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The house was unusually quiet when he woke up. The only sound he could hear came from the kitchen, and he had reason to head there anyway.

There was a young woman there, with jet-black hair down to her shoulder blades, dark brown eyes, and a caramel tan across her skin. She wore an over-long shirt, the garment falling to her thighs. “Morning, Jack,” Tanya said. “Though it’s almost afternoon. Toast?”

He nodded, even as he set to fetching the juice. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Your mom took mine and the others out for a bit of sightseeing. You know what they’re like: can’t ‘waste’ a family visit on just sitting around.” Between them, they soon had breakfast ready, and ate while they talked. “I disagreed. Thought I’d take the first day to relax. Besides, this way there’s some of that ‘cousin bonding time’ Mom’s always talking about.” She smirked. “Like we still need it now we’re not little kids anymore.”

He laughed, nodding with her over his cup. “Yeah. You’d think we’d ‘graduate’ some of that along with high school. What did you have in mind?”

She jerked her chin to the side, indicating the windows looking out onto the sparkling pool. “Sunbathing, maybe some swimming. Care to join me?”

He shrugged. “Sure, why not?”

She led the way out to the pool. As she walked, she stripped off the long shirt she’d been wearing, showing the swimsuit underneath. Walking behind her turned out to be a touch distracting. She had a good body, built with athletic tone, but enough softness for curves like the rear which wiggled in her thong-cut, black bikini bottoms.

While he was distracted, she set out her towel, on the deck beside the pool. Seemingly heedless of his gaze, she sat down with folded legs and a bottle of suntan oil. Soon, it was spread all along her limbs, her slim arms and long legs shining with it as she lay down on her stomach. “Get my back for me?”

He blinked, eyes drawn to the woman’s body. The bikini top was almost as diminutive as the bottoms; laid as she was, he could see the strings tied behind her back and her neck. “You mean, like…” He sat down beside her, legs hanging into the pool, and pinched at the trailing end of one knot.

She drew her hair forward, over her shoulder, to unblock the sun’s path. Feeling his touch, she nodded. “I don’t want tan lines. Go ahead.”

It only took two quick tugs to loosen and open those knots, and then the string simply fell to lay on the ground beneath her. She passed him the bottle, and he got to work. Her skin was warm and smooth; as lightly as he touched her while he spread the oil, that was all the knowledge about her body that he gleaned. He was trying not to pay too much attention.

“So, um.” He scrabbled for something to talk about while he had his hands on her. “What’s been going on for you?”

“Just the usual. Work, school. So it’s good to have some time to relax.” Soon, her skin was covered. She stretched herself out, head resting on her folded arms. She let the sun do its work.

He sat back, nodding to her. His eyes stayed on her back, uninterrupted by any line of clothing except for that tiny thong. That made it hard to follow the conversation. “Right. Just taking some time to yourself.” He paused. A question was on his mind, and it took him a few minutes to work up the courage to ask it. But, in the end, it was innocuous. “Have any boyfriend?”

“No. I did, a couple of months ago. But I just didn’t have the time, and he started getting needy about it.” She shook her head. “Not interested in that. If I’m going to date, or anything like that, while my life’s so hectic, it’s going to be casual, and on my terms.” She turned her head slightly, peeking up at him. “How about you?”

Seeing she’d caught him looking, he yanked his gaze away, facing down into the pool. “Oh, no, nothing like that for a while now. Been looking, a little, but not really trying, you know?” He laughed under his breath, nervously.

A mischievous smile lit on her face for a second, before she slid back into an impassive look. “Yeah. Wouldn’t mind the fun that comes with it, but don’t really want to do the work canlı bahis involved.” She pushed herself up on her elbows, tossed that stringed top aside, and rolled onto her back. She was completely unabashed about it. Her breasts were full and rounded, as pert as her rear. The dark brown discs of her nipples matched well with the tan across her body, but most of the skin of her breasts was milky pale. “Get the oil for me?”

His jaw dropped, and his eyes probably bugged out, staring down towards her chest. “I. Are you sure?”

She shrugged, sending a soft ripple through her curves. “Why not? Like I said.” She grinned, her brown eyes locking with his. “I don’t want tan lines.”

His hands were shaking, so he took a little while, hoping the extra time would help him get under control. The oil was wet and warm on his hands. Rather than dive for the obvious, he started less overtly. His fingers spread, rubbing the fluid onto her stomach. Her work really showed, with how flat and trim her belly was. She smiled with the touch, still looking up into him with a knowing glint in her eyes. He couldn’t and wouldn’t hold off forever.

