Suite, Shower, and Sites

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This is my first short story published to this site. Please feel free to leave feedback, criticism, advice, or editing details; I’m open to it all. Thank you for reading and enjoy.


Suite, Shower, and Sites

Setting: It was Tyler’s and Angie’s, his girlfriend, first vacation together. Realistically only a weekend getaway, but still a quaint, openly invited couple of days to relax and enjoy themselves away from the everyday routine and work. It was their first night out, which they used to get plastered drunk knowing they would have the next day to nurse themselves, and enjoy any sights, shops, or other luxuries their vacation might have to offer.


Noise… Faint, indistinguishable babble and clamor. Peoples’ voices, car alarms, honks, engines, traffic and squeals from tires, bangs from doors, footsteps, water spraying the walls and floors of a nearby bathroom shower, and even lighter sounds like birds and wind. Tyler could hear it all. It hurt his head a little as he had a hangover from the previous night, but nothing major. He always seemed to recover fast. He was in a groggy-sleep state, still not visibly seeing all the imagery the sounds he was hearing were connected to.

He let his memory envelop his senses, and cast scenes from the previous night into his head like a movie theatre room he had all to himself. His body tingled with muscle memory to match his mind’s impulses, and they tensed creating friction as he wiggled with psychological and physical satisfaction. The heat of the moment being relived, in a sense, blocking out all the surrounding din. He was happier in an instant, and so was his cock rising to the occasion for an early morning appearance. It throbbed, egging its owner to show his approval and reward it’s heightened state. Tyler half ignored it, focusing mainly on the memories; knowing that it would wait patiently and excitedly while he did.

They fumbled into their hotel room, Tyler and Angie, clearly intoxicated from ample amounts of alcohol, almost face-planting several times before reaching the bed; laughing and giggling from each other’s company. It was a miracle they did not fall, but it probably would not have seized their smiley, drunken stupor or laughter. It might have even added to it. Yet they made it safely, dropping with half-dead weight onto the mattress. They bounced from the recoil of the springs before settling into the patterns that their bodies made in the bed; all the while wrapped in each other’s arms. Both of them with a locked gaze into the other’s eyes; Tyler’s a dark brown hue. Nothing special to them, but Angie was fond of them. Tyler favored hers, which were a meadowy green with flecks of hazel; like flowers scattered among them. They drove him crazy. It was especially hard for them to focus after the rattle from the plop onto the bed, and the inability to concentrate from the alcohol’s effects. They were in tune though, with smiles wide. They just laid for a moment or two, in silence aside from their latent breathing, for the other to commence a make out session. It was Tyler who did, and he pecked her lips a few times before stopping to say, “Man, tonight was fun! I think it was just what we needed!”

“I know right?!” Angie replied and continued, “It was a great idea to just get away from it all.”

“Yeah, and to get some much needed alone time,” Tyler said in a hint-full tone. He grinned and tilted his head forward for another kiss, meeting her lips, this time for more than a peck. He planted his lips to hers, allowing her to feel the emotion behind it. He loved the way she tasted with mix of lemon sorbet Chapstick and various flavors of fruity drinks she had being drinking earlier, which all rubbed off onto his lips and tongue. He savored them in between kisses. His thoughts were becoming clearer, and he let the tastes fill his head. He could see she was savoring each kiss similarly, which in turn made him that much more satisfied with himself.

He pressed on and made advances with his tongue again. At first he used it to lather her lips, but then to meet her tongue as she opened her mouth to his. He drew breath through his nose so that he did not interrupt himself, and wrapped her tongue with his. Angie moaned lightly with pleasure.

She retreated from his grasp momentarily, “Such a good idea,” she said with a smile and she returned with her own vigor. Tyler went with it willingly, and also emitted a low moan as her tongue seduced his in response to his prior actions.

Tyler began to get his hands involved. At least his right hand that was not pinned between himself and the bed. He grabbed her hip softly, enough to tug lightly at her skin and feel her warmth. Angie rolled herself aside enough to used both her arms, and followed by grabbing Tyler by the nape of his neck and his free arm. She pulled at him, allowing him to change position, and completed her roll facing upwards with her back against the sheets. He moved with her taking illegal bahis the dominant position on top of her; still kissing. He was on his hands and knees, so that he did not apply his full weight on her; also it allowed room for movement. Tyler was starting to get hot, so using his knees to support his upper body he slid his jacket off behind his back, and threw is aside.

