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Everyone knows how awkward it can be talking about sex, especially as a teen. I was no different, even though I had a live-in sounding board and teacher, in the form of my hot, 20-year old sister, Denise. Let me begin by saying that I had it bad for her since I hit puberty, and tried to spend as much time around her as possible as I got into my teen years. There were times that just a touch from her, on the arm, shoulder, etc, would make me instantly hard and head for the bathroom for a little self-pleasure. The fact that she knew I did this with her in mind made it that much more difficult and erotic at the same time.

One early evening, not unlike any other, we were home with the other family members, doing the nothing things that people do during sleepy summer nights. Gradually, the house seemed to empty out, almost as if to know I wanted to be alone with her. Parents went to a pre-season high school football game; other siblings headed for their planned evenings out. I awaited Denise to leave, too, figuring my desire to be alone with her was not to be, but, she remained on the couch. I entered the living room, making the only mundane small talk that an excited mind could come up with. “You home tonight, D?” I asked her.

“Looks like it, bud…and TV sucks” she responded, stretching out on the couch and exposing her sexy navel and tummy to me. I wasn’t sure if this was intentional or not, so I held in my excitement and sat down on the floor next to her.

“So, what’s up with you?” she says wistfully, turning towards me, as my eyes follow every curve of her body, arm crooked on her head. I was glued to her mid-section, that teasing, angular skin view I was privy to. “Nuffin, I guess,” I say to her, apparently still staring at and ogling her body curves.

“Ah, I see…So, finding anything else interesting right now?” she quipped, letting me know I was nabbed ogling her wonderful body. Before I could give any type of a lying answer, she leaned over slightly, putting her sexy, long fingernail on my chin, looked into my eyes, and told me “It’s ok. What? You think I don’t know you look at me a lot?” Knowing she was cool with talking about sex stuff with me, I fessed up, albeit nervously.

“Umm. Yeah, I do…look at you. your body…but, I can’t help it. You’re really sexy and hot. Even my friends say so.”

“They do, huh?” she answers, edging closer to me. “Yeah, all of them. They always ask me if I have, well, “seen you,” you know?”

Now curious, and maybe feeling a little playful, having me in this fessing-up to my fascination with her mode, she asked me a question “And, what do you say? Do you say that you’ve seen me naked? Touched? Other things?” Fumbling for an answer, I ended up telling her that I’d tried seeing her getting naked for her shower, using a mirror underneath the bathroom door.

Again, this was no revelation to Denise, as she responded “I was wondering güvenilir bahis why some rays of light would be bouncing off of the wall at nighttime.” Then she asked me if I had ever had any luck doing it. “Not much, D” I said, “can only see your legs if you stand in the right spot…and they are fantastic…very shapely.” Gaining confidence that she wasn’t appalled at my until-now private pursuits of her, even I was getting curious as to where this conversation could lead.

There was a brief lull of silence, broken by my own gutsy, probing fingers playfully poking her exposed tummy, then lightly raising her half-top a bit. “Hey…that tickles…and did I say you could touch?” she says with an increasingly teasing tone. “Sorry, D, but, it drives me nuts when you wear half-shirts and expose your tummy…It makes your boobs look so good!”

“Think it’s a nice body?” she slyly says, to my affirmative answer. “Want to see more?” she asks, fully knowing the answer was a resounding yes. “If I do show it all to you, nobody knows. Not even your friends, ok?” At this point, being this close to seeing (and feeling) her body, I would have agreed to nuclear war. Denise gets up off the couch (as I stole an extended thigh feel) , and tells me to close the blinds, then sit down on the chair while she “get’s ready.” With great and intense anxiety, I whapped the blinds shut, closed and locked the doors, and returned to the chair.

Denise calls out “Ready?” and I exclaim “Yes!” Out she comes, wearing an oversized flannel shirt and no bottoms, exposing her smoothly-shaven legs. “Now,” she says “Tell me what you want me to do…take it slow, bud…This is for you tonight.” Wanting to see more of that tummy skin again (and to see what panties she had on), I told her to “Tie up the bottom of the shirt…that’s such a hot look on you.” Dancing and swirling round and round, she ties the shirt up high, into a loop, around the middle of her tits, then continues to dance and reach upwards to the ceiling. “Wow! I said to her, complementing everything, “Flat, sexy tummy…balloon-shaped knockers…and those motions you do…HOLY SHIT ARE YOU SEXY!”

“Glad you like…What next?”…I sat back a second, telling her to “keep dancing…I’ll come up with something.” She contined gyrating and stretching, simply flaunting her body to me. Finally, I ask her for a butt view, making her laugh a little and say “well, since you watch it all the time, here it is in the flesh.” Turning around, she bunches her black panties into her crack, like a thong, and dances in front of me, closer than before. I reached out and smacked it, to her giggling response of “Ohh, baby…smack me!” I do it a few more times, now emboldened by the ability to touch and feel her. “Ok, I got one for you,” as she spins around and waits for my directive. “Unbutton those top two buttons. I want to see your cleavage in that tied top.”. “Ooo…Now he says what he türkçe bahis really wants! All you want are my boobs!” she jokes, undoing the only two buttons, causing her magnificent tits to flail about inside that soon-to-be removed shirt. “What now, this?” she says, now standing alongside of me, shaking her juggs in my face. Something in my mind just said “fuck it…go ahead,” and I reached my hands out, tugged her in, and buried my face into her tit cleavage. A little surprised at my action, yet, allowing me to stay there, Denise directed me to untie the weakly-made knot right where my mouth was, and take off her shirt. She added that she wouldn’t move a muscle, and, “like I said, tonight is for you.” My cock throbbed with each passing second, as I was living out all of my dreams and MB thoughts of her.