It didn’t take long to do everywhere else. Her stomach and breastbone both shone. He even moved carefully between the mounds of her chest, spreading the shining stuff over the very middle of her bustline. Then, he went even higher, to her collarbone and the fronts of her shoulders. But eventually, there was simply nothing else left.

He felt her eyes on him, watching his face, as he lowered his touch. Her skin was slick with the suntan oil, making it easy for him to glide down. Even when he reached something dry, the milky skin was smooth enough for his fingers to slide over it. Perky, firm breasts, holding themselves high and a bit rounded even with her laying on her back. She took in a soft breath the moment his hands made contact, but gave no sign of discomfort.

It only took him a few seconds to coat her breasts with the oil, but he didn’t stop there. Her skin became slippery under his touch, making her flesh feel that much softer when he squeezed it, his fingers squishing and making dimples in the rounded shapes of her chest. Her breath was soon coming to her faster and softer. She wriggled for a moment, there on her spread-out towel, before she lay back. Though she looked like she was relaxing, he could feel how the flush of her blood made her breasts warmer in his hands, and perked the tips of her nipples until they were poking against his palms. He made sure to drag against them with every pass of his hands.

She finally cooed aloud, her eyes squeezing more tightly shut. Though she was still laid back, it was clear to him how she enjoyed herself. She lifted herself more, pushing the cushions of her bosom into his working palms. One of her own hands rose, to hold his hand from the back, fingers curled about his wrist. She used that grip to push him downwards, almost overdosing him on the sensation of plush flesh under his touch. “That’s good,” she said, “But there’s more. Another couple of spots where I won’t tan right.” She nodded her head, jutting her chin downward.

That was where he stopped. He pulled his hands from her chest, and though she was still topless, he locked his eyes onto her face. “Look, Tanya, are you sure about this? We’re… I mean… what if Aunt Carla found out?”

She propped herself on her elbows, sitting up as she smiled at him. There was still that easy confidence in her pose, that utter relaxation. “She doesn’t have to. I’m not going to tell her. And it’s just us here; who’d know?”

“I would! And you… you’re my cousin. This isn’t exactly the kind of thing cousins do! It’d be… weird.”

“It would be fun.” She wasn’t flinching. “And if things are awkward afterward, well.” She shrugs. “We are cousins. It’s not like we see each other often. The awkwardness could just fade away. Besides.” She grinned again, leaning slightly forwards. Though certainly pert, her breasts were still soft enough to wobble with the motion. “Would it really be that much more awkward than having your hands on my tits? You’ve already done that.”

His bahis siteleri cheeks filled with almost as much of a rush of blood as the one that was making his lap so… uncomfortable. “That was…” That was him falling to temptation, and there were nothing else he could call it. And maybe it was because his head was still sluggish with arousal, but he couldn’t think of any way to fight her arguments.

He reached down, undid the knots in her bottoms, and pulled the loose strings away, tossing it off to lay on her top.

Underneath, her skin was as pale as her breasts, though only in an outline of those thong bottoms. On her mons were a few neatly-trimmed curls, enough to show her maturity and the job she did of keeping them neat. Her lower lips were a little flushed, swollen enough to show that her thoughts had turned her blood in that direction without engorging them into puffiness. She sat back, knees spread wide. Though she’d played the confidence well enough so far, he could still see her spend a split-second calming her face, discarding the hint of nerves. “Where were we?”

There were things that he really wanted to do right then. There were parts of him that could have leapt in, pushed her back to laying on that towel, and rutted their way into oblivion. But the question brought him back to the present; he remembered what they’d been doing. He splashed another handful of oil onto his right hand.

Just as he had before, he started comparatively chastely. His fingers wiped that oil onto the narrow, white line that wrapped around her hips. He danced along the uppermost curves of her muscled rear, though his goal wasn’t to fondle it. He finished there much more quickly than he had with her stomach, and so he cupped that hand over her groin. His fingers pointed downwards, between her thighs, and he moved his whole hand back and forth to rub her.

That touch alone wasn’t enough to get a wild response from her. Yes, she was primed, but not enough. His other hand returned to her breast, the first squeeze gripping it as firmly as the oils allowed. That reminded him of the tight bud of her nipple, and so as he kept that hand moving, he made sure to always have some part of his palm rubbing and grinding against her peak. His other hand kept curling and unfurling, fingers stroking her lower lips. Soon, she was struggling to breathe smoothly, the air coming to her in gasps.

That was all the hint he needed. Keeping his first and third fingers against her flushed lips, he dug his middle finger between, pressing it inwards. Through some combination of the oil already on his finger, and the fluids flowing from within her, it was a relatively easy slide in spite of the tightness of her grip. She flexed around him, squeezing that single, curling digit. The squishing of her flesh around him drove his curiosity, and his fingertip went farther. Even as easily as he could have just pushed in, he made it a slow, dragging, exploratory gesture.

