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She sat quietly watching the windshield wipers trying to keep the windshield cleared of snow. She had even taken her headphones off so she would not forget and start singing. She did not want to distract him at all from his driving.

They knew there was a snowstorm warning for the area but they felt as if there would be plenty of time to make the seven hour drive from Ottawa after the show. They had even gone to the early show to allow for their drive back home. The plan may have worked if she had not insisted to ‘run into the Mall for a sec’ that turned into a two hour spree.

He had the tickets to see Wynton Marselles for several months and rain, sleet, hail nor snow was going to stop them.

At two AM there was little traffic on Hwy. 7, just a two lane highway that was beginning to look pretty erie with vehicles sparsely sitting along the road side and in ditches. There was even semi’s pulled over and engines running to keep the drivers warm.

He had turn the radio off that was repeating the message they knew so well, “Please stay in unless you just MUST get out. The roads are extremely hazardous and getting worse by the hour.” They had at least two more hours ahead of them and the snow was already 24 to 30 inches on top of the ground and beginning to accumulate on the untraveled road.

Ahead of them small glows of red were coming into view. Her heart jumped thinking maybe there was an accident and how would ’emergency personnel’ make it to the injured. He knew what they were coming up on so be began to talk to her about it. He did not want her to panic. The temperature was 10 below zero and would be dropping more.

“Baby…” he calmly said as he began to slow the car down to almost a standstill, “We are going to have to stop here.”

Before he could tell her what was ahead of them she asked,” Shuggar, how do they get help to those people? What if they are really hurt bad? They might need the blanket in the back! Take it to them!”

He put the car in park and turned and looked at her. This was her first winter in Canada and still so much to learn about the place. He was having so much fun with her. She was like a kid in a wonderland.

Placing his arm over the seat he told her, ” Baby it’s not an accident. You see where the headlights of the two cars are aiming. They are lighting up a snow embankment. Like a snow drift. It’s on the highway. We are not going to be able to go any further right now,”

She looked at him with an innocence that always took his breath. “Well, then maybe the sanding trucks won’t be long and we can make it in before too much longer,” she sighed then turned and looked out the back window for signs of help coming.

Rick had lived Canada all his life and he knew the seriousness of the situation they had just came up on. He also knew that Shay could handle this one of two ways. She would be a trooper and make it a game or, she would get all panicky and that could make for a very bad time for both of them. He smiled and decided he had better get this over with.

“Shay, I want you listen to me,” he began. ” We are probably going to be here a while. We are going to have to wait it out. There will be some help come, but it will be awhile.” He then turned the key in the ignition to off.

For about five minutes they sat quietly hearing the wind blowing and a car engine start up and then cut off. Then there would be another starting up and stop. He knew at any moment she was going to realize what he was referring to. To Shay ‘awhile’ was about ten minutes, fifteen max.

As he felt the chill inside the car to be noticeable, she sighed.

“Ah…Shuggar, we are in a fix here huh?” she asked in a very low voice.

Rick did not reply.

“OK…” she answered for him.

The rule was before winter hit that an ’emergency bag’ be placed in the car. The contents of the bag was a warm blanket, assorted cheese crackers, different candies, 2 bottles of water, flashlight, batteries, tissues and Shay had placed a special thing in there as well. It was a ‘heat cushion’ that had warming beads in it. Hunters and sports fans used them to sit on for cold outdoor activities. Of course Rick laughed at her when she demanded that be part of the kit.

They both looked at each other and he asked, “You getting cold?”

She nodded. He told her that she would have to tell him when she could not stand it any longer, then he would turn the car on but they would have to save on the gas. He watched her face as he told her and the slow blink of her eyes caused a lump in his throat. He felt like he had just told a child they could not have ice cream.

“You let me know, OK?” he said. ” We are going to be all right.”

Shay unbuckled her seat belt and got on her knees in the seat. She reached into the back and pulled the ’emergency bag’ to the front of the car. He assumed it was time for her comfort food. Candy. Rick pulled at his jacket and zipped it up and watched her.

She pulled the ‘heat cushion’ out and placed it on the dash. Open a peppermint escort ataşehir and placed it in her mouth. Offered Rick one which he accepted, She then took the blanket and began unfolding it. She reached down and began unzipping her boots. That caused him to raise an eyebrow.