Angie pushed him off her and backwards a bit. Her hands on his chest, enough for her to sit up a little. Following Tyler’s example, Angie removed her jacket. Shaking her right arm free of it, and beckoning her other towards Tyler as to indicate that he should help her take it off. He worked it from her shoulder down, trailing his fingertips along the way with his eyes on hers. He watched as Angie’s expression loosened from a smile. Her breathing softened and slowed, echoing a low whistle, whisper sound as it escaped her now narrowly opened mouth. Her pupils widened, and the entirety of her eyes glossed over. He could tell she approved by her body language. Keeping hold of her arm, Tyler pulled her close to him, and kissed her passionately.

Again Angie broke away from Tyler. She brushed her lips along the side of his cheek feeling his coarse skin and scruff, and used her own soft, creamy skinned cheek to hold her head as she whispered into his ear, “You should take my shirt off.” In addition she used the tips of her pearly white teeth to nibble Tyler’s ear. Between her teeth and the heat from her breath, Tyler could hardly contain himself; his gut tightened and his manhood throbbed with excitement.

No time was wasted taking her shirt off. Tyler hastened himself, rolling her shirt up, scaling her curves, and off her. Angie sat upright with her hands resting on her thighs, giving Tyler a few moments to gaze upon her. He did, thoroughly, and could not help but sit in awe at her sensuous visage. Her brunette hair, a bit out of place from the removal of her shirt, but still entrancing as it rested on her shoulders ending at the crest of her chest. Her skin creamy, flawless, and tight; that form fitted her thin toned body. Especially her abdominal area, which Tyler would wrap his arms around whenever he had the chance. As most men, Tyler, focused mainly on her breasts. They were of ample size and full. Although cut off by her white lace brazier, Tyler knew all to well what they looked like under the mask of cloth, and with that knowledge at the forefront of his mind he took action.

“Come here!” Tyler burst out with a playful tone and a smile. He grabbed Angie firmly by the neck and pulled her to his lips using his left hand. With the right he unclasped the clip holding the bra tight. It was not the first time he had done it, but it added some flare.

“Oooooh-ho-ho, My man has skills now does he?” Angie stated with a giggle. Her bra still attached but only hanging now by the straps of her shoulders.

“Well an old dog can still learn new tricks.” He smiled widely and continued slowly with intent, “Speaking of dogs… I think we could learn a little from them using their knowledge of a certain sexual position.”

Angie’s bright teeth glistened as she smiled, and her eyes shifted downward from his toward her cleavage. She grabbed the bra-strap lying on her left shoulder, and tugged it off; allowing the whole piece to fall from her onto the bed. Lifting her index finger to her bottom lip, she said, “Well then… I won’t need this or the rest of my clothes then will?” With a wink.

“Oh no, you won’t need them.” Tyler responded in a fashion that made him sound like his I.Q. had dropped drastically. His jaw dropped a good inch or two as he took in the spectacular view of her more than spectacular boobs. He always felt they were nearly perfect with great proportions all around, and nipples that were the shade of bubblegum which was ironic since he loved to suck and nibble them. They protruded outward creating pinnacle points at the center of each of her mounds. Nearly the size of quarters around, and a thimble puckering outward when she was aroused. Saliva was forming in his mouth. He closed his mouth to swallow the contents and to clear his throat.

Immediately after, Angie twisted her body around onto her hands and knees with her rear facing Tyler’s face; lightly bobbing her ass back and forth like an attempt to mesmerize him. She turned her head back to him, “Is this how you wanted me?”

“Fuck yes!” Tyler bellowed out. He lunged for her backside wildly; like a child to impatient to wait for a toy it wanted. Angie giggled as he tore her leggings down, taking her matching white lace panties with it until it got caught at her knees; pinching between them and the bed. Before he took in the sight he finished the job by instructing Angie, “Lift your legs beautiful.”

Tyler took it all in at that point. Her cheeks were plump and together resembled the shape of a heart. His heart fluttered every time he saw it. His bulge was visible now underneath his jeans, and it illegal bahis siteleri twitched with excitement at the sight. The focal point gleamed with moisture already. Twinkling like an eye winking at him in approval. All he could say was,”God I am so lucky that you are mine!”

