rain. Once he regained his composure, he ushered her inside and escorted her to the fire. He ran into the bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels to give to her. She was so cold, she was still unable to talk and just nodded her thanks as she wrapped herself in one of the towels and squatted in front of the fire.

Brad hustled into the kitchen and started banging pots around. He came back in a few minutes with a steaming mug of cocoa and a piping hot bowl of chicken soup on a tray, complete with napkin, utensils and a single flower in a small vase. She looked up at him and smiled at the courtesy. Brad set the tray on the footstool for the ottoman, and the young woman quickly clasped both hands around the mug and sipped the warm liquid. She closed her eyes as it slid down her throat, warming her insides.

After a few minutes, Brad asked, “Can I get you anything else?”

She smiled at him and clutched her towel around her. Her shivering was slowly subsiding. “No, thank you. This is perfect.” She took another sip of the chocolate and began started on the soup.

Brad settled back into the sofa and watched her eat and drink. He was glad to see some color return to her thin cheeks. Her sleek tan legs were curled under her, and he noticed that the goose bumps were disappearing. “I’m Brad, by the way.”

She looked up and replied, “Emily.”

“Nice to meet you, Emily. May I ask …”

“What a crazy naked girl is doing banging on your window on a night like this?” she asked, finishing his question.

He chuckled. “Well, now that you mention it.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “It was so stupid! I drove up to Miller’s Pass. There’s a wide spot in the stream that I discovered on a hike. No one ever goes there, so when I need some peace, I go there to skinny dip and lay in the sun. There’s a huge rock on one side, and I stretch out on it. The combination of the hot rock underneath and the warm sun from above is the perfect antidote for the freezing water in the small pond.

“I drove up there earlier today because it’s been a rough week. Work sucks, and I just got dumped by this loser I shouldn’t have gone out with in the first place. I hadn’t been sleeping much, so when I hit the rock, I went out hard! I didn’t even know the storm was approaching until I started getting blasted with rain and wind. By the time I woke up and got my bearings, the stream was already rushing so wildly I was afraid to go across to get my car … or my clothes.” She sighed. “So, I headed off into the woods, hoping I’d find a ranger station … something. Let me tell you, this is one big empty forest!”

Brad laughed. “Yes it is. The closest building is the ranger station at Faulkner’s Point, and that’s 15 miles away.”

“Great!” she said, exasperated.

“It’s no big deal. I’ve got enough food for six months … enough firewood to last for weeks. I’ve got a bathroom, a bed, and you can wear some of my clothes. Once the storm clears, I’ll drive you to your car.”

“I hope it didn’t get flooded,” she said, concerned.

“If it did, we’ll deal with that too. Let me show you to the bathroom.” They both got up, and Emily followed Brad into his bedroom. “I’m pretty independent here. I’ve got pure well water that feeds everything and electricity. If it goes out, I have a generator in the shed that’ll keep us going for about a week.” He showed her where the soap, shampoo, etc. were located, backed out and closed the door to give her some privacy.

Emily stood under the steamy water for about 10 minutes before soaping up and finishing her shower. Brad told her to pick out anything from his closet. She chose a red plaid flannel shirt, rolled up the sleeves, brushed out her hair and walked back into the main room, beaming and feeling like a new woman.

“This is an amazing place, Brad. Do you use it a lot?”

“Off and on,” he answered from the kitchen. “I come here to clear my head as well. I’m a writer, and this place gives me the peace escort ataşehir I need get my work done.”

“A writer … really? What do you write?”

He walked out of the kitchen with a couple of mugs topped with whipped cream. “It’s Irish coffee. Let me know if it’s too strong.” Emily was sitting by the fire again, so Brad set her cup on the coffee table.

“You’re being way too nice to me,” she said with smile. For a moment, Brad was frozen looking at her soft, wet blond hair spilling down her shoulders and her wide contented smile.

“No … it’s no bother. I’m actually glad to have a break and some company. I’ve got some chili simmering on the stove if you like it spicy.”

“That sounds great.”

He settled into the sofa and said, “You asked about the writing. I write novels … detective fiction. You know, the kind of books you buy in paperback, read in a week, and toss into the recycle bin.”