Just as he was about to tell her she should leave her boots on, she spoke, ” Shuggar…lean your seat back.”

Rick couldn’t help but smile and asked, ” Ready for me to turn the car on a second to warm up?”

“No silly,” Shay replied.” You know we have to save that gasoline. We are going to keep us warm.”

With that, the drivers seat lever was hit and he was reclined and someone had just turn the thermostat up.

With blanket wrapped around her shoulders and the ‘heat cushion’ in her hand, she slipped into his lap. She placed the ‘heat cushion’ behind his back and then her arms went around his neck.

Looking into his eyes she told him, ” OK Canuk…you have never fell short in getting me HOT…and keeping me there. Now…this time is not just for our selfish pleasures. It’s us against the elements ” with that she pressed her breast to him and slowly kissed his mouth. His smile was evident as she teased his ear with her fingernail and she felt his hands slide down to her tight butt.

The girl sure knew how to straddle like a lady with a skirt on he thought to himself as he felt his cock becoming more restricted in his pants.

Within no time the touches, licks and sucks on his neck had him ready to bend her over the hood of the car in the snow and slam his cock into her tight pussy. But he knew his Shay too well. She had the situation under control and all he had to do was sit back and just help out when she asked. She would keep them warm. At this time he didn’t care if the weather didn’t let up for a few days.

As she made slow grinding movements into his crotch he could tell she was horny. Her plan was working. She wanted to mess both of them up and she knew all the right things to do to get the job done.

Rick began to slide his hands under her skirt as she lifted her ass up a little. He felt the smoothness of her panty hose. Just the thought of her sex being incased in the nylon excited him more. He could feel the nylon panty hose on his palm and the satin from her slip on top of his hand. He felt her hand slip under his sweater. He had not even realized she had already unzipped his jacket. “Dayum she is good,” he thought to himself.

As he slid his hands up and down on her thighs, she begins to untuck his shirt. UN snaps his pants and he, without a thought, lifted his ass so she could tug them down.

She leaned to his ear and whispered, him feeling her warm breath, “Rub my pussy with that with my pantyhose on Rick.” She placed his hard cock on her pussy. He could feel the wetness that was already there. The two of them were in perfect time sliding his cock up and down on her wet pantyhose. He had to touch her breast. Quickly he pushed her sweater up and cupped her right breast while still covered with her lacy bra.

Shay began to ride him. With just a slight angle she felt her hard clit graze his hardness. Holding that position her tempo sped up and her breathing was all it took for Rick to realize, she was about to cum. He sat so still and just listened to her sweet sounds. As he placed the tip of his index finger between her lacy bra covered breast he felt the sweat that had beaded up on her sweet tanned body. Then she moaned so loud as her orgasm took over. Rick loved that sound and if anyone could see the car, they would know by the way it was rocking, someone was making the best of the situation. He closed his eyes after seeing the expression on her face when the first one hit. He knew her, there was more to come. He stopped counting at four, and just hung on to her for the ride.

After a while she begin to slow down, Rick slipped his fingers between her legs and touched her saturated pantyhose. He had to taste her. He brought his fingers to his mouth.

Shay smiled as she asked him if he needed the key turned on for some heat. With his finger in his mouth he managed to reply,” Uh uh.”

She crawled off of him and pulled her blanket with her to the back seat. He laughed thinking she was like a fox going into her den. He sat up and tossed the ‘heat cushion’ at her, placed the ’emergency bag’ between the seats and began making his way to the back of the car to his source of heat. His hard cock drug across the console as he passed over it reminding him that it was cold outside.

