STRIP Ch. 10

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Chapter Ten – Getting Schooled


The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is Chapter Ten of a multi-part Naked In School story. The characters:

Father: Dick Treyshun

Mother: Cassi Fallopia

(Second marriage for each.)

Son (his): Rod Treyshun

Daughter (hers): Penny Fallopia

Bethany Chaudri: Penny’s best friend, hot for Rod

In Chapter Nine, Dick rebuffs Bethany’s advances despite her demanding advances. A call from Cassi’s psychologist Dr. Fine gets him out of the house. Dr. Fine insists on curing Dick, lest he be a bad influence on Cassi when she returns. In the process, Dr. Fine pairs Dick up with her receptionist Lana Witherspoon for some role-play. Lana is both a student of Dr. Fine’s as well as in counseling for her own trauma, falling into a photography scam that left her well-fucked but abandoned. Lana seduces Dick stealthily in Dr. Fine’s office, finally admitting she wasn’t abandoned. Instead, she’d proven to be hornier than the scammers could handle. Dr. Fine interrupts Dick and Lana’s coupling, much to their mutual dismay. Dick leaves even hornier than he arrived, worried what he might do with Penny if he finds her at home.

This chapter picks up with Dick immediately after leaving the doctor’s office.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dick reached into his pocket and found his car keys as well as two dry cleaning stubs. He’d forgotten his errand. He was about to put his car into DRIVE when his cell phone rang. The number wasn’t in his contacts. It was local but unfamiliar. He put the transmission into PARK and answered the call. “Hello?”

“Mr. Treyshun?” The voice was female and not one of Rod or Penny’s classmates.


“This is Dr. Lynnruth Heyson from the high school. I’m one of the coordinators for the STRIP program.”

Dick wondered if coordinators sat in their offices, or did they get to watch the student subjects get naked and personal? Dick’s hands got clammy and damp. “Is Rod in any trouble?” Dick’s mind leaped to the worst.

“I’d rather speak with you in person about your son, if that’s all right.”

It was bad news. And on a Saturday? Must be really bad. Don’t any of these people believe in weekends? “Where are you? Are you at the school?”

“Yes. Please use the main entrance and turn left. My office is halfway down the corridor. ItÕs labeled.”

“All right. See you soon.” Dick mused about a parent/teacher conference regarding his son Rod’s sexual behavior. He’d witnessed first hand when Rod fucked Bridget the consultant. He’d done well and allowed Dick to avoid an extra extramarital affair. The ride to the school was mercifully short, less time to image the bad news Dr. Heyson would share at their meeting. Dick parked his car and took the front stairs two at a time. He hurried through the door and down the corridor. The office sign made his destination obvious. He knocked.

“Come in.”

The door squeaked as Dick opened it. Dr. Lynnruth Heyson got out of her cloth upholstered armless task chair. Her striped button-down shirt was wrinkle-free. Her short-cropped blonde hair barely covered her ears. She extended her hand and Dick shook it. “Nice to meet you.” There was no second chair, only an examination table like the ones in a doctor’s office, complete with paper from head to foot.

She pointed to the examination table. “Have a seat.”

Dick hopped up but remained vertical, legs dangling. “This is about Rod, isn’t it?” Dick felt stupid. Of course it was about his son.

Dr. Heyson nodded. “Rod is an excellent student. He’s taken the STRIP message to heart. Dr. Breedmore and I are very pleased with his progress.”

“Dr. Breedmore? Who’s he?”

“I’m sorry, I thought all of the parents with participating students knew Dr. Breedmore. He’s the founder of CUNT, Coaching Upstanding Nubile Teens, the prototype program he started in California. I’ve never met a sweeter, kinder, more gentle, dedicated sex therapist. Our school was lucky to snatch him up for STRIP.”

Cunt? Snatch? Dick squirmed. “Taking STRIP to heart is a good thing, right?” Dick didn’t know why Dr. Heyson was beating around the bush. Bush! He imagined he had x-ray vision and could see the doctor’s pussy beneath güvenilir bahis her slacks. God, was he horny!

“Usually. I remember Rod told us in his entry interview that his parents were highly sexed and he was worried that he’d never figure things out. Yet he’s become one of STRIP’s best pupils. You and wife must have been very supportive during Rod’s participation.”

Yeah, Cassi fucked him silly the first week. “We tried real hard.” All the talk about sex had Dick’s penis engorged again. Why didn’t Dr. Fine just let him finish with Lana?