Angie’s smile stretched all the way up to her ears after hearing him say that to her. She blushed immensely, but kept her composer. Her hand swept the sheets as she raised it behind her and between her split, desirable legs. Her fingers sliding over her wet oyster. She moaned as she nicked the pearl, but she didn’t let it impede her task at hand. Plunging the fingers , between her index and pinky, between the lids of her clam deeply until they were buried within. With that motion she shivered for a second and moaned much more audibly than before. She then spread each labia. The one with her index finger, and the other with her pinky; allowing Tyler full view of the vibrant pink, meaty contents. She voiced with excitement, “Yes, you are lucky! Let me show you just how lucky you are big boy.” Angie continued to moan in an consistent hum as she rocked her fingers in and out of her, her juices streaming along the tiny grooves in her hands; forming droplets at the edge of her bent wrist. Her final words to Tyler before she finished her little show was, “Tyler get your sweet little ass over here and fuck me!”

Tyler was in awe the entire time she had been pleasuring herself, and he was engrained with the thought of his own hefty erection inside her. He broke from his daydreaming state momentarily after Angie spoke. Hoping up from the bed, Tyler, did away with his shirt; revealing his more than appealing features. His chest was broad, his arms were muscular and long, and his abdomen was tough and toned creating a “V” shape underneath that developed a direction leading to the point of his package. His jeans went a bit slower as he undid the belt buckle. He unbuttoned his jeans and dragged the zipper a tad, and bent over as he pushed his pants and boxer-briefs from his waist. His chub bucked upward and back as his jeans and briefs passed it and fell to the floor. Tyler slipped out of his shoes, pressing his heels one by one, leaving him free of both his shoes and underpants. He did not even notice how dumb the way he unclothed himself was. He swept them aside with his foot, and tightened his posture for a moment so that Angie could view his full form and substantial piece.

Without a word Tyler leapt onto the mattress just behind Angie, and gripped her tush firmly. Angie jerked and gasped at the suddenness of it, “Oooh, geeeez!” It caught her off guard but she just smiled and let Tyler continue. He finished squeezing abruptly leaving red handprints imprinted of her pale skin. He gave her butt a tap letting his left hand lie on her left cheek, and used his right to rub and caress her pre-moistened slit. Angie sighed with enjoyment, “Uuuungh, yesssss!” It was music to Tyler’s ears. He kept it going, inserting his index and middle finger, which were much more plump than Angie’s. She moaned, “Oooooooh!” He twiddled his digits inside her, feeling her soft, rigid innards, accumulating her liquids as it seeped through the plug his fingers made. After a few minutes of handy work, Tyler retracted his fingers; lowering his head to kiss her cheek. Angie turned her head at the pause in Tyler’s actions, and there he met her eyes for a second almost to signal his next move.

“Put it in,” Angie said eagerly, and she reached back resting her hand on top of his. Tyler propped up his manhood, scraping her lips as he lined up, and then he forced it between her folds.

“Ooooooh, Ty!” Angie wailed with content.

Tyler moaned with her and followed with, “Oooh fuck baby! You’re so tight!”

Tyler’s dick throbbed and engorged inside her. He drove it further, burying the span of his lengthy rod.

Angie fidgeted and squirmed, and cried out, “Ooooooooooo, fuck you’re deep!” Her hands clenched at the sheets and Tyler’s hand.

Tyler swayed his hips back and forth, back and forth, back and forth; keeping a slower but consistent speed. He breathed lightly, grunting in a low pitch, and gritting his teeth.

His rhythm was steady, and both Angie and him were extremely aroused now. Each sighing and moaning as Tyler bore into her.

“Harder, fuck me harder baby!” Angie bellowed. Tyler reached up and grabbed her hair, making her head and back arch backward a bit, using the extra grip to speed his thrusts. The base of his pelvis smashed into her cheeks making a resounding clap sound at each collision. Tyler’s muscles were tense and taut as he worked.

Angie blared out, “Yes, mnh, mnh, mnh! That’s it! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She brayed with enjoyment. All the while singing it to the heavens with her head held high by Tyler.

Both Tyler and her were sweating from the intensity and heat. Angie was drenched now. Her hole clamped around Tyler’s erection, swallowing it and sputtering canlı bahis siteleri out dewy squirts of her cum.

“Oh God! I’m gonna come!” Angie howled.