He didn’t get in the seat, he got on his knees in the floor board. He noticed then that she had slid out of her slip and skirt. She was in her pantyhose and sweater. He spread her legs and started massaging her thighs as he slipped his hands under her thighs and tugged her ass to the edge of the seat. He then placed his tongue flat against her pussy with the saturated pantyhose still on. She arched her back and covered him with the blanket. She knew he would be there awhile. She couldn’t kadıköy escort bayan help but giggle and squirm as her nipped at her clit. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his playfulness. He nipped at her and this time she felt the sticky wet nylon from between her legs pull away from her pussy. He had taken a bit of the crotch of her pantyhose between his teeth. Pulling at it…she heard it tear. When he let go, the tear spread open quickly. Now his tongue was touching her sensitive flesh. Getting into each fold one at a time. Placing her hands behind his head, she bent her knees and placed her feet on the edge of the seat and pulled his face into her. He knew what she liked and how it heated her up so he went to work. Placing his flattened tongue as low as he could get against her neatly trimmed slit, he begin to lick upward slowly. Feeling her legs tremble a little and her soft moan excited him . As he reached the top of her slit he felt the hood that protected her clit. Poking at her clit with the tip of his tongue, he started back down her slit as far as he could go with the position she was in. This time before starting back up, he narrowed his tongue and inserted it into her slit and ran upward slowly, scooping her sweet juices along the way. As he neared her clit, her right hand slid to his shoulder as her she began to thrust her pussy on his tongue. He had to concentrate because he felt his cum surfacing through his shaft and he wanted to hold it.

She drove him crazy. He quickly took her hooded clit between his teeth roughly. Her scream startled him. He pulled his mouth away from her and slid his index finger inside her sweet hole. Palm up and he knew where to reach. As soon as he touched that magic spot, he felt her body shake as she screamed his name. He begin to finger her and every few jabs he would reach up and touch that spot again. He had her in her zone in the middle of a snow storm in the back seat of the car, half naked. All he could hear was the sound of her wet pussy sucking at his finger, clamping around it like a second skin, and her whimpers and erratic breathing. A few grunted nasty words. The smell of their sex filled his nostrils. He could stay like this forever. It was as if his prey was trapped. No where to go, no where to turn but to him. He had worked through the hole he had ripped in her pantyhose so much that now they were opened halfway down her thighs.

He removed his finger as she continued to thrash with such a hard orgasm. Her hand went straight to her clit and begin making tiny circles on it she savored her sensations. Turning her head, placing her cheek against the seat she also started tugging at her right nipple too.

Rick began to remove his pants. His cock so hard. It was quiet a task in such a small area.

As he tossed his pants in the floorboard he said in a raspy voice, ” Baby get on your knees facing out the back window,” as he stroked his engorged cock.

Quickly Shay got in the position and felt him moving up behind her. She jumped with excitement the moment she felt his head touch her pussy from behind. He wet his fingers and applied her cum to the head of his dick. A moan escaped her as she felt the hot, swollen head touch her pussy. She lifted her ass a little like a cat to allow for penetration. He sunk his cock into her tight hole with one push. They both heard only their own moans. Rick took her hips and began slamming his cock into her like an animal. His grunts filled the car. As he felt his approaching release, he felt the sweat running down the small of his back, placing his hand on the small of her back he seen that his lady was being kept very warm just as he was. When he seen that his pounding her ass was causing her head to bounce into the back window he could no longer hold back. He growled as he shot his load into her, slowing his thrust down in time to each blast of cum he was putting into her. He then clung to her back and held her as she tried to regain her breathing.

As he held her on her knees in the back seat of the car she whispered,” Baby…will you please turn the heat down, it’s little hot in here.” He squeezed her and then slid his wet cock from her.

Sitting down in the seat he watched as she sit across from him. He spread the blanket over them as she got some crackers from the ’emergency bag.’ Shay tossed him a package and a bottled water.

Rick suggested to her that it would be warmer if she got beside him under the blanket.

Shay smiled and told him, ” No Shuggar…I want to sit over hear, catch my breath and think of how high we are going to turn that thermostat up when the cold hits us again.”

Rick opened her bottle water and handed it to her making sure their fingers touched. His cock moved.

“Thank you sir,” she told him as she took the water and then she added, ” by the way…you owe me a pair of pantyhose.”

They both laughed as they feasted on their crackers, water and lust for each other.

Rick began to feel the cold setting in and Shay could tell it too. He had just escort bostancı said he would turn the key on and she stopped him from moving to the front seat. She asked that he stretch out in the back seat. And then told him if he turned the key on for heat, he was doubting her ability to keep him warm, and followed with, ” I never told you I lived in an igloo for a while?”

He knew his lady. He began to shift around under the blanket making himself as comfortable as he could get.

