Stranger in the Dark

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He grabbed at my hand and I yanked it away. I didn’t want to do this tonight with him, and at the moment I didn’t see how I was going to get out of it without a fight.

“Will you just give me your hand?” he said with impatience.

“No, I don’t think this is such a good idea Mike!” I started to turn away when he grabbed my shoulder and turned me towards him. Reaching out he pulled me towards him. “Bray, will you just listen to me?” His voice dropped and his eyes meet mine, he was staring me down.

I let my shoulders relax, as his grasp loosens. He starts to pull me toward him, and I turn my head to avoid his lips, placing my head on his shoulder.

“Mike, please take me home.” My voice is muffled in his shoulder. His arms circle my waist and he leans back to look at me. “Is that what you want Bray?”

I look at him, quietly “Yes.” Simply hoping not to anger him.

He releases me instantly, half pushing me away. I know I will get hit for this defiance.

I turn again towards the car. I get my own door, and slide into the death trap with wheels. I hate his car, but I loathe his driving. He is reckless, trying to scare me with the stunts and speed. The look in his eyes, adrenaline rushing through him, gives him a wicked glow. I have on many nights cowered against the door, thankful when the ride comes to an end. Tonight my resistance worked in my favor, cooling his driving. Speeding along towards my house I only reach for the door twice.

Arriving at my apartment twenty minutes later I am relieved to be done with the evening. I quickly scoot out of the car before he has time to reach for me. I stop half around the back of the vehicle, planting a kiss on his cheek. “Thanks babe, I am gonna run in and go to bed. Thanks for bringing me home.” I flash him a smile hoping it will work in my favor. I am wrong.

“Wait one sec, you…” He grabs my arm, and yanks me painfully towards him. His fingers are biting into my flesh. My arm tingles with pain, a bruise pushing to the surface. I know his game, and smile not flinching. “Yes love…” I brace myself for the hit. My face, my chest, my arms have felt the brunt of his anger. Instead of a blow, he pulls me close and pinches my chin with his hand as he forces his mouth onto mine. I do not fight. He places his other hand behind my head, holding me in my fate.

His lips are hot against mine, rough, he pushes against my mouth bruising my tender lips in his passion. His tongue plays with my lips for moments before pressing into the soft warmth of my mouth. He flicks my teeth, and then his tongue bats furiously at mine, taking control of my mouth. His presence is overwhelming, and I feel my knees buckle. His grip holds me in place until he is finished with me. Pulling back from me, he turns away, leaving me cold without his warmth.

“I’m done Bray, goodnight.” He looks at me holding my stare, “Tomorrow, I will get you at four.” He jumps in the car and peels away. A wave of relief, and fear pass through me. It will be bad tomorrow, he didn’t ask. His tone was unarguable and definitive.

I turn towards my building a smile spreading across my face. I quickly glance around. Had he seen? For weeks I had known there was someone watching Mike and me.

Yesterday I opened my door to find a note from my “friend in the shadows.” Why was I still with Mike? Did I need help leaving him? Why do I let him hit me? All these questions rattled around in my brain.

My heart races as I cross the yard to reach my door. I forgot to leave the porch light on, so I bend over and fumble with the lock. Feeling the air stir against my cheek, I sense his presence. I straighten up but remain still. “Are you there?” I ask breathlessly.

I hold my breath, just in case his response comes too softly. Seconds pass, wordless. My imagination? I turn back to the door and my key glides into the lock effortlessly. escort ataşehir I step into my apartment, yet hesitate to turn on the light, I feel like I am glowing in the dark that surrounds me. I am being foolish and flip the switch to stare at the empty porch. I quickly lock up.

Thirty minutes later, after a horrible dinner and a load of laundry, I decide to take a shower before bed. Slipping into the scorching water turns my pale milky skin scarlet with color, the heat feels wonderful and I feel the muscles in my back unwind.

Tilting my head back under the showerhead, the water cascades down my breasts, my nipples tighten. I slowly begin to massage the round fullness of my right breast, pinching my right nipple between my fingers and rubbing lightly. I begin to feel my pussy get wet with arousal. Working on my nipples, I send my other hand down between my legs. I gently touch the outside of my pussy; brushing against it I feel a tingle race through my body. Shaved I can feel the fine hairs on my lips moving and increasing my desire.