“Rod tries hard to follow the rules. Maybe almost too hard.”

Wouldn’t hard be an advantage in a sex education program, especially one that has student participation? Dick was hard and uncomfortable. “How so?” Dick sighed in relief that Dr. Heyson wore slacks and not a skirt. Bare legs would have been unbearable. The thoughts of Bethany and Lana in various states of undress lingered in his mind and his groin.

Dr. Heyson crossed her legs. “Most of the other partners – we don’t call them couples – have snuck behind our backs and had intercourse. Sometimes achieving penetration during their lessons while they think we’re not looking.”

Bethany had said the same thing. “Really? Isn’t that against STRIP rules?”

“Strictly speaking, yes. However, the program was designed to allow students to achieve mutual satisfaction when they decided they were ready, without direction from us. And without our endorsement. To us, students having intercourse would be an indication that they were committed to the principles of the training-“

“Or were so horny by touching genitals that they couldn’t stand it anymore.” That was Dick’s current condition.

“Perhaps. In point of fact, Rod has not taken advantage of these opportunities with his partner. She and I talked. I know she is more than willing and frustrated by his behavior. So I was wondering: to the best of your knowledge, has Rod ever had intercourse with anyone?”

Dick counted off in his head: his mother, his sister, and Bridget the consultant. “Yes, he has.”

Dr. Heyson wiped her brow. “Good. I’m relieved, I’ll tell you. I was almost afraid I’d have to call him in here and seduce him myself.”

“You’d do that?” Dick’s cock twitched.

“If I had to, despite his size.” Dr. Heyson pointed at Dick’s crotch. “It looks like, like father, like son.”

Dick covered the bulge with his hands. “I apologize. My wife has been away for a couple of weeks now, and you know how it can be with us highly sexed folks.”

“Actually, no I don’t.” Dr. Heyson leaned forward. “Would you mind talking about it, to satisfy my intellectual curiosity? What does it feel like?”

Dick swallowed hard. Could he describe it to a perfect stranger? “It’s like, the smallest thing turns me on. A glance returned.”

Dr. Heyson’s eyes met his and stayed connected. “Go on.”

“An expanse of leg from a skirt-“

Dr. Heyson rubbed her hands on her thighs all the way up to her groin. “Yes?”

“Or a woman touching herself.” Dick pulled at his collar. The room was getting warm. “The pressure of a bra against a blouse.”

She raised her hands in a stretch that pushed her tits forward. The flowery pattern of her bra embossed her shirt.

A bead of sweat ran down Dick’s nose. He wiped it away. “I should excuse myself.”

Lynnruth stood. “And do what? Masturbate in the boy’s bathroom? Hasn’t Rod told you about the STRIP philosophy about masturbation?”

Actually, it had been Brittany. “You mean, that it’s a waste and a sin, something like that.”

“Precisely. It drives a person into depression. And I don’t want you getting depressed.” She closed the distance. “I have a terrible secret but I’m going to share it with you.” Her hands caressed her blouse buttons. “Because I know you’ll understand.”

Dick swallowed hard. “I will?”

“Being around those naked students all day makes me terribly horny. And I can’t do a thing about it, can I? I have to maintain a professional demeanor and distance no matter my urges. So, in administering and coaching the students, I’m afraid I’ve become what you call highly sexed.” Her fingers slowly undid the buttons, starting from her neck down. “I follow my own advice and don’t masturbate.” She placed her hands on Dick’s knees. “It would be very wrong for me to have any kind of sexual contact with a student. Male or female.”

Did Lynnruth go both ways? “Very wrong.” Despite the fact that Dick had fucked Bethany twice.

“But you – well, you’re not a student, are you? And your wife is away. I’m sooo horny and you’re so prepared.” The blouse flapped open. Lynnruth’s medium sized breasts threatened to pop from the flower-patterned bra. “I’d like to compare your penis with Rod’s. In size and shape, for scientific purposes, of course.” Without permission, her hands went to Dick’s belt. She was deft at unbuckling and unzipping. Did she do that with students too? Dick’s cock sprang from his jockeys. “Oh yes, just like Rod’s.” Her hand reached out türkçe bahis for his cock, hard and throbbing.

“Should we really be doing this? Here?”

“No student I know would come within a mile of this place on a weekend. You must require some relief. I know I do-“

Her words were an invitation Dick wasn’t going to refuse. He jumped from the table and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her feverishly. She cooperated by sliding her pants down the best she could with Dick plastered to her. Dick’s pants dropped from gravity as Lynnruth dragged her panties to her knees. Dick pushed her against the wall.

