Summer Night

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Nervously he drove down the dirt road that lead to the lake. Quite possibly going slightly faster than he should in his classic Mustang. Windows rolled down and music far louder than it should be. He couldn’t help but catch her out of the corner of his eye. As he drove she sat beside him, her hair flying about in the wind, sunglasses guarding the look in her eyes. She was running her hand through her hair trying to keep it out of her face. She looked like Venus staring into the sun and letting the wind give in to her upturned face As they rounded the last turn and headed down the gravel road that led down to the sand. This late in the evening on a weeknight there wasn’t a soul around. They had both secretly hoped for that.

Arriving at the river’s edge he killed the ignition and left the radio to play a din in the evening air. They both opened their doors and removed themselves from the confines of the car. Lazily they strolled to the front of the car. She leaned back and settled her hips back against the front of the car. Almost sitting she folded her arms and stared off across the lake. The wind limited to a warm breeze she now lifted her glasses to reveal her piercing blue eyes framed by her long brown hair.

He stared in awe at the sight of her striking natural beauty. Her frame was a flowing curve. Her face gave way to her tilted neck which flowed into the softest shoulders he’d ever seen. The perfect hourglass slope down her body. He wanted nothing more to let his hands travel down that perfectly moulded body. He noticed how his shadow seemed to encroach on her facade almost unintentionally. As he neared he noticed the shade of his body eclipse her own. Slowly his shoulders overpowered hers and soon enough he was standing inches from her. His darkness looming over her like nightfall. On the radio was some dirty little rock song about something in her mouth and that drew his attention to her lips. The bottom clenched in the pinch of her teeth. One nervous stance after another he noticed she shifted in fear or anticipation. He wasn’t sure which. He slowly reached out his hands and placed them on her hips. He looked straight at her as she did everything to avert his gaze.

They were far from strangers but canlı bahis the past few weeks had been stressful. He though by taking her here they could forget for a moment all the difficulties of life. His hands raised to her face and he pushed a few strands of hair away from eyes and rested his hand on her cheek. She finally gave him the eye contact he desired. He whispered into her ear that he was sorry. He kissed her neck softly and paused. Everything inside him told him to take her right then and there but he knew her need for tenderness now. She need to be cherished. He could feel the rise and fall of her chest as she sighed. He continued his progress up the side of her neck. Slowly kissing in deliberate little points of interest.

Her hands fell to her side momentarily as she felt his breath on her neck. Somehow each time she felt the pressure of his lips against her skin it sent a wave of pleasure down to her toes. She put her hands back against the hood of the car, still warm from the sun beating down on the shiny black paint. She leaned ever so slightly back and noticed he moved his lips down to meet the edge of her shirt. Hanging off her like a silk sheet off the corner of her bed. Falling from her shoulder along the ridge of her bra flowing against her breasts like a river. He could feel her chest rise and fall more deliberately now. Her head hanging back and her body leaning toward the hood of his ride. He kissed with slightly more passion now. Lingering along the edge of her clothing. Gently tugging at her shirt with his closed lips, wanting desperately to place his mouth on her fully exposed body.

She began to lean back onto her arms, shifting herself up onto the hood. He continued to kiss and tug at her clothing with his mouth. Moving slowly from her neckline to her beautiful curves. Pressing his face in her cleavage, pausing for a moment to inhale the smell of her perfume; cherry blossoms mixed with the scent of her light perspiration from the heat of the day. Exhaling as he moved down her midriff. He could feel the urgency in his own body. Wanting her desperately. his hands beginning to betray him as he ran his hand up her outer thigh pausing only momentarily out of guilt as he reached the hem of her bahis siteleri skirt. As his mouth ran over her waist his hand wandered to where her bare bottom met the warmth of the metal beneath her skirt. This revelation of rebellious lack of clothing caused a stir in his khakis.

He knelt before her and took her foot in his hand. Her dainty sandals crossed at a point like an arrow pointing out where to start. His tongue pressed gently along the top of her foot to her ankle, where he pressed his lips upon her. He looked up and could see her leaned to one side now, letting her free hand wander over her clothing, feeling her luscious mounds. Inspired, he continued to kiss up her leg. Moving his exotic trail to the inside of her thigh. He could smell the scent of her wanton behaviour.

He lifted her skirt as he let out a sigh. His warm breath travelling up into the crevasse of her temple. Indeed he had come to worship. She could feel the warmth of his exhale like water that rushes over a damn in a flood. She grabbed on hard to herself in response to he wave of heat she was experiencing. His mouth opened just enough to let his tongue make on purposeful trace up her lips. She shuddered with pleasure. He pushed his tongue further in so as to part her lips and taste the source of the divine smell he was encountering. She was biting her lip trying not to moan too audibly. He was kneading her legs while he pleasured her. His mouth buried between her legs. He could feel her trembling and beginning to aggressively run her fingers through his hair. Her tight grasp on the back of his head only encouraged him to press on harder.

“I need you inside me” she gasped. She did not need to tell him twice. His free hand was already applying some appropriate pressure to the exterior of his pants trying to give some relief to the impending need to release himself. As he stood before her he was quick to single handed remove his belt, unbutton and unzip his pants. To his own surprise executed swiftly and without difficulty. With his pants sliding down his firm legs he positioned himself at the edge of the car. He reached forward and pulled her to the edge. He kissed her passionately and pressed his firm manhood against her moist opening. bahis şirketleri He felt her body grab onto him as she let out a moan, followed swiftly by a breathless “Oh My”.

She put her arms around his neck and clasped her hands tightly. It was all he could do to keep himself from ravaging her body. He slowly paced his movements, feeling himself being engulfed in her body. Feeling her straining to accept all that he had to offer her. She wrapped her legs around him.

She could feel him inside her and it made her squeal with delight. She stared at him, straight in the eyes. She wrapped her legs around him and held on tight. He could feel that she wanted him, all of him. He picked her up and turned around. Still buried deep inside her he leaned back onto he hood. Her knees could easily rest on there and as she realized this she began to raise and fall against his body. Now straddling him she proceeded to lean back into a position where he could see her lifting off her shirt while she rode him. Her silk shirt fell to the dusty ground and she reached around to unclasp her bra. As it fell forward onto him he gazed at her naked breasts, hair falling gently over them and in her face. Her short skirt conspicuously covering her rise and fall and his stiff member invading her space.

She placed her hands on the hood over his head and started to rock back and forth. His hands dug into her hips guiding her up and down. Slowly at first, but passion quickly overtook them both. She needed his body and he needed hers. Frantically she bounced and he began to breathe heavily. He could tell she was climaxing as she screamed his name into the night and sat straight up to accept as much of his length as possible. He leaned forward and caught her falling back as he thrust the last few time into her that he needed to finish himself. They felt him pulsing inside her letting himself go into her warm, wet, accepting temple. Her nails buried into his back and his arms holding tight making sure she did not fall. together they fell back onto the hood of his car. Barely aware of the time or that night had taken hold of the sky. Both breathing heavily into one another, sweat perfectly clinging to each of their bodies. They lie in exhausted silence for a moment before gathering themselves. As they both slowly slid off the cooling metal they re dressed themselves and returned to the car. Silent, the drive home was calming having spent a night letting it all go.

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