“I doubt that. It must be so cool being a writer. What have you written?”

“Take a look if you want. Mine are on the top shelf,” Brad said, indicating the floor to ceiling bookshelf in the corner.

Emily jumped up to peruse the books. “Oh my God! You wrote this?” As Emily stood on tiptoes to reach a brown leather book, Brad’s eyes were riveted to the back of her trim legs and the lower edge of her tan ass cheeks as they peaked out from the shirt tail. “I’ve read this! I loved it!”

Brad furrowed his brow to refocus on the book. “Really? The Grapevine Killings was the first Felicia James book. I’m working on the third one now.”

“I can’t believe this!” she squealed. “I stumbled into the cabin of Brad McCormick! This is so awesome!” She took the book and settled into the big leather chair beside the fireplace. “Felicia is such a cool character. Is she based on anyone real?”

“Not one person. Like most fictional characters, she’s a composite of different people I’ve met along the way.”

“Now that we’ve met, maybe you can write about me?” Emily said with sparkling brown eyes.

Brad smiled. He couldn’t believe Emily had read one of his books. “I’ll get dinner ready.”

Halfway through dinner, the electricity went out. Brad lit a lantern and offered to get the generator started. Emily asked if it would be okay to leave it off. The storm raging, mixed with the fire and the soft lantern light was much cozier. “Sure. It’ll be easier to start in the daylight anyway,” he said.

Emily peppered him with questions about his work and about the story he was writing. He was particularly impressed with some of her insights about Felicia. She obviously wasn’t lying about reading the book and enjoying it.

Around 10:30, Emily started yawning, and Brad went into the bedroom to grab a pillow and blanket for the sofa.

“I changed the pillowcases but not the sheets. I hope you don’t mind,” he said as he settled into the sofa.

“Brad, I can’t take your bed. If you have a nice blanket, I’ll be happy right here.”

“No, you’ve had a rough day. You need a bed.”

“I’d rather stay by the fire in this big, soft chair.”



He went to retrieve a comforter and a pillow for her. She snuggled under it, took off the flannel shirt, and faced the fire. By the time he’d washed up and brushed his teeth, she was sound asleep. He took advantage of his first real opportunity to stare at her to take in the beauty of her face in the glow of the fire. He pulled the comforter up around her, and went into his bedroom.

Sometime during the night, the storm subsided, and Brad was awakened by noises coming from the outer room. He wondered if Emily was having a nightmare. Brad crept to his door and peaked around the door frame. Emily was still in the chair, but she was lying on the comforter naked with one hand cupping her breast and pinching her nipple, and the other had two-fingers deep in her completely shaved pussy. His mouth fell open.

Brad had seen enough of Emily for his imagination to complete a gorgeous mental portrait, but now seeing her in all her nude glory put even his imagination to shame. Her breasts were exquisite tan orbs jutting from her chest. The darker brown buds capped puffy nipples. Her body was perfect with just enough muscle to be toned but still very feminine. Right now, it was her pussy that mesmerized him. Brad had never dated a woman who was completely shaved. He’d seen pictures, of course, but even with Emily’s pussy partially obscured by her hand, it was the sexiest thing Brad had ever seen. When Emily arched her back in response to her orgasm, Brad practically came all over the floor himself. He quietly stepped back into his room, closed the door and ripped off his boxers. He had to jerk himself off three times before he could fall back to sleep.

The next morning, Emily snuck as quietly as possible past Brad’s bed to the bathroom. She tried to turn on the exhaust fan to mask the noise but remembered the electricity was out. She found a new toothbrush kadıköy escort bayan and got herself cleaned up. Then, she snuck back out of the room and began trying to figure out what to do for breakfast. She stoked the fire and got some water boiling. She was also able to find a device that enabled her to cook bread. Brad awoke to the smell of cinnamon toast. He rubbed his eyes, threw back the covers, and stumbled into the outer room still yawning and trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head. Emily turned to bid him good morning but stopped and put her hand to her mouth laughing when she saw he had forgotten his pants. Brad followed her gaze in horror and muttered, “Oh, shit! I’ll be right back.” He cupped his hand over his privates and scurried to his bedroom to put on a robe.

