Stranded Ch. 02

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Dear Reader,

Thank you for the votes… and the encouragement… it prompted me to write the second chapter right away…

Now that the setting has been put in place, this chapter is much more explicit than the first… and hopefully you will enjoy that fact too.

Again, this is a sex fantasy so allow me the unrealistic nature of the story!

Please keep on voicing your comments it will motivate me to write more…

Finally, please show you care and vote.



Jackie walked into the living room cautiously. She had slipped on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. She was still struggling to regain her breath after the panic that had overtaken her a few minutes earlier. Apparently, the man had not managed to completely sit himself up. He was leaning to the side on one of his huge arms. “An arm…” the thought brought Jackie back to the previous night’s heated encounter and in an instant she felt herself getting excited. “No way!… Why am I reacting this way?” The blood rushed to her head with embarrassment and she could not find the strength to lift her head to look into the eyes of the stranger. How would she ever be able to face him?

Her nudity haunted her. She had forgotten long ago her physical needs and now they where surging back with a fury. Jackie had only been nude in front of one other man in her life and knowing that the man in front of her had seen her naked put her in a daze. More than a daze… She was in some sort of a trance where the only thing that mattered was the heat slowly overtaking her body. It was swelling between her legs; it rose to flush her neck and she felt as if a fever had numbed her mind. She could not look up to meet his gaze because she feared that he would detect the yearning in her eyes.

“Hey Lady,” said the man, “what’s your name?”

“Jackie,” she whispered.

“Well I am…” the man froze mid-sentence. “I am…” he could not finish the sentence clearly unable to recall his own name.

“Anyway… I cannot sit up, could you help me?” he changed the topic abruptly.

Jackie acted without a word. She grabbed a couple of big cushions from the nearby couch and brought them closer. He was now leaning forward on both of his elbows as she tried to wedge the first cushion behind his lower back. She needed to lean into him to do so and the contact with his skin only accentuated her longing for him. Without realizing it, she began to bahis firmaları rub against his back and shoulders. In this position he was already over half her height. She leaned in with her torso to help him up and she loved the sensation of her breasts rubbing against his skin through the fabric of her t-shirt. Her nipples were erect and sensitive to the soft caress of the cotton. The little humping poodle from the night before had turned into a purring kitten. Without any knowledge to her own actions, she was caressing herself against him.

Both pillows where now jammed behind his back but he was not fully seated yet. She would have to help him up further so she stepped in front of him and straddled his legs. She grabbed him and brought him against her chest. She cradled his head as she pulled him with one arm while she used her other arm to pull in the pillow behind him. As she was doing this she could not control the way her body gently stroked itself with his face. She lingered in that position enjoying the feel of his hot breath as it was blown into the fabric of her shirt.

The man was now seated and had regained the use of his arms. Jackie could not let go of him. She had been carried away by the touch of his nose and lips through her clothing. She was not fully in control of her own actions overtaken by her desires. She had reached that level of excitement where only the impending release mattered. “Hhhhh!” She needed to be touched. She wanted to be touched. The erotic trance had hypnotized her. She was now cradling his head with both arms.

The man gently reached up to her; petting her back as she rubbed herself against his face. Jackie was so enthralled by her desire that she did not connect the added stimulation to the actions of the man. She had closed her eyes and was being carried away by his strokes. Slowly she relinquished control of her body to his powerful hands. She leaned into his hands no longer able to stand. He was now in control; holding her up and lifting her as he kept on breathing into her t-shirt.

He was able to hold her up with one arm as the other reached around to hold her stomach. Very slowly, he started to set her down on his lap. She was still straddling him and her feverish face was now rubbing softly into his powerful pectorals. The man sensed the woman’s craving; he could sense that she was overtaken by desire and that she was not really there with him. He could feel her heat through her kaçak iddaa clothes. Her carnal needs became his. He could not remember who he was but he knew that what he was experiencing was unique. He knew that very few of his past lovers had given in to passion in such a way. Her trance became his and he now needed to find out just how far she would go to get to that ultimate release.

