Summer Heat

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They returned home late in the evening. They had argued in the car over…nothing really. They had been at some dull and dreary outdoor business function, and the weather was hot and muggy making them both cross.

But important clients were there, so he had to be present to “show the flag”, be charming and generally put on smiles. And said duty required that his lady be present as well, albeit unwillingly.

So they went. And he had perhaps one too many gin and tonics. And let the young female associates stand a bit closer than usual. And laughed at their jokes a bit louder than was his custom.

And she, in turn, stood close to the young admiring males. And laughed at their jokes. And rested her hand on their arms, perhaps just letting a breast touch a biceps, just barely, now and then. With the buttons of her sun dress undone perhaps one more than entirely proper.

And after it was over, sharp words are exchanged in the car.

They returned home to find the air-conditioner has broken down. Again. They undress now in silence. Peeling damp clothes off their bodies and throwing them aside.

They lie on top of the covers, naked in the heavy, warm air. The windows are open in the hope of catching any faint breeze. Laying awake in the moonlight, hearing nothing but the drone of the crickets. Close enough to feel the heat from each other, but not quite touching.

Without a word, she slowly rolls on her side and looks at him. She reaches out, tentatively, and slowly runs her fingers illegal bahis down the smooth center of his chest, feeling the sweat that has collected there. He pretends to be asleep.

Her hand continues downwards across his stomach. Still feigning sleep, the stirring between his legs betrays him. By the time her hand has reached it’s goal, he is fully erect, aching for her. Her touch causes him to moan, and tighten his ass, raising himself to meet her caress.

She smiles over this small victory, and grasps him, firmly stroking his hardness. This is not a time for soft gentle movements. This is sex driven by mutual need. By lust. By maddening heat.

Sliding her sweat covered hand up and down the shaft, getting him even more aroused, she leans down and bites his nipple. Hard. He gasps, and pushes her head harder into his chest, savoring the intense pleasure and pain of her bite.

She throws her leg over him, positioning herself to take him inside. She was already wet before her first touch. The moisture seeps on to his stomach. She needs no foreplay tonight. Tonight is for passionate and driving sex.

She impales herself on him in one movement and rides his cock like a lust driven animal. She pins his shoulders to the bed, her long damp hair hanging down and trailing across his body. Then, grabbing the headboard she rises and looms over him, a succubus come in the night to steal his seed and his soul.

He returns her passion, thrust for thrust. He grabs her hips and uses her body for illegal bahis siteleri leverage, grinding himself into her, pushing as deep as he can get. He leans up and captures a nipple between his teeth, repaying the pleasure and pain she gave him earlier. Biting hard and sucking at the same time. She cries out as a wave of sensations rolls over her.

In one smooth movement he rolls her to her back. Seeing the glass of ice water on the bed stand, he fishes out a half-melted cube. He straddles her, to keep her from getting away, He slowly teases her with it. First brushing it across her lips, letting her lick it. Then circling first one nipple, watching it pucker, then moving to the other. Slowly trailing it down her stomach, pausing at her navel, letting it fill with cool water. Then continuing downwards, he slides it over her smooth shaved pubis. First along the crease at the top of one thigh, then the other. Slowly bringing the sliver of ice closer to her center, letting it flow into her.

As it melts to nothing, he finds a replacement. He quickly pushes it between the top of her lips, rubbing it against her hard clitoris. As she wriggles and tries to pull away, he pushes it more firmly into place.

And then he slides it between her lips, deep inside her.

He spreads her legs now, and slides into her. First feeling the slick heat of her outer vagina, then, sliding deeper, the tip of his cock touching the cooler deep interior. And as he pushes still deeper inside, he touches the canlı bahis siteleri melting sliver of ice with the tip. Incredible sensations, those. Heat around the shaft, cool at the ridge of the head, and ice at the tip. With a groan he begins moving hard and fast.

Now he is the incubus, come to take her in the dark. He rides her, thrusting and grinding, hands sliding along her sweat covered body. The incredible feeling as he moves from heat to cold and back again.

She throws her legs back and then over his shoulders. She wants him as deep as he can get when his cum flows into her. Her own orgasms start, going off like trip-hammers in her body, one spasm after another shaking her, wrenching screams of pleasure from her.

Her sounds and her spasms drive him over the edge. He spills into her, filling her to overflowing. His mind is a blank. Only a white roar exists in his head. Only the need to have her, and put his seed inside her.

They both return to the present, slowly. Their breathing slows. They feel the hot stickiness that joins them. They savor the slick feel wherever their skin touches.

He bends down and softly kisses her. Then gently bites her neck, sucking as he does so, leaving a mark where all will see it and know what she has been doing.

He rolls off her. And sliding his fingers into her, he removes the ice cube. He slowly sucks on it for a moment, then slides it into her waiting mouth.

They lay, close enough to feel the heat from each other, but not quite touching.

The sweat cooling on their skins.

And their hands move towards each other, the smallest fingers just touching, and wrapping around each other.

They have argued about…nothing really.

But they will always be together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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