“Sorry. That’s what happens when you’ve been stuck in the woods by yourself for too long.”

Emily was still giggling. “Don’t worry about it. It makes us even.” Brad nodded but his face still turned bright red.

They dined on toast and jam plus hot tea, mostly in silence. “How’d you sleep?” Brad finally asked.

“Very, very well. You?”

Brad rolled his eyes toward the bedroom and smirked as if to say that he obviously slept soundly. Emily laughed again.

“As you can tell, I’m pretty uninhibited. I always walk around naked at home, so don’t be embarrassed. You can whip your Johnson out any time as far as I’m concerned. In fact, after breakfast, I was going to do my yoga next to the fire, if it’s okay with you. And … I usually go through the exercises naked. Would that bother you?”

Brad felt his dick stir to life at the mere thought. “No … why would it?” he asked, trying to sound casual. “I mean, we’re just, people, right?”

Emily laughed, again, at his poor attempt at being nonchalant. “We are just people.” Emily cleaned up the dishes and folded the comforter into a mat. She stripped off the shirt, smiled at Brad, and did the splits as she sat on the mat. She began by stretching from side to side. Brad watched for a few minutes, unable to tear himself away. Finally, he forced himself to go sit in front of the computer. Then he remembered he needed to start the generator and got dressed to go outside.

Walking back into the room, Emily had her eyes closed and was standing on one leg with the other stretched perpendicular to the ground with her arms around the leg and her hands in a praying position. It was, by far, the best view he’d had of her body and of her incredible pussy, and he was dumbstruck. He watched her until she broke the pose and brought her leg down. “How do you do that?” he asked, as if her dexterity was the real object of his stare.

She smiled. “Years of both ballet and yoga. I don’t take ballet anymore, but the flexibility is still there.”

“I guess it is.” They were just staring at each other for a few moments until he added, “I’ll just get the generator working.” As soon as they broke eye contact, Emily tried to stifle a laugh at the outline of the huge boner in Brad’s pants. She had to admit this whole experience was arousing her as well.

Brad got the generator running, checked some of the switches, and announced that they were back in business. Emily was still naked and was sitting in the big chair looking at him. “What?” he asked.

“This is really embarrassing, but I always get extra horny after yoga. It must have something to do with getting the blood pumping or something. My former boyfriend would start getting hard at the mere mention of the word.”

Brad’s eyes were riveted to her, and his mouth was a bit dry as he listened for the rest of the explanation.

“So … would you mind if I used your bed to, uhm, tiptoe through my two-lips?” she asked shyly.

Holy fuck! “Oh … Yeah … Sure, Emily … Make yourself at home.”

“Thanks, Brad,” she said rising and moving toward the bedroom. She suddenly stopped and turned to look at him. “Unless …”

Brad swallowed. “Unless?”

“Unless you want to … join me? I mean, two is so much sexier than one.”

“It is?”

“Uh huh,” she said as she moved toward him. “One man band? Where’s the harmony?”

“No … no harmony. Of course, I can’t even sing, so there’d be no har — mony,” he said, pausing as the touch of her hand on his chest made his voice crack.

She stood on tiptoes and kissed his neck. “Then, there’s all that ‘We’re Number 1’ nonsense. Who wants to be number one?” she asked as she started unbuttoning his shirt. She slipped it off his broad shoulders and added, “All alone … at the top … nothing to shoot for?”

“No-no-nothing,” Brad whispered as she kissed his chest and placed one of his hands on her tits. His heart was hammering.

“And, one …” she said as she reached down and grabbed Brad’s prominent erection through his jeans, “… is such a lonely number.”

Uh huh,” he grunted as she massaged him and kissed him.

“Mmmm … I liked what I saw earlier when your wang was dangling. escort bostancı It feels soooooooo much better now, but he does seem cramped. Should we free him?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Brad moaned in agreement. Emily unsnapped his jeans, slid down the zipper, and pushed them down to his ankles. “Uhhh,” he muttered as her hand closed around his pulsing shaft.

“You’re so thick, and that purple head is so big,” she said as she slowly ran her soft hand up and down his shaft. “And, I bet these are just packed with warm cream,” she said as she cupped his balls.

