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I’m Sylvia. Thirty Nine years old. 35 C and well proportioned. Love handles are a bit hard to grip. I own and run a small studio where I try to beat the shit out of students of yoga, pilates, and whatever the latest fad is. I retired from being an airline stew when it quit being fun. I have one son; Bisck named after the pilot; who I think is his father from a one night stand during a wild crew swap in Copenhagen. I dream Bisck’s father will track me down to give me another wild night and to show Bisck the world.

Damn! Just as I was ready to get the bath salts from the hall bath I hear my 18 year old son start the shower. He hadn’t showered in under 60 minutes in two weeks. I was thinking I would spend a nice mellow hour soaking in my large tub with a glass of Merlot and a few of my toys with the hard rock of my youth pounding in my head.

My date the night before had been a total bust. Handsome, polite, well built, but no interest in getting between my legs. I know there was no interest, because I pushed. I had waited too long and now there was a desperate yearning in my loins. He really failed to live up to the BS he claimed in his posting in the Casual Encounters section of an online site. He was truly a sick worthless bastard.

Five minutes had passed. Bisck surely was behind the shower curtain; I’ll just slip over in my negligee and grab the bath salts. He will never know. And if I catch a glimpse of his cock through the curtain, it will heat up my imagination and more during my bath.

I struggle with the line between good and evil. Somedays I think when it comes to voluntarily sex there is no evil and then I have a rape fantasy and justify moving the world of evil into a pea and eating it.

God, I don’t know how Bisck spends so long it the shower almost certainly working his meat. He has a smoking hot girlfriend, Jill. Her body reminds me of mine at her age – built for sex and hungry. Jill sometimes helps me with some assignments at my studio. From what I know about her work there, she was capable of draining any man many times over. A long talk with my son should happen, I though. I kept two boys completely drained when I was 18.

I tiptoed into the hall bath. I was shocked. I gasped and muttered. Bisck wasn’t in the shower. Bisck was standing güvenilir bahis facing the counter with this magnificent cock shooting ropes of jism onto a sheet of plastic covering a 20 year old centerfold of me. It wasn’t a Playboy, it was much more revealing. I lost all control and the visual stimulation along with my twisted mind drove me to orgasm. Me negligee was soaked with my juices.

I wondered did Bisck know the centerfold was me? Had he been into my secret stash? What else did he know about me?

Bisck was looking at me and despite decades of experience interpreting men the look on his face was indecipherable. On the other hand the look on the head of the monster cock made it clear it saw a woman and was willing to stuff her every hole. No matter I was his mother. My knees betrayed me as they collapsed to the floor. My lips reached out to suck in his cock. My hands grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him closer.

Every man’s cum is different; some are an acquired taste; others like Bisck’s cum was just delicious. I know I am a cum connoisseur. Having no idea and no care as to the number of sexual partners I have experienced, many would just call me a slut. Often with an adjective in front – dirty, whoring, cum, loose, husband stealing, backstabbing, and some were more creative. I objected to dirty as a couple women learned when they were granted their unsaid wish for pulled hair, black eyes, broken noses or having a shoe in their cunt. Most of the others were met with a smile and some with a kiss and more.

Bisck’s cock was hardening up nicely again.

For the first time since I entered the bathroom, Bisck spoke “Mommy do you want this?”

I replied, “Bisck, My Norse God, I want this so so bad. It is so right. I am putty in your hands, Do what you want with my old decrepit body.”

Bisck laughed, “You bitch, you are neither old or decrepit. But you do appear to be in need of the fucking of your life.

I laughed, “Oh my Bisck so ambitious, but you obviously haven’t found my porn movies are you would know how I love the idea of one man delivering the fucking of my life. Maybe when I have drained every drop from you I will fix popcorn and we can watch movies together until you are able to go again. If you need I have a stash of Viagra saved türkçe bahis away for potential lovers.

Bisck picked me up to my feet, reached out and tore my negligee to shreds.