I relax my neck, and my head falls back as my fingers enter the wet folds. I find my clit and my fingers are urgent in their task. Rubbing and tapping the soft folds my fingers begin to slip in and out of me, rubbing the sensitive flesh. Sliding one finger in, and then another until I have the fullness of three inside me, I curl them, rubbing against the raised mound of my g-spot. Stimulating my pussy I begin to work my clit with my thumb. With each passing second my fingers slide quicker and faster into my wet pussy with my thumb pulsing against my clit. My orgasm starts in my feet as I feel the tingle race through my body. Involuntarily I begin to pump my hips as I feel my pussy clench my fingers in release. Exhausted, I finish the shower. Toweling dry I slip between the sheets naked.

Hours later I roll over restless, half awake. I feel the air against my cheek again. Instantly awake I prop up on my elbows. The blackness is absolute. “Hello?” My voice bounces off walls and goes unanswered. Feeling silly, I roll away from the edge and grab the spare pillow, settling in. Minutes pass and I begin to drift away.

This time it is a brush against my cheek, soft. I remain still for my visitor, but alert. His voice is soft in my ear, “No greeting this time my love?” I do not turn for fear of his departure. My heart races, and feels like it is going to explode. My body prickles with anticipation. “May I ask who you are?” But I have already moved on to another question in my mind. Will you lick my body? Will you spread my legs and suckle on my clit? Will my body quiver with your touch? Will you spear my pussy with your throbbing cock?

“Oh, sweetheart, your breathing betrays you,” He muses with laughter. His hand begins to run up my arm, stopping at my cheek. He runs his finger down my jaw line stopping and resting on my closed lips. I part my lips wanting to suck on his finger but hesitate. He begins to trace my lips and my tongue involuntarily reaches out to lick. His finger slides into my mouth and I begin to suck gently. His open palm cups my head and he turns me towards him in the darkness. His breath is close and he whispers, “Why do you let him hurt you?”

“Who are you?” I ask in return. He pauses in the night. I feel his hand brush the hair out of my face.

“He isn’t good for you. I have watched you and him for weeks. I get closer and closer. Each night my anger grows watching you. Tonight you are mine completely, but you are going to give willingly. If you ask, I will leave, but this is your chance to escape. Ask me now.”

I catch my breath. He has watched our fights, the abuse. I am almost ashamed, but drawn to this stranger. His voice softly, “Love, your answer?”

I lean in close to his lips and breathlessly answer, “Yes.”

Instantly his lips are warm on my mouth, yet gentle. kadıköy escort bayan I am waiting for the pain and stiffen in response to his touch. “Shhh… sweetheart. No pain tonight, you will feel only pleasure.” He licks my lips gently, and slowly I begin to lick back. Playing the cat and mouse game with our tongues, he slowly leans in and completely takes my mouth. My body immediately arches in response to the desire, and I moan in pleasure at the feel of his soft mouth on mine.

His lips move off my mouth and travel down my neck, licking at the dip in my throat. My eyes close and I relax my body while his mouth travels farther down. His mouth reaches my left breast as his hand cups my right. I let a sigh escape my lips as his tongue flicks gently at my tight nipple. My perky breasts are tight, and I feel myself moisten with arousal. Arching my back and spreading my legs slightly I am dieing for him to move his mouth farther down my body. He pauses. I feel his head lift away and the hot flesh is chilled as he blows gently on the nipple. I shiver and moan in response. “Please…”

“Please…what are you asking for, my love?” I feel his breath against my body.

His mouth travels down farther to my waist. He quickly circles my belly button. Then his mouth moves away again. “What are you wanting, love?” His fingers as suddenly pressed gently against my pussy hovering above my clit. My body arches back, and I moan with need. “Please…”

A soft chuckle in the darkness, “Shhh…. Patience.” His finger slides into me quickly, and I am overwhelmed with need. “This feels good?” he asks me mockingly as he starts to stroke deeper into my folds. My body gives my response as I spread my legs farther apart to give him easier access. I raise my chin and thrust my hips to meet his finger. I answer with a breathless “Yes.”

“Mmmm…good. Your body is wonderful to touch and feel. But I wonder?” Again mockingly he left the question hanging in the air. I feel the weight shift on the bed. Suddenly he is gone in the darkness. I sit up on my elbows, but the room is black.

“Where did you…ummm” A finger runs down my face and I turn towards the touch. His finger lingers on my mouth and I open to suckle gently on it. He begins to pull away bringing my mouth with him. Eagerly I roll to the edge of the bed to keep my mouth on him. He brings his hand to rest on his waist where I become aware of his hard cock. I take my mouth off his finger. I grasp his cock and begin to stroke up and down. I hear a sigh escape his lips.