He gently grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it with one hand as the tip of the fingers from his other hand made first contact with her heated skin. The touch was electric and Jackie’s eyes bolted open for a second before she closed them again as she leaned into him. A kitten, a cat, she curved her back to meet his hand pushing into him to seek his touch as her t-shirt was being lifted up. Skin-to-skin. The man gently petted her and pulled her into him at the same time. The tips of her nipples were lightly brushing against his skin. The heat of the friction was sending jolts of electricity up and down her spine.

The heat within her kept on rising too. She was straddling his thighs with her legs spread open. As she was nuzzling against his chest her pelvis was slowly gyrating on his legs. He could feel her liquid heat through the sweat pants and his massive erection was now wedged between them.

He tenderly backed her away from him. He reclined her on his knees and once she was lying back one of his hands took hold of her breasts. He was so big compared to her that he could cover and stimulate both tits at once. She arched her back to meet his touch.

The index of his other hand hooked into the elastic of her sweat pants. Jackie lifted her hips to follow his lead. Her body reacted automatically. She brought her knees up to her chest as he finished undressing her by pulling her pants and her panties off in one swift move.

He grabbed both of her ankles with one hand and pushed them above her head. Her knees spread on their own accord and were now next to her ears. She was curved in a ball with her most intimate flesh fully exposed to him. If she had been aware, she would never have behaved in such a wanton way. But she was too carried away to care.

He used his other hand to touch her; first the thigh then the inner thigh next to her sex. She was on fire and started to move herself to meet his touch. When he brought the tip of his finger to her labia she jumped up and impaled herself with him. There was so much lubrication that kaçak bahis his finger slipped right in. Foreplay was over. She needed to reach her orgasm now. Jackie contracted her muscles around his large digit and pulled it down with her. The little humping poodle was back. Again, she wanted it fast and furious. She was fucking herself furiously despite the restrictive position that she was in.

At first, the man was too stunned to react and Jackie was finally going to reach the climax that she was craving. Her chest began to tighten up, her breathing was staggered, she was within reach now, just a few more seconds to go. Just a few more movements of the hips…

“Shhhhhh!” the man pressed down on her breaking her rhythm with his strength. She almost cried out in frustration as she was now pinned unable to move. No matter how much force she exerted she could not hump his finger any longer.

He held her there motionless for what felt like an eternity. The sensation of his invading finger drove her mad, she wanted more. She felt so full!

He waited until he could feel the heartbeat in the tight sheath of her pussy start to slow down. When that happened, he started to withdraw and she tried to follow him by lifting her hips. He pushed her back down and waited. Slowly he started again… and stopped… she was not supposed to move.

Jackie quickly understood who was in control. The fever was rising. She was hot… so hot. Was she even breathing? She wanted to feel good, so good. The craving was rising and rising. His finger was now moving in and out of her and it was the only thing that mattered at that point in time. The skin, each knuckle, the nail, in and out, in and out, each millimeter was bringing her closer to the edge. The finger was in control now. Finally it started building up speed. The heat of the friction rubbing at her inner core was carrying her to the sweet release.

“Oooooh!” faster and faster went the finger “Ooooooooh!” that was it! She could feel the floodgates opening… “Aaaaaaahhhhh!” She started shaking and convulsing. The feeling was so powerful. Her sex contracted and expanded around the finger. The man could feel the spasms at her core as a bolt of energy coursed through her. The climax would not end. Wave after wave kept on rolling in bringing her to pure bliss.

When he felt the contraction of her moist flesh come to a stop, the man slowly removed his finger. Time stood still.

Then Jackie began sobbing uncontrollably, her body jerked up and down as she was overtaken by emotion.

“Jackie?” asked the man.

The girl rolled off of him and ran back to her room.

To be continued…

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