Strawberry Love

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We are in the kitchen getting everything ready for dinner. I notice a package of strawberries in the refrigerator and my mind goes into overdrive. We set down to eat and have a wonderful dinner and talk the whole time. We finish eating and clean up the kitchen putting everything away. Going into the living room we sit down to relax.

You say you are going to get the shower started and I tell you I will be right there. While you are getting the shower started I grab the strawberries and the chocolate and place them by the bed. I join you in the shower and we playfully wash each other. As I am washing your wonderful breasts I feel your nipples getting harder. I put my arms around you and kiss you passionately as we finish our shower. We get out of the shower and dry each other off and go to the bedroom. You see the chocolate and strawberries on the nightstand and ask what they are there for.

I tell you that you will have to wait and see as we get in the bed. We put our arms around canlı bahis şirketleri each other and kiss passionately. I move up over top of you and raise your arms up to the top of the bed where the restraints are. I take the cuffs and place them on your wrists then move down and restrain your ankles. I get the blindfold out and cover your eyes to heighten your other senses. Taking the cold chocolate I let it drip into your body. Slowly I work toward your breasts letting it drip in a circle around your nipples.

As the cold chocolate drips onto your nipples they tighten up and get extremely hard. I then let it drip down your body to your pussy and let drip all around it. Putting the chocolate down I take the cold strawberries and start placing them on your body. I make a line of strawberries down between your breasts to your pussy. Then I take the cold strawberries and place them on your breasts so the cold keeps your nipples hard. Saving the largest strawberry until last I canlı kaçak iddaa spread the lips of your pussy and slowly push the cold strawberry between them. Placing it just inside your pussy I leave it there and start licking the chocolate from your body. Each time I lick the chocolate from your body I move up and kiss you passionately.

When I get to a strawberry I take it with my teeth and as we kiss I bite it in two and share it with you. When I get to the strawberries on your nipples I take them with my teeth and rub them on your nipples. Them I share them with you in a kiss that shows our passion. After sharing the strawberry with you I return to your nipples to lick the chocolate from them and kiss you again with tremendous passion. Moving on down your body I continue to lick the chocolate and eating the strawberries. I get to your pussy and lick the chocolate from around it as you try to move to get me to lick your pussy. Staying away from your pussy I lick you clean of the canlı kaçak bahis chocolate. Finally I begin to lick the chocolate from your pussy brushing my tongue over your clit.

Leaving the strawberry in your pussy I keep licking your clit and I feel it swell. As your excitement builds I suck your clit into my mouth and rub it with my tongue. You begin to tremble as your orgasm moves through your body. I pull the strawberry from your pussy covered with your cum I take it with my teeth and move up over you and lean down placing it in your mouth. I bite it into two pieces and share it with you. I place my erection at your opening as we kiss passionately and slowly push inside you. Pushing into as deep as I can I press myself against your clit. I move in and out of you harder and harder pressing against your clit with each thrust.

Our excitement building and your senses heightened from your blindfold. We both begin to tremble and shake as we orgasm together and stars dance in our minds. I lie down beside you and release you from the restraints as we kiss passionately. You lay your head on my chest and I softly rub your back. Your soft hand slides up and down my stomach. Slowly we drift off to sleep holding each other close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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