Such a Tease

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She sat across from me with one leg tucked up under her butt. Her knee length skirt was pulled up to the middle of her nylon covered thighs. She was letting her high heal dangle off her foot as she bobbed her leg up and down. She had came home from work and after giving me a kiss plopped down across from me and now she sat there looking at her paper work. I was looking over her bent knee at the dark spot in her pantyhose! I was lost in thought wondering if she had on black panties or if it was her dark bush I was looking at when her calling to me brought me back from between he leg’s.

“Hay did you hear a word I said?”

I looked up into this 26-year old woman’s eyes and my hart melted, “No sweet hart I was thinking about stuff. I’m sorry what was it you said?”

Patty lifted up pulling her leg from under her. My eyes dropped down looking deep into her skirt, hopping for a better look. She slid up onto the edge of the couch and let her leg’s open as she stood up! Dam it was just not quit high enough to see but I did get a good look at those lovely thighs.

“I asked you if we are still going to the beach tomorrow?”

Her hand went to the top button of her blouse. She popped it open then moved to the next! I couldn’t take my eyes from her fingers as I answered her.

“Yes, umm I thought we would if you still want to!”

I couldn’t keep the excitement out of my voice as she loosened the third button exposing the top of he lacy bra. She bent letting her top open over her 36c breast’s my cock twitched in my pants as gravity took over pulling them down! I could just make out the top of her dark nipples through the lacey thing when she stood back up. She was looking at the bulge in my pants as she opened the next button.

“Ok, I’m going to go shower and get out of these work cloths. What’s for dinner?”

She pulled her top out of her skirt lifting it high enough to let me see the little diamond shining in her belly button. Her eyes never left mine as I looked at her flat tummy.

“Pizza if that is ok with you”

“Sure sounds good to me.”

She turned walking to the hall. I watched her ass move under her skirt as she went, “Make mine pepperoni!”

God I was so hard and I could feel my self-leaking as cum dripped out of my dick! I made the call and went to change my self, slipping into some light jogging shorts and T-shirt. I stroked my hard dick reliving looking up Patties skirt. I stroked slowly enjoying the feeling when the shower turned off.

I went to the kitchen to get a beer. I move to the sink and was looking out into the back yard when Patty walked into the room. She went to the fridge opening it to get her self-a drink. I watched her move in the reflection of the glass. I was a little afraid to turn to look at her because she had slipped on a baby doll pajama set!

I turned looking at her long legs, she was 5’ 9”, and how her braless tit’s moved under her thin top! I could make out the color of her nipples and as she moved her top lifted up over her panty covered pussy I could just make out the darker color of her bush! Again my cock pushed out the front of my shorts and I dropped my hand over it trying to hide it.

I caught her as she looked down at it before going into the living room. I went in behind her watching her ass again then adjusted my dick and sat across from her. The bell rang and Patty got up to answer the door.

“You going to open the door like that?” I asked her.

“Well,” she started to giggle; “You can’t very well open it like that!” she pointed to my hard dick!

I just smiled at her and she opened the door. The kid that was standing there almost dropped the food when he got a look at Patty. She took the pizza boxes from him and turned bending over to set them on the coffee table. The guy had a güvenilir bahis perfect look at her ass as her panties stretched tight over her soft round globes! She looked up at me to see if I was watching and I know she stayed that way just a little longer than she needed to, letting him get a very good look! She paid the boy and closed the door.

Again my cock was dripping as we ate. We finished the food and Patty brought me in another beer. She sat on the couch leaning back and put one leg up stretching it out as she kept the other on the floor. Her panties stretched tight across her pussy, her full lips pushing against the material! Her young breasts moved and rolled on her chest.

We sat that way watching TV. I tried to think about the show but my eyes kept going back to her panty covered pussy.

“Dam is that a wet spot! Shit I hate this low light in here! Yes I think it is! She is getting wet setting there!” I thought to my self, “How can I see?”

I got up and went to her. “Patty I’ve had it I’m going to bed. Give me a kiss!”