She spread her thighs, ripping the fragile panties. “Do it. Satisfy those urges.”

Dick’s prick split her labia. “You don’t have to ask twice.”

“Good. Let us help each otherrrrr-“

Dick drove his cock all the way into Lynnruth. She moaned and clawed at his back. He wasn’t going to be denied a real fuck this time. He withdrew and humped. Lynnruth struggled for air, gasping with the penetration. “Oh god, its just as I imagined. Magnificent!”

Imagined with Rod? Dick heard the door open.

“Dr. Breedmore!” shouted Lynnruth.

Dick turned his attention to the unwelcome visitor, an average looking man with glasses perched at the end of his nose and thinning hair. So this was the famous sex doctor, in the flesh? Dick’s cock rubbed against the flesh lining of Lynnruth’s pussy.

“Dr. Heyson! What are you doing?”

For a sex therapist, Dr. Breedmore seemed clueless. They were obviously fucking, and Dick’s cock was still inside his partner.

Lynnruth’s arms fell from Dick’s back. “Satisfying our urges. Now, can you leave and let us continue?”

“No. I mean, you can’t be doing that.” Dr. Breedmore’s face got redder.

Lynnruth moaned as Dick pounded her pussy once more time. “Yes we can. We’re both connecting adults, I’m horny as hell, and-“

“No, not that. It’s because – because – I should be there, doing – that – with you.”

What kind of great sex therapist can’t even say the word? “Is there’s something between you and Dr. Heyson?” At the moment, Dick was.

Dr. Breedmore was speechless.

Lynnruth wasn’t. “Oh Rupert! I’d hoped but I had no idea it was mutual!” She pushed Dick away and hobbled over to Dr. Breedmore, her pants tying her ankles together. Saliva flew as the couple kissed like machine-gun fire. Lynnruth put Rupert’s hands on her breasts. He squatted and groaned. Dick saw a wet spot on Dr. Breedmore’s pants. Shit, he prematurely ejaculated! What a doofus! And this guy was running STRIP?

The two doctors were still in a clinch, Dr. Heyson comforting Dr. Breedlove, his head against her chest, while Dick tucked his erection in and carefully zipped up his pants. “I’ll leave you two to work out – whatever. In the meantime, I’ll have a chat with Rod. He’s an empathetic young man. Maybe I can convince him to fuck his partner, for her sake.”

Dr. Breedmore’s eyes flashed wide. “Rod? You’re Rod’s father?” He extended his hand for a shake.

Dick looked at Lynnruth, the sex partner who could have delivered satisfaction, holding Rupert in her arms. “Yeah. And we both know how to satisfy women.” He strutted out of the office, still horny but with pride.


When Dick got home, he reached for his house key. Damn, those two dry cleaning slips were still there. He was about to hop back into the car when he noticed a lovely coed pacing back and forth at his front door. “Hello?” He walked up the cement path. “Can I help you?”

“I hope so.” She bubbled over. “Rod told me to meet him here. Dates usually pick me up at my place but-“

Dick stopped listening. Had Rod dumped Bethany for this girl? She was quite pretty. A question he shouldn’t have been asking himself bubbled to the surface – if Rod and Bethany were history, did that make Bethany available to him without regret? No, he was still married to Cassi, dear sweet Cassi. Where was she, anyway?

“I’m sure he’ll be home soon enough. I’m his father.” Dick extended his arm.

She clamped on with both hands. The handshake was more of a massage. “Oh yeah, my name is Nina dePinta.”

Holy Santa Maria, two thirds of Columbus’s fleet! What would Rod discover after exploring this young lady? “Nice to meet you. What was this about a date?”

“Rod told me to meet him here. We’re probably going to a movie and then something to eat.”

Dick’s gut churned. Had Rod broken it off with Bethany because of Dick’s sexual encounters with her?

She continued chatting. “I just moved here from Columbus, Ohio. I should be a junior but I was held back a year. They said I wasn’t emotionally mature enough and the extra year in high school would help. I was so surprised when your son asked me out. I hear he’s a celebrity or something. Does he play sports?”

Not unless you count bedroom athletics. She was certainly physically mature. Sexy in a bookworm-ish way. “The closest he gets to a playing field is a chessboard. Come on in and make yourself at home.” Dick güvenilir bahis siteleri opened the door and let her cross the threshold. He was a gentleman but also interested in scoping out her ass.

“Then why were all of the girls converge on me, telling me how lucky I am?”