Brad bent down to kiss her and picked her petite body up to carry her to the bed. She closed her eyes and kissed him slowly, letting her tongue probe his mouth. Brad’s heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest as he walked.

When he got to the bed, he laid her gently down so her head rested on the pile of feather pillows. He paused so her could take in her beauty and sighed deeply as his eyes washed over her. She followed his eyes down her body, and as the lust washed over her, she ached to be filled by him.

Brad cupped her breast and rolled her nipple between his fingers as he had seen her do to herself. Emily moaned but said, “Sweetie, I appreciate the effort, and we will have lots of time to play later, but I’m so horny right now that I just want to fuck … badly!”

He paused for a moment and got up. He walked to the end of the bed and placed one leg beside her. Then, with his head pointing away from her, he started moving his cock toward her pussy. Emily wrinkled her brow and asked, “What are you doing?”

Brad looked at her with a straight face and answered, “I’m doing what you asked. I’m getting ready to fuck, uhm, badly.” Emily looked at him for a moment and then howled with laughter. Brad cracked up too.

While she was laughing, Brad moved into correct missionary position between her succulent thighs and slid his thick pulsing cock into her dripping chamber. Emily stopped in mid-chuckle and gasped as her pussy was invaded. Brad smiled and watched her face for a sign that she was ready to proceed. After a moment, Emily relaxed and wrapped her legs around him. She opened her eyes and looked deeply into his blue sparkling eyes and said, “You’re a nut! That was so cool. I’ve never had a guy enter me while I was laughing like that. I was so relaxed that you just slid right in!”

“That was the idea,” Brad said smiling and kissing her neck.

“Now … fuck me, you fool!”

Emily’s pussy was like a velvet vice gripping him. As he began moving inside of her, he wasn’t sure how long he was going to last inside this blond goddess. So, he wet his fingers and reached down to rub her clit. Brad’s touch was pure electricity, and Emily moaned and threw her back almost immediately. Her breathing escalated quickly, and Emily’s body matched his rhythm. Brad’s carnal instincts took over, and he fucked her in quick, deep strokes. Just as his balls tightened, Emily bit Brad’s shoulders and her body arched as she drove her pelvis into his. When he felt her shudder, Brad began pumping her like a wild animal and let out a deep growl as he filled her with stream after stream of hot milky cream.

Finally, she relaxed her legs around him, and he slumped on top of her. Both of them were sweating and panting. Brad rolled off of her, and they slowly opened their eyes, staring up at the ceiling. “You have an amazing dick! Mmmmm … I love the way you stretch my pussy and make me feel so full.”

He rose up on one elbow and looked at her contented face. “I’ve never felt a pussy quite like yours either. I mean, look at this!” he said as he pointed to his newly erect pecker.

“We certainly don’t want that to go to waste,” she said as she climbed on top of him, aimed his cock at her and slowly slid all the way down his turgid shaft. Brad smiled as he looked at Emily blond hair hang down and her perfect tits point at him. He closed his eyes as Emily began sliding up and down his pole. She ground her clit against his thick head with each penetration. After the orgasm he just had, Brad figured he would be able to last a long time. But, once again, Emily used her muscles to grip him tightly as she moved sensuously up and down his length, and Brad was rapidly moving, again, toward launch readiness.

Emily was also picking up steam and panted, “God, I love this cock!” Brad reached up to rub her nipples when she suddenly started screaming and rammed herself on his dick. Brad closed his eyes and did everything he could to keep from coming, but just as Emily was slowing, she launched into another orgasm, screaming, “Fuck! Fuck! Oh, Fuck!” Brad couldn’t hold back any more. He grabbed Emily’s slender hips and pushed himself into her. He came so hard that she could feel his cum spraying her cervix, which made her smile. Emily put her hands on his chest as he slowly shrunk and slipped out of her. She collapsed onto his chest and closed her eyes listening to his heart beat.

They both lay basically motionless for awhile, luxuriating in each other’s warmth. Brad had never had a sexual experience this intense before. It was like some primordial energy linked the two of them. He threw his arms around her and hugged her tightly. She returned the embrace.

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