I laughed “fuck that $150.”

Bisck picked me up and carried me through the sliding doors to the fenced in patio and laid me on a soft grassy area.

I asked, “What will the neighbors overlooking our patio think?”

Bisck laughed, “There’s a couple of ladies I want to advertise my services to as a stud. Just beating off out here hasn’t done the trick, but I know they were watching me. Maybe they will better understand my capability when they hear you screaming. And maybe you will pick up another sex partner or two.”

I questioned, “How will I live this down?”

“Just ignore those who think you have something to live down and hold your head up high because of your moral superiority. The ones who leave themselves deprived are really at the lowest level of moral depravity!”

“Bisck, if you don’t get shot or hung it is clear you will be a great theologian!” And then I broke out into uncontrolled laughter.

Bisck lowered his head between my legs. His long tongue stiffly penetrated me. The tongue was rougher than any tongue I recalled. It stroked in deeper than many cocks, and then slid up and danced around my clit. Bisck reached up and captured my nipples between thumbs and forefingers. The nipple massage was painful, but exhilarating. I felt an unbelievable warmth in my vagina. My body was shaking. My vagina was clamping on his tongue. This time when his tongue slid up and wrapped around the clit, it stabbed into my clit. Pushing it into my body. Suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore. My warm ejaculate was flooding out. I screamed, “Fuck me now, shove that monstrous cock into your mommy’s pussy. Make me your bitch, your fuck toy. Gawd I want this so so bad and it is so so right. I don’t fucking care what others think. Fuck me, like I’ve never been fucked.”

Bisck took me like a missionary on a mission. He plunged his cock into me. He entered my mouth with his tongue.

My juices tasted so sweet on my son’s tongue. I wondered would he be man enough to eat his jism from my pussy. I loved it when a man or a woman ate a cream pie from me. Gads, she loved it when güvenilir bahis siteleri a man was man enough to eat cream pie.

Bisck was ramming his cock in to his mommy with all his strength. I was panting and shaking. His hands were on my ass and as he plunged downwards he pulled my body up to meet his. He knew this was the most violent fucking he had ever delivered. And his mother clearly was enjoying it. Even though he had shot ropes of cum a short while before he knew he wouldn’t last. He couldn’t force himself to slow down.

The head of his cock was bouncing lightly off my cervix.

He wondered when he took my like a dog and it would happen in a little while, would he feel pain from hitting my cervix. His testicles tightened.

I screamed, “Oh my God, oh my God what a fucking man you are who came from my loins and is now ready to cum in my loins. Fuck me oh fuck me like no one has ever fucked me before.”

His mother’s rant was enough to send Bisck over the top. He felt squirt after squirt of cum blast into his mom’s pussy. He pulled his cock out and blasted a long rope of cum landing between my eyes and tracking down the nose, into my mouth, between my breasts and stopping at the belly button.

I looked at Bisck and said, “I never knew one man could fuck me so thoroughly. Maybe I should kidnap you and take you somewhere no one would know we were mother and son. Or maybe I just don’t give fuck what others think. My tubes are tied, so you can’t breed me, but after this fucking I wish you could.”

Bisck started licking his way down from my forehead. When he reached my mouth, his tongue slid in and I cleaned the cum from it. He proceed down my body cleaning it as he went. He performed a figure 8 like and ice skater skating around my nipples, while he cupped my breasts in his hands.

I noticed the pressure on my breasts was just below the point of pain. And then he increased the pressure. If only I had just given birth so I could feed him like I did when he was a baby. Then I felt his teeth gently bite on my rigid nipples. Just like they did 18 years before. I wondered would I could I orgasm again just from the treatment of my breast?

Suddenly I felt Bisck’s mouth clamped over my pussy sucking up the juices. It felt like the shop vac I used to clean the car. His tongue worked my clit again. I felt the warmth between my thighs. I had my nipples clamped in my fingers massaging them for all I was worth. Suddenly I felt myself squirt again as I shook in a violent orgasm.

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