“Rod’s been very successful in a new school program.”

“Oh yeah, one of them said he’s ‘the Stud of STRIP’. What’s that?”

How could Dick explain the whole messy thing and not embarrass her? “Supervised sex education for select students.”

“That sounds familiar. Up until last year, all we had were boring old sex ed films. Then a new guy showed up and created a program called BANG – Building Adults, the Next Generation.”

Certainly not Dr. Breedmore. He wasn’t hip enough to come up with that name. “Sounds like a TV show.”

“Yeah, the head of the program was a Star Trek geek. The program was just underway when we moved. I’d gotten the notice for participation. Bad enough that I was losing my friends and graduating with strangers, but I was really looking forward to BANG.”

Dick’s need for sexual fulfillment kicked in. They were alone, at least for a while. She claimed to be interested in sex training. He considered offering a personal lesson, then shrugged it off. Rod would be home soon. “So, was it like STRIP?”

“I don’t know enough to compare. BANG had special lessons for the selected students. It was supposed to cover sexual aspects of a young adult’s life. And given how I’d failed in all of my relationships, I really needed some guidance. I was absolutely thrilled when Rod noticed me.”

How could he not? Nina was attractive and sexy and – Dick’s mind and cock were taking him in an inappropriate direction.

“Maybe Rod sensed my deficiency or something and that’s why he did what he did. Can I see his room, please? It’ll help me get to know him better.”

If they’d just met, it was a reasonable request. “Sure, just up the stairs and down the hall.” Dick watched Nina’s ass sway as she climbed the stairs ahead of him.

When they crossed the threshold, Nin stopped in her tracks. Dick collided with her from behind. “Sorry.”

“No, itÕs just that I didn’t know he shares his room. Someone told me he has a sister. I expected they’d have separate rooms, given how old they are and all.”

Dick thought about Rod and his sister, fucking down the hall while he shacked up with Bethany. Maybe they did need separate rooms. “Her name is Penny.” A comment from Nina tickled Dick’s curiosity. “You said Rod did something? He asked you out, is that what you meant?”

“He took me aside, in like a side hallway, and asked me if I’d go out. And I said yes. I mean, who wouldn’t. He’s quite good looking. And then he took me in his arms. Let me show you.” She reached out for Dick.

He backed away. “That’s not necessary.”

“No, it’s better if you see. Put your arms around me.”

Dick hesitated. Could he control himself, being so close? “Like this?” She was loosely in his arms.

“Yeah, just like that. And then he leaned his head down and brought his lips next to mine. I felt his breath on my lips.”

Dick made the same movement.

“Just like that,” she whispered. “And then he kissed me.”

Dick pressed his lips against Nina’s. Her mouth pulsed and tingled, pressing back with just the right amount of force. Dick hummed silently, a trick he’d used with Cassi.

“Wow! It was just like that. You must have taught him all of your best moves. I mean, my toes curled, then and now.”

“He must like you a lot.” Dick’s cock was throbbing. Nina was hot stuff. Too bad he wouldn’t have an opportunity to get more intimate-

“Oh, but he didn’t stop there.”

“No?” What else could he have done in public?

“He put his hand on my ass.” She moved Dick’s hand into position. “Go ahead. You’ll understand better this way.”

Dick understood that his hand had no business on Rod’s new girlfriend’s ass. But Dick’s cock was firm and needy. Holding her ass cheek was okay, as long as she didn’t lean against him and feel- Oh shit. Her body was plastered against his with only the lightest of pressure on his part. And his part would now be obvious to her.

“Rod got excited too, just like you are. Wow, you’re more like brothers than father and son.” Her hand drifted to Dick’s crotch.

Dick jerked back, her arms still around his neck. “Whoa! Too fast! I think we should stop-“

“No, its okay, we just did a little more.”

“More than this?” He fondled her butt cheek.

She went up on her tippy toes, pressing her whole hand against Dick’s groin. “He must have been really excited because he – he – he slid his around to the front.” She did it for him. “There, right there.”

She’d put his hand on the front of her pants. “And he unzipped me. Go ahead.”

She was already doing the same thing to Dick’s pants. Dick played along out of pure lust. His emotions overwhelmed any rational thought.

“And then – and then – wow, he slid his hand into my panties and asked me to take hold of his penis.”

Nina’s fingers snaked their way past Dick’s jockeys, her small hand taking his cock in its grasp. Reluctantly Dick did as she directed, pushing his hand past the elastic band. “Like this?”

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