I moved around the coffee table to her feet. I moved a little slowly letting my eyes roam over her body as she lay there. “Closer, YES! She is wet! Her panties are dark right over her hole!” I was shaking as I bent over to kiss her on the cheek. She moved her face to mine kissing me softly on the lips

“Good night buddy! Hope you are going to be ready for a big day tomorrow!”

“Ok baby see you then!”

I stood up and for just a few seconds my hard dick was right by those soft lips! She looked at it and then I moved away from her, neither of us saying anything. I took off my cloths and stroked my self about four times and was shooting all over the floor!

“Oh godddddd!” I groaned as the last of my seed ran out over my hand! I sat on the side of the bed wiping my self off on my T-shirt. I have never had a woman effect me the way Patty did and it was making me a little crazy, the way she dressed! We had been roommates for about a month and I just knew I would surly go crazy as I went to sleep wondering what would happen the next day!

Part 2

I was pulled from a deep sleep by the shaking of my foot!

“Wake you! Hay wake up! It’s after eight and if we are going to the beach we need to get going! Come on I have breakfast almost finished!”

I moved realizing that the sheet was just barley covering my morning hard! I opened my eyes to see that she was gone but I wondered if I had been fully covered while she woke me up. “I hope not I thought!”

I slipped on my swim trunks and went to the kitchen. Patty was standing there with her back to me just finishing some eggs. She had on her beach cover up. It was a mid thigh thing that fully covered her. I was kind of disappointed as she turned giving me my food and I couldn’t even get a glimpse of her lovely body.

“I have every thing packed all you have to do is load it in the truck. Eat up and then we can go! Man I can’t wait to feel the sun on my skin!”

“Ok, ok.” I laughed, “I’ll hurry! When was the last time you went to the beach?”

“Three years ago! Before I married your buddy!”

“Don’t blame that on me!” I was laughing as I pushed away from the table, “I told you he was a ass hole but you was in love!”

That was why she had moved in with me. She needed to get away from her abusive husband. I was glad for the company having been single for a long time. I just didn’t think she would work me up the way she did. I mean here she was a young lady of 26 and I was 46.

We didn’t talk much on the way to the beach. It was an hour drive and when we got there we had the place to our selves. It was a beach at a lake in Marino Valley California and a weekday so I though we might be alone all day.

Patty almost ran to the water and then ran back. türkçe bahis She was laughing like a little kid as she picked up some of the stuff we had brought and went back to the water edge. She dropped the stuff and spread out a blanket. She slipped off her sandals and then as I sat down on a beach chair started pulling her cover up off.

She was standing with her back to me. She hooked her fingers in the hem of the thing and pulled it up and over her head all in one move! I almost fell out of the chair as her ass came into view. She had on a thong and it was deep in her ass crack! It was a one-piece thing that had a small low cut back and like I said went right into her ass. She turned looking at me and I realized I had groaned when I had seen her ass and now I let out a low moan as I took in the front of the thing.

It was a very pail blue and open from her neck down to about two inches below her belly button! There was a small piece of cloth that hooked to the suspenders that just barley covered her nipples and then it ran between her legs! It didn’t quit cover her full pussy lips and I had an instant hard on! It didn’t look like it was lined and thinking about her getting it wet made my mouth water!

“I’m sorry Sam! I can put something else on if you think this is to much for a public place like this.”

“No! Umm, I, a, I’m’ fine with it I was just a little taken back by it! You are a grown woman you can wear what ever you want. Besides I like it and I like looking at you to be honest! God Pat you are beautiful woman!”

She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, “I didn’t know if you thought of me as a woman our if you still looked at me like a little girl.”

“No baby I see I woman! I’m sorry if I seam to be starring at you!”

She turned and bent over as she sat beside me. Her little brown puckered back hole peeked out from under her thin little swimsuit bottom. Again my cock twitched in my trunks as she lay back resting on her elbows. Her big boobs moved back on her chest and her nipples hardened as I looked at them. The little narrow suspenders straining to cover them and now the little strip of cloth in her crotch was not doing anything as it had slipped completely into her letting her vagina lips slip out on either side!

“I like it.” She was a little breathless as she spoke and she said it so softly I almost did not hear her. Looking at my hard dick then at my eyes.
“Like what?” I knew what she meant but I wanted to here her say it!

