Sudden Appearance Ch. 01

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She was there, right on his doorstep. She’d appeared out of nowhere, like an angel to save him. He’d been slowly decreasing his sanity, thinking about her. And here she was, a sudden appearance, surprising the hell out of him.

He tried to speak, but she wouldn’t let him. She put a finger to his lips and a hand on his chest, pushing him back. He went along with what she did, and she crossed the threshold into his room. When she’s finally entered the apartment completely, she whirled around, releasing him. She locked the door, and his eyes drifted down to watch her movements.

He’d only seen pictures of her, through texts and the occasional e-mail. But seeing her in person was shocking. She moved with fluidity and he was instantly aroused at just the sight of her hips moving.


She sent him a brief look of heat over her shoulder as she threw the deadbolt on his front door and he was silent again. When she was done, she turned back to him and smiled, a tiny lilting of her lips.

“Yes, Chris?”

He cleared his throat. “You… You’re here, Kara.”

The mischievous smile turned into a full blown grin. “I am. Aren’t you glad to see me?”

Chris had no words, nothing to say. He was scared to admit that he was entirely glad to see her. However, Kara took his silence for something bad, and her face fell.

“So you aren’t,” she said, taking a small step backwards. Her head was down, and her short corn silk blonde hair fell into her face, shadowing it in the dim light.

He reached out and put a finger under her chin, tilting her face up to his. “Kara. I’m so happy you’re bahis firmaları here. I’m just shocked is all.”

Her smile came back, lighting up her bright blue eyes, eyes he hadn’t expected to see for another few months. “You aren’t mad at me for flying here?”

Chris bent down closer to her, staring right into her. “Of course not. Surprised, yes. You’re here in Scotland, in my apartment. Instead of being in your dorm at America.”

She shrugged and slowly twined her arms around his neck. “I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed you.”

It was amazing how well she felt against him, almost perfect. “I need you too,” he said quietly.

With that, she crashed her lips to his. They both gasped at the feel of that first kiss, the kiss they’ve been dreaming of every night in different countries.

“Kara,” he groaned, and slid his arms around her waist, picking her up effortlessly. She wrapped her legs around his own torso and he walked backwards through the familiar apartment, still kissing her.

A minute later he felt himself bump against a door, the knob digging into his spine. Kara chuckled, pulling away, nuzzling her face into his neck. He was running out of sanity again, drowning in the strawberry scent of her. If he didn’t take her now, within the next ten minutes, he’d be a goner.

“Open the door, idiot,” she mumbled against his warm skin. He grinned, so used to the teasing insults she gave. It was amazing to actually hear her say it, her voice husky with emotion, rather then read it through a text.

His hand closed over the bronze doorknob, and he twisted his wrist, supporting kaçak iddaa her weight underneath his other arm, muscles flexing. She whimpered as the door cracked open. He nudged it with his foot and then he stepped inside, still holding her up.

The bedroom was dark and he stumbled over to the bed, laying her down. He’d meant to rise up, but she grabbed his shirt collar and dragged him down on top of her. He balanced his weight, propping himself up with both hands on either side if her head. She moaned at the feel of him lightly pressed against her.

Chris gritted his teeth. Her hips were rubbing against his, and his cock was already hard. She was wearing jeans and a tank top, her usual wear, she’d told him once. But he only had on sweat pants and a tee shirt, and his cock was making a tent out of the roomy cotton material. He groaned out her name again and she giggled, pressing up even harder.

She was teasing him. She always did, even through texts. She’d make a little innuendo, or a joke, and even through the texts, no matter where he was, he’d imagine it to be true, and his dick would rise to the occasion like a wonderful standing ovation.

But she was here, right now, on his bed, trapped underneath him. He would not allow such teasing to be made in his apartment. That was where it ended. He would be the teaser, and she the teased.

He thrust his hips down against hers, flattening her to the bed. She gasped at the feel of him, and her eyelids fluttered. “C-Chris.”

“What’s wrong? You don’t like when I do that?” He asked, his voice dark.

Her head whipped to the sides. “I kaçak bahis do like it!” She said quickly. “I love it.” She scratched at his hips when he slowly pulled them up, away from her. “Noooo,” she moaned.

Chris chuckled. He was having fun. “Tell me, Kara. What did you expect to happen when I opened the door and saw you there?”


“What. Did. You. Expect. Kara?” He ordered, and felt her shiver underneath him. She liked being told what to do, especially by him.

“I expected this to happen,” she said.

“This? What else?” She was doing good, so he gently lay his hips on hers again, letting her feel his cock a bit more.

She seemed to be struggling for breath. “I wanted you to take c-control. Ravish me.”

He grinned. “You wanted me to take advantage of you, didn’t you? That’s what you wanted.”

She purred at his words. “Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted, Chris. Will you do that for me? Make me your toy?”

Now it was his turn to shiver and he pressed himself flush against her. “Yes.”

Then he bowed up and ripped at the hem of her tank top. She let out a little shriek at his sudden fierceness. “What-

“Get undressed. Now!”

She scurried off the bed and he rolled on to his back. “Do it slowly. Let me see every piece come off.” Chris folded his arms behind his head, propping it up to see the show.

Kara hesitated, standing there with half of her flat stomach exposed. When he cocked one of his eyebrows, waiting, she took in a deep breath, then smiled flirtatiously.

Her hands lifted up the rest of the tank top, revealing inch by glorious inch of tanned blemish free skin. He couldn’t wait to taste it under his tongue. All soft and tantalizing. She didn’t, and never had, realized how beautiful she was to him.

He was gonna make her see that she was.

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