Seeing Shay get around in the back-seat of that car was a sight to behold. He assumed that was a benefit of being short, it came natural. Or, had she had so much practice in a back seat? That excited him as well.

Shay began to peel off the ruined pantyhose. Rolling them up in a ball, she laid between his legs and put the pantyhose to his nose. He inhaled deep smelling their mixture. He tucked the blanket all around his prize and continued to inhale the scent as she begin to slide down his belly kissing the hair on his belly and licking at it.

He felt his cock graze her cheek then she took it in her tiny hand. Curling her finger around the semi hard shaft she begin to stroke it, placing the head to her lips and literally sucking it into her mouth. He was hard in 0.3 seconds. She took that cock in her mouth and he just closed his eyes and went to his zone. He begin to show signs of cumming soon,so holding him in her mouth by no more than suction, she reached for the hem of her sweater. Pulling it up over her tits, she released his cock from her mouth just long enough to remove the sweater and un hook the front clasp lacy bra. Then the cock was back in her mouth. He begin to push in deep. Fucking her mouth as he held her head by a handful of hair. At the first taste of his cum she begin to such harder and swallowing. He could not believe the feeling he was having unloading into her pretty mouth. She usually took it on the tits, ass or belly. But not this time. He completely lost it shouting her name with every shot, ” SSShaaayyy…SSShaaayy…SSShaaayyyy.”

She licked him until his limp dick was clean. She then reached for her bottle water.

As she begin to laugh he asked what was so funny in a wasted, whispered voice.

She sighed and said with a sassy smile, ” If I have backwash…this is my bottle right?”

He chuckled and told her that if she didn’t backwash then, he could help her out with another try.

The two of them teased and talked and cuddled a while longer. Hours had passed. Rick had turned on the ignition twice during that time.

Shay was beginning to get bored and cold. Daylight was coming. The sky was a pretty shade. The snow was just barely coming down. She reached for his cock. With his eyes closed he smiled.

” Fuck me.” Shay told him.

Rick opened one eye and looked at her. ” Fuck you?” he replied. “Just like that? No kissing and teasing?”

“No. Just fuck me” she replied sharply.

She got on her knees in the seat and placed her hands on the back of the front seat. She leaned against the back of the seat and told him to do it from behind.

Rick replied, ” Baby I don’t know if that is possible. We are not BOTH little people in here. How about we do it…..”

She looked at him over her shoulder and he knew that look. He got on his knees behind her. As her hands were propped on the headrest he cupped her breast from behind. When he bumped her ass playfully he felt her rounded breast sway in his hands. She seem to know how to get him from 0 to 60 so fast. He fondled and tease her right nipple as he took his cock in his left hand and placed it to her pink. One push and he felt the mushroomed head spreading her, sliding into her again, feeling the walls of her tight pussy form to his cock like a mold.

They were at it again. So much into pleasing each other. Rick was all the way in and cupping her breast as he pounded her. Feeling his balls slap at her tight tanned TEXAS ass. He felt her first orgasm. Her body tensed up and then she melted into it. Rick loved feeling her cum. It was always then that he felt the feeling of really being one with her. As her body clamped onto him he always felt complete.

Shay begin to concentrate on him then. She felt each move he made. He would change grips, change angles, change pace. He was all into his pussy and she loved it.

As Rick continued to rock the car as he fucked her, she noticed a tapping on the top of the car. Rick continued to fuck like an animal.

Shay whispered, ” Baby…someone is out there….listen!”

Rick just kept on slamming into her and moaned, “Shhhhhh…Shay!”

Then he heard the tapping too. He stopped his thrusting but still managed to squeeze her tit.

Then they heard a husky voice say, ” Sorry to interrupt. You have about 30 minutes to finish up. The plows are coming. Carry on… eh'”

Shay bowed her head blushing as Rick grunted with a smile, ” Thanks man, almost there!” and started fucking her more.

As he pounded her she began to talk. With her voice jumping with each of his thrust she told him, ” You dayum backwards Canadia…*ugh*…I chose to look….*ugh*…out the front window….*ugh*…thinking they would come from that way…*ugh…sighsss*…Rick what if he knows us? …* ugh*..I am so embarrassed…”

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