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Big Tits

Subconsciously, I heard footsteps walking towards my almost-empty room. As soon as I became sure that they were really footsteps, I opened my eyes and got up from my steel bed. I waited until the door opened. A few seconds more and someone entered.

He was there again, in front of me. Even with the dim light surrounding me, I can make out his tall figure. His shoulders so broad I can imagine having a difficult time engulfing them with my arms. His stern body showed his almost protruding biceps. I took a closer look at his chest — still muscular and sexy. I wondered, if I pounded it real hard, will he feel any pain at all? Looking down, I felt more delighted to see his bulge and it made me remember what I was dreaming before I heard him coming to my room.

In my dream, he was caressing my soft small breasts, my nipples getting hard from each stroke of his fingers as he lustfully kissed my neck. His other hand reached the gem between my thigh, teasing my kitty with occasional soft touches. Moaning from pleasure, I slowly unzipped his pants eryaman otele gelen escort and felt his weapon gradually getting harder and harder, ready to pierce my hole. We exchanged some more steamy kisses coupled with bites and pinches until he finally squeezed my gem and fully felt my wetness.

And I realized that the wetness had gone real when I got back to my consciousness. I think I enjoyed relishing my dream too much that I totally forgot his presence. Unknowingly, I was already touching my crotch, innocently giving my clit soft teases to heighten my arousal. Few moans escaped from my mouth. I completely forgot that he was actually already inside my room, standing in front of me. I guess, it was already too obvious how much I fantasize about him and I can no longer make any excuse to deny it. My curiosity to test and taste him was too apparent not to be noticed.

I heard him clearing his throat. I think he got a bit surprised. His blushing face said it all. But I also think he liked what he just witnessed.

I looked sincan escort at his bulge once more and it has gotten bigger. It’s more evident now inside his cotton pants. Ah, how I wish I could remove his pants and pounce on his precious treasure. I imagine how I would happily lick the shaft down the body until I reach the soft balls, then back to the shaft again. I would then hear his quiet moans as I look at his face to see his confused state. Shall he let me continue pleasuring him with my mouth, or shall he stop me and regret that it had to stop? Surely, he would think it’s wrong, but how could the best feeling in this world be wrong?

I would suck it harder, then eat it whole, until it reaches my throat and I gag. I would suck it happily, put his manhood inside my mouth down my throat as I choke with pleasure. He would let out a low scream as he shivers from the thrill. He would try his best to stand up, fighting the electrifying feeling traveling in his body that’s making his knees weak. In the end, he will no longer be able elvankent escort to control the urge to release his white juice in my mouth and I would gladly swallow every portion of it still looking at his eyes as I notice the bead of sweat on his forehead. He would feel both victorious and defeated. I, on the other hand, would only feel triumphant. I am still the winner between us.

I was getting wetter with my wild thoughts when I caught him staring at me, as if waiting for me to speak or move. Until finally, he spoke.

“It’s time.”

He closed the door behind him then walked towards me, slowly, looking directly to my eyes. But he didn’t even bother to sit even when he was only inches away from me, instead he remained standing.

Yet, even with him standing, I heard his deep breath and loud heartbeat. His heart was beating faster than the usual and he was slightly shaking. I smiled. I know it’s already taking an effect on him — my subtle actions. Finally. Just a few more encounters with him and I know he will finally give in to me. I looked at him, smiled, and replied.

“Yes, I know it’s time.”

I took the two small tablets on the saucer placed on the tray he was carrying, and put them inside my mouth. I didn’t need water to successfully take my medicine. I know how to swallow my pills.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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