Super Market Sex

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I saw you in the produce section at the super market. You looked nice in your summer dress. It had been months since our encounter in the restaurant.

You were standing in front the of cucumbers, near the corner of the room, lost in thought. Probably you were thinking how nice it would feel to have that big cucumber going in and out of you.

“Hi, Jenn,” I said, startling you. “Moving up from bananas, I see!”

You saw me and smiled, “Joe, what are you doing here?” and you put a couple of big cucumbers into a plastic bag and then into your cart.

I moved behind you and hugged you from behind, cupping your breasts in the process.

The store was not busy but it was also not empty. Shoppers scurried by or stopped to linger at a shelf before making their selection and moving on.

“Mmmm,” I said, “You feel so good! The thought of you using that cucumber has turned me on.”

Pressing my lips close to your ear I whispered, “Jenn, I want to fuck you right here and now!”

You giggled. “Yeh, right, Joe. There are people moving all around us.”

I pushed my body against yours so that you could feel the hardness in my pants against your butt.

You suddenly realized canlı bahis that I was serious and a wave of fear washed over you! You wanted to bolt away from me, but you remained frozen in your tracks as began rubbing myself against you.

We were in the corner of the room near some stacked boxes and I quickly pulled you a little more deeply in the corner. The boxes helped to hide a just a little, but we were still in plain view of anyone who cared to look.

The few people nearest to us seemed to be oblivious of us.

You stood there with your cart in front of you and with me at your back. My hands quickly raised the back of your dress and I began caressing your ass through your panties. You thrilled at the sensation.

Suddenly, I inserted my hands inside the elastic of your panties and in one quick motion I pulled them down, down to your thighs, then to your knees, then to your ankles. You lifted one foot, then the other out of your panties and I stuffed them into my pocket.

Now my hands roamed over your naked ass. You felt shockwaves of electricity as my hands glided over your bare skin as shoppers pushed their carts just yards away.

My fingers moved to your bahis siteleri pussy and I could feel that you were already dripping from the wetness there. You bit your lip as my finger moved more deeply into your pussy, my thumb on your clit. You could feel my hot breath on your neck as I worked your swollen pussy.

When I stopped and pulled back for a moment you were both relieved that I had stopped, and disappointed at the same time. You wanted more, but were scared to death that someone would see us.

when you heard my zipper being pulled down, you shuddered with apprehension. My god, you thought to yourself. He’s actually going to fuck me here in the store. You couldn’t move.

You couldn’t move, that is, until you felt the head of my rock hard cock pushing against your butt. Now you wanted me as much as I wanted you. You put your elbows on the handle of the cart and pushed up onto your toes to give me better access to your throbbing pussy. You thought you would faint as you felt the head of my cock pushing against the entrance of your pussy.

I plunged it into you and you let out a gasp so loud that an old lady turned towards us. She couldn’t make out exactly what was going bahis şirketleri on so she went on with her business.

Mmmm, the feeling of your wetness surrounding my cock was exquisite. I began thrusting into you fiercely. On about the fourth stroke, you came violently, again biting your lip so as not to scream. My hands were on your hips as I pumped into you again and again. It was only a minute or two before you could feel me stiffen as my cock plunged more deeply into you than it ever had before. You could feel the pulsations as my hot cum shot into you.

I grabbed you tightly as the pulsations subsided. I saw out of the corner of my eye that a stock boy had been watching us and his hand seemed to be waving in front of his apron. Was he rubbing himself?

Pulling back from you, I straightened your dress and zipped myself up. You turned and gave me a little kiss. You began pushing your cart out from the corner. I let you get a little distance from me before I started to follow you, anticipating what the rest of the afternoon might bring. You had gone about ten feet, when a woman called out to you. It was a friend of yours. Had she seen us? I don’t think so, but she did give me an evil little glance.

I stopped, pretending to look at the produce while I watched you chatting with her. Then I noticed the tiny trickle of cum running down the inside of your thigh. Oh, my god, I was getting hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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