Tyler pushed even more rapidly then before, heaving loudly, “Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm!” He did his utmost to please his woman, and help her reach her


It only took a few good strokes before Angie began to quake, and her vulva flooded. She convulsed, almost pulling away from Tyler’s pole, and felt explosions of sensations. Angie winced, “Oooh hoho ooh ho,” recovering from her overjoyed state; satisfaction running all over her face. Contractions still stimulating her senses. She raised her hand to her pelvis feeling it in her fingertips.

Tyler paced himself, slowly returning his breathing to normal, but he did not stop his assault on her. She groaned with renewed pleasure as he pressed on.

“Let’s flip you over,” Tyler exclaimed, and retracted himself from her tight grip. She gasped as he exited, “Oooaha!” and collapsed to the bed in an happy exhaustion. Tyler hopped off the bed with his hands around Angie’s thighs, and dragged her to edge of the bed. She laughed a little and smiled brightly; ready for another go.

Once again Tyler shoved his thickness into Angie, supporting her legs with his arms. Already sensitive, Angie was crying out again, “Oooo, oooh!” Her feet dangling and shaking a little from the excitement. Tyler held a quick speed, rather than taking it slow. He pressed Angie’s legs together, making them stand upward, and putting her body at a 90 degree angle. He moaned as her swelling hole and legs clenched around him tighter, “Ssss, fuck that’s good!”

He continued with her legs like that for a minute or two before he let them drop apart again. Tyler reached over her and grabbed her breasts with both hands, groping them. He pinched her nipples between his fingers, and she moaned at his touch, “Unggggh!”

Tyler let go of her left breast and moved his hand under her neck, supporting it as he raised her head and upper body close to his. He kissed her, slipping his tongue in her hungrily, massaging her tongue with his own.

Angie and Tyler hummed moans back and forth inside their mouths as they kissed intensely. All the while Tyler had been pumping away, his stamina was depleting. He could feel himself tiring and growing closer to his own orgasm.

It was then that Angie broke away from Tyler’s tongue, crying out, “You are so fucking hot! Come for me baby!”

“Fuck! I’m so close!” Tyler replied loudly. He took his hands off her neck and breast, letting Angie rest back on the bed again, and replaced them on her hips. At this point He was ready to blow, but he fought the wrench forming in his gut, and devoting the last of his strength to going all out on Angie; impaling her with his relentless agility.

“Oh my God! I’m gonna come again!,” Angie screamed. Within seconds she erupted for a second time, “Ooooooooooooooooo!” she moaned. Her cum spewed forth as Tyler tore from her hold, spilling his own milky seed all over her chest and breasts, stomach, and pelvis.

“Holy Shit!” Tyler exhaled out with a little struggle as he gushed the remainder of his load. He took a moment to catch his breath and regain some strength.

“That was amazing baby!” Angie wheezed. She propped herself up with her elbows digging into the mattress. Looking at the mess on her, and her hands hanging over her chest she said, “Wow, you came a lot.”

“Yeah, well I have a lot of love to give,” Tyler said with a worn out grin.

“That you do babe” Angie said smiling. She then ran her index finger over her chest where his semen settled. She accumulated a sizable glob, which she lifted to her mouth.

She took a moment to make sure Tyler was still watching her. He was was with extreme interest. Once she knew that she had his attention, she slid her finger into her mouth; her cheeks visibly indented from sucking the creamy lubricant from her finger. She finished off by pulling it out clean, with a light pop as it separated from her lips, and said “Delicious… But I’m still full from dinner and drinks.”

“You tease,” Tyler chuckled and smiled back at her, “Let me go grab you a towel.”

He raced over to the suite’s bathroom, still bare ass naked, and yanked it from the rack. He ran back to Angie, and handed it to her. Then he rolled onto the bed, joining Angie at her side and on his back.

“Thank you,” said Angie and she wiped the creamy, still-warm residue from herself. It only took her a moment, and then she tossed the towel off the side of the bed before adjusting herself onto her side. She slung her arm over his chest and rubbed it, wiping some of his sweat in, lovingly.

“This has been a great get-away so far!” Tyler said, putting his right hand on her hand.

“Yes it has,” Angie replied. She wiggled herself close to him, and tucked her feet between his own.

“We’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow though, and we need to get some shut-eye,” Tyler said and motioned for Angie to lift herself a little as he pulled the sheets and blanket out from underneath there feet. He slung them overtop, about halfway up Angie’s body, and got up a final time to shut off the lights.

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