As my hands felt every curve of her ass, waist, and tits, I slowly untied the loose knot, moved the shirt to opposing sides, and removed it from her body. There she stood, motionless, in front of me, wearing only black panties bunched up like a thong and her bare skin. “D…I want to…no, I have to…do this,” I said, diving into her body, kissing, licking, and munching on her perfect tits and edible navel like it was my dinner. “Mmm…feels good, but slow down…Taste me, taste them…Savor what is there” she sexily purrs to me from above. Taking her hands (and long nails, which she also knew I had a thing for), I held them at her sides as I moved my tongue upwards on her body, beginning to make a meal out of her marvelous 36DDs, and heating up enough to lick around her areolas with a flicking motion. “Ohhhh, Jay” she whispers, now with eyes closed, taking this all in for full enjoyment. “Bullseye…don’t stop…do what you want.”

Letting her hands go, I attach my hands to her waist, gently pushing inwards toward her navel. She likes this, says it feels like a “tummy fuck.” Briefly removing my lips and tongue from her nipples, I peer upwards to her now steamy looking face, and tell her “sit down here on me.” Moving her long and sensual hair to the back, exposing her neck, she takes my hands in hers, digging in her nails ever-so-slightly, and straddles her legs over mine, so her body is still in an upright position for me to continue on her tits and doing the above-mentioned “tummy fuck.” I could tell my sister was getting hot during this whole time, and, it goes without saying, so was I! Denise was breathing heavy as I simply attacked her tits and upper body, sucking and biting on her nipples to her cries of delight. “Hmmphh…Hmmpph…ooooo” she cooed, jacking me up even more. Slowly moving my hands from her waist and ass, I begun to tug down on her panties, not knowing what the reaction would be. Denise leaned up slightly and shoved them down to her feet, leaving me with the dream I always had: Naked and hot sister, with me hard as hell. Damn, how I wanted her right then.

“But J,” she said güvenilir bahis siteleri “I can’t be the only one nude here, can I?”…followed by a swift and incredibly sexy “I want your dick, J…want to wrap my lips around it… let me show you.” (hey, who was I to say no at this point??). We slide down the chair to the floor, and I could see the sweat glistening off of her body. Knowing that I caused it made me even hotter for her. “Ever had this done to you before?” she asks me, in a hotter than hell sexy voice. “No…only thought about it.”

“Well,” she says, now sliding my shorts down, exposing my brick-hard and saluting cock. Shimmying down my body, with her face buried in my chest, Denise looks up, with those sexy brown eyes and sly smile, and comments that “that’s impressive, J!” and “Why haven’t you shown me this before??” Lying flat on my back, awaiting this experience that would make me the envy of any man, I told her that “I wanted you to come after it for a long time.” With that, Denise wrapped her full lips around the end of my item, slowly moving down my shaft with a sucking motion. I inclined slightly, wanting her mouth to just devour me. I had always thought Denise had a sexy tongue, but, never said anything to her or anyone else about it. Now, I was finding out how much use she got out of it. It was clear that my hot older sister, this goddess of everything sex to me, was fairly well-practiced in the art of giving head. She ran her teeth up and down my cock, over it’s popping veins, culminating in a teasing nibble of the tip, urging me to explode in her mouth.

“More,” I muttered to her, and I started to shove my dick into her mouth, aiming for the very end of her throat. I wanted to push the limits of physicality with her, wanted to USE her, have her swallow my own juices that were already starting to burst. I could hold this in no longer, and think she knew it. Grabbing the top of her head, I gently held it in place, while performing my very first mouth fuck of her. Having likely been through this before, my sister knew the angles and right places to be for maximum pleasure, twisting and turning my lower body at times. The very thought of fucking my sister like this was enough to make me spew, much less benefiting from her expertise. Almost like firing a warning shot, I cummed into her mouth as she was teasing the top of my dick, to a response of “That’s it, bro…let it flow…I’ll take it… Don’t be afraid.” I waited for her to plunge back down to the near-bottom of my shaft, and let loose again, this time with much less restraint (also due to exhaustion). I had given her all a younger, adoring, and infatuated brother could give a hot, sensual and sexy older sister, and, after spewing my last load, was done. Denise, apparently in a similar physical state, sat up, then, promptly, flopped over alongside of me, placing her right hand on my chest before nodding off.

We woke up, literally, in enough time for clean up, and, my sister to get into the shower. As the shower water rained down on her tired body, the elders arrived home, unaware of the nastiness that we’d had been up to. This would not be the last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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