Surprise Visit

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Big Dick

When I heard the voices talking outside my office door, my heart skipped a beat and I could feel a tingling in my stomach and lower.

“I must be dreaming.” I thought. “He would have told he was coming to the office. It is just not a trip you plan on the spur of the moment.” The conversation grew louder as you walked closer to my office.

A moment later there was a rap on my door. You enter my office and lean against the door frame, with your arms crossed and with a Cheshire grin you said “Hi, Have any surprises today?”

“Well, I’m sure that I will have one or two by the time the day is over.” I replied.

You enter and close the door behind you. You walked over to where I am standing in front of the window. You reach up and place your hands at my neck and kissed me. Umm, it has been a long time since I felt your lips on mine. I did not want to stop. I had missed you so.

After a moment your lips left mine. “You look so beautiful there standing in the sun light I just had to come kiss you.” You took a step back and added “Can you get away for lunch?”

“Sure, just let me grab my purse.” As we leave I tell my assistant that we are going to canlı bahis an early lunch and she could reach me on my cell if necessary.

As we walk to the elevator I asked “Where are we going?”

“That is a surprise.”

“I like surprises.”

When the elevator doors close you pull me to you and kiss me deeply. It feels so good to be in your arms again. You placed your hand on my breast and played with my erect nipple. When the elevator stops and as the door open you are again standing next to me as thought nothing had happened. If any one getting on the elevator would have looked closely enough at us they would have noticed my flushed face and erect nipples and the bulge in your pants.

You lead me to your car and hold the door as I entered. After you started the car, I again ask you where we were going. Again you tell me “It’s a surprise.”

We head out of the parking garage and toward the airport park.

We are the only car in the lot. After pulling into a stall you get out and retrieve a blanket and a basket from the trunk. You grab my hand and say “Come with me.” We walk a ways over to a tree and you spread out the blanket. We are the bahis siteleri only ones in the park today. You sit down and pat the blanket next to you inviting me to join you. After I sit, you reach over and give me a deep hungry kiss. Your hand again has found its way to my breast. You unbutton my blouse, revealing my bra. I was glad I chose to wear one that fastens in the front. You unfasten it, releasing my breast to you. You caress my nipple. Then lean down and suck it into your mouth. While you are teasing my nipple with your mouth, your hand is working its way up my inner thigh. It takes no time seeking out its target. Soon your fingers are tracing my lips thru my panties. You slide them under the edge of my panties and start caressing my outer lips. You slide your fingers into my wetness. I moan with pleasure and put my hand over yours trying to push your fingers deeper inside. Your fingers slide in and out bringing me much pleasure.

I unbuckle and unzip your pants. I reach my hand inside and start caressing your erection.

“I want to feel you inside me!”

“I’m at you disposal.” you tell me.

You pull your pants down to past your hips, I remove bahis şirketleri my panties and straddle you.

“I want you so badly.” I reach under my skirt and rub your head up and down my slit. I lean down and kiss you. Sliding your cock deeply into my wet pussy.

It feels so good to have you in me. I rock back and forth on you.

You are sitting up playing with my breasts. You draw my nipple into your mouth sucking hard on it.

I know it won’t take long for my climax to arrive, I start to rock harder. Your hands are on my hips and you are grinding me onto you hips.

I can feel my climax getting closer. You have switched and are now sucking on my other nipple.

My breathing gets labored as I rock harder. I reach under my skirt and start rubbing my clit. It is so hard. “I’m cumming!!” Your hands continue to hold me on your hips.

Just as my climax is peaking you tell me “I cumming too!” This only prolongs my climax as we continue to cum.

When our climaxes are complete, you again suck on my nipples.

As I continue to sit on you, you reach over to the basket and pull out two hand towels to clean up.

I ask you, “What else is in the basket?”

“More Surprises.” you tell me.

We get our clothing back in some order.

You tell me “It is time to be getting back”

“What about the basket?”

“Those surprises are for later…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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