After a few moments my need to swallow him is undeniable. I press the tip of his cock against my mouth as I give him a moment to absorb the softness of my lips. Then slowly I swallow the tip, licking and tracing the crown of his cock with my tongue. He has arched his back as he stands above me. I glance up to darkness as I swallow his throbbing cock whole. He is better than average length but is thicker than anyone I have been with. He fills my mouth completely as I begin to suck up and down on him. I reach up gently touching his balls; I slowly rub my finger back towards his ass when he pulls away.

“To much, babe. You will make me cum. I am not done with you yet.” He leans over and pushes me back to the bed. He spreads my legs and I feel his mouth traveling up my thigh. His mouth is hot against my body. He licks the crease where my thigh meets my pussy and I moan quietly. “Would you like me to lick you here?” he flicks his tongue against my clit. I am almost crazy with anticipation. He leans away, waiting.

“Yes, please lick my pussy,” I gasp.

“Oh, you are so naughty, I am going to enjoy this.” He whispers as he parts my lips with his fingers and takes my clit into his mouth. The sensation of his tongue slipping over my clit and pumping into my pussy is so intense that I cum on his face almost immediately. I escort bostancı relax my body as the waves of pleasure ripple through me.

He pulls his body up to hover over me, and leans in to my ear. “Oh sweetheart, I need my cock in you.”

“I want you right now.” I grab his hips and pull him towards me with uncontrollable desire. His cock slides into me and fills me completely. Just as my orgasm is fading, I feel my heart quicken again as his cock starts to move deep inside of me. I pull him on top of me and our mouths meet in a heated kiss. Our tongues duel as our bodies collide with one another.

I feel him stiffen and his breathing deepens. I move my mouth to his ear and whisper, “Please cum in me.” He moans in agreement as I feel him orgasm in me, my pussy clenching his cock in waves.

As I lie there naked and exposed reality begins to come to me in waves of awareness. I don’t know this man. What was I thinking? What if he is hideous? What if he is gorgeous? But the feel of his hands and mouth on my body were divine. I wonder should I ruin our moment in the dark with questions, with a splash of light. But I know that I must see for myself who this man is. My dilemma is overwhelming.

With all the courage I can muster I roll over and switch on the light beside the bed to reveal my stranger. I don’t glance at him right away, pretending to need something on my nightstand. Then casually I glance over my shoulder to steal a peak at him. He has collapsed back onto the bed with the covers half pulled over his torso his back to me. He is average height not too muscular, nothing fancy to look at, dark brown hair. But then he rolls towards me to reveal his eyes. Good god! His eyes were amazing; they were the color of a clear blue sky. They were two mirrors of blue crystal glass, staring back at me. Amazing, they are definitely his best quality. With his dark hair and light colored eyes his looks are striking.

“What are you thinking Bray?” he asks me sheepishly. He reaches out and grabs my hand pulling me into the crook of his arm.

“Who are you? How do you know who I am?” I look at his eyes. I will lose myself completely.

“I am sorry, I should have introduced myself to you…ummm more formally.” He snickers as he starts to nibble on my neck. His laughter is wonderful to hear, I find myself unable to control my smile and bubble up with a giggle too. Our experience was new to me.

“Mark’s my name. I have lived across the way for about two years. I recently made an investment in the property and I guess you could say I am your landlord, or owner, whichever…” he trails off semi-embarrassed.

Feeling quite happy that I hadn’t slept with a nutcase, I lean in and kiss him. My next question came quickly. “Why have you been watching me?”

“Are you kidding? You are a doll, sweetie! You have all the right curves.” He slides his hand up and down my body. “When you laugh I want to know why, and when you smile you take my breath away. I just knew I had to be a part of your life.” He leans in and kisses me passionately.

He breaks the kiss and pulls away, looking into my eyes he says, “But you are through with him, right?” By him, I know he means Mike. I close my eyes. Did I love Mike still?

“Sweetie, you aren’t serious?” he kisses my closed lids. I hear him sigh. “Sleep, I am not here to hurt you, just to love you.” I look into his eyes but I have no answer for him.

I stammer softly, “I will do what I can, but I want you.” I reach out for him. He leans in and kisses me on the cheek and stands.

“I would like to come and see you tomorrow night, would that be okay?”

I am already counting the minutes. “Yes, please… I will do what I can about Mike.” I pause and think for a second. “No, I will do it tomorrow. Thank you.” He smiles then gives me a wink.

“If you need anything please don’t hesitate to phone me, I left my card by your purse.” He flips the light switch off and we are in total darkness once again. I hear him move to the door. “I will be waiting for tomorrow night.”

And he is gone. The room is quiet and dark and I drift back to sleep, into my dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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