She finally made a real sound, gave a real reaction. Though it was under her breath, she still groaned; though it was subtle, her thighs twitched, trying to close him in. She took another few swift, sharp breaths. “Enough. It’s been months for me. Get a condom from my purse.” Her cheeks heated, almost as flushed as her breasts or the lips of her sex. “I thought, while I was down here… well, you never know, right? I could have bumped into some hunk on the beach.”

He nodded, distracted enough that she needn’t have bothered justifying herself. After another few twitches of his finger, another few squeezes at her breast, he dragged himself away. The next few moments came in a frenzied flurry, and when he returned, he was dressed only in that flimsy bit of protection. Impatient lust ignored all thought of taboo, and didn’t even wait for an answer from her. He just pushed at her shoulder, urging her onto her back.

She moved readily, willingly, with her legs spread to each side, welcoming him. She was gasping with longing, and he didn’t delay in satisfying their shared desire. Though his cock was thicker than his finger, she was wetter than when they’d started. bahis şirketleri It only took a little more effort for him to drive that first portion.

It popped into her with a gasp from each of them, and she immediately had her legs around him, urging him farther. Even with that thin layer of latex separating them, it was still a wonderful feeling. The grip of her passage, clinging around progressively more of his shaft, was just right: tight enough to send thrills through every nerve, but not so tight as to keep him from getting deeper. It was gradual by necessity, but inch by inch, he buried himself… and eventually, his hips were nestled against hers, and his cock was completely inside. Her thighs squeezed around his hips, pulling him as far down as physics allowed. She gave him a fiery, unsatisfied look.

He found her meaning obvious enough, and didn’t even need the nudge. That first thrust was only the beginning. His hips started moving, rolling, flexing. Encouraged by the grip of her legs, he kept himself deep, and every motion just served to dig him in, to serve pressure against her most sensitive, inner places. It wasn’t a selfless act: holding himself like that meant each motion pleasured every nerve along his length. Nothing was pulled away; nothing was left wanting. Though to judge by the twitching of her body and the rising of her voice, she didn’t at all mind the technique.

As well as deep, his thrusts were firm, rocking her body with each rock of his hips. Her tits were already eye-catching from the way their light skin contrasted her tan. When her ever-moving body set them to jiggling, they became downright hypnotic. His hands had been pressed to the ground, bracing him, but there were much more fun things he could do with them. His knees held him upright enough to keep pounding her, while those hands grabbed for her breasts.

This time, there was no play at simply oiling her: he was doing as stern a job of fondling her as he possibly could. It wasn’t easy, with the slipping of her skin, but they both found it worth the effort. He wanted to feel more of that cushiony texture, that softness underneath her young breasts’ firm surface. The added sensation had her calling aloud, and her body bucked, arching upwards to force her tits into his palms. Rhythmic arching became another part of her full-body movements, along with bucking hips, squeezing thighs, and hands that reached up and clawed for his shoulders. Those acts all became steadily more erratic as time passed and the fucking continued. The dam wall was being hit with more, the water rushing against it… and eventually, the wall broke.

A shriek of pleasure announced her orgasm. Her wild convulsions made her earlier moves look swan-like in their grace, as she wildly pushed herself into his hands, humped against his sliding shaft. However thin it was, that sheath of latex still dulled the touch of her flexing grip, and let him last a little while longer. The fire in his belly built and built, until he finally joined her. There was no need for him to hold back; his load poured into the space waiting for it, catching it before it could reach her.

All his senses went pure white, burned away by the fire of his ecstasy. He had no idea how long he spent like that, or how long afterwards they had to remain, gasping and simply recovering.

Eventually, their senses did return to the present. They were still naked, sun and air touching every part of their bodies. He still had his hands on her tits, and still had his cock inside her, however soft it had grown. Her legs still gripped him, holding him in her.

Until they locked eyes, and realised where they both were, what they’d both done, and who the other was. Blushes lit on both their cheeks, and they hurried away from each other.

He pulled his clothes back on, even with the used condom hanging from his manhood. “I’m going to head back inside, grab a shower.”

She nodded to him, sinking to lay back on that towel, her body still nude. “I’ll…” She paused, chewing her lip, deciding. “I’ll stay out here. Still have tanning to do.” Her chest, her groin – they were both pale from lack of sun. And as she looked up at him, the look in his eyes hinted that, embarrassment aside, she didn’t mind being seen.

He scurried inside, just as he’d said… but kept that thought with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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