“I like it when you look at me!” She rolled onto one elbow facing me and her boobs rolled with her! One of the little straps lost the battle and her left tit fell out exposing her nipple fully to me!

“I like sowing off for you and I like the way I feel when you look at me! I have always liked showing off my body but Scott, well you know, hell he would not even let me wear a dress and to think about laying out here like this with me showing you my breasts would have given him a stroke!”

I licked my lips looking at her tits and she sat up facing me. She sat Indian stile and this kept her pussy lips fully open as she slipped her other tit out from the confines of the strap! She looked me in the eyes as she took my hand and put it on her right breast!

“I also like to be touched!”

I pulled her over on top of me kissing her hard on the lips her tong meat mine and as they danced with each other I ran my hands over her back and down cupping her naked ass cheeks!

“Oh god Pat, oh god! I love you so much!”

She ground her pubic mound into my aching dick as we kissed and held each other until we could here people coming. She looked up and seeing them getting out of their car sat up on me. My dick slipped into her open wet slit! It was on fire even through my swim trunks!

She didn’t get güvenilir bahis siteleri off of me but reached over getting her cover up she slipped it over her head. It dropped into place covering both her nakedness and my boner. She sat there grinding on me like that watching the people as they came and sat a few yards from us.
They spread their stuff out and she ground into me then leaned forward just a little. She stuck her hand between us and pulled my dick out of the leg of my shorts stroking it just a little then she put it back and sat back down on the blanket!

She was breathing hard now and looking around. She pulled me by the hand. “Come with me!”

She pulled me down a path and behind a fairly big rock. She pulled my cock out of my shorts and turned away from me. She bent over the rock pulling her swimsuit over her ass and away from her wet pussy! I could see her juices dripping down her thighs as she pulled my cock up to her hot hole!

“Please fuck me! Oh please! I need it! I need to feel your cock in meeee!”

“Oh God Pat I won’t last long!”
“I know it’s ok just pump me full of your cum! You can make love to me later but right now just,” I pushed deep into her, “FUCK ME!”


I was pounding her hard now not caring about any thing but filling her up with my come! I had wanted her for so long and I was right it only took a few minutes and I was pumping her full of my hot, hot seed!



She started to cum with me and I couldn’t hold still I started slamming into her as hard as I could!

“UGA< UGAG, GANgga au auk!” came from her with each thrust! “Oh go no more oh stop please!” I stopped and she moved off of me. I could see my sperm running out of her fresh fucked pussy as she let her suit slip back into place. I started to put my dick back in my shorts but she stopped me dropping to her knees and sucking me deep into her mouth! She cleaned me all over licking and sucking me until there was not a drop of come from either of us on me and then she stood up slipping my dick back into my pants. She leaned up on her toes kissing me hard letting me taste my own cum on her lips. “You have no idea how long I have wanted you to do that to me. I mean just fuck me! The first time I thought about it I was sixteen and watched you pulling on it until you came in the shower! I had slipped in to pee hopping you would not hear me and you didn’t! I watched as you shot it all over the shower walls and then I slipped out! Now that I have that out of my system you can make love to me like you want to when we get home.” We started walking back to our stuff, “Do you want me to change into a different swimsuit with there people here?” “Only if you want to. I told you I love the way you look and if they don’t like it they can move.” I looked at the two couples laying in the sand, “I know the guys will like it, umm I don’t know about the girls though!” “Well I told you I like to show off!” She sat down and made sure that every thing was in place as good as she could and then pulled off her cover up. I slipped down leaning across her legs pushing them open just enough to get a good look at her pussy. I watched as my seed seeped out of her for a few minutes.
“You know this changes a lot of things for us.” I said.

“Yes I do.”

“Will you move your stuff into my room?”

“Do you really want me to?” she asked.

“Very much! You see I have wanted you for a very long time to! I love you more than any man has a right to and now that I have had you I could never be with any one but you”

“People will talk.” She said.

“We can move! I want to make you my wife Patty!”

“Oh God DADDY you just made me the happiest woman on earth! Yes we can move and if you are asking me to marry you I will! I love you dad with all my hart!”

“I love you to baby! I